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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Simple Nature Twinn Hill

All about Bali island This natural Twin Hill of Bali located in Banjar Guliang Kawan Village, Bunutin, Bangli, Right on the border the Gianyar regency and Bangli. Twin Hill places to enjoy the scenery of the exotic island of Bali is picturesque, Nusa Penida island which is located across the ocean could also be seen, this was the appeal of the Twin Hill as tourist attractions. Enjoy the view from a height does give a different impression, making visibility a person becomes more widespread.

All about Bali, This place is very suitable for a visit with friends or family, relaxing in the outdoors, of course, be means of a refreshing match for tiredness. Bali island Even though the altitude of the Hill, but get to the top does not require a long time.

Simple Nature Twinn Hill
Simple Nature Twinn Hill

Bali Holiday A convenient place to enjoy the natural scenery of the exotic island of Bali is picturesque. From its peak, can see the expanse of rice fields, settlements, until the sea.

Twill Hill is decorated with a number of flags and capt colors to make visitors feel comfortable and happy. Bali woow They built the platform that directly leads to a view of the sea, its shape is simple, Using only wood, seating desk and Saung can also be benefiting by the visitors.

Twill Hill also has outbound tourism potential. Explore rock Madeg or can call the twin Hill, could see the uniqueness of the Pura Dadia is there in a hilltop stone Madeg. On this hill, there is enough sufficient land to set up the tent. Come to Bali The manager still builds some means of supporting outdoor tourism potential in order to make it more comfortable, Activity tracking and camping are also potential activities done at Twin Hill. Here visitors can see the beauty of the sky kites, Also mounted the platform that directly leads to a view of the sea.

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