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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Charm Tour of hot water Belulang Tabanan Bali

Come to Bali, Charm Tour of hot water Belulang Tabanan Bali. A tour of hot water Was in Penebel Bali, is a must on the visit because of the charm of its beauty is second to none. Hot water was in Penebel Bali is also very suave against tourists both local and foreign tourists. The presence of hot water was, in addition as a place to cure a variety of diseases of the skin, also become alternative medicine, these privileges were hot water make visitors interested and could even back in the days that followed, the water the heat was is located in the middle of a rice field, a wonderful view of rice field terracing at Manggenta is quite stunning and entertaining atmosphere of coolness.

All about Bali, if you are in the area of Kuta, it takes about 60 minutes drive. The journey towards the city thereafter in Tabanan, continue around 15 minutes to the direction to the attractions of Jatiluwih. This walk along the way, a wonderful rice terracing can be witnessed, including Tata watering or irrigation called Subak, let alone at a time when the rice crops are green or yellow. Bali Island.

Belulang Hot Spring
Belulang Hot Spring

Bali Holidays, The warmth of the water is to be the primary purpose were when tours to these places, the natural landscape and the source of the springs became an attraction, Springs is odorless sulfur, shower, the message can be as naturally from the water we shower.

All about Bali Islands, a tour of hot water was in Penebal Bali provides an outdoor bathing place. These attractions are indeed provided recreation areas should be on the visit. The hot springs were derived from Pura Beji which are believed to be in the place of Stana from Ida's son top of Mount Agung, the water in the Pura Beji incapacity in a pond and then streamed through some shower, one of them streamed into the pool. Bali Woow.

Bali hotels, as well as all the way away at going with the activities of the farmers, cultivate farmland, including tata watering or irrigation in water. Variations of beauty and uniqueness in each trip, so the holiday feels more colorful, the Scheduled tour to visit this hot water, can be used as a package with a visit to other tourist attractions.


Saturday, February 3, 2018

Monochrome Coffee And Bar Legian Kuta Bali

Bali island, Monochrome Coffee And Bar Legian Kuta Bali. Industrial shades quite noticeably, complement the vintage touch takes part in applying it. It appears a table with the concept of old sewing machines, as well as on the walls are decorated with posters of the 70's style and pop art. Designed with nice, this place has a stylish look is not only comfortable but also interesting to capture in the form of portraits. This place has the capacity to seat 100. Starting from comfortable sofas, to the long table could be the choice of guests, where they want to sit. Do not miss, also free Wifi facilities are provided, the design is the same as Monochrome.

Monochrome Coffee And Bar Legian Kuta Bali
Monochrome Coffee And Bar Legian Kuta Bali
The restaurant is situated in Jalan Legian Kuta 358A, Monochrome, open 09.00-23.00.

Bali holidays Monochrome accentuate various stylish meals Italy and Mexico. The cuisine of Italy is that quite a lot can be received by everyone, While for Mexico, these culinary types have started to develop in Bali. A variety of comfort food offered by monochrome.

CCTV facilities also applied, so that more security is assured. concept Coffee and Bar, Monochrome offers coffee imports. Start of espresso-based on liquor coffee is served the Irish coffee, Jamaican coffee and also popular, namely Baileys Irish Coffee. Monochrome offers a variety of cocktails. There are three signature cocktail are in Monochrome, that offer Turbo long Island, Mojo Mojito, and the Legian Bitch. All about Bali.

Come to Bali In monochrome, there is the kind of pizza that is present here. As for the menu, sample taco, quesadillas up to Fajitas. The special offers monochrome Aussie Burger. Aussie Burger has a different color for the bun. Available in two colors, Which are black and green. Not only provide an interesting color, However, but the taste and aroma in the product will also shake up the tongue.

There is a choice of beef, chicken, and dory fish. As an escort, fries accompany the burger dishes with hardness, the size is big enough, the Asian menu is also served, from Dory Sambal Matah, Thai Yellow chicken Curry, Chicken Teriyaki. A wide variety of foods that are served on all day can be a message in monochrome. All about Bali island.


Friday, February 2, 2018

Balinese dance movements that are abstract and beautiful

Bali island Balinese dance movements that are abstract and beautiful, Balinese dance movement power fill the space when creating the universe. Bali is not only about the natural beauty f Bali, but also contains the society's tradition of greatness that has also attracted a lot of people outside of Bali. As it known Bali is rich in various elements of Arts, painting, sculpture, dance, music, clothing, language, customs, and traditions of religious coloring Balinese life reality. Balinese dance is a traditional dance of  Bali is famous everywhere.

Bali Woow The art of Dance in Bali is very close relations with religious processions. And even believed that the age of the existing standard decent dance in Bali is also old as the assignment order of Hindu religion. Siwa deity which is believed by the Hindus as the Sang Hyang Tunggal is described as. "The Dance" with the title of Siwa Nataraja in the attitude of the dance movements interpreted as movement forces fill the space when creating the universe. All about Bali island

all about balinese dance abstract and beautiful
Balinese Dance abstract and beautiful
In antiquity, the dances by the intense Pragina (dancer) is a type of sacred dances as a part that can not be in separate with a procession and staged only when held religious ceremonies at temples. The next type of dance that is growing is the complement of a religious procession and even further develop into community communication and media as a means of entertainment.

Balinese dance is generally categorized into three types, guardian (sacred) or Be Bali (ceremony) and Bali-Balihan (Entertainment). Guardian and dance usually performed at Bebali places and specific times which are already in the set. The dance is performed in the courtyard of the guardian of the temple and dance Bebali in Centerfold. Bali-Balihan dance instead performed on the lawn outside the Temple in an event that is a fixed Entertainment showed motion that abstract and beautiful.
Come to Bali and enjoy Balinese dance movements that are abstract and beautiful. Come to Bali for holidays and enjoy the Balinese dance movements that are abstract and beautiful


Seminyak beach is a favorite tourist spots in Bali

Bali island Seminyak beach is truly stunning, along with the beach there are umbrellas are provided for travelers who like to relax while enjoying the circumstances surrounding. Seminyak Beach is a beautiful beach with white sand and has a large wave that is suitable to perform the activity such as surfing. This beach is always crowded in the afternoon when the tourists ahead of the tourists who come here can see the beauty of a sunset.

Bali Woow A tourist area located north of Legian area. Better known as the place to look for a private villa of luxury to cheap to rent, as well as a world-class international standard restaurant. The tourist area of Seminyak, more quiet and quieter. In addition to the beaches, Bali holidays Seminyak is perfect for those of you who love shopping SPA, fine dining, and nightlife, due to its central Seminyak is a high-end boutique, upscale restaurants, and a SPA. All about Bali.

Most of the tourists who are fond of Seminyak area for the holidays will choose to stay or looking for a villa in Seminyak Bali Indonesia. Because the best way to surround the Seminyak tourist attractions is within walking distance.

all about bali seminyak beach
Seminyak Beach Bali
Seminyak beach is located to the North of Kuta Beach. Because it is close to the Kuta Beach, the atmosphere on the beach is not much different from, yet because it is not as popular as the beach of Kuta, Seminyak Beach State no bodyguard of Kuta beach. But here's where excess Seminyak beach! The atmosphere was not too crowded, making it into favorite tourist spots in Bali to enjoy the beauty of Bali with a more quiet and comfortable. Come to Bali.


Museum Semarajaya Klungkung Bali

All about Bali, Museum Semarajaya Klungkung Bali. The Museum is located in a complex with garden Gili Kerta Gosa, where the address of the museum in on Jalan Untung Surapati No.3 Semarapura. By crossing the open lawn decorated with palm trees and Cambodia-sized responsibilities, had not yet been able to give shade to the pedestrians. The building extends the museum Semarajaya Mulo school, founded the former Netherlands around the 1920s, a few years after the Dutch destroyed the castle of Semarapura so that the pattern is a combination of colonial architecture.

Museum Semarajaya Klungkung Bali
Museum Semarajaya Klungkung Bali 

Bali island Paintings and sculptures depicting day to day life Ambron Balinese before Japan entered the Pacific war broke out after. A room that holds a collection of Emilio Ambron 69 exists entirely in the store in two rooms. Before being used as a Museum, the museum Semarajaya ever in use by Junior High School Negri 1 Klungkung until the end of 1990. Bali holidays Museum Semarajaya in launches in conjunction with the Monument of Klungkung, April 28, 1992. In a room at the Museum Semarajaya showing traces of Klungkung Kingdom relics, including an antique chair as well as pictures of the King and their families.

A corner of the museum Semarajaya with custom clothing collection, scale model, painting, and sculpture. In the other corner of the room, there is a collection of the gong, large urns, some of the fruits of the spear, the mortar, as well as other ancient relics. There is also a legacy in the form of six chairs and a desk carved golden color of old square, which was previously used in customary courts, Bale Kerta Gosa. Chair carved dragon sculpture was enthroned on hand for seating Brahmins and King.

Come to Bali Other interesting objects in the Museum Semarajaya is a traditional equipment  Manager and Beleng, made from the trunks of coconut trees, used in the making of salt in traditional Balinese. Museum Semarajaya, most probably because the light is less because most of the light depending on the light depend on the sunlight outside, the objects of the collection also looks older, and perhaps also the bearer of the events of a century Klungkung. All about Bali island.


Thursday, February 1, 2018

Bali is truly heaven on real earth

Bali island, heaven in the real world is the beauty of Bali, Bali is the perfect holiday destination for all ages and all walks of life. Enjoy the beauty of the island feels like a soluble complete beauty it character, natural beauty, the grandeur of the past culture and friendliness of its people.

All about Bali island is Not only promising peace of soul, but Bali also offers the glittering parties and night world along the Jimbaran, Kuta, and Seminyak. For fans of parties and shopping, this place is a paradise that promises thrill all its own. You can also try a variety of water sport that up adrenaline in Tanjung Benoa. As for the adrenaline junkie, Bali has the Ayung River and the River with Rapids Telaga Waja varies, the Mount Agung Gigir, calling out waves of world-class surfers to the amazing underwater beauty of the diver, to a row of waterfalls that are challenging to do canyoning. Bali Woow.

all about bali is truly heaven on the real earth
Bali is truly heaven
As one of the hiker's paradise, Bali has always been able to pamper visitors with diverse charm. Not only limited to budget travelers with overflow, for backpackers with very minimal funds any Bali remains a tourist paradise will never be forgotten. Bali is able to accommodate all the needs of travelers with different characters. Bali Indonesia is truly heaven on real earth. For tourists who want to find peace, such as the northern area of Bedugul, Trunyan, Lake Baratan, Lake Batur, Gunung Agung, Ubud to be a must-see. Bali island In addition to offering areas surfing ambiance and atmosphere, views of Mount Gemunung, the area of terracing, forest, to the Lakes with floating Temple became its own privileges. In this place of the eye, the soul, and your energy will be satisfied through a variety of performing arts that appear every day.

Bali is the only island of the majority of the population is Hindu, they are very strict cultural ancestry, adherents of Hinduism in Bali has a concept of balance in life, the inhabitants of Bali is famous for its hospitality worldwide. Will not be enough to explain the beauty of the beauty that exists on the island of Bali,  Come to Bali to enjoy the real heaven in the real world. All about Bali island.



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