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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Bebek Bengil Savory at Prana Restaurant.

Come to Bali, The restaurant is a typical Indian-style building located in the street 118x Kunti Seminyak, Bandung, Bali. Prana restaurant although mediterian style architecture and India, Good food and drinks in a special menu do not serve India. Opening hours starting from the time the breakfast that is from 07.00 until night at 22.30 WITA.

Bali hotels, The variety of the menu favorites served at Prana restaurant, start an appetizer, main course, and dessert. Duck served Prana restaurant has a flavor that is really tempting to infuse into his flesh. Bali island, One serving of duck bengil consists of one piece of duck, crispy rice, chili sauce, sambal matah, and pickles from pineapple and cucumber chili and onions slices plus red.

Bebek Bengil Savory at Prana Restaurant
Bebek Bengil Savory at Prana Restaurant

Bali woow, Main course a favorite in this restaurant are the most numerous in the search for the visitors as well as being a chef his recommendation that is a bengil duck. A serving of duck feels the softness in it and is not as hard as other duck meat is processed.

All about Bali, For a choice of dessert from the prana restaurant hot churros, and drinks here have a lot of healthy drink, among which there are lime juice, ginger, mint leaf. All about Bali island, And the spirit of the leader contains grape the most sought after, in this restaurant in addition to providing a wide range of food and drinks, there is also a morning cooking class program if you want to learn to cook.

Bali holidays, Our building is not just a restaurant, there is also a Spa, Yoga and Gift shop. We stand long enough for about 15 years, and the restaurant is a part of the villas Bali Hotel and Spa.

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