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Thursday, July 12, 2018

ABG Couples and Adults Locked Her in a Romantic Tour " Gembok Cinta"

Bali holidays, ABG couples and adults locked her in a romantic tour "Gembok Cinta". Sights of Gembok Cinta being in the middle of rice fields of Banjar Gagah, Tegallalang, Gianyar, Bali is always crowded. This place is located on a land area of about 24 acres of rice fields. Visitors come from outside Bali or Bali came to selfie in the middle of the rice fields that contain decoration and inscription "love" with a lock symbol with a height of 3 meters.

Gembok Cinta Tegallalang Bali
Gembok Cinta Tegallalang Bali

Bali woow, This best-selling sweet sights will overwhelm the fans of selfie (swafoto). Both of the ABG (anak baru gede) or adults. In the area of the photo place, visitors can selfie against the backdrop of the writings of love with a lock symbol and looks also views the two hills that increasingly adorn the background photo. All about Bali.

Bali island, Named the Gembok Cinta because of nowadays many people especially the young boy who walks alongside his partner. In addition, each pair certainly wanted to make certain memories in their relationship. With a Gembok Cinta, the love of a spouse can be locked via a symbol.

Here are also available for culinary Tipat Kuah Geram Asem (Tipat KG). Come to Bali.

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