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Friday, October 19, 2018

Arch Pengklukutan Tirta Pondok

All about Bali, The atmosphere is relatively deserted Mumbul Tirta and quiet, a place of Pengklukatan it does have very clear water and fresh because of it directly from the source of water. the atmosphere here will appear differently if you come on a special day, such as the day of the full moon or Ngembak Geni. Many people come to this place to worship and to cleanse themselves.

All about Bali island Pengklukutan Tirta Mumbul, located in the village of Sangeh, Abiansemal, Bandung, Bali. The distance is approximately one kilometer from the Sangeh. These sights are generally composed of three parts, the temple Tirtha, and pengklukutan. Come to Bali Pura Tirta lying west of the location of the pengklukatan, diampu by the citizens of Banjar, the village of Sangeh Indigenous Brahmins. Ulun suwi is di ampu by the manners of subak. This pool is formed from a torrent of underground springs, namely Ulun Suwi in the North.

Arch Pengklukutan Tirta Pondok
Arch Pengklukutan Tirta Pondok

Bali woow What are the 11 shower each of which has a name and meaning is different, Residents have also taken advantage of the water for the water this for the sake of Pondok irrigation and the necessities of life, And 90 years the 2000s utilized for the purposes of spiritual and melukat which means recently.

Bali Holiday If want to melukat here, the rule is to use custom clothing. Pengklukatan starts with the most showers South. In this first shower, things that exist within us will be described one by one, as the thread puzzler that must be parsed before, tidy up in the shower after that, start the description will be rearranged,  that created harmony.

In addition to this, the public also believes, by releasing fish into the pool Tirta Mumbul can remove misfortune. Bali island Thus outdoor Tirta Mumbul now supplied by several types of freshwater fish. The trust took off the fish in the water flow has been the ancient beliefs of the Balinese people. Visitors can join in taking care of fish by providing food. Officials provide fish food for visitors who wish to participate to provide food. But Tirta Mumbul this is not allowed for fishing. Come to Tirta Mumbul this can be a choice.

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