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Thursday, September 27, 2018

Enjoy Dining at Warung D'Sawah

Bali Holidays, Enjoy dining at Warung D'Sawah. Warung D'Sawah traditional Balinese restaurant is a must-visit when in Bali. These stall concept ambiance village in Bali. This stall is located in Kerobokan Kelud No. 17, North Kuta.

All about Bali, the stall is surrounded by paddy fields are the main attraction here. With a view of the rice field, rice and refreshing greenery eyes will add enjoyment when you dine here. Bali hotels, the atmosphere of the village that was presented here can you feel when entering the parking Warung D'Sawah. The stall also has a small garden and a beautiful grassy Santa page which can be used to play little one.

Warung D'Sawah
Warung D'Sawah

Bali island, these stalls are the mainstay of the menu is the Fried Duck that has been very popular. The fried duck here is famous for her flesh are savory and tender. The ducks are the duck's hometown of Tabanan the fresh new reasons were slaughtered.

Bali woow, the delicacy of fried duck recipes Warung D'Sawah is on typical Balinese spices used to boil his flesh. Fried duck is served with rice, vegetables, and sambal. Chili served there are three types namely sambal uleg, sambal bajak, and sambal matah. A bowl of soup contains carrots of unhampered leaves and also served as a compliment. All about Bali Island.

Another specialty you must taste the Bebek Betutu is. Bebek Betutu is presented very evocative taste. The price offered is equivalent to the satisfaction obtained while visiting here. So don't be surprised if you visit here and happened to meet national artists. For they make the stalls as culinary destinations in Dewata Island. Come to Bali.

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