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Friday, September 21, 2018

Kubu Pedawa Hobbit

Bali Holidays, Kubu Pedawa Hobbit became the new attraction for residents or tourists who want to get those experiences are unique and different, can also find distinctive home handicrafts woven bamboo and palm sugar, village Pedawa is known as a village or Bali Aga village, traditional games that are still growing until now is Megangsingan (Gangsing game).

New attractions in Kubbu hobbit, sure many people already know the description of the film series The Hobbits that aired on television screens. Bali hotels, residence on the hills usually hobbit nation with home materials of wood, inside with beautiful and neat. Bali Woow.

Kubu Pedawa Hobbit
Kubu Pedawa Hobbit 

In the village of Pedawa tested developed home-like residences of the hobbit so the nation known as the bulwark of the Hobbit. But after a simple building of the wood finishes, unique look like a home instead of The Hobbit, the nuances of the natural tranquil countryside, beautiful and cool, making visitors more to enjoy, as well as be more acquainted with the local village culture. Nuances of nature with natural ingredients from nature like wood and twigs. All about Bali.

The location of the stronghold at the village of Hobbit Pedawa, Kec.Banjar, Buleleng Regency, Bali. This area is included in the tourist map of North Bali. Bali Island, The distance from the Ngurah Rai airport is about 85 km, via Bedugul, attractions Department to exercise at the t-junction, turn left towards Gobleg peak Wanagiri, then turn right into the Road Test Fobleng-Bengkiang Sidem, about 8 km will arrive in rural Pedawa. All about Bali Island.

Kubu Hobbit could make a news story of the moment of your vacation. Develop the traditions in the village of Pedawa also worked with other Bali Aga village which is in the Sub-District of  Banjar village Sidatapa. Come to Bali.

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