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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Soft and Sweet Make Hooked "Donut Lio"

Bali holidays, Soft and sweet make hooked "Donut Lio". Donat Lio offers new sensations for the community in enjoying this sweet cake, in this space, the visitor can choose the desired topping. Topping his consists of meses, oreo, peanut, choco chips and other option.

Donut Lio
Donut Lio

Bali island, Cream consists of many variants ranging from chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, tiramisu, green tea to durian. For those of you who love the sweetness in the confines of a standard, must try Donut Lio. All about Bali.

All about Bali island, The donuts were presented here is still in a state of newly appointed and fresh from the wok. The texture of the donut feels soft. The flavors are offered here is not inferior to doughnuts produced by any outside company.

The price offered is also competitive and made with good quality. Come to Bali.

Lokasi: Australia

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