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Monday, January 20, 2020

The Look that Makes You Unnerved Burger and There is Also a Vegetarian Menu in Genius Cafe

Bali Vacation. The look that makes you unnerved burgers and there is also a vegetarian menu at Genius Cafe. The cafe serves a diverse menu. The menu at the cafe of this sort is very tasty and healthy. Serving healthy food in the cafe was initiated since the production process. If the food is vegetable, then it has started since the time of planting. If the food comes from the animal, then the process done by keeping it organic.

Bali time The cafe is located at Mertasari Beach Street, Mercure Resort Sanur, Denpasar, Bali. This cafe also serves dishes with views of the beautiful and attractive. You will be struck by the appearance of a typical burger cafe. The look of the bagel and black combined with colorful stuffing in the form of vegetables and side dishes. The black color of the active charcoal. Calm, the bagel was not tasted bitter. Bread burger still tasted savory and tender. All about Bali island

Vegetarian Menu in Genius Cafe Bali
Bali Vacation Vegetarian Menu in Genius Cafe Bali

Come to Bali. The burger here is created by homemade. For those of you who are vegetarian don't worry. You can still enjoy this because this cafe also serves a vegetarian burger. As the chicken using processed vegetables that give the flavor of savory food. The materials used in the form of materials selection and use of the oils are also noted. For foods that are processed by means of deep-fried, this cafe uses sunflower seed oil.

Bali is awesome This cafe also serves fresh drinks. To supplement the sweetness in drinks, this cafe product utilizes the palm sugar to produce the sweet taste. The typical ice cream cafe menu is made specifically. The cafe serves ice cream made from honey. For those of you who are allergic to dairy can consume him safely. Ice cream cafe this product does not contain soy or nuts. Bali is awesome.

Bali beach Here you will be spoiled with beautiful views of Mertasari Beach and surroundings. Cafe decorations such as huts made from bamboo and reeds. This is what makes you increasingly impressed. The cafe also provides a bench and a table on the sand beach that makes you increasingly relaxed. Bali Indonesia.

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