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Friday, November 3, 2017

The Bubble Hotel Bali, The Trip and Adventure of Life

Bali island The Bubble Hotel Bali, the trip and adventure of life - Let we introduce you to one of the most unique and the most amazing hotel we've ever  stayed in Bali. When the beach, the stars, and the water is all and the sands. Where to find google it guys, you'll find it yourself. The price of lodging, Room rate : start from Rp.1.3 million until  Rp. 2 millions per night,  facilities : Queen size bed, private beach, toilet, private land, and breathtaking views! yours!

All about Bali  On Way to the Bubble Hotel Unlike other hotels, to the location of the Bubble Hotel is a bit more challenging. after making a reservation, you'll be given a place name to be benchmark in the GPS. So you must use google maps/GPS to search the meeting point. Arriving at the meeting point, don't expect to see the unmarked Bubble Hotel. Later will love our next clue leading to the original location. 

The Bubble Hotel Bali, The Trip and Adventure of Life
The Bubble Hotel Bali, The Trip and Adventure of Life
Bali holiday If you bring a vehicle, you'll be directed toward the parking area has been provided. Don't confuse yes. parking isn't as usual you guys see. You'll park in the middle of the central settlement of citizens, without the machine parking tickets let alone security! Come to Bali The journey to the Bubble Hotel that this downhill is a thing is challenging, because the terrain is really natural there is no asphalt, no access to  any vehicle, its way downhill and it feels like you're coming down from the mountain! And indeed The Bubble Hotel it managed to make a tired of missing a snap when you first look at directly. Bali woow Everything is just beyond your expectation. When else I can sleep while gazing at the stars in the stars in the sky? for me this opportunity must not be wasted in vain, right?

Come to Bali The Beach, the Sea, and The Water Unlike with other star hotel offers standard hotel rooms, The Bubble Hotel offer a Bubble facility than in General. In addition, matters, breakfast, toilet facilities and other standards, as guests receive facilities from the beach, sea and hill that tastes only of our own property. All about Bali island.

Lokasi: Amerika Serikat

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