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Saturday, October 13, 2018

Fun to Feel Sensation of Drinking Kopi Luwak in Basanta Agro Organic

All about Bali Fun to feel the sensation of drinking kopi luwak in Basanta Agro Organic. Basanta Agro Organic being on highway Jasan, Banjar Jasan, Sebatu, Tegallalang, Gianyar. This place serves a different sensation to drink coffee from a coffee shop in general.

In this place, you can enjoy a cup of coffee while sightseeing and enjoying the beautiful natural scenery of Tegallalang. All about Bali island All of the interiors of the building is made of wood so that adds to the impression of nature. At the main gate, visitors will be spoiled by the fresh air and green assorted herbs are neatly laid on the left and right. Bali Holiday In this place makes coffee drinks as its flagship menu. Coffee drinks are most often hunted by visitors is Kopi Luwak.

Fun to Feel Sensation of Drinking Kopi Luwak in Basanta Agro Organic
Fun to Feel Sensation of Drinking Kopi Luwak in Basanta Agro Organic

Kopi Luwak that is served here is guaranteed 100% originated from civet droppings. They immediately ordered the coffee beans to coffee farmers which are in the mountains of Kintamani. Bali woow Once harvested coffee beans directly made into feed civet. Sex animal weasel it will ferment coffee beans in his digestive tract. This process of making premium quality coffee beans.

Bali island In the process of serving here served with kopi luwak drip technique method. The coffee will issue coffee aroma and flavor of the original. It also provides a variety of flavored coffee healthy for the body like Ginger Coffee, Vanilla Coffee, Dark Coffee, and Durian Coffee. It also provides a menu of the main course that you must try. Raw Chocolate Cake for instance. These foods have a sweet taste and soft. The food is prepared without going through the process of burning or roasting. 

Come to Bali They use an avocado fruit and banana as an ingredient to make molten chocolate becomes solid. Raw Chocolate Cake is smothered with Orange Sauce that has the taste of slightly acidic. It also provides organic products that can be taken home. Coffees and herbal teas you can get with packaging ranging from 50 grams to 200 grams. They provide a variety of other organic materials such as natural honey, chocolate, and traditional Balinese spice.

Lokasi: South Australia 5733, Australia

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