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Tuesday, July 10, 2018

The mood of Sunrise in the village Pinggan Bali

All about Bali, When you want to feel the sunrise in the village, surely you must wake up at dawn today, don't forget to bring your camera and tripod with filters, also brought supplies of food also beverage, mileage from Kuta to the dish. Important leads first and then the road to Kintamani direction Singaraja. This place serves great views of sunrise from the eastern horizon of the location of the plateau.

Bali holidays, The dish is not a mountainous village that requires climbing such as Puthuk Setumbu or mountain of Andong, There are panoramic views located in the valley of the plateau, the village of the dish directly overlooking mount Batur seriously looks remarkable panorama, faced with the sunrise appears quite rare among mountains and valleys in the middle. All about Bali island.

Sunrise in the village Pinggan Bali
Sunrise in the village Pinggan Bali

Orange rays that are slowly leaving the concentrated blue typical of the evening. Air temperature in the range of 16-18 Celsius. Bali woow, The temperature here is no more than 30 Celsius because his position is located in the Valley.

Bali island, Enjoy the beautiful sunrise in Bali do not have to go to the beach, but can also enjoy it in mountainous regions. Bali hotels, One of the villages in the region of Kintamani offers views of the village hazed set in the beautiful mountains. 

The sights of the village bowl located in Kintamani Bangli Regency, Bali. If from Penelokan attractions, the location of the village bowl directly behind mount Batur. From the attractions of Kuta beach to the village drove the dish more or less 74 km or approximately 3 hours drive by motor vehicles. From the city of Denpasar drove approximately 65 km (journey time about 2 hours 13 minutes). Come to Bali.

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