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Tuesday, December 3, 2019

3 Beautiful Dedari Jelekungkang in Tukad Melangit

All about Bali island 3 beautiful Dedari Jelekungkang in Tukad Melangit. Jelekungkang waterfall is indeed still seldom visited by tourists. Its location is located in the middle of the moor who makes a lot of people are not aware of the existence of this waterfall. Only the locals who often visit the Jelekungkang Waterfall for the benefit of a life that is taking water.

Bali Holiday Jelekungkang is located in the village of Taman Bali, Bangli. Before you see the beauty of the waterfalls of Jelekungkang, you should do a short tracking across the moor. The line there is still very natural and has not been touched by the cement or asphalt. Travel tracking is also not so far away. All will not be felt if you come with friends and family. Bali Woow For those of you who love adventure and nature, this kind of path that certainly you always wanted. Cool air and pristine atmosphere offered along the path of tracking.

3 Beautiful Dedari Jelekungkang in Tukad Melangit
3 Beautiful Dedari Jelekungkang in Tukad Melangit

Bali island There you will meet with the three 'Jelekungkang' from Dedari. The trio comes with a unique face each. Dedari first is the waterfall straight with an altitude of about 20 meters and had a puddle of about 7 meters.

The second is the canal Dedari falls first to circulate air toward the Tukad Melangit. Dedari third lying face to face with the first and second waterfall can be seen a few meters from the location of the first waterfall. The third waterfall is visible just below the temple built by the community.

The water in this area is also used for irrigated agriculture in the village. For travelers who bring a camera, of course, the beauty of waterfalls Jelekungkang object deserved a photo.

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