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Monday, January 27, 2020

Beautiful Beaches A Quiet Atmosphere, Brawa Beach in Canggu Bali

Bali Vacation. Beautiful Beaches A Quiet Atmosphere, Brawa Beach in Canggu Bali; Many rows of beautiful beaches that can be found on the island of Bali. Any case if you want to find a beautiful beach still deserted from the visits to tourist. One was a Brawa Beach Canggu Bali. This beach is quite deserted, and the good news of this beach can be reached easily from downtown to Denpasar.

Come to Bali This beach is located in the Canggu area and has beautiful views of the on less famous beaches in Bali. This beach is also known to have extensive sand. So delicious for a vacation with the family. While you accompany children to play sand, parents can relax and romance on the beach.

Bali is awesome The sand found in Brawa Beach Canggu Bali in 1024 x 683, beautiful beach with the quiet atmosphere the sand found in Brawa Beach Canggu Bali. In addition to known by a vast expanse of sand, the beach is also quite popular among the lovers of the sport of surfing. While visiting here, you will be able to access the presence of foreigners who are surfing on the surfboard. A quiet atmosphere and coupled with high waves roll did make the surfers are interested in visiting the Brawa Beach of Canggu Bali. All about Bali island.

Brawa Beach in Canggu Bali
Brawa Beach in Canggu Bali
Bali time, In addition, the Brawa Beach in Canggu Bali is also famous views of the sunset just as beautiful on the coast. With a quiet atmosphere, the traveler can enjoy peace in enjoying a  beautiful view of the sunset there. This beach provides more privacy when compared to the other existing beach in Canggu, Legian or like Petitenget. Sunset on the Brawa Beach Canggu Bali a quiet atmosphere, it's also widely used by the public or tourist to stroll with her favorite dog. And don't miss, there there are any rows of villas located in the waterfront. Even some of the villa are there in this Brawa Beach Canggu Bali allows anyone to relax in this area. Especially to enjoy the sunset. All about Bali island.

The Location of The Brawa Beach Canggu Bali :
Brawa Beach is located in Banjar Brawa Canggu Bali. The location is adjacent to several other beaches, among then are the Brawa Beach, Belig Beach and Petitenget Beach. This Brawa Beach can be reached from Denpasar using either two-wheel vehicle or four wheels, it looks approximately 20 minutes journey.

The Way Toward A Brawa Beach Canggu Bali :
The way heading to the Brawa Beach Canggu Bali is also not too difficult. If during Denpasar, the traveler can use the lanes headed to Tanah Lot. Then stay turn left to get to this place. Most readily come to this place with the use of rental vehicles or private. Bali Indonesia.


Sunday, January 26, 2020

A Restaurant With Rafting On The Ayung River in Ubud, Swept Away At The Samaya

Bali Vacation. A restaurant with rafting on the Ayung River in Ubud, Swept Away At The Samaya - Along with the rapid development of means of accommodation and tourism in Ubud Bali, followed also by the abundance of buildings ranging from classmates bungalow, villa, homestay to as class hotel five-stars. 

Bali is awesome One of the villas has a restaurant in Ubud located above the Ayung River is the villa the Samaya with a restaurant named Swept Away The Samaya. Most of you who love Bali rafting activity, certainly never heard or try rafting on the Ayung River in Ubud with a view of nature that is still beautiful. Be Swept Away At The Samaya Ubud located in Banjar Baung, Sayan Ubud village. All about Bali island.

A Restaurant The Ayung River in Ubud, The Samaya
Bali Vacation A Restaurant The Ayung River in Ubud, The Samaya

Come ta Bali Layout only that, green trees and view of the rice plant you can see if you visit be Swept Away At The Samaya is unique and memorable, right above the Ayung River. For interior use, hardwood floors have a dining table that sits right above the River with coconut trees as lusher and sound water flow with the current quiet Ayung river will sound in your ears while you enjoy a meal at the restaurant be Swept Away At The Samaya. 

Bali time The menu offered restaurant Swept Away At The Samaya Ubud is a western menu, ranging from breakfast to the dinner menu price and divided into several dining specials, special menu snack menu during the day, the menu list completes the menu with drinks wine, cocktail and dessert menu. If you want more romantic dinners are also available, which is above the Ayung River below the restaurant with illuminated some of the flames of a  candle and the helpful waiter brought a  dish you ordered. Bali Indonesia.


Saturday, January 25, 2020

Restaurant are Mandatory You Visit in Bali is the Apung Resto Kintamani

Bali Vacation. The restaurant is mandatory-you visit in Bali is the Apung Resto Kintamani - Most tourists sightseeing in Bali, definitely take me of the visit and lake view wonderful. One of the meanings in Kintamani must visit the Apung Resto Kintamani.

Bali trip Kintamani tour very attractive to tourists because Kintamani is an area that is surrounded by the mountains of Batur Lake. Making tourists happy to enjoy the natural atmosphere of the mountains. View of Abang Mountain and Batur Mountain, with stretch rest eruptions, lure tourists in sight.  All about Bali island.

the Apung Resto Kintamani
Bali Vacation the Apung Resto Kintamani 

Come to Bali The Apung Resto Kintamani is located on Raya Kintamani Kedisan street, Danau Batur, sub-district, Kintamani Bangli regency. The main menu offered is Tilapia fish grilled, Tilapia fish fry, best served with white rice, red chili sauce or condiment, nuts, and plecing kale. Tilapia fish is served. Of course, fresh fish caught by local fisherman so Batur Lake. It feels steady compared with the grilled fish is sold at other restaurants in Bali. In addition, there are also fish, wrapped around satai and Nila Soup. Price in accordance with the service and perceived satisfaction of visitors. Bali Indonesia.


Friday, January 24, 2020

Crispy and Sweet Blends in Waffle Brownfox

Bali Vacation. Crispy and sweet blends in Waffle Brownfox. Brownfox Waffle & Coffee presents the waffle as the main menu. Located on Puputan Street, Renon, Denpasar, Bali. It is a branch of Brownfox Waffle & Coffee by the buyer.

Bali time Waffle the present is composed of several variants. Generally, there are original crispy waffle and potato waffle base. The original crispy waffle has a crispy texture with a brownish color. They make the waffle that has a more crispy texture compared to waffles in general. When chewed, the crispy texture makes the more maknyes when bitten. All about Bali island.

Crispy and Sweet Blends in Waffle Brownfox
Crispy and Sweet Blends in Waffle Brownfox

Bali tour It recommended should not waffle silenced for too long because of the crispness of his would-be reduced over time. Original crispy waffle more on process into a waffle with a sweet taste. They add fruit toppings, ice cream, chocolate sauce, and almonds. Crunchy taste united with sweetness. Come to Bali Salted caramel waffle is one among a menu of original crispy which is recommended. Salted caramel is a blend of sweet, salty and savory. Coupled with a mix of ice cream is soft, sweet and cool. each item produces a different flavor but can be fused.

For a potato waffle more dominant with the salty and savory. Accompanied with cheese, meat, and vegetables. Potato waffle is recommended once used as a substitute for the rice menu. Their complete and rich. Cheddar cheese waffle is a hefty menu of recommended. Cheddar cheese waffle is a waffle made with menus thinking aspects of taste, texture, and appearance. This menu is also served with beef bacon.

The cafe also provides a wide array of variants. Waffle dish suitable for eating with coffee is a pandan latte. This coffee has a flavor that is almost the same with another latte however there are extra aroma pandan leaves that are increasingly making a tasty aroma. Maple latte is also highly recommended for you o sample. Bali Indonesia.


Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Spagetti Sambal Matah Menu is very Taste on the Tongue in Ulam Ayu Sanur

Bali Vacation. Spaghetti Sambal Matah Menu is very tasted on the tongue in Ulam Ayu Sanur. Ulam Ayu Sanur Restaurant is on By Pass Ngurah Rai Street number 15 Sanur, Denpasar, Bali. The menu is modern western-style here but the flavor remains typical of Bali. Spaghetti here modified the concept by using a sauce sambal matah.

Bali tour. Visitors from among tourists as well as many who liked the spaghetti in this place because it feels its very spicy seasoning and taste on the tongue. This place is indeed the concept of Balinese specialties. All about Bali island.

Ulam Ayu Sanur
Bali vacation Ulam Ayu Sanur 
Come to Bali. The other special menu is a oseng-oseng tabah rebung and gulai rebung was also very well-liked because it tastes sweet. They used rebung tabah from the Pupuan known odorless.

Bali Time Drink specials offered here is that hot ginger. This drink a lot because visitors were ordered to make the body feels warm. Moreover, when erratic weather and frequent rain. Kedondong juice that doesn't use sugar and syrup are also widely favored. The taste is not too acidic. There is also the ice waiting for the color that is so seductive. Bali Indonesia.

Why Bali? 1001 reasons why to come to Bali for a minimum of 1 time lifetime.


Tuesday, January 21, 2020

The Natural And Tranquil Atmosphere Of The Natura Villa Ubud

Bali Vacation. The Natural And Tranquil Atmosphere Of The Natura Villa Ubud. The design of the inn is very creamy with elements of traditional Balinese capable combined with elements of modernity. In it, there are about 14 of its own villa designed with compliance contour their land. Villa categories here include the traditional villa, the deluxe villa, luxury pool villa, two-bedroom villa, luxury poll villa, and others. All of the villas have categories equipped with a host of amenities ranging from the mini bar, fan and air conditioning, CD/DVD, safety deposits box, private lounges, hairdryer, and satellite TV.

Bali vacation The Natura Villa Ubud

Bali Tour All of these existing rooms have used the shower with separate WC. For you who want to then it could do so in the spa Natura Villa Ubud. Spa performed the more complete as it can be while seeing the beauty of the Petanu River lay in the front of the eye. For you who want to roll out the candlelight dinner can also order it to the management of the villa. So too with his meals can you message in accordance with an appetite that consists of Asian and European food. All about Bali island.

Come To Bali Travel to Ubud will certainly be better if not just one day away. If you need to have to stay here. Reserved her lodgings don't worry because many of the hotels you can find starting from price cheap to expensive though. Natura Villa Ubud can be one of the options. The location of this villa located in the Petanu River Valley and is surrounded by the landscape is beautiful and natural. Anyway, you are not guaranteed to be sorry when you decide to stay at Natura Villa Ubud.

Bali's awesome Ubud area is very famous for its calmness and her naturalness. The area is also known as his community of artists because it is a natural structure social and very conducive to practice the art of good both traditional and modern. You are about to contemplate worthy causes to Ubud as a location to perform the rite. Bali Indonesia.

Why Bali? 1001 reasons why to come to Bali for a minimum of 1 time lifetime.


Monday, January 20, 2020

The Look that Makes You Unnerved Burger and There is Also a Vegetarian Menu in Genius Cafe

Bali Vacation. The look that makes you unnerved burgers and there is also a vegetarian menu at Genius Cafe. The cafe serves a diverse menu. The menu at the cafe of this sort is very tasty and healthy. Serving healthy food in the cafe was initiated since the production process. If the food is vegetable, then it has started since the time of planting. If the food comes from the animal, then the process done by keeping it organic.

Bali time The cafe is located at Mertasari Beach Street, Mercure Resort Sanur, Denpasar, Bali. This cafe also serves dishes with views of the beautiful and attractive. You will be struck by the appearance of a typical burger cafe. The look of the bagel and black combined with colorful stuffing in the form of vegetables and side dishes. The black color of the active charcoal. Calm, the bagel was not tasted bitter. Bread burger still tasted savory and tender. All about Bali island

Vegetarian Menu in Genius Cafe Bali
Bali Vacation Vegetarian Menu in Genius Cafe Bali

Come to Bali. The burger here is created by homemade. For those of you who are vegetarian don't worry. You can still enjoy this because this cafe also serves a vegetarian burger. As the chicken using processed vegetables that give the flavor of savory food. The materials used in the form of materials selection and use of the oils are also noted. For foods that are processed by means of deep-fried, this cafe uses sunflower seed oil.

Bali is awesome This cafe also serves fresh drinks. To supplement the sweetness in drinks, this cafe product utilizes the palm sugar to produce the sweet taste. The typical ice cream cafe menu is made specifically. The cafe serves ice cream made from honey. For those of you who are allergic to dairy can consume him safely. Ice cream cafe this product does not contain soy or nuts. Bali is awesome.

Bali beach Here you will be spoiled with beautiful views of Mertasari Beach and surroundings. Cafe decorations such as huts made from bamboo and reeds. This is what makes you increasingly impressed. The cafe also provides a bench and a table on the sand beach that makes you increasingly relaxed. Bali Indonesia.

Why Bali? 1001 reasons why to come to Bali for a minimum of 1 time lifetime.


Sunday, January 19, 2020

Nature Tourism, Religion and Recreation In The Early Gianjar, Bali Mula Unik

Bali Vacation. Nature Tourism, Religion, and Recreation In The Early Gianjar, Bali Mula Unik. Speaking of Gianjar country is always synonymous with Ubud. but this time we will invite a slight shift towards the north of Ubud. In the village of Pujangkaja. Imagine if you could do a tour of nature, religion, and recreation in one place at one time. Truly complete it feels, isn't? In Bali Mula Unik, you can really feel the third such experience at once.

Bali tour. The names of the truly Bali Mula Unik to have meaning. "Bakti ring Widhi, Liang ring Pasemeton, Mulat Sarira, Langgeng ring Utsaha, Ulah Kekayun Sareng Sami, Niki Jagi Tamiang ring Generasi" (in Bali language). The bottom line this is a name of hope so that Bali Mula Unik can provide benefits to everyone who visits it. All about Bali island.

Bali Mula Unik
Bali Vacation Bali Mula Unik

Bali trip It is approximately one kilometer away from the throngs of tourists in Tegalalang, Bali Mula Unik serve the tranquility of nature. The place was very beautiful. Yet many of the buildings that stood nearby. If they exist, it's wood and bamboo huts that look blends in with the trees. Walk down the stairs, you ended up in a river which flows quietly. On the side there a mini waterfall, shooting sound of the whisper of the heart. Bali is awesome.
Yes, the place is perfect for meditation.

Bali is awesome Bali Mula Unik ever provides three cottages that can be rented for overnight stay. This is called the cottage Made Mica as Bali Jungle Hut. In accordance with the concept of the jungle, the cottage was built from wood and bamboo. the roof is a pun using reeds. Although outdated, but inside the cottage already available facilities, beds, mosquito nets and electric.

Bali time, On the other hand, this place invites you to entertain yourself through adventure. You could be fishing, camping, or make a campfire. river and waterfall mini contained in this area is very interesting to explore. There are many photo spots as the landscape selfie. There is a spring called Tirta Sudamala. There are nine springs are found around Tirta Sudamala. the water is very clear, even that can be drunk directly without needing to be processed again. Bali Indonesia.

Why Bali? 1001 reasons why to come to Bali for a minimum of 1 time lifetime.


Saturday, January 18, 2020

The Taste of Archipelago Above Congklak Board "Rempah Restaurant Vouk Hotel & Suites"

Bali Vacation. The taste of the archipelago above congklak board "Rempah Restaurant Vouk Hotel & Suites". When you book a package Nusantara here, the waitress will come carrying a large congklak board. On the board, there are the specialties of Nusantara styled. The package contains one dish that serves 6 to 8 people. Approximately there are seven menus are shown. There is also a package for 2 to 4 people even 10 people. Seven of the menu shows the specificity of the region. Include either a vegetable side dish, to complimentary snacks.

Bali tour. The congklak board served ayam panggang bumbu Bali, tahu isi, sate ayam saus kacang, terong balado, cumi hitam, buntut bumbu sambal hijau with rempah telur and ayam taliwang.

Bali Vacation Rempah Restaurant Vouk Hotel & Suites

Come to Bali. Using congklak board media serving as also gives the impression of its own while taking courses. This archipelago is a very recommended dish eaten with family or colleagues. Here you can also order a la carte menu still nuanced Indonesia. They also have six variant of sambal can arouse your appetite. There is a sambal matah, sambal terasi, sambal kecap, sambal hijau, sambal mbe, and dabu-dabu. All the recipes here are handled by an experienced chef dishes concocted in Indonesia.

The restaurant is in Vouk Hotel & Suites Nusa Dua, Nusa Dua South Street, Sawangan, Badung. Its strategic location and is also close to several area attractions. This place became the right choice to spend time with family or people nearby. All about Bali island.

The restaurant is open from 11.00 to 15.00 WITA and reopens from 18.00 until 22.00 WITA. They also accept reservations for dinner.  Bali Indonesia.

Why Bali? 1001 reasons why to come to Bali for a minimum of 1 time lifetime.


Friday, January 17, 2020

Taste the Smoky Ice Periment Mouth and Nose in Ikon Key Lab's Bali

Bali Vacation. Taste the smoky ice periment mouth and nose in Ikon Key Lab's Bali. Cafe Key Lab's Bali created with the concept of the laboratory. The visitors will be presented with a variety of menus that uniquely presented and Instagramable.

Come to Bali One of these Ice Periment. This menu becomes the mainstay in this cafe menu is presented with three options that are biscuit roasted over cold, popcorn and grand dessert plater. These foods will smoke from the mouth or your nose. They make the fumes from the liquid nitrogen that was special ordered from Jakarta. When roasted over cold, popcorn or garda dessert plate goes into the mouth, the sensation of cold will direct stab to the base of your tongue. All about Bali island.

Smoky Ice in Ikon Key Lab's  Bali

Bali is awesome. They also serve a variety of variants of a menu made from mozzarella cheese. The menu is the most frequent prey for customers is the Chicken Mozzarella Crispy. Food is served with four pieces of chicken wings fried in bread crumbs and smothered with BBQ sauce or melted mozzarella cheese and Teriyaki.

Bali time For his drink, it also put it in the form of no less unique. For example Inject Drink. Before drinking, visitors are first asked to inject molten chocolate or cappuccino are packed inside and injected into a glass that has been provided. Bali Indonesia .

Why Bali? 1001 reasons why to come to Bali for a minimum of 1 time lifetime.


Thursday, January 16, 2020

Oemah Herborist, Unique Sight In Secret Garden Village Bedugul Bali

Bali Vacation. Oemah Herborist, unique sight in Secret Garden Village Bedugul Bali; Oemah Herborist is the gallery that provides a variety of unique shapes arranged neatly with all kinds of the cupcake, ice cream, puddings, and fruits. Hhhmm delicious isn't it? Eitss but don't get me wrong, these cakes aren't edible/eaten, but could take a shower. yes, guys, it was soap, not believe? Check out the reviews were taken. 

Oemah Herborist, Unique Sight In Secret Garden Village Bedugul Bali
Bali Vacation Oemah Herboris  Bedugul Bali 

Bali tour In the Secret Garden Village, Bedugul Bali Gourmet Beauty offers a range of natural soap, equipped with a kitchen bar where the chef will create special gourmet soap today fresh from the mold.

Come to Bali Visitors can see the process of making soap with a unique shape. All about Bali island.


Wednesday, January 15, 2020

GingerJava Hut, Enjoy Delights of The Herbs Until Bowl Smoothies

Bali Vacation. GingerJava Hut, enjoy delights of the herbs until Bowl Smoothies - GingerJava Hut is open at 09.00 WITA, juice bar located on Lake Toba no. 12 Sanur, Denpasar, Bali. The concept of natural building integrated with the pole buildings is formed from the roof of bamboo and thatch draped in the order. But that's what makes the atmosphere of GingerJava Hut looks sweet.

Come to Bali For those of you who missed the freshness of the fruit can come to this place. GingerJava Hut always serves fresh juices, inimitable. The juice is served GingerJava Hut it's thick because they don't add too much water. The result is a fruit-flavored juice with more original and natural. All about Bali island.

GingerJava Hut
Bali Vacation GingerJava Hut
Bali time The fixed menu from GingerJava Hut is The Roland Mix. The name of this menu is taken from the references menu that tourists always ordering juice with mango mixture recipes, pineapple, banana and also a little ginger. Juice has the primary colors of the mixture of Mango and pineapple. Sweet-sour refreshing. because the material is composed of dense fruits, then drank one serving of juice it can make you full.

For those who are on a diet carbohydrates, perhaps the Roland Mix could be a replacement for your breakfast menu. Or you can also sample smoothies typical GingerJava Hut. One serving fruit smoothies contain bowls and cut fruit smoothies. Bali Indonesia.

Why Bali? 1001 reasons why to come to Bali for a minimum of 1 time lifetime.


Tuesday, January 14, 2020

The Patra Bali Resort & Villas Right Choice for Business and Leisure

Bali Vacation. The Patra Bali Resort & Villas right choice for business and leisure -  Hotel that was founded 41 years ago a very convenient location just 5 minutes from the international airport of I Gusti Ngurah Rai, Badung, and in front of south Kuta beach is one of the added value to be the choice of the customer. 

Bali Resort The facility was designed with traditional elements to accentuate and remain contemporary, it's no wonder if the Five stars hotel class in the Kuta area is becoming the choice of state leaders, the delegation of the state, tourists, and businessmen, both local and local and international. the facility was designed with traditional elements to accentuate and remain contemporary. All About Bali island.

The Patra Bali Resort & Villas
Bali VacationThe Patra Bali Resort & Villas 

Bali tour As the name implies this hotel is divided into 2 compounds that are The Resort & Villas consist of 206 rooms of the resort 22 rooms of villas. As for the types of rooms to the resort is a Deluxe room, Embassy suite II, Deluxe suites, Garden villa, Honeymoon Villa, Presidential suite, and to the villas is a Studio suite, Royal 3 bedroom villa and 2 bedroom Royal Villas.

Bali time As for places to hang out and just snacks and refreshing drinks the hotel provides several outlets including The Lobby Bar Lounge and Kintamani Sunken Bar. For the comfort of the guest during their stay, the hotel offers several amenities and services. Facilities that can be enjoyed 3 swimming pools the location facing the beach, The Kids and Spa. Come to Bali. 


Monday, January 13, 2020

Madam Tan Resto Denpasar Bali.

Bali Vacation. Madam Tan centered in Yogyakarta is now making its newest branch at JalanCokk Agung Krishna, Renon, Denpasar, Bali. Resto that is still in the soft opening has already started operation since July 2, 2015. 

Come to Bali This restaurant brings different concept of the three outlets namely Madam Tan located in Yogyakarta, Madam Tan Classic, Madan Tan Ristorante, and Madam Tan Work Bar, fusion dishes from each outlet in the form of Peranakan cuisine, Asian food, and the Western, featured dish with a variety of flavors that have become standard Madam Tan. All About Bali island.

Madam Tan Resto Denpasar Bali.
Bali vacation Madam Tan Resto Denpasar Bali.

Bali tour In accordance with the name Madam Tan from Yogyakarta, so we still count on the menu of Jogja, Gudeg, which is fried rice. While there's usually in cuisine krecek, his side is still trying to get Suppliers krecek in Bali so as not to have to usually in from Yogyakarta, there is also a menu favorite of our resto Know dreadlocks, this dish consists of a vegetable fritter shrimp, tofu, egg, bean sprouts, cabbage and savory flavor of peanut and garlic blend. 

Bali Time. This dish includes a regional menu and many like it, another menu is just as a deliciously fried Szechuan noodle, fried noodles, Noodle mix the cider, many Obese and many more, Madam Tan Resto there are various types of ice desserts taste fresh and delicious, categorized dessert.

Although the concept of combining three different Outlets, the Interior of our restaurant boasts its own hallmark, Madam Tan is divided into indoor and outdoor areas of the area 140 seat capacity, traditional Balinese Touch that can be seen in the outside area by placing a Crown typical Bali. Every visitor who came had to go through an elevator near the parking lot inside, the atmosphere is so minimalist Modern this feels entering the area located on the second floor, Madam Tan Resto operates each of from 10.00 until 23.00 Wita. Bali Indonesia.

Why Bali? 1001 reasons why to come to Bali for a minimum of 1 time lifetime.


Sunday, January 12, 2020

The Sensation of Hangout The Present In A Khayal Coffee Studio

Bali Vacation. The sensation of hangout the present in a Khayal Coffee Studio - The first coffee shop or coffee shop became a phenomenon in various regions in Indonesia. Coffee is a beverage that loved many circles, various age liked this drink. Even coffee is now a lifestyle or to the urban lifestyle.

Bali Time No exception in Denpasar, Bali. A coffee shop that is a Khayal Coffee Studio which is located at East Barito street, Dauh Tukad Puri Klod, Renon, Denpasar, Bali. Coffee Studio serving iced coffee present who loved the young. First entered the Khayal Coffee Studio visitors will be greeted with a view "homey" and "greeny" from the front of the coffee shop. All About Bali island.

The Sensation of Hangout The Present In A Khayal Coffee Studio
 Bali Vacation Khayal Coffee Studio

Come to Bali The concept of this coffee shop is unique. Interior in a Khayal Coffee Studio brings the minimalist theme. A few wooden tables and chairs embellished at the corner coffee Studio. visitors can also see directly the barista who's making coffee above the bar. The various menus are served by a Khayal Coffee Studio, like other coffee studio menu often. The thing that distinguishes from other Khayal Coffee Studio is a pioneer that provides ice coffee in Bali.

Bali is Awesome Favorite menu in a Khayal Coffee Studio namely iced coffee that has a flavor that is more sweet and creamy, combined with a blend of Arabica and robust coffee flavor that makes this taste blend iced coffee can be enjoyed by anyone, even for people who aren't familiar drink coffee. What distinguishes a Khayal Coffee Studio iced coffee using Bali sugar's which has the characteristic of iced coffee tall tales.

Bali tour, Khayal Coffee Studio also provides non-coffee drinks and some food menu. The bestseller of the drinks menu of non-coffee is tea earl grey milk tea. English breakfast tea mixed with milk to make milk tea flavor is soft with a sensation of the aroma of scented tea. In addition to providing iced coffee. Khayal Coffee Studio also provides manual brew and espresso. Bali Indonesia.

Why Bali? 1001 reasons why to come to Bali for a minimum of 1 time lifetime.


Saturday, January 11, 2020

Explore Munduk Moding Plantation Nature Resort and Spa Bali

Bali Vacation. Explore in Munduk Moding Plantation nature resort and spa Bali; One of the most famous sights in Indonesia is Bali. Not only famous in the country, but Bali has also become one of the favorite destinations of or foreign tourists. Bali is famous for its natural beauty, a wide variety of resorts. Munduk Moding Plantation is one of them, nature resort and spa located in Singaraja, Bali.

Curious as to what? following these reviews here.

Bali Vacation Explore Munduk Moding Plantation Nature Resort and Spa

Bali resort You can find a lot of five-star resorts in Bali, of course with the facilities and natural beauty was amazing. It provides a range of facilities, a special view of sunrise and sunset, restaurants, from private swimming pools, and there is also a spa and yoga.

Come to Bali Munduk Moding Plantation is also one of the most visited places by the photographers. You can be many places in it, such as Tamblingan Lake, Banyumala Waterfall, and Bratan Lake.

Bali is awesome No need to travel to a reign country for a vacation, Munduk Moding Plantation nature resort and spa Bali is the right solution for you and your family to enjoy the cool air and tiredness of the atmosphere of the city. All About Bali island.


Friday, January 10, 2020

Museum Geopark Batur Bali

Bali Vacation. Museum Geopark Batur is a new tourist spot in Bali, tourists can get to know the history and Geopark mount Batur closer. Museum Geopark Batur in Bali is located at JL. Raya Kintamani, Penelokan, Bangli, Bali province. 

Bali tour Museum Geopark Batur began in the wake of the caldera of the Batur area after being accepted as a member of the UNESCO Global Geopark Network in September 2012. Construction of a Museum of Geopark Batur is done in several stages, planning, physical development, physical planning and construction of the interior. With the completion of the construction of the museum Geopark Batur. All about Bali Island.

Bali Vacation Museum Geopark Batur Bali
Come to Bali The museum is located to the south of Mount Batur national Geopark information and global Geopark  Demonstration room museum based on the concept of geopark or garden Earth, Here is composed of a diversity of geological, biological and cultural. Geological diversity is generally filled by rocks eruptive products of Mount Batur.

The Museum is on the up from 2013 to 2014. Journey to a location, it takes about 2 hours from Kuta. For travelers who have already witnessed the natural history and culture at the Museum of the Batur, can testify directly to the natural beauty of Geopark Batur surrounded by rocks and sand, as well as the lake. Visitors will enjoy the fresh air in the area of the Geopark Batur. The Museum supports the three pillars namely the conservation, education and economic development, with tourism-based, for the first time visitors get into the museum Geopark using landscape mountain, here will be welcomed in width 'miniature' mount Batur, visitors can see a representation of nature and culture at the turn of Batur. Bali Awesome.

Bali Time For travelers who have already witnessed the natural history and culture at the museum of the Batur can testify directly to the natural beauty of Geopark Batur surrounded by rocks and sand, as well as the Lake. Geopark (or also called children of the Earth) is a region or geological heritage sites (geological heritages) that has a value of ecological and cultural heritage (cultural heritage). Bali Indonesia.

Why Bali? 1001 reasons why to come to Bali for a minimum of 1 time lifetime.


Thursday, January 9, 2020

Healthy and fresh Bali Daily, Salad Bar and a choice of Juicery in Renon.

Bali Vacation. Fruits and vegetables contain nutrients that are good for the body, a Salad bar and the Juicery Bali Daily, wanted to make vegetable and fruit consumption as a part of the everyday life of society, specifically the area of Bali, business is starting a home-based business, and a salad bar and located at Jalan Juicery Tukad Unda No. 3C, Renon Denpasar.

Bali Time A variety of salads and juice products that not only fresh but also bring health benefits, a Salad in Bali presents Daily is not completely raw salad (Raw Salad). This is done to adjust to the tastes of the public, the vegetables that are already in process. Popularizing the vegetable and fruit, according to him did have to pass through several stages, in addition to salads, assorted juices available. All about Bali Island.

Healthy and fresh Bali Daily, Salad Bar and a choice of Juicery in Renon.
Bali vacation Healthy and fresh, Salad Bar and a choice of Juicery in Renon. 

Bali Favorite mix juice between fruits and vegetables, there is fruit juice, there is also a vegetable juice. Mix juice in Bali Daily divided into three common herbs, root (main bit made from a root), citrus (lemon and lime-based major), and green (from the main green vegetables).

Bali is awesome. To keep the content of nutrients in fruits, Bali Daily uses cold-pressed. These techniques are sari-sari fruit will be issued, so that what is in the customer's consumption really is a natural fruit juice. Bali Daily never add water or sugar in the juice. Bali Daily always provides a warm and friendly service to customers. Bali Daily staff can create the savory juices or salad is right for complaints, the Agenda of the car-free day in the field Bajra Sandhi Renon. From 06.00 until 09.00 they will stand by near the field to display the products. Bali Indonesia.


Wednesday, January 8, 2020

Healthy Brownies Balinese Brojack latest Nature Cake.

Bali Vacation. Cake creations for lovers of nature, Brojack Cake, can not miss, in addition to the sweet taste of this cake are also healthy. Cakes other cakes, Brojack nature made without artificial sweeteners, coloring and contain the original fruit that adds in terms of improved health, Brojack has two variants namely Jackfruit and purple Yam Cakes, Nature said, Jackfruit has selected as Variant the taste because it tastes good.

Bali time. The Jackfruit in use as material Brojack is the fruit of choice, the condition of the fruit should be in the Circumstances. The berries are used in supply from local farmers, can be Brojack by Bali. Something original for the community, in addition to Brojack, Nature Cakes also presents a healthy cake to eat. All about Bali island. 

 Balinese Brojack latest Nature Cake.
 Bali Vacation Brojack latest Nature Cake. 

Come to bali Orders or tart cupcakes can choose decoration and topping. A wide range of colorful fruit used as materials to decorates the cake. Nature cakes are from fresh fruit. In addition to the appearance of a beautiful and fresh, this cake is healthy for the body. Calories from cakes, Nature presents cake Cakes that are safe for consumption, the sugar replaced with palm sugar sweetness levels are lower.

Cake basics (basic) Nature Cake has three variants of which are chocolate brown soft, Vanilla sponge, and the black forest. Chocolate cake made from dark chocolate to the relatively healthier compared milk chocolate. Strawberry smoothies and soursop became the latest flagship drinks, Nature cakes also provide healthy beverages. We can also accept orders directly, with just 10 minutes to 15 minutes, cake orders can already in the can. Bali Indonesia.

Why Bali? 1001 reasons why to come to Bali for a minimum of 1 time lifetime.


Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Saren clif Bulian, beaches and hidden beauty of Nusa Penida

Bali Vacation. Saren Clif Bulian, beaches and hidden beauty of Nusa Penida. High cliffs and towering dashing among the waves of the Indian Ocean, the sky is purple at dusk arrived, adding to the exotic, Beaches and Clif Saren Bulian in Nusa Penida, Klungkung, Bali. Saren Clif point and beach located in Bulian a different location, this central destinations became the favorite location for adventure.

Bali Tour The beach is located in the hamlet of Bulian Penangkidan, village Bungamekar adjacent to the coast of the pinkie. Although both are different, both have similarities that attract tourists to come, the road to the second location is very difficult. Need extra struggle to achieve these two sites, the challenge for the adventure while trying two sites. All about Bali island.

Saren clif Bulian Nusa Penida
Bali Vacation Saren Clif Bulian Nusa Penida

Come to Bali Residents here have put up sign directions, in order to make it easier for the visitors to two locations. Visitors who come to this place is usually someone who is more adventurous and love a challenge because it is a true need extra struggle to reach this location because it will all pay off with the natural beauty of following up on this place.

Bali Time Saren Clif point giving views of the summit cliffs interspersed with expanses of blue of the Indian Ocean. At that location, there is a swing on hanging in a tree. The place often in selfie the visitors. And the beach no matter no less beautiful Bulian, unspoiled beaches and clean, with a beach which is not too long-makes this location becomes an option for lovers of beach tourism. Bali Woow.

Indeed the two destinations are not much known, but characteristics that are not much different from other destinations, namely his views that are still beautiful and enchanting moment in perspective. Bali Indonesia.

Why Bali? 1001 reasons why to come to Bali for a minimum of 1 time lifetime.


Monday, January 6, 2020

Markobar, Dough Directly Imported from Solo

Bali Vacation. Markobar, dough directly imported from Solo. Markobar is on Teuku Umar Street number 33 Denpasar, Bali. In this place provides premium-quality Martabak Manis. The concept in this place brings the concept of containers.

Bali Time Here you will be presented with three options menu Martabak Manis that are Markobar Delapan rasa, Markobar Empat rasa, and Markobar Satu rasa. Martabak Manis here is emblazoned with a variety of premium quality toppings that are guaranteed to make you fall. His topping that is Ceres, Toblerone, silver queen, Nutella, KitKat green tea, Cadbury, Kraft cheese, and Delvi. Assorted toppings make this Martabak Manis is different in general. All about Bali Island.

Markobar Bali
Bali vacation Markobar Bali
Bali Tour How has served the way left open like a pizza Martabak Manis options you should try that is Markobar Delapan rasa. The mind feels very evocative taste. Part of her tasty toppings and so the part is also guaranteed to shake up your tongue. Their texture, very tender and savory. The entire dough used to make Martabak Manis imported specially from Solo city central Java.

Markobar widows open from 12.00 till 23.00 WITA. Bali Indonesia.

Why Bali? 1001 reasons why to come to Bali for a minimum of 1 time lifetime.


Sunday, January 5, 2020

Explore Bali, The New Destination in Bali (Leke Leke Waterfall)

Bali vacation, explore Bali, the new destination in Bali (Leke Leke Waterfall); the Cascades are indeed becoming a location of interest to the traveler, for it not only presents a beautiful landscape, the sensation of it an adventure to get it. Bali island has dozens of waterfalls that have now developed into a tourist attraction by the locals.

Leke Leke Waterfall Bali
Bali Vacation Leke Leke Waterfall Bali

Bali Trip Leke Leke Waterfall is one of them. This waterfall is located in Banjar, the village of Kerobokan, Mekarsari, Baturiti Tabanan. This location is pretty to find by the traveler. In addition to hunting the sun, it appears to be a traveler Bali now started as waterfalls area their travel destinations. All about Bali Island.

Come to Bali One thing that is quite interesting when you visit Leke Leke Waterfall is a journey by crossing the bridge of bamboo. The bridge was installed to help you cross the river. Leke Leke Waterfall also has another name Buffalo, called. any manager put up a couple of seats so that you can relax near the waterfall. The seating is made from bamboo, making it look fused with natural waterfalls. Leke Leke Waterfall very suitable for visited tiredness, for the cool and natural atmosphere. Bali Indonesia.

Why Bali? 1001 reasons why to come to Bali for a minimum of 1 time lifetime.


Saturday, January 4, 2020

Warung Becol never Deserted by Visitors for Seafood

Bali Vacation. Warung Becol never deserted by visitors for seafood. Warung Becol located on Tukad Guming Street, number 3, Banjar Dukuh, Serangan, Denpasar, Bali. Culinary dishes here are very remarkable. Here the kind of fresh seafood on offer quite a variety. Starting from fish, shrimp, crab, squid to octopus.

Bali Tour Here the visitor can directly choose the type of fish you want. Like ikan baronang, jangki, kerapu, bawal, kaka Tua, and tongkol. Visitors can choose the techniques of cooking. Like to be burned, fried or boiled down into soup. The stall also provides two variants of the herbs used for cooking. Sweet and sour kesuna cekuh (a condiment made from garlic and galingale). All about Bali Island.

Warung Becol never Deserted by Visitors for Seafood
Bali Vacation Warung Becol for Seafood

Come to Bali The fish is grilled jangki menu most often hunted by the buyer. Because fish have meat jangki softer. Usually, visitors ordering fish grilled with herbs jangki this kesuna cekuh. The taste is distinctive, spicy and savory will increasingly converge if juxtaposed with sambal matah typical stall. The sauce is made from dark red onion, garlic, cayenne pepper, and lemongrass.

Bali Time. Fish soup can also be the right choice. The broth has distinctive spice aromas with fresh flavors. this soup fits into a dish to warm your body. Grilled calamari and fried shrimp are also not to be missed. The texture of squid and shrimp cooked with his proper techniques so that the texture is tender. Grilled calamari and fried shrimp are also presented with two choices of the seasoning that is sweet-sour and kesuna cekuh.

For his drink, this place offers only simple drinks namely iced tea, iced sugar, and citrus ice. Bali Indonesia.

Why Bali? 1001 reasons why to come to Bali for a minimum of 1 time lifetime.


Friday, January 3, 2020

A Tasty Dessert that You Tried in Bali

Bali Vacation. A tasty dessert that you tried in Bali. In Bali, there is always a place for desserts! That makes you happy! Here is some tasty dessert that you tried in Bali:

White Chocolate Mousse in Pearl Restaurant.

A Tasty Dessert that You Tried in Bali
Bali vacation A Tasty Dessert that You Tried in Bali
Bali time. Here is a paradise for lovers of sweet food! White Chocolate Mousse here was really tasty! Let alone dessert served with tamarillo sorbet that makes this dessert is really amazing! Suitable for you who likes sweet food snacking! All about Bali island.


Come to Bali. This place provides a healthy dessert. It also provides lots of dessert-dessert healthy favorites! You should really try the chocolates, cheesecakes, pies and other dessert makes you increasingly drool! Bali Indonesia.

Why Bali? 1001 reasons why to come to Bali for a minimum of 1 time lifetime.


Thursday, January 2, 2020

Arang Satay Bar, Ubud

Bali Vacation. Arang satay bar Ubud, Ubud is one of the restaurants which is located in the Ubud center, a tourist destination. Adjacent to some restaurant in Raya Ubud street with interior design and a pretty striking geometric paced amid the traditional feel of Ubud.

Bali Time. Arang Satay Bar, Ubud became the culinary choice recommended very interesting to visit while in Ubud, serves a mix traditional menu with ingredients and flavors rich in a restaurant with a more modern ambiance. All about Bali Island.

Arang Satay Bar, Ubud
Bali vacation Arang Satay Bar, Ubud

Come to Bali Arang Satay Bar, many have Indonesia's satay provides food fusion, Arang satay bar raised a variety of themed selection of dishes from satay/skewers. From the traditional to the modern satay can we meet in this cafe, Arang Satay Bar. Bali Ubud. Bali Indonesia.

Why Bali? 1001 reasons why to come to Bali for a minimum of 1 time lifetime.


Wednesday, January 1, 2020

A Spiritual Cleansing With Melukat Ceremony

Bali Vacation. A Spiritual Cleansing With Melukat Ceremony. Melukat comes from the word Sulukat i.e. "Su" means good and "Lukat" means consecration. So in its meaning, Sulukat means to cleanse themselves to gain favor and well-being. Hence, how to do the ceremony on this one?

Bali Tour. The ceremony was headed by a Regent, then offerings that have been prepared are given mantras. People who will be at the ceremonies in advance given the mantra by Regent.
After reading the spell is complete the person is smothered, dilukat (cleaned) with water fruit kelapa gading. (fruit kelapa gading to this ceremony, taken a new and fledgling contains water only).
After the bathwater kelapa gading, it would be nice also in question doing a ritual bathing place containing spring water or natural water such as oceans, lakes, rivers or where baths are believed to be able to bring a blessing can also clean themselves either born or inner. All about Bali island.

A Spiritual Cleansing With Melukat Ceremony
Bali Vacation A Spiritual Cleansing With Melukat Ceremony
Come to Bali. Balinese Hindus believe that by doing this Melukat ceremony things are negative will come back clean, chaste and replaced by positive things to continue living in the future. In its implementation, the ceremony of Melukat often carried out rollicking and is usually held in place, such as a temple, a sacred place for bathing, or sea which is also considered to have magical influence.

Bali Time. Spiritual cleansing is a process to remove the various influences of dirty/ klesa which exists in man. Klesa alone there are five, namely Awidya which means the darkness of soul because of the overestimated me, Asmila meaning self-absorbed, Raga which means more worried about lust indulgence, Dwesa means the carriage and revenge, as well as Abhiniwesa which means fear. If all five of these exist and dominate humans then ensured his life will be dark and dirty.

The ceremony of Melukat is intended for cleaning the mind and the soul spiritually in man. This ceremony is a tradition of Balinese Hindu hereditary still held to this day. Bali Indonesia.

Why Bali? 1001 reasons why to come to Bali for a minimum of 1 time lifetime.



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