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Saturday, November 30, 2019

Pura Sada or Pasusadha Bali

Pura Sada is often called Posusada, located in Banjar Pemetaban village of Mengwi subdistrict ship Badung regency, Bali, Indonesia (about 15 km from downtown Denpasar).

Pura Sada never experienced the ravages of the earthquake that occurred in the year 1917 in Bali. Like the temples in Bali, the Pura Sada also has Tri Mandala namely damaging mandala (offal), madianing (central courtyard) and listening mandala (Jaba Sisi). Among the buildings that are located in the middle of the page and the main page, there is a temple named temple brackets. The temple is very sacred by Hindus of Bali.

Pura Sada Mengwi Badung Bali
Pura Sada 

Most major Pelinggih in Pura Sada ships this is the Prasada is Pelinggih Ida Battara Siwa or teacher or Pashupati Sang Hyang Lingga Buwana or Sang Hyang Druwaresi. The outer side there is Pelinggih the queen Made Sedahan, in the central courtyard (Madyaning) there is a bale Sumanggen, Gedong Parerepan, and bale gong.

The temple is a temple building which formed the roof trim, overlap and high as well as a tower, the tallest reaching Pesada temple 16 meters shaped like Limas Berunduk like a tower, probably taken from the temple name here the Pura Sada, at the peak of the symbols there are deities of Nawa Sanga. There are temples in the temple that are similar to the building of the temple in east java, such as the Golden building at the time of Majapahit Kingdom in the 14th century.

Archaeological remains, being a historical building into a witness of the history of the temple's construction background. On the page, there is also pretending to 54 seats. Cultural heritage such as Pura Purusada could become the next tourist destination in Bali. Moreover, the location or address of the adjacent temple and is in line with attractions in Bali. And when you pay a visit to Bali, do not forget to pay a visit to Pura Sada this ship, many things exciting things that you won't find in any place other than the early, in Bali is the island of the gods of this.

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