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Thursday, July 19, 2018

The Village Of Tenganan Pegringsingan Custom Tours

Bali holidays, The Village of  Tenganan Pegeringsingan Custom Tours is located in the village of  Tenganan, Manggis, Karangasem, Bali, with a distance of 15 km from downtown Amlapura and 65 km from the center of Denpasar. The village of  Tenganan custom tour has about 1500 acres.

Bali island, The village of Tenganan custom tour is one of several ancient villages in Bali, which is usually in the familiar "Bali Aga". Another version says that people came from the village of Tenganan peneges, Gianyar, bedahulu. All about Bali island, The layout of the village lies in the middle of the hills, namely west hill (The Hill Staunchly) and East Hill (Bukit Kangin). This village is one of the villages in Bali, which still firmly maintains his true identity as indigenous villages who have no effect by the period called Modern.

Bali woow, The word Pegeringsingan is taken from the word "Geringsing". Geringsing is a traditional woven product can only be found in Tenganan. Geringsing is considered sacred, namely distance power magic evil or black magic. Geringsing is derived from the word "Gering" which means sick and "sing" which means it is not.

All about Bali, Tenganan village is also identical with the Geringsing, So stepping into footwear art shop near the entrance, there is a direct bid fabric this fabric is Geringsing, exclusive pieces not kodian. Bali hotels, No matter its color derived from herbs so need treatment-special treatment.

People in the village of  Tenganan Keukeh cling to rules of the customs of the villages that have been written since the 11th century and then in the update again in 1842  in running daily ritual, with the robustness of the society's attitude caused up to now any community in the village of Tenganan is still being traditional and not much change, when other tourist areas in Bali has glittered with the presence of a variety of symbolism of modernity, such as hotels, restaurants, shops, cafe or club night. The village of  Tenganan is run by three of his Hall that was very unpretentious and rows of custom homes that are still very well preserved. Come to Bali.

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