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Sunday, November 4, 2018

Mountain beach umbrella

Bali island This beach is one of the Kuta Beach which for the moment is still a rare tourist who knows but is teems this Mountain Beach Umbrella beach fame sow Pandawa Kutuh, for the location of this beach is located in the Village of south Kuta subdistrict Kutuh, and in the Regency Bandung, the location of the place is on the East coast of the Pandawa Kutuh.

All about Bali island Mountain Beach the Pandawa Kutuh, the road to the beach was already on the asphalt of the street closest to the beach was already on the asphalt of the street closest to the beach was already on the asphalt of the street closest to the beach but still be way the lime that you can skip using a car or motorcycle and the right side of the road in the form of a wild stretch of grass and some small trees Bali holiday.

Mountain beach umbrella
Mountain beach umbrella
All about Bali At the end of street you can park your vehicle, to get to the parking you have to walk its streets that already provided for access to beach then stepping on the stair steps of stairs descending approximately 195 fruit rung, it took the sacrifice indeed but it all paid off with the beauty that is plastered in front of the eyes.

The main attraction and the wonderful sights offered by the island of Bali is because it has the charm of a white sand beach and the tourist area of Bali known as South did indeed dominate the gorgeous beaches, Bali woow in addition to presenting the beauty mainstream and popular in the eyes of tourists. Mountain Beach Umbrella, namely the white sandy beach location is hidden behind the cliffs so that this place still is rarely visited by tourists. The presence of Mountain Beach Umbrella in this list complements Kutuh village tourism object Bali beach, this beach is able to provide wonderful different colors in the course of the holidays.

A beach with cliffs with its high cliffs, this beach seems to provide a wider space for those of you who want the road, craved the peace and of course accompanied by a natural setting. Come to Bali Other activities you can do here is swimming because the water is crystal clear and the beaches are pretty sloping, but must also carefully pay attention to the waves and also the underwater currents can not guess. Here also there has not been a janitor so it is advisable to keep clean.

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