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Monday, December 2, 2019

Exotic Garden Tao Buleleng

Exotic Garden Tao, When you are walking the streets in the regency of  Buleleng, Bali and wanted to find a natural origin. tour garden is the right choice, located in the neighborhood of Sukasada sub-district Banua Bantang, Buleleng regency, entering the main gate. Visitors will be spoiled by the fresh air, and the green of a variety of ornamental plants, and shady trees, the well-landscaped at left and right, rural atmosphere increasingly felt while the hearing the music typical of the island of the gods floated quietly.

Exotic Garden Tao Buleleng
Tao Garden
Interior garden table chair, such as tour intentionally made from wood as a natural impression enhancer to further beautify the ambiance of hard desk every added colorful umbrellas, not less interesting from this place is none other than the flow of the river Banyumala, the river awake preserved is guaranteed able to tiredness and fatigue after a long day of your activity, as well as splash water that hit the rocks, adding to the impression of this place, the exotic Garden Tao apparently managed to hypnotize the visitors, especially among young people, they made this as a place to take pictures.

A stone that is on the edge of the river takes part as a challenge by the visitors to create works of art of the present, commonly called Rocks Balancing, is putting together a rock artwork of art of the present, commonly called Rock Balancing, is putting together rock artworks of various size. In an unusual position.

Not only presents a panorama of nature, but this tour also provides a variety of healthy vegetarian dishes. the specialty of this place is vegetarian, in addition to Rawon pangi vegetarian you can also find a wide selection of foods in bags, whole foods only di banderol Rp. 5 thousand to Rp. 12 thousand. If interested visit this place. Garden Tao is ready to serve you every day from 09.00 until 22.00 Wita.

Lokasi: Amerika Serikat

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