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Sunday, December 1, 2019

Bellisimo Denpasar Bali.

Bali Holidays, Bellissimo is the little Cafe that brings the concept of Italian food stall, attended and was at one point an independent street area shops, Denpasar, Bali. Traditional Italian dishes that are offered are given a touch of the other. With the concept of Italy. Bellissimo stalls offering a variety of traditional dishes from Italy.

Bellissimo ever opens with input and criticism gave visitors, not only the local people just coming to Bellisimo. All about Bali, many foreign tourists and also the ex-pat who came to enjoy it. Following the Italy cuisine that we want to apply to the cafe. Ranging from the type and size of each dish, as well as from the quality of the materials used. Bali island.

Bellisimo Denpasar Bali
Bellisimo Bali

Bali Woow, dish Italy that uses standard Italy. The advantages highlighted is the used of fresh ingredients, also combining local ingredients and also import. The price offered for each dish pun is still in the bag of the customer. Especially young people and students, this place can be an alternative option for those who want to hang out and eat casually without having to spend.

Create simple cuisine from both the way of processing and appearance, but with the usual don't want results. All about Bali Island, the cuisine here is not with the mixtures of artificial flavorings. For the pasta, one of the favorites is the Spaghetti Bellisimo. This is cereal Bellisimo Spaghetti with seafood stuffing, mix the pepper and chunks of fresh tomato, topping vegetables to meats and seafood. Food and beverages in this unique and exciting cafe also nourish and not harmful to the body. Bali hotels.

Drinks at cafe Bellisimo this ranging from fresh juices, smoothies, milkshakes, and a variety of refreshing  Mocktails. For special offer juice, Fantasia. That is a mixture of papaya and strawberry as well. And refreshing Mocktails, there Virgin Mojito. That is the Mojito that does not contain alcohol. The second drink is going to be a companion to the dish. And also refresh your thirst. Come to Bali.

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