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Saturday, December 7, 2019

The Natural Charm of the Village of Gunaksa with its Labyrinth of Klungkung Tares Belong Hill

Bali island. The natural charm of the village of Gunaksa with its labyrinth of Klungkung tares Belong Hill. The sensation of walking among the grass weeds as high as the waist gives the impression of its own. You can feel this sensation with a visit to the Belong Hill. This hill is located in the village of Gunaksa, Dawan, Klungkung.

Bali holiday. Access to reach the place is very easy. The location is close to urban areas. The hallmark of this hill namely hill with weeds in grass green. You can play as much on this hill. Moreover, this hill is not too high. In a matter of minutes, you can already set foot to the summit.

The Natural Charm of the Village of Gunaksa with its Labyrinth of Klungkung Tares Belong Hill
Klungkung Tares Belong Hill
All about Bali When hill climbing is done slowly as before reaching the top spot there are many interesting photos that if missed. You do not need to fear getting stuck in a maze of reeds when climbing because the manager is already a clean line that is safe for you to skip.

The height of the weeds is not how. The possibility of a high waist with only adults. The atmosphere in this hill is pleasantly cool, let alone during the day. This hill is also covered with shady trees. Under the tree, you can relax while eating or lying. Read a book or play guitar also passable fun is done on top of this hill. The view from the height of the hill does not get missed.

From the top of the hill, you can see the rice field, a settlement to the sea and the island on the other side. Moreover, the rice field area in the village of Gunaksa quite unique when viewed from above. In the east, there is another hill by local people called it Buluh Hill. It is said that in this hill there are five temples and the sacred. Plants in this hill look denser. Plenty of shady trees in Buluh Hill. All about Bali island.

If you're into the backside of the hill belong you will see other views of the hills. The area around the village of Gunaksa, Klungkung appears to be flanked by hills. Come to Bali.


Friday, December 6, 2019

Betutu Rasalah Bistro Baked, Tanjung Benoa

Bali Holidays, Betutu Rasalah Bistro Baked, Tanjung Benoa, a special restaurant for dinner or dinner provides all-around Balinese specialties. Rasala Bistro presents a new experience in eating a traditional Balinese cuisine with authentic flavors. Choose a traditional Balinese cuisine as the main menu is the way to form as Bistro Rasala appreciates and preserving Balinese cuisine. This restaurant in down with the concept of style fine dining, cooking and food presentation techniques made the Ala Nouvelle cuisine, which comes from France which means cuisine with a new style.

All about Bali, culinary in Bali is already quite extensive, but there are a few recipes, seasonings and different ways of presentation. This restaurant is trying to make standards that became the hallmark of this restaurant. Betutu chicken or duck into one of the famous Balinese culinary. Bali island.

Betutu Rasalah Bistro Baked, Tanjung Benoa Bali
Betutu Rasalah Bistro Baked, Tanjung Benoa
All about Bali Island, Rasala bistro for betutu is way at the roast temperature 180 degrees Celsius. Taste authentic without changing the ingredients or seasonings on Balinese cuisine is sure to become a new thing a try especially for foreign guests.

Bali Hotels, here there is also a signature dish at Bistro Risala because the food has changed. The food by region and by session. Rasala Bistro serves dishes, like chicken betutu, duck rice, Betutu Yasa, Kalasan, Vegetable sate Lilit be Pasih, Lawar Don starfruit there also as a dessert. in the form of compote or klepon. The Homemade marinade made and still use traditional in its processing. From the aroma of her already typical Balinese spices wafted by a strong flavor. Bali Woow, another uniqueness of the Bistro when Rasalah eats every meal out is always paired with a wife.

Rasalah bistro for up to 20 people. For business hours starting at 18.00-23.00. Rasalah Bistro can show different dishes every day. Every first dish runs out there are the following dishes presented for dessert. Come to Bali.


Thursday, December 5, 2019

Nur Salon: Spa With A Traditional Environment Bali

Nur Salon: Spa With A Traditional Environment Bali. Many parties recognize that Nur Salon is indeed Salon which is different from other salons that seem to escape from the hustle and bustle of Bali. Nur Salon walls the separator is not outrageously high among room treatment to each other so that the impression of a very open feel. It is also the other advantages that could be obtained by anyone visiting the Nur Salon of Ubud. If you stay around Ubud, you can try the service and atmosphere offered at the Nur Salon.

Here you can choose either the massage techniques Java, for example, that would provide care for the body in detail and thoroughly. Nur Salon could be a place of "runaway" for those of you who while the road from frenzied and want to the hustle of the city. In addition, to avoid the crowd, the coolness will immediately feel when they do care at the Nur Salon.

Nur Salon Ubud is the place of care at once recreation of the much-coveted by the people. Not only among the population many local and foreign tourists who are interested do visits to Nur Salon. Certainly not only services into its appeal but the traditional Balinese natural climate still awake lestari around Nur Salon. This is a lot of luring tourists. So, don't miss to you to feel the sensation of care at once friendly with nature.

Nur Salon you can find on the streets of Hanoman No. 28, Padangtegal, Ubud, Bali 80571-Indonesia.
Phone: 0361-975352

You want to get care maximum comfort and optimum can do care at the Nur Salon Ubud. Nur Salon is where body treatments and beauty who is in environment traditional Bali. Tranquility and harmony given at Nur Salon is hard to find in the other spa place. Services they provide a maximum of so very satisfying the many visitors. The various treatment you can experience and enjoy according to the taste and your wishes.  


Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Enjoy the specialty Coffee at Cafe Topeng

Enjoy the specialty coffee at Cafe Topeng. In this cafe selling specialty coffee brew that has benefits both for the health of the body. The cafe is located in the Rumah Topeng and Wayang Setia Dharma, Banjar Tengkulak Tengah, Kemenuh, Gianyar.

Slime in the effects of coffee beans in the coffee and taste. Coffee beans without the slime have a better sense of quality and higher antioxidant levels. The mucus can be removed through the process of fermentation. This fermentation process takes approximately three days. After that, the coffee beans and dried in the roasting. The process also affects the quality of the roasted flavors of coffee. This process does not need to wait until coffee black. The most important, namely roasted peanuts until cooked.

Enjoy the specialty Coffee at Cafe Topeng Bali
Enjoy the specialty Coffee at Cafe Topeng

Specialty coffee is processed into various kinds of stepping. It can be brewed black coffee or espresso. The cafe also provides a variety of snacks you can eat while warm. Like spring rolls and tahu gejrot who became the snacks you at this cafe. Tahu Gejrot here including special because his condiment made directly when there was order. The original recipe is typical of Indonesia. Seasoning mix made from tofu, red onions, garlic, brown sugar. Then added water fruit acids.

The cafe also provides heavy foods such as fried rice and fried noodles. There is also a menu of Balinese suckling pig yet to taste it is not must be ordered one day in advance. This menu belongs to the specials because processed without using a flavor enhancer. They use the savory base gede and base wangen as the main seasoning. This dish comes with rice, jukut are, and vegetables.

Eating and drinking coffee here will be more fun with a wonderful view of Rumah Topeng and Wayang Setia Dharma is neatly laid. This place was deliberately made green so that the air circulation is good.

This nuanced cafe homy and classic with a touch of buildings and furniture made of wood. The atmosphere of the cafe looks beautiful with ornate painting brasserie on some sides. This cafe operating hours from 08.00 to 16.00 WITA.


Tuesday, December 3, 2019

3 Beautiful Dedari Jelekungkang in Tukad Melangit

All about Bali island 3 beautiful Dedari Jelekungkang in Tukad Melangit. Jelekungkang waterfall is indeed still seldom visited by tourists. Its location is located in the middle of the moor who makes a lot of people are not aware of the existence of this waterfall. Only the locals who often visit the Jelekungkang Waterfall for the benefit of a life that is taking water.

Bali Holiday Jelekungkang is located in the village of Taman Bali, Bangli. Before you see the beauty of the waterfalls of Jelekungkang, you should do a short tracking across the moor. The line there is still very natural and has not been touched by the cement or asphalt. Travel tracking is also not so far away. All will not be felt if you come with friends and family. Bali Woow For those of you who love adventure and nature, this kind of path that certainly you always wanted. Cool air and pristine atmosphere offered along the path of tracking.

3 Beautiful Dedari Jelekungkang in Tukad Melangit
3 Beautiful Dedari Jelekungkang in Tukad Melangit

Bali island There you will meet with the three 'Jelekungkang' from Dedari. The trio comes with a unique face each. Dedari first is the waterfall straight with an altitude of about 20 meters and had a puddle of about 7 meters.

The second is the canal Dedari falls first to circulate air toward the Tukad Melangit. Dedari third lying face to face with the first and second waterfall can be seen a few meters from the location of the first waterfall. The third waterfall is visible just below the temple built by the community.

The water in this area is also used for irrigated agriculture in the village. For travelers who bring a camera, of course, the beauty of waterfalls Jelekungkang object deserved a photo.


Monday, December 2, 2019

Waka Bali Ladder Tour

Waka Bali Ladder Tour, Waka tours in the evening of the Bandung Bali is one of the tourist attractions in the village of Afternoon, Evening, sub-district of Badung regency, Bali, Indonesia, in the evening of Waka tours Badung Bali is perfect to fill the leisure, beauty tourism Waka stairs in Badung Bali this afternoon is very good for all you who are near or in the distance for a docked tourist visiting Waka Tangga in Badung Bali Evening in the city of Badung.

Waka Bali Ladder Tour
Waka tours
Waka Tangga means awareness of heart, mind, and soul to be in harmony with nature to enjoy all its contents. The absolute strong stamina you need to be able to reach the Waka Tangga. Around Waka Tangga, there are some cheap hotels in Bali that can be used to meet the need for accommodation.

Arena rock climbing is the climbing arena ladder Waka mountain in the peak of a hill in the evening, district of Badung, Bali, Indonesia. Rock climbing locations can be reached from downtown Denpasar for more or less 45 minutes away with the use of a motor vehicle. Ranging from the typical village of Bali, landscapes, views of the mountains, coral reefs on the edge of the beach, and the latter a blend of white sand and seawater to form a line.

Beautiful scenery can also feel vibrations in the silence and the spiritual in the old temple is located at the top of this hill. After arriving at the top of the Hill, where you will enjoy the view that much more beautiful. Freely get on point of view throughout the evening, sub-region in addition to Waka Tangga craving adventure can be honed by climbing the summit on his own.

This evening its village green still where some locations such as vegetable gardening, orchards, a stretch of rice paddies, silence and peace will be so noticeably.


Exotic Garden Tao Buleleng

Exotic Garden Tao, When you are walking the streets in the regency of  Buleleng, Bali and wanted to find a natural origin. tour garden is the right choice, located in the neighborhood of Sukasada sub-district Banua Bantang, Buleleng regency, entering the main gate. Visitors will be spoiled by the fresh air, and the green of a variety of ornamental plants, and shady trees, the well-landscaped at left and right, rural atmosphere increasingly felt while the hearing the music typical of the island of the gods floated quietly.

Exotic Garden Tao Buleleng
Tao Garden
Interior garden table chair, such as tour intentionally made from wood as a natural impression enhancer to further beautify the ambiance of hard desk every added colorful umbrellas, not less interesting from this place is none other than the flow of the river Banyumala, the river awake preserved is guaranteed able to tiredness and fatigue after a long day of your activity, as well as splash water that hit the rocks, adding to the impression of this place, the exotic Garden Tao apparently managed to hypnotize the visitors, especially among young people, they made this as a place to take pictures.

A stone that is on the edge of the river takes part as a challenge by the visitors to create works of art of the present, commonly called Rocks Balancing, is putting together a rock artwork of art of the present, commonly called Rock Balancing, is putting together rock artworks of various size. In an unusual position.

Not only presents a panorama of nature, but this tour also provides a variety of healthy vegetarian dishes. the specialty of this place is vegetarian, in addition to Rawon pangi vegetarian you can also find a wide selection of foods in bags, whole foods only di banderol Rp. 5 thousand to Rp. 12 thousand. If interested visit this place. Garden Tao is ready to serve you every day from 09.00 until 22.00 Wita.


Sunday, December 1, 2019

Bellisimo Denpasar Bali.

Bali Holidays, Bellissimo is the little Cafe that brings the concept of Italian food stall, attended and was at one point an independent street area shops, Denpasar, Bali. Traditional Italian dishes that are offered are given a touch of the other. With the concept of Italy. Bellissimo stalls offering a variety of traditional dishes from Italy.

Bellissimo ever opens with input and criticism gave visitors, not only the local people just coming to Bellisimo. All about Bali, many foreign tourists and also the ex-pat who came to enjoy it. Following the Italy cuisine that we want to apply to the cafe. Ranging from the type and size of each dish, as well as from the quality of the materials used. Bali island.

Bellisimo Denpasar Bali
Bellisimo Bali

Bali Woow, dish Italy that uses standard Italy. The advantages highlighted is the used of fresh ingredients, also combining local ingredients and also import. The price offered for each dish pun is still in the bag of the customer. Especially young people and students, this place can be an alternative option for those who want to hang out and eat casually without having to spend.

Create simple cuisine from both the way of processing and appearance, but with the usual don't want results. All about Bali Island, the cuisine here is not with the mixtures of artificial flavorings. For the pasta, one of the favorites is the Spaghetti Bellisimo. This is cereal Bellisimo Spaghetti with seafood stuffing, mix the pepper and chunks of fresh tomato, topping vegetables to meats and seafood. Food and beverages in this unique and exciting cafe also nourish and not harmful to the body. Bali hotels.

Drinks at cafe Bellisimo this ranging from fresh juices, smoothies, milkshakes, and a variety of refreshing  Mocktails. For special offer juice, Fantasia. That is a mixture of papaya and strawberry as well. And refreshing Mocktails, there Virgin Mojito. That is the Mojito that does not contain alcohol. The second drink is going to be a companion to the dish. And also refresh your thirst. Come to Bali.


Saturday, November 30, 2019

Pura Sada or Pasusadha Bali

Pura Sada is often called Posusada, located in Banjar Pemetaban village of Mengwi subdistrict ship Badung regency, Bali, Indonesia (about 15 km from downtown Denpasar).

Pura Sada never experienced the ravages of the earthquake that occurred in the year 1917 in Bali. Like the temples in Bali, the Pura Sada also has Tri Mandala namely damaging mandala (offal), madianing (central courtyard) and listening mandala (Jaba Sisi). Among the buildings that are located in the middle of the page and the main page, there is a temple named temple brackets. The temple is very sacred by Hindus of Bali.

Pura Sada Mengwi Badung Bali
Pura Sada 

Most major Pelinggih in Pura Sada ships this is the Prasada is Pelinggih Ida Battara Siwa or teacher or Pashupati Sang Hyang Lingga Buwana or Sang Hyang Druwaresi. The outer side there is Pelinggih the queen Made Sedahan, in the central courtyard (Madyaning) there is a bale Sumanggen, Gedong Parerepan, and bale gong.

The temple is a temple building which formed the roof trim, overlap and high as well as a tower, the tallest reaching Pesada temple 16 meters shaped like Limas Berunduk like a tower, probably taken from the temple name here the Pura Sada, at the peak of the symbols there are deities of Nawa Sanga. There are temples in the temple that are similar to the building of the temple in east java, such as the Golden building at the time of Majapahit Kingdom in the 14th century.

Archaeological remains, being a historical building into a witness of the history of the temple's construction background. On the page, there is also pretending to 54 seats. Cultural heritage such as Pura Purusada could become the next tourist destination in Bali. Moreover, the location or address of the adjacent temple and is in line with attractions in Bali. And when you pay a visit to Bali, do not forget to pay a visit to Pura Sada this ship, many things exciting things that you won't find in any place other than the early, in Bali is the island of the gods of this.


Friday, November 15, 2019

The Beach of Hidden Green Bowl Beach

The beach of hidden beach Green Bowl Beach. This beach offers views of the beautiful sea. The location of the Green Bowl Beach is right next to the hotel Bali Cliff Resort.

Bali The Beach of Hidden Green Bowl Beach
The Beach of Hidden Green Bowl Beach

There you will be amazed to see the beauty of the beach that is very wonderful and so amazing. The water is clean and clear and the sand is the soft and clean allure of the beach. The reason why this beach was named the Green Bowl is that the beaches are shaped like a bowl and the water that has a clear green color.

The beach is still very quiet from visitors. So you and your family can enjoy the beach without having to worry about the number of visitors who quickly become unmanageable.

The Beach of Hidden Green Bowl Beach



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