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Saturday, October 20, 2018

Pulaki Temple, A Sacred Place Of Prehistoric Relics

Bali Holidays, Pulaski Temple stands on top of a rocky cliff directly overlooking the sea. In the background lies the steep rocky hill just never just look green when the rainy season. This temple looks authoritative, fast and great. View this in Pura so charming. Not only the sea which would look but also Segugus small hill next to the west of the cape. Pulaki Temple located in the village of Banyupoh Gerokgak sub-district, Buleleng, about 53 kilometers west of Singaraja. The temple is located on the edge of the Highway Department of Singaraja-Gilimanuk.

All about Bali, environment Pulaki temple is a sacred area which can be called very perfect. Bali woow, besides having amazing natural scenery, religious and aura of sanctity in the area of the temple and its surrounding area will be clear. Some people had a prayer to the shrine even confessed to a thin fur around her neck once in a while will erect. Perhaps because of the excessive awe at the beauty of the landscape was very impressed at the religious aura.

Pulaki Temple
Pulaki Temple

Bali Island, on the other hand, judging from the location of the temple which is located in the Gulf and has many sources Pulaki eyes freshwater, then the area is supposedly already in the visit of man since the centuries a century ago. The items in the produce of the region are sugar from molasses Pulaki ejection. This plant is still found the lowliest ejection along the coast from Gilimanuk to the East, including Pulaki.

All about Bali Island, in addition, the temple in the region around Pura Melanting, around 1987 to discover some tools made of stone implements, among others-shaped stones, pulp fiction and seen from the layout and structure of the temple, then you can expect the background to the founding of the temple Pulaki initially related to the cult of the prehistoric society means a building with staircase-shaped. Bali Hotels.

History of the island Pulaki cannot be in the release of other worship places in Bali. Of the island built on the place of Pulaki blend between the mountains and the sea and the Bay. Then the layout, structure, and environment of this Temple in discover elements between Segara and mount attached. Come to Bali.

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