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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Preserving the Art and Culture of Bali at Puri Agung Jrokuta

All about Bali, preserving the art and culture of Bali at Puri Agung Jrokuta. There are several castles in Denpasar which have historical value. One of the Puri Agung Jrokuta. The castle is located on Dr. Soetomo Street No. 38 Denpasar. This place is quite often visited due to the interests of tourism and education.

All about Bali Island, where visitors can see the beauty of traditional style architecture located in four zones namely Jaba Ancak, Jaba Tengah, Jaba Tandeng and Saren Agung. The building was built with the principles of the asta kosala-kosali (traditional rules about layout and the buildings). Bali Hotels, this principle is clearly visible on the arrangement of the buildings in the area of Saren Agung. This zone consists of several buildings namely saren room, saren dauh, gedong, saren pemiasan, saren dangin and saren delod.

Puri Agung Jrokuta
Puri Agung Jrokuta

Bali Island, the building has a size of most high that is gedong, followed by saren dangin, saren dauh and saren delod. It is tailored to the function of the building. The building serves as a place for penglingsir puri.

Bali Holidays, in the zone, Saren Agung also displayed some of the documentation of the Puri Agung Jrokuta. Bali woow, the photos are pretty attractive during the execution Ngaben Naga Banda Ceremony which took place in 1977. Puri Agung Jrokuta was inhabited by descendants of the family head 8 Anak Agung Ngurah Gede Jrokuta Kahuningan. It also saves the storied history of the colonial era in the Netherlands.

The mansion also serves as tourist attractions. Tourists can enjoy the atmosphere of the Puri Agung Jrokuta while watching the entertainment in the form of traditional dances. Staging the dances performed on a stage outside the zones residing in serving or Jaba Tandeng Ancak. There are several locations in the mansion that can't be accessed by tourists like zone family shrine were great. This area is a place of worship of members of puri. Come to Bali.

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