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Saturday, October 6, 2018

Campsite Dukuh Blahkiuh Bali

All about Bali, This campsite is located in the village of Blahkiuh sub-district of Abiansemal approximately 19 km from the city of Denpasar and about 2 km to the west from the Denpasar evening front office Blahkiuh police.

This place is the atmosphere is fairly quiet as it is located far enough away from the highway and on the ground of his Moor now used for camping. Bali Island This became a tourist attraction of the area beyond the Sangeh and Taman ayun. This location is quite peaceful and away from the crowds, hence at this location in the set as the location of the campsite.

Campsite Dukuh Blahkiuh Bali
Campsite Dukuh Blahkiuh Bali
All about Bali island Tourist campsites host is actually ever used as a resting place of Mengwi royalty which is equipped with outdoor public baths and a place for the community.

As for the livelihood of the residents around the campsite Blahkuih, these are the farmers, merchants, and officials of the country. Bali woow At any given time a lot of the selling in the area of food and drink as well Cindramata, the charm of its beauty is second to none, locals Badung area also very suave against tourists both local and foreign tourists.

Come to Bali Means of transport that can be used to travel there one of them wears a personal vehicle such as a car or motorcycle. And you can ask for directions to the tourist guide campsites in Dukuh Abiansemal Badung Bali in google maps installed on the smartphone because of wear public transport.

Bali Holiday Campsites of scouting activities for this course as well as a variety of education-related activities, such as the Red cross youth, and so on. However, in campsites is rarely held a gathering for celebrating the birthday of a company, organization, government agencies, and others.

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