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Saturday, October 27, 2018

Big Garden Corner beauty of Bali

Big Garden Corner of Bali, 600 sculptures and rice field

All about Bali island, The location of this artificial nature nuanced tourist crowded, good old young and older children. The location is perfect for visiting families, where this location was at the intersection of the road to Waribang, quite an interesting location is the miniature 5-meter temple, a bridge crosses over from tree trunks, stone statues of Easter Island-style, a relaxing place of the seat cushions, an outdoor lap back and colorful umbrellas. This tourist attraction has operational hours from 12.00 until 20.00Wita. This site also has a miniature sculpture of small size to the large size of approximately 600 seeds.

Bali woow Big Garden Corner is artificial attractions that offer panoramic views across the beautiful handcrafted sculptures sculptor who is so beautiful, the rice field, and also a place to relax with family and friends. Bali island Road access and spacious parking make visitors more comfortable.

Big Garden Corner beauty of Bali
Big Garden Corner beauty of Bali

Bali woow nearly 60 percent are categorized as large sculptures for the typical statue here classified classic sculpture. And here the classical sculpture is only available to modern statue does not exist.

Not only is the miniature sculpture that exists in what is, but in the Big Garden Corner also provided some sort of food. Come to Bali The main menu is unique, that is there is Dragon fruit fried rice, fried rice  is the main ingredient in General, but given the extra fruit, rice was more moist and soft, glowing red in colour, and it's certainly different from the fried rice normally, moreover, Big Garden The corner also features a Salak Bali Coffee, Coffee is made from Salak Bali and seeds and a variety of its alloy that is believed to have the benefits of reducing hypertension and rheumatism. 

Bali Holiday Its main ingredient is coffee beans, Salak. To enjoy the beauty of Angles in this tourism object only with Rp.25000. Artificial tourism is still arguably still in the development stage.

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