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Wednesday, July 4, 2018

The Beach Labuhan Amuck Karangasem Bali

All about Bali, A vacation to the island of Bali is identical to the activity of coastal tourism, for both activities swimming, surfing activity. Bali island has many beautiful beaches and worth to tray on the visit, in the form of a white sand beach and a black sand beach.

One of the hidden beaches in Bali eastern part that many people do not know is mainly domestic tourists are the beaches of Labuhan Bali one of them running Amuck. 

The Beach Labuhan Amuck Karangasem Bali
The Beach Labuhan Amuck Karangasem Bali
Coastal location offering Amuck coastal area this is the Bay area and foreign people often refer to by name Amuck Bay, the coastal village located in the village of Antiga, district Manggis, Karangasem Regency. Come to bali, The beach of Labuhan Amuck is on the east of Padang from Denpasar, Bali, so to see you until the t-junction of Karangasem who headed for the port of Padang, Bali. From here continue straight about 2 km and there is a driveway to the right towards the shore. All about Bali, The access road to the beach site already in asphalt and can pass by car, road congestion is very rare if you come from the tourist spots of Sanur to the beach running Amuck.

Bali Holiday, The attraction of the beach for coastal areas currently running Amuck Bay of Bali, still quiet with a visit travelers, for those of you who don't like vacationing on the beach that is not crowded, the beach is highly recommended for a visit.

The main goal of most of the tourists when visiting the beach running Amuck Bay in Karangasem is to enjoy the beautiful underwater panorama. There are many ways in which tourists use to be able to enjoy the beauty of underwater nature running Amuck Bay, Snorkeling or diving activities, swimming at the beach running Amuck Bay is also quite comfortable, as well as tour the submarine. Bali woow, The location of the beach is in the Gulf region, making the waves of the sea water is very calm.

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