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Bali Vacation enjoys an amazing holiday in the beauty of the gardens of paradise in the real world. All about Bali Island for Bali Lover around the world.

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Enjoy true peace beauty tourist village bangli panglipuran bali.

Ubud Bali

Ubud bali arts and Culture Center

Dinner at jimbaran Bali

The package is very romantic sunset dinner at jimbaran and uluwatu tour.

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Tanah lot Bali

Natural beautiful Tanah lot .

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

International Short Film Premiered at the Bentara Budaya bali

Bali Vacation. International Short Film Festival premiered at the Bentara Budaya Bali (BBB) - 65 works of graphic on display at the Bentara Budaya Bali, Prof. IB Spell street no. 88A, Ketewel Gianyar, Bali. The exhibition entitled Jayanta's Print Displays graphics works belong to Jayanta Naskar, printmaker India, winner of the first competition of graphic art Trianale Indonesia V 2015 by Bentara Budaya.

International Short Film Premiered at the Bentara Budaya bali
Bali Vacation International Short Film Premiered at the Bentara Budaya Bali
Bali Tour. Visva University will take its works with the technique of etching, litho and cukil. One of these papers entitled "Reinvention of Myself". It was this work that brought Jayanta Naskar to obtain the first prize in a competition. It was this work that brought Jayanta Naskar obtained the first prize in a competition. All about Bali Island.

Bali Time, Works made with etching and intaglio that appears as the first winner and defeated 354 works from 197 printmaker from Indonesia, Argentina, Turkey, Thailand, Spain, India, Croatia, Colombia, Malaysia, Egypt, Italy, Japan, Germany, Sweden, Serbia, Poland, Bulgaria, Belgium, Canada, China, Latin Amerika, and Brazil. Bali Indonesia.

Why Bali? 1001 reasons why to come to Bali for a minimum of 1 time lifetime.


Monday, December 30, 2019

Fried Fish Spice Queen in Waroeng D'carik

Bali Vacation, this stall named Waroeng D'carik, located on the highway Kedampangan, Kerobokan, Denpasar. The location is right in the middle of the rice fields. Bali hotels, this building houses made of bamboo and wood in the layout in such a way so as to make visitors feel comfortable, so did the roof using ulatan grass weeds. People living in the countryside usually eat rice in the middle say it was very fun. Bali Island, nuances like this are very rare for the citizens of the city because it's from here was inspired to set up a food stall in the middle of rice fields.

Waroeng D'carik
Bali vacation Waroeng D'carik

Bali Time, one of the dishes in the menu D'carik fish a'lla Thai menu is in the form of a queen on it in complete with fried fish, Gravy made from processed sauce sweet chile, sawer, that tastes sweet, sour and spicy mango Rujak his use, carrots, Yam bean, cashew. And leaf coriander. All about Bali island.

Come to Bali, the display menu is very unique, like a fish that swim in Rujak, although it sounds strange, but the fried fish is indeed mixed with spice queen, but a race of fish and rujak so fitting though packed with rice, then add the juice in the lemon to remove the fishy smell, but without eliminating the typical scent of the fish. Fish first in clean and dumped the contents of her stomach.

Bali Woow. The pleasure of feeling the natural atmosphere of the countryside was more complete by having the presence of the food served in this D'carik. The concept of different foods. Bali Indonesia.

Why Bali? 1001 reasons why to come to Bali for a minimum of 1 time lifetime.


Sunday, December 29, 2019

Tanjung Benoa Bali Tourist Attractions - Water Activity Centre

Bali Vacation. Tanjung Benoa Bali attractions water sport activity center - Tanjung Benoa Bali Beach has sea-safe, comfortable and beautiful. It's have survived, so the waves will break outside, before touching the shore, because of that. Located adjacent to the Nusa Dua tourist area. Tanjung Benoa Beach has white sands with waves that aren't too big.

Tanjung Benoa Bali Tourist Attractions - Water Activity Centre
Bali Vacation Tanjung Benoa Bali Tourist Attractions - Water Activity Centre

Bali Tour. Because it has the waves aren't too big, make Tanjung Benia Beach is perfect for nautical tourism activity. All about Bali island.

Come to Bali. Tanjung Benoa Bali's very famous tourist spot will be a tourist activity. If you do activities hobbies water sport, Bali. Tanjung Benoa, then one of the sights that should not be missed, while on holiday on the island of gods. Almost every day of Tanjung Benoa Beach Bali attractions,  never deserted will visit tourists, both domestic and foreign tourists. Of course, not all people coming to the beach of Tanjung Benoa Beach Bali will play activity. Bali Time.

Tanjung Benoa Beach water sport. Some tourists choose to simply watch or roads in Tanjung Benoa Beach. Bali Indonesia.

Why Bali? 1001 reasons why to come to Bali for a minimum of 1 time lifetime.


Saturday, December 28, 2019

Salmon Teriyaki Jin Jin Bali

Bali Vacation. Salmon Teriyaki Jin Jin Bali. The restaurant is located at street number Tresna Cok Agung 37C Denpasar, Bali, this ensures customer satisfaction by offering original Japanese food patisseries. Room Jin Jin Bali on the Plafond Resto, decorated with pieces of wood typical of Japanese light brown, and when entering this room clerk will say greetings and thanks using the Japanese language.

Bali Tour If interested a great many Japanese seductive menu options, customers who come from various backgrounds, either the student or already have families, one of which is mandatory in try the Teriyaki Salmon, is this food in the guarantee make addictive, no Miss Teriyaki sauce, a sauce made by chef Jin Jin entrancing flavors of this food, when tasting this sauce tasted salty and sweet. The Salmon Teriyaki was also incomplete with Japanese sticky rice. All about Bali island.

Salmon Teriyaki Jin Jin Bali
 Bali vacation Salmon Teriyaki Jin Jin  
Bali Time In addition to the salmon Teriyaki, Jin Jin Bali also provides many choices of which there is a Donburi (rice bowl) that are guaranteed to be able to make the tongue wiggling, namely chicken Karage Tar Tar, Teriyaki Chicken, Chicken Katsu Curry, Salmon Aburi Beef Yakiniku, Mayo, Creamy Garlic Beef, steaks, Pork Katsu Don, Don and Katsu Pork Belly, Garlic Cream.

There is also a must-try drink when visiting a satyrs Bali is a traditional Tea, Ocha Japan feels the very distinctive aroma, so fragrant. This drink can be served hot or cold, greenish-brown tea Enjoyment is in the belief to make the body and mind still. Jin Jin Bali was able to lure visitors with the atmosphere of a comfortable, casual, and elegant. Bali Indonesia.

Friday, December 27, 2019

Hundreds of Japan's Special Menu Kokoya

Bali Vacation. Hundreds of Japan's special menu Kokoya. A culinary experience with different nuances you can feel when visiting the Kokaya Japanese Restaurant. The restaurant is on Tamblingan Lake Street No. 178 of Sanur, Denpasar, Bali. Here you will be spoilt for choice with hundreds of choices of cuisine Japan. With this type of menu that you will definitely get confused, there are select it. Moreover, the food photos are displayed on the menu list everything else looks beautiful and delicious.

Kokaya Japanese Restaurant sanur bali
Bali Vacation Kokaya Japanese Restaurant Sanur 
Bali Time. Japan special food provided here like the menu to appetizers, main course to dessert. All menus are presented here using the original recipe made with Japan. Like sushi, teriyaki and barbeque Japan that is favorites menu here. The teriyaki chicken is served with a hot plate. When preparing this menu, the chef bastes the meat chicken with flour and fried until crispy. These come with teriyaki sauce results from the herb of the chef. Teriyaki sauce here was very savory and sweet. All about Bali island.

Come to Bali The sushi menu here is very recommended for you to try. They have dozens of variants of sushi that you can taste. Salmon dragon roll sushi and sushi are the favorites here.

The crispy salmon roll comes with a mix of soft and crispy texture. When bitten, you will feel the tenderness of salmon and rice Japanese rice. On the inside, you will find tempura nori and crispness. Then for the dragon roll sushi is served with different flavors. This sushi is a sushi roll that contains meat, shrimp tempura, eel, flying fish and fish eggs. The dragon roll is equipped with a touch of adding avocado fruit freshness of this dish. The appearance of the dragon roll sushi is very pretty. Mix avocado, rice, shrimps, and nori which gives refreshing shades the eyes. Enjoy the sushi will be more complete if accompanied by the shoyu (soy sauce Japan), gari (a type of ginger) and wasabi. Bali Indonesia.

Why Bali? 1001 reasons why to come to Bali for a minimum of 1 time lifetime.


Thursday, December 26, 2019

Eating Accompanied by Thundering Waves at Toro Toro at Sanur Bali

Bali Vacation. Eating Accompanied by Thundering Waves at Toro Toro at Sanur Bali. Sanur was known as a quiet tourist area as well as synonymous with the beauty of its beaches. The atmosphere here isn't like hustle and bustle of Kuta. Not exclusive like Nusa Penida. Suitable for those who want a quiet atmosphere but still with a variety of live entertainment and exotic landscapes. Located in the eastern part of the city of Denpasar, Sanur offers outstanding natural charm, especially the beach. In the morning, the sunrise is a beautiful natural spectacle for every tourist who comes.

Bali Time. Toro Toro as the name implies, "Toro Toro means relaxing". Toro Toro is divided into two parts of the building. The first part is a permanent building. Here other then there is room for guests, is also prepared for the kitchen. On the front side of this section there is a special place to live cooking, resembles a wagon meatballs, made of wood is colored brown. All about Bali island.

Eating Accompanied by Thundering Waves at Toro Toro at Sanur Bali
Toro Toro at Sanur Bali
Bali Trip The exoticism of nature combined with the pulse a life of ease makes this region a revival among many to build tourism accommodation along with a means of support. Just look along the coast, restaurants are welcoming beaches and lodging. Although its one of the coastal, coastline of Sanur is divided into four parts, there is a beach of Sanur, the beaches of Sindh, the southernmost coastal fir then are the beaches of Merthasari. In along the shore that stretches from Sanur beach to Merthasari this is the standing lined up dozens of restaurants with various menus. one of them is the restaurant, Toro Toro. A relaxing atmosphere is thick in this place. Sea breezes whipping up into a restaurant established since 2009, making guests be happy to linger. Though, just enjoy a beer, coffee or other special menus. All about Bali island.

Come to Bali In other parts, Toro Toro has a location on the sand beach. This is the most favored by guests. Most guests choose to take place of sitting here. How to make at home. Because, the tables and chairs with a dominant color white, laid and laid out neatly on top of the sand. There is a large shady tree Terminalia catappa be shady. Breezy winds from the sea, make guests enjoy sitting at this location. The scenery isn't less beautiful. Lead directly to the sea. While enjoying a meal, guests can watch the waves run down. At a distance, it appears some surfers among the fishing boats that move toward the ocean. Not only that, if viewed towards the southern ocean liner looking for among the pillars of the lighthouse toward Benoa Harbour. Gradually, the ships it swallowed up lips disappeared Serangan island that juts out toward the ocean. Bali Indonesia.

Why Bali? 1001 reasons why to come to Bali for a minimum of 1 time lifetime.


Wednesday, December 25, 2019

The Museum's Unique Painting And Photograph Hight-Speed Flash in Bali

Bali Vacation. The Museum's painting and photograph high-speed flash in Bali. Incomplete if visiting in Bali skip Galleries following his review:

Infinity Gallery
Bali Tour Gallery located on monkey forest street, Ubud, Bali. Art Gallery this one was rather different from other galleries in Bali. Because this gallery only has a collection of photography in one theme is a photo of a range of motion of the water. Liquid art is concept art that applied in high speed flash photography. Uniquely, the photographer gallery owner Stephan Max Reinhold, not using computer effects at all. So the results of the operation of the camera. All about Bali island.

Bali Time The beauty of the art liquid art also represents a variety of daily activities community in which the water into the center of life. For example image capture rainwater, water mixed with soap and water. All the photos are in the gallery this water movement can be captured so pretty from an extraordinary work of art. Try to watch every picture and you will feel a different feeling when looking at them.

The Gallery
Unique Painting And Photograph
Unique Painting And Photograph 
Come to Bali Meet hundreds of traditional Asian-style artwork and Balinese minimalist and contemporary with a touch of authentic Balinese painters in The Gallery. The Gallery Oberoi Seminyak street 14 Bali, Seminyak Bali street 2A and Sunset road 89 Seminyak, Bali. Featuring techniques applied to many paintings processed in Eastern and western style with acrylic and oil paint medium with fresh colorful shades. Frame made of quality wood original umber and quality materials imported into the strength of each painting is produced.

Most paintings express the maritime life of Bali and most countries in Asia. The social life of Balinese people ever is shown in colors and scratches which are characteristic and meaningful. Abstract expressionist painting or presented to satisfy the tastes of the art of the visitors. Bali Indonesia.

Why Bali? 1001 reasons why to come to Bali for a minimum of 1 time lifetime.


Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Travel Spot in Nusa Penida

Bali Vacation. Travel Spot in Nusa Penida. It is possible for a person situated rarely heard the name of Nusa Penida. Nusa Penida Island is located in the southeast of Bali Island.

Bali tout Culture and customs in Nusa Penida are so prominent that is indigenous to Bali. When you are on the island, you see foam a variety of cultural and community life in exactly the pattern with Bali. The sights are presented starting from the beach to the religious site is so worth it for you to visit. All about Bali island.

Here are a few of the attractions that are on Nusa Penida:

Malibu Point
Malibu point Nusa Penida Bali
Bali Vacation Malibu Point Nusa Penida 
Bali Time Malibu Point has many coral reefs. There you can see various types of small sharks. This is what makes this site more special. Views around the site consist of a mound of rock that looks beautiful adorned the beach.

Toyapekeh Nusa penida Bali
 Bali Vacation Toyapekeh Nusa Penida
Come to Bali. Toyapakeh is the site for dive and snorkel. Your experience here at the bottom of the ocean with sea turtles, colorful coral reefs and mola mola will be more fun.

Manta Point

Here you will be greeted with the hills before finally plunging into the sea. Do not forget to capture these moments. Bamboo sharks and blue sharks are a variety of marine animals will often find in addition to the coral reefs. Manta Point you can enjoy freely without the worry within 15 meters. If the distance is more than you need to be extra careful because of the visibility which is less good.

Breeding Birds

Nusa Penida is the best place to enjoy the beauty of bird diversity in Indonesia. To date, more than 100 kinds of birds that come from various corners of Indonesia and the world can you capture in your camera. Bali Indonesia.

Why Bali? 1001 reasons why to come to Bali for a minimum of 1 time lifetime.

Monday, December 23, 2019

Sungai Tinggi in Canggu From Bali Luxury Villas

Bali vacation. Sungai Tinggi in Canggu from Bali luxury villas - Beachside land in Bali was readily available and considerably more affordable than it's now. In those days, "Bali Style" was charming and romantic, design materials were limited to want was obtainable locally, and the creativity and culture of the island were embraced through stone sculptures, wood carvings, and artwork. Nature did the rest.

Bali Tour, The delightful Sungai Tinggi Beach Villa continues this tradition, leaving ostentation at the door and cherishing the authenticity of Balinese architecture and design. The villas can be rented as a 4, 6, 7 bedrooms property and include a secluded two-bedroom guesthouse and a great "coconut grove" events space that caters to weddings and celebrations for up to 200 guests. All about Bali island.

Sungai Tinggi in Canggu From Bali Luxury Villas
Sungai Tinggi in Canggu From Bali Luxury Villas
Bali time, The name means "High River" and this magical villa rests in the arm of a small lagoon, at the point where the river meets the sea. The beach is at the end of the vast coconut and palm strewn garden. Sungai Tinggi Beach Villa is characterized by coralline limestone walls, thatched roofs, and an open sides living pavilion fashioned after a  traditional Balinese wantilan, or village meeting hall. Palimanan stone-carved friezes depict scenes from daily life and Hindu mythology, while water a predominant element in fountains, fish-filled lily ponds and the soothing sound of romantic four-poster beds, smattering of Balinese antiques, textiles, artwork, intricately-carved doors, and moss-encrusted statues, and you'll be under the spell of time-honored Bali style.

Bali Trip Sungai Tinggi presents oodles of outdoor space-including a (shared) tennis court, a green stone pool and lawns scattered with loungers. Flowering dune-vines and pandanus border the lagoon, diffusing the offshore winds and providing a wild and woolly buffer to the sand. Coconut palms fill the sky and a timber boardwalk meanders its way through the gardens to the beach.

Perfect for multi-generational groups or family holidays, Sungai Tinggi Beach Villas is serviced by a full-time team of staff including a very capable cook, who will also take care of the grocery shopping (on guest account). This is a place where you can leave your shoes at the door. Bali Indonesia.

Why Bali? 1001 reasons why to come to Bali for a minimum of 1 time lifetime.


Sunday, December 22, 2019

Unique Stone in Suwehan Beach Bali

Bali Vacation. Unique stone in Suwehan Beach Bali. When you stroll down to Suwehan beach in Bali, you will see a large stone that is aloof and detached from the cliff. The shape is of the stone so unique as the logo of the brand Volcom.

Unique Stone in Suwehan Beach Bali
Bali Vacation Unique Stone in Suwehan Beach 
Come to Bali. Suwehan beach in the village of Tanglad, Nusa Penida. It has a panoramic view and a charm that is hard to forget. The hills around the beach make this beach becomes cool. This beach is still quiet and unspoiled. All about Bali island.

Bali Time, For you lovers of adventure, enter in Suwehan Beach bucket list and make your vacation as an alternative if you are on a vacation to Nusa Penida. If you want to see the beach views are rarely found on other beaches, just come to Suwehan Beach. But there are things you should know, that the area around the beach is made sacred by the locals. So, visitors must comply with the written code of conduct. Bali Indonesia.

Why Bali? 1001 reasons why to come to Bali for a minimum of 1 time lifetime.


Saturday, December 21, 2019

Tukad Tangkup Waterfall Bali which is believed could Cure Disease

Bali Vacation. Tukad Tangkup Waterfall Bali which is believed could cure disease. Bali is not only famous for its beautiful beaches, the ancestral traditions and culture is thick but Bali also has a hefty famous waterfall. Not only famous for its beauty but also the trust of people around the waterfall call that can cure the disease. The waterfall named Tukad Tangkup which is located in the village of Pakraman Undisan Kelod, Tembuku, Bangli Regency. The existence of this waterfall hidden in ravine Tukad Tangkup which is also the boundary between the two villages.

Bali tour The area of the waterfall is quite difficult to reach. Therefore, this waterfall is still quite beautiful. The falls also opened free to anyone or no one to manage.

Tukad Tangkup Waterfall Bali
 Bali Vacation Tukad Tangkup Waterfall 

Come to Bali To reach this waterfall you have to do trekking. Don't worry about the access path is already good but you should still be careful. Although the tracks that traversed are not easy you have to enjoy it. On the right and left of the line are still forested lush rice fields and plantations. So the air there still cool and fresh.

Then you have to go down the steep stairs. Then you get into the middle of the river that has steep walls and a narrow track like a cave. The result, you'll see Tukad Tangkup Waterfalls. This waterfall is not many unspoiled by man. Water from this waterfall is still clear and refreshing. Natural stone cliffs as high as 10 meters it resembles the person being penance.

All About Bali Island. Local people believe that the base of the cliff spot place fall of water where there is a spring kelebutan is the location. The specificity of healing the ailment that makes you amazed. You should know, a disease that can be cured is a psychiatric illness. Not far from the falls there are cliffs which squeezed up with grooves-grooves, beautiful overgrown by moss and small plants. It looks so beautiful. Local youth refer to this place with a Hidden Canyon. Bali Indonesia.

Why Bali? 1001 reasons why to come to Bali for a minimum of 1 time lifetime.


Friday, December 20, 2019

Favorite Diving And Snorkeling In Bali

Bali Vacation. Favorite diving and snorkeling in Bali - Discuss tourism in Bali would never run out. An object that can be reviewed in addition to show the natural beauty of the land, the culture, the art of beauty also it's bottom.

Bali Time, Dive spot (scuba diving and snorkeling) and the popular as well as become a favorite location for both domestic and foreign tourists are pretty much available. And locations spread around the island of the gods. Interestingly, some spots can be used by novices without the need of having dived to the public (amateur). You certainly curious, isn't it? Following his review for you. All about Bali island.

Favorite Diving And Snorkeling In Bali
Bali vacation Favorite Diving And Snorkeling In Bali
Snorkeling & Diving in Menjangan
Bali Holiday Four dives and other famous snorkeling is at Menjangan Island and is entered as West Bali National park. Its location on the West side of the island is bordered by the north. We recommend staying here, let alone a super comfortable resort for tourists. Natural beauty under the sea or the garden of coral and coral around Menjangan Island, The Terima Gulf, Prapat Agung, Bakungan and Klatakan don't you miss. Come to Bali Indonesia

Why Bali? 1001 reasons why to come to Bali for a minimum of 1 time lifetime.


Thursday, December 19, 2019

Sangeh nature parks play with monkeys funny benign

Bali Vacation Sangeh nature parks play with monkeys funny benign, Sangeh natural attractions on the island of Bali is a great natural attractions which offer the beauty of Bali, island of the gods of other places that give natural atmosphere very cool when you first set foot, here also you can enjoy hundreds of monkeys are very cute and adorable, hundreds of monkeys who have been benign and glad to be invited to play to interact with humans. 

Bali Trip The location where the tour Sangeh very easily accessible when you visit Bali because it is only about 20 kilometers from Denpasar, located in the village of Sangeh, Bandung Bali entrance area can also be reached as long as 25 minutes from Ubud by car, the best time to visit the Sangeh can be started since morning until afternoon, playing with around 700 monkeys that benign is an extraordinary experience. Very cute monkeys live in groups and often make quick time passed. All about Bali island.

All about bali Sangeh nature parks
Bali Vacation Sangeh nature parks
Bali Time Sangeh monkey beside also offering a protected forest area of 14 acres of beautiful, clean and comfortable, the types of trees that are in the forest of Sangeh hundreds of years old. in the domination of the tree kind of nutmeg that grows tall with an elevation of around 50 meters.
Come to Bali for those who brought family, Sangeh offers fit to play with children. they will love interacting with wild monkeys are tame. Bali Holiday.

Come to Bali Indonesia for amazing holidays In addition to other reasons why families should visit the Sangeh while on vacation to Bali also because of the beauty of Bali the island of Gods which is very famous in the world not only the beauty of the sea and the beach only. But Bali tourism may also natural protected forest are no less beautifulBali Indonesia.

Why Bali? 1001 reasons why to come to Bali for a minimum of 1 time lifetime


Refined sea urchins at Waroeng Tepi Pasih Serangan

Bali Vacation. Refined sea urchins at Waroeng Tepi Pasih Serangan. It is located on Jalan warung Tukad retainer, no 18 Serangan Denpasar Bali offers a menu of different seafood stalls serves refined toro or urchins can be called urchins as processed food.

Bali tour, Behind the shell, is hard enough, it turns out that part of it has a high protein content and is also rich in vitamin a is very good for the body, the flesh that is in the shell of a sea urchin is the source of the delicious food. In order to be in a feast of sea urchins in the clear just yet, then at the side of the shell and take his flesh, not everyone can cultivate it because if not used the meat of porcupines will become bitter. The sea urchin is processed into very delicious cuisine. All about Bali Island.

 Bali Vacation Waroeng Tepi Pasih Serangan Bali
 Bali Vacation Waroeng Tepi Pasih Serangan Bali

Come to Bali At Waroeng Tepi Parish, sea urchin is processed into fried rice toro, sea urchin meat though not very visible in the fried rice, but the flavor is very strong and porcupine meat tasted once, before treatment in the mix into the meat, sea urchin rice in fried in advance, new mix into the fried rice.

Sea urchins are scarce and difficult to start in may, sea urchins in the form of another can also be processed at present, although we have subscriptions from fisherman, the Sea urchin, she's a lot on certain days, besides sea urchins, there are also preparations of other marine species such as crab soup Rujangan.

The sub is made of thick coconut milk and spices. Waroeng Tepi Pasih Serangan also offers satay Octopus. Different processing makes satay octopus who are here more tender and tasty compared elsewhere, seasonings and fresh red chili sauce to use on its own, very tempting.

Bali Holiday Visitors can watch the fisherman directly anchored and lower results, moreover bring visitors can enjoy a meal in the building karamba and Bale Kambang, Founded upon the sea. Bali Indonesia.

Why Bali? 1001 reasons why to come to Bali for a minimum of 1 time lifetime.


Nusa Dua Beach Is the Perfect Exotic And Charming

Bali Vacation Nusa Dua Beach Is the Perfect Exotic And Charming, Nusa Dua is a beach that is perfect for you to enjoy the atmosphere of a vacation in an exotic and charming place. Nusa Dua is very popular for those who want a world-class vacation.

Bali Beach Nusa Dua is located on the far southeast tip of the island of Bali from Bali's Ngurah Rai international airport it only takes about 20-30 minutes by car to get to enjoy its beauty. The beach has calm water flow is very safe and ideal for holidays with the family, children could be free to play on the beach while parents enjoy a beautiful view of the beach with eating some very tasty food choices, such as the other beaches in Bali Nusa Dua beach is very clean and the water is very clear, also vacation beauty perfect white sand you should pay a visit to Bali. Bali trip.

All About Bali Nusa Dua Beach Is the Perfect Exotic And Charming
Bali Vacation Nusa Dua Beach Is the Perfect Exotic And Charming

Come to Bali Other highlights from the Nusa Dua beach that sprawl over an area of about 350 acres is exclusive to its diverse facilities, called exclusive because in this area there are all the things that it takes tourist attractions, such as beaches, water sports. Bali holiday complete with a fancy restaurant with a full menu of varied, and not miss a very classy comfortable hotel. You can breathe fresh air from the Palm trees and the type of flowers around the region. All About Bali island.

Bali time Sights that are already popular in foreign countries are also due to the Nusa UN Conference location ever made about climate change in 2008. Nusa Dua is very much exclusive resort features hotel four stars to five stars from both local and international. Overall there are about 25 hotels in Nusa Dua Peninsula with a total of nearly 4,000 rooms. The 5-star hotel in series along the beach. Call it the Nusa Dua Beach Hotel, Inna Putri Bali, Ayodya Resort, Conrad Bali Resort, Grand Hyatt Bali, Bali Melia Bali, Nikko, Sheraton Laguna Nusa Dua, Club Med, The Westin Resort Nusa Dua, and Switzerland Grand Bali are some of the major hotels in the area then deservedly Nusa Dua is an exotic and charming place perfect for your holidays with your family. Bali Indonesia.

Why Bali? 1001 reasons why to come to Bali for a minimum of 1 time lifetime


Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Pie Susu 'Arjuna' Typical Bali, There is Love in So

Bali Vacation. Pie Susu 'Arjuna' typical Bali, there is love in so. Pie Susu is a hawker from the processed flour and milk that is currently very loved. Pie Susu business now becomes its own attraction for entrepreneurs by Bali to produce it. One of them, namely souvenir/gift Bali, Arjuna Gagapan Bali.

Pie Susu 'Arjuna' typical Bali
Pie Susu 'Arjuna' typical Bali
Bali Time This store has the concept of selling through intermediaries but not directly from the producers themselves. The enjoyment of this Pie Susu be pitted and the price is affordable as well as a hefty can reach all circles. Not only domestic but foreign tourists were also ascertained will be hooked to bring this delicious gift.

Bali Woow Pie Susu is made from flour and milk, but there is a difference this Pie Susu by pie, in general, that is Pie Susu Arjuna has a lot of love in each so. So this Pie Susu become a gift shop that is most memorable for tourists coming here.

In Bali, the pie can be made by combining milk and commonly used for means of ceremony in Banten. All About Bali Island. Bali Indonesia.

Why Bali? 1001 reasons why to come to Bali for a minimum of 1 time lifetime.


Tuesday, December 17, 2019

Ulu Cliffhouse Bali, The Island's Glamorous Social Elite

Bali Vacation. Ulu Cliff house Bali, The Glamorous Social Elite - Ulu Cliff house is Bali's hottest new beach club and last night the venue saw the island's glamorous social elite descend upon Uluwatu's spectacular coast for its much-anticipated pre-opening session. Commanding jaw-dropping panoramic views, the 50.000ft2 clifftop oasis will offer an unparalleled new beach club experience in Uluwatu - 35 meters above sea level.

Bali time Ulu Cliff's house is a tropical wonderland featuring direct access to the beach and a 25 meters infinity poll surrounded by playful St Tropez style loungers where guests can enjoy a cocktail or both. Ulu's clifftop playground' will feature a 25 meters infinity pool, an on-site spa, tantalizing food and drink, and a boutique store. From is a terraced restaurant to a stunning bar, perched over the ocean.

Ulu Cliff house Bali
Bali Vacation Ulu Cliff House Bali
Bali Ulu Cliff's house has been created and developed by F&B entrepreneurs - Out & Out Hospitality whose operation span Singapore (Operation Dagger & Co) and Bali (KILN on Petitenget and the new Mandala House).

Come to Bali Ulu Cliff house redefining the traditional beach club offering, Ulu Cliffhouse will feature its very recording studio, a curated gallery space and paying homage to its location, an in-house surfboard shaper. Ulu's recording studios appeal to the world's most existing music artists, with a live program that is set to establish Ulu one of Bali's leading music venues. 

Bali Trip Ulu Cliff house the cutting edge, design-led beach club will enhance its natural environment with modern edges, effortless style, and youthful playfulness. Ulu Cliff's house's unique space will appeal to those who want to relax or play, as well as being a home for the island's creative communities. Bali Woow. Planning a trip to Bali? Head to Luxury Escapes for the latest Bali packages. Answer Ulu Cliff's house winner. All About Bali island.

Why Bali? 1001 reasons why to come to Bali for a minimum of 1 time lifetime.



Monday, December 16, 2019

The appeal of New Shipwreck Beach Suluban, Pecatu

Bali Vacation. The appeal of New Shipwreck Beach Suluban, Pecatu. Beach Suluban, Pecatu, Bandung, Bali is famous for its beautiful stone of it's now has a new attraction, a shipwreck look on the outskirts of its beaches. View shipwreck in the beach Suluban simply draw attention, both local and foreign are seen using debris of the ship as the location of the photograph, the resulting photos ever seen poses a unique impression.

Bali Time The shipwreck is also the location of the shelter for the visitors, shipwrecks are the fishing boats. The condition of the ship has indeed not intact but the size of his ship still looks quite large for the size of fishing boats. Bali tour Here visitors can also find traces of burnt wood including the remaining blackish scars on the body of the ship that has yet to burn out. Sunset at beach Suluban is becoming daily attractions that awaited the travelers. Bali Trip.

Bali Vacation The appeal of New Shipwreck Beach Suluban
Bali Vacation The appeal of New Shipwreck Beach Suluban

Relax near the shipwreck of this can be an alternative choice while waiting for the sunset. Originally the shipwreck in this condition in beach intact. There is only the damage in some areas, but some parties consider the existence of this ship are merely wrecks. Then the ships were burnt, so it split into several parts, but part of him still looks intact. All about Bali island.

Come to Bali To reach the site also requires a struggle, but the journey that will be lived not too heavy but so amazing, all will start with the struggles down one rung beach Suluban where you park your vehicle, the number of stairs of her, not a bit even hundreds but all paid off with the beauty of this beach plus shipwrecks that exist in this place. In contrast to the impression of the coast 'hot' air here is very cool and shady. The journey passes through the gully you must pass the shore and walked towards the North, if the water near the coast, the Beach is also quite safe for surfing or canoeing. Swimming between small poll that formed when the low tide can be a fun thing. Bali Indonesia.

Why Bali? 1001 reasons why to come to Bali for a minimum of 1 time lifetime.


Sunday, December 15, 2019

Ossotel Legian Hotel, The Concept of Exotic Charm, Modern Architecture And Stylish

Bali Vacation. Ossetol Legian Hotel, the concept of exotic charm, modern architecture and stylish offered looking from outside, the architecture of the Ossotel look with glass-transparent glass and a unique design pattern. Moreover when the evening, emitted more exotic charm. Bali trip.

Bali time The modern and stylish concept offered Ossotel Legian Hotel and typical Balinese hospitality wrapped became the favorites of tourists. Strategically located close to a number of local attractions, such as to Legian beach just 5 minutes walk, 10 minutes drive to Seminyak and Kuta, while from Ngurah Rai airport 25 minutes drive. This en ricing lodging options 4 stars hotel in Bali, you can be compared from the facility, the location the assessment's directly from travelers and also of course in the price offered.

Ossotel Legian Hotel
Ossotel Legian Hotel
Hotel Rooms
A number of facilities you can enjoy during their stay at the Ossotel Legian Hotel as a tourist can freely relax or swim in the lagoon pool all 88 meters, terrace or private balconies overlooking the pool, so free wifi is also accessible from the entire area of the hotel from either in the room or public areas. Provides room service and 24 hours reception. Babysitting available, Tour desk for the tour, Elevator, Luggage storage. Express check-in/check-out, shuttle service for an additional fee, vehicle parking and valet service Romeo Bar & Grillery provides from morning until night. All about Bali island.

Come to Bali Equipment with a personal balcony or terrace overlooking the pool, both with this pool mini has bar safety in the Chambers and flat-screen cable TV with DVD player. En suite bathroom has a walk-in shower, gratuitous median equipment, and a hairdryer. The guest enjoys daily turn civil servants. Bali Indonesia.

Why Bali? 1001 reasons why to come to Bali for a minimum of 1 time lifetime.


Saturday, December 14, 2019

Paradiso Ubud, You Must visit The Cinema When The Moment to Ubud

Paradiso Ubud, you must visit the cinema when the moment to Ubud, Bali - Bali, talking about a sure thing is beautiful beaches are exotic. But don't forget to come to Ubud, many places are cool there!
Ubud is quite far from the center of the crowd. When Bali is famous for its atmosphere of a typical beach ambiance, Ubud has a peaceful rural atmosphere and peaceful. Travel destinations are also not less attractive than in other areas.

Paradiso Ubud
Paradiso Ubud
Want to enjoy a different cinema concept? Please try coming to Paradiso in Ubud. Here the concept of cinema and nature usually into one that is cool!.

In addition to its unique concept, Paradiso also serves healthy organic food. In fact, its concept is the first cinema restaurant with organic food. Nuance offered a comfortable home-style, seating, and tables created as chair living room with the cozy.

Here the traveler can also learn about the culture and spiritual meditation. At certain times, a traveler can also see the appearance of arts such as dancing.

Why Bali? 1001 reasons why to come to Bali for a minimum of 1 time lifetime.


Friday, December 13, 2019

Tablespoon Coffee House Bali

Bali Holidays Tablespoon of coffee into a restaurant of Bali Paragon Resort Hotel, Tablespoon Coffee House concept Middle up with Indonesia Food. The traditional feel of minimalism in tablespoon coffee house so feels when entering a Tablespoon Coffee House is so feels when entering a Tablespoon Coffee House on the second floor of the Bali Paragon Hotel, JL. Raya Campus of  Udayana University, Bali, Bandung, Jimbaran. Because here is visible from a large number of antiques such as ancient or iron, iron cups in the past, The scales and the ancient lights.

Tablespoon Coffee House Bali
Tablespoon Coffee House Bali 
Hours of operation from 06.30 a.m until going to dinner at 22.30 Wita, Here has a seating capacity of up to 180 people. Despite being in Bali  Paragon Resort Hotel, Tablespoon Coffee House is also open for guests outside the hotel.

All about Bali. A menu of  Indonesian food Tablespoon that is one is the Sate Lilit. This menu becomes a signature dish, served on plain white plates, innovative appearance, this site uses tuna grounded then mix with seasoning recipes chef, then wrapped into the skewers from marinade, then baked.

Bali island. This sate portion consists of five skewers Lilit, accompanied rice cake that was given gravy on it, Curry, vegetables, and Rempeyek Sambal Matah. Five skewers served and Lilit was made in middle position stand on the side of the plate there are banana leaves as a base plate. When bitten, the sate Lilit is so soft and the spices his very creamy on the tongue. Accompanied by sliced rice cake which is kneaded with gravy curries. Indonesian food it's another here also there is a Balinese Fried Duck, Chicken Betutu Gilimanuk, Balinese fried rice, fried or roasted, Oxtail and rice Udayana.

In addition, there is a refreshing drink of throat and have different sensations that can try Ginger Spicy Lemon soda. Sliced ginger, sliced lemon, sliced red pepper are one glass of soda water mixed, crystal ice and simple syrup.

Why Bali? 1001 reasons why to come to Bali for a minimum of 1 time lifetime.


Thursday, December 12, 2019

Payuk Bali Invite Tourists Racik Specialties of Bali with the Thrill of Cooking on the Edge of the Rice Field

All about Bali Payuk, Bali invites tourists racik specialties of Bali with the thrill of cooking on the edge of a rice field. Payuk Bali cooking class opened up for tourists. It is located in Banjar Laplapan, Ubud, Bali. Payuk Bali offers the thrill of cooking on the edge of the rice field that exists in Ubud. A diverse menu of Balinese cuisine and Indonesia can be learned in this place. Ranging from lawar, sate Lilit, bubur injin, Ayam kalasan, pepes ikan, and Ayam bumbu Bali.

Here, Come to Bali tourists will be accompanied by a number of chefs who teach the functionality of each of the herbs commonly used Balinese when cooking like Lemongrass, galangal, base gede, cekuh, and kesuna.

Payuk Bali In
Payuk Bali 
Bali Woow, First, the tourists must first listen to the explanation of the chef. The tourists are divided into several smaller groups composed of 2-3 people. Each group will be accompanied by the chef for cooking. Ingredients the chefs prepared their sport in such away. Starting from chopping vegetables, cut the chicken meat, skin skinning the onion until it becomes smooth spice pounding done in a liquid.

Bali island Savory aroma pungent when travelers enter the thin slices of red onion and a base gede then fresh chicken meat pieces into hot oil in a frying pan. Then some chicken skewers lined up on top of the charcoal. Other cooking class participant mashing ingredients until smooth in a mortar. Eventually, their racik cuisine is ripe and ready to be served.

The tourists then enjoy a meal while visiting Bali. But rarely from those who know how to cook typical Balinese cuisine including ingredients and spices are used when cooking. All about Bali island In this session learn to cook they always give an explanation in detail and detail about the ingredients that are often used by the Balinese when preparing dishes. Including teaching looking for a spice substitute if there are some herbs that are difficult to find in their home countries. Bali Holiday If there are any special orders from guests who want to learn cooking Indonesia, it will prepare the recipe and ingredients are needed.


Bali Hotels In Accordance With The Budget

Bali Vacation, hotels in accordance with the budget, as a very famous tourist spots in Bali, has many places of lodging hotel or villa, there are thousands of types of lodging in Bali are all hung with the funds you want to choose a place that is cheap what is expensive, full or regular facilities only.

All about Bali island In all the tourist spots in Bali, there are many pricing options for any tourists both domestic and tourists from other countries, of course, it depends on your choice, usually a consideration for tourists coming to Bali for a holiday in determining residence in influence by proximity to tourist attractions, beautiful scenery, the facilities in need, and of course the price that best suits your finances.

Any funds you there is always a place for you to stay.

all about bali hotels
Bali Hotels
So come to Bali to enjoy holidays in the beauty of paradise in the real world.


Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Ubud Bali Arts And Culture Center

Bali Island Ubud Bali Arts and Culture Center, a worldwide speaking about Bali are not just about Beach and sea only, in addition to saving a million beautiful Bali world both natural beauty and culture is also a place that is comfortable and perfect for to enjoy the beauty of art with the taste of the world.

Come to Bali Ubud is a village located in Gianyar area which has many artists, especially painting, sculpture, dance and art that is rooted in traditional music, the pulse of public life cannot be released from the Ubud art. Here there are numerous art galleries, as well as arena music and dance performances are held alternately every night in all corners of the village.

all about Bali Good artist, the artist's craft, and dance artist. A fitting place in Ubud if you find art galleries, because there are a lot of art galleries, as well as performances of music and dance art, even performed every night taking turns in all directions. Ubud is famous among foreign tourist because the site is located between paddy fields and jungle that lies between the mountain gorges that makes incredibly beautiful nature.

All about bali Ubud
Ubud Bali
The area is very popular among foreign tourists and has even been used as filming locations, titled Hollywood movie Eat, pray, love. Ubud has become a quest of love Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Eat, pray, love "which was later made into a film of the same name starring Hollywood actress Julia and Robert. Come to Ubud to see another side of Bali in addition to an already very famous beach, enjoy the beauty of the arts and cultural diversity are reflected in the work of the artist copyright incarnate into painting, sculpture, dance and beautiful music as Ubud is Bali's Arts And Culture Center, all about Bali island are amazing place in the world.


Relaxing Massage at Bali & Thai Family Wellness Center

Relaxing massage at Bali & Thai Family Wellness Center. Bali & Thai Family Wellness Center is a fitness center which is located on Sunset Road Street No. 789, Denpasar, Bali. This place has experienced therapies and trained. This place gives relaxing massage services as well as product quality health and wellness solutions at an affordable price for anyone living in Bali or for guests who only come to visit Bali.

This place has 3 floors. This place also has a parking area which is quite spacious for private vehicles or other vehicles such as buses. On the first floor, the visitor will meet with the front desk staff to help choose the massage service that you want.

Bali & Thai Family Wellness Center
Bali & Thai Family Wellness Center
On the second floor, there are 3 rooms specifically for reflexology foot with 3 very comfortable sofa seats reserved for families who want to enjoy a relaxing foot massage service in person. There are also toilets and bathrooms are provided for customers who want to take a shower before or after massage relaxation.

On the third floor, there is plenty of room for relaxing massages body fitness "Thai Massage". There is also a special room or "Couple Room" that is one room arranged specifically for couples who want to enjoy a relaxing romantic package in person. Here there is a toilet and a bathroom that can be used in private.

Here there is a 70 room for relaxing the body and 35 seats comfortable sofas for relaxation. There are many different types of massages here that have a more relaxed pampering effect such as Balinese Aromatic Massage, Aromatic Javanese Massage, traditional Thai Massage, Chinese Tui Na Massage, Hot Stone Massage, Foot Reflexology and Gua Sha (Kerik). Here there are 24 women and 20 therapists power energy therapist men who have undergone training and selection as well as having the experience and skills of the massaging is good so it will give you a message that will make the body come back fresh and fit.

Why Bali? 1001 reasons why to come to Bali for a minimum of 1 time lifetime.



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