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Monday, September 24, 2018

Melangit, Bali Rafting River.

All about Bali Attractions in Bali. seems to be endless. Beaches, Temples, Lakes, Mountains, Waterfalls are always crowded with tourists. In addition to these attractions, there is still a lot of attractions that challenge and need to try to test your adrenaline. Rafting, there could have been another area but with different Rafting in Bali rafting in other areas. in addition to its rivers, the water is crystal clear atmosphere is also still very natural, one being the River this river Melangit in Bali which gave a challenge.

All about Bali island, The river is located in Bali's Klungkungan Regency, can be reached in about 2 hours with a track along the 7.5 KM with a difficulty level  II-III entry categories are, come to Bali the advantages of the River as a place of rafting is Melangit condition clear water flows Rapids along the river. 
Melangit, Bali Rafting River.
Melangit, Bali Rafting River. 

Exquisite natural surroundings that are so typical of Bali. Bali Holiday With lush trees, fresh air, and animals that live in the landscape adds to the sensation of the moment down the River this river Melangit hat its own uniqueness, the bend-sharp turns, so unique that we can enjoy while exploring current Melangit. Interesting rafting here is it's not so extreme.

Considering the safety and comfort of the participants preferred the very white water rafting in Bali rafting activity. Bali Woow Then before the rafting starts, here will be briefed by guides who have been trained and experienced. Each participant is required to wear rafting vests and helmets. Other rafting equipment used such as an inflatable boat and umbrella, would have met the international standard.

Bali island When visitors choose Melangit River in Klungkungan Regency as a location for rafting in Bali, then the only companies or operators of rafting on the river Klungkung Melangit is a former Levi Rafting. The former Levi rafting lobby location is very strategic, arriving at the location of the finish. Participants rafting already provided changing rooms and toilets. And afterward, you will be welcome to enjoy lunch, enjoying the fresh air of a rural nature.


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