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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Enjoy Crab Prices Warung Pan Kuncung Specialties

All about Bali, Enjoy crab prices Warung Pan Kuncung specialties. Warung Pan Kuncung located on Pajang Sari Street, post alley IV, Sanur, Denpasar, South Bali. This diner is indeed simple. The atmosphere is also comfortable. The atmosphere of the restaurant is pretty steady because there is a small pond filled with koi fish and decorated with mural arts.

Warung Pan Kuncung
Warung Pan Kuncung

Bali holidays, The stall is able to guarantee culinary delights. A variety of refined cuisine of its results is guaranteed to be able to make the tongue eateries that is typical of his seasoning. Bali woow, The entire cuisine offered here is cooked using typical Balinese spices such as base genep and kesuna cekuh.

Bali hotels, Here only provides eight food menu and three drinks. The flagship menu here is the fried crab specials. This menu-based mangrove crab cooked with fried way, seared in a mixture of secret sauce and a sauce made from garlic and kaempferia galanga or kesuna cekuh.

Bali island, The stall is also able to indulge its customers with a variety of other processed seafood. Like a fried octopus, fried fish and fried squid. These stalls are always using local products that are still fresh. For the crab, they order it directly from Kalimantan. Come to Bali.

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