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Friday, October 12, 2018

Traditional Balinese Village Tours are Beautiful and Unique

All about Bali island Traditional Balinese Village tours are beautiful and unique. Tours in Bali wasn't only a beach or mountain course. But there are still other things that are not less interesting. One that is traditional Balinese village tour.

Bali Island The Balinese are still strongly upholding the custom and culture. Moreover, Bali has a beautiful village and in some places is pretty unique. All about Bali Here are a few beautiful villages tourist still upholding the values of the custom and culture of Bali:

Traditional Balinese Village Tours are Beautiful and Unique
Traditional Balinese Village Tours are Beautiful and Unique

Panglipuran Village
The village is located in the Kubu, Bangli. Panglipuran here means given the ancestral lands of the traditional community area featuring a nice and pretty. You will see the village is so clean and filled with a touch of nature. Along the way, the village is all the architecture, style and arrangement of the houses of the residents are all similar. Bali Holiday That's what's unique here. In this village have rules so that the community can implement the order. If you are in this village you will find a way of structuring the layout of the stones are beautiful and nice and care of green fields at various angles. The main street in this village should not be traversed by vehicles.

Sidetapa Village.
Sidetapa Village is situated in the area sririt, Banjar. This village belongs to the old village fair. Here you will see the form of the house is lined up along the way. Bali woow That is the uniqueness of the village.

Come to Bali Each home is designed in a rectangular shape which is divided into three sections that are partitioned with walls of wood and has a wooden door. The procurement of the holy rituals I this spirits into aims to drive away evil spirits into a unique side of the village. each of the three years, you can see the custom event was held. Sacred ritual is called with the bringing Agung is usually celebrated the moment commemorating the founding of the main temple.

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