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Thursday, July 19, 2018

The Excitement of a Picture in 3D Interactive Art Museum

Bali holidays, The excitement of a picture in 3D Interactive Art Museum. 3D Interactive Art Museum is the choice of the proper place of recreation for the tiredness. In 3D Interactive Art Museum, you can feel the sensation of a picture that is different than usual. The museum is located at Bajra Sandi Monument, Renon, Denpasar, Bali. This place is a paradise for lovers of the swafoto. Here there is a three-dimensional painting 102 is a very interesting object for the photo.

3D Interactive Art Museum Renon Denpasar Bali

All about Bali, The theme of the painting is very diverse. There are landscapes, fantasy, cartoon, horror, and others. View images from the right angle will produce unusual photos. All about Bali island, You can make a photo which seems to float in the air.

In this place, you cannot use the footwear. On the other hand, spot photos that exist outside of the gallery space are also very interesting. In the future, you can fantasize about being located in the magical world of Harry Potter. Near the lobby, you can enjoy the thrill of photo near a fountain designed uniquely. Looking above, painting the sky shaped diorama look very real. Bali woow, You can take photos with the background of the book and a giant pencil that is in the front of the gallery space. This place has been attracting domestic tourists or foreign tourists.

This place can also be a means of education, especially for children. Officials provide tour packages for groups of the school. The kids here are also invited to learn to color. Bali hotels, Here are also equipped with various facilities such as free wifi. You can enjoy a variety of snacks and gelato available in the cafeteria. There are also shops selling souvenirs as gift shopping. Come to Bali.

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