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Sunday, October 1, 2017

Pura Jaya Prana at Teluk Terima Bali

Bali island The location of the temple is allowed as a place of pilgrimage. Behind this temple later you will be offered a panorama of sea charm. Visitors are advised to remain cautions when in the vicinity of the location of the temple. Because the temple is also the residence of wild monkeys. A herd of monkeys is often mean to tourists who visit.

All About Bali This tour around the site you won't find other tourist facilities such as restaurants, food stalls, resort etc. Because of the tourist spots in Bali is still beautiful and also has a natural landscapes that are very thick with spiritual overtones. Come to Bali If you pay a visit to Teluk Terima Bali, it doesn't hurt to have a look at  a pair of statues symbolizing the strength of the love story between Jaya Prana with Layon Sari. The following summary of the story.All About Bali island.

Pura Jaya Prana at Teluk Terima Bali
Pura Jaya Prana at Teluk Terima Bali
Bali holiday Ancient times there lived Jaya Prana which have no relatives, he was raised by the King of Buleleng termed Anak Agung. After so many years had passed, he got approval to get married to a girl named Sari Layon. Because of her beauty that is what makes the King of Buleleng into blind eyes and liver are also making plans to trap the Jaya Prana in order to quell the pirates on the coast of the northern tip of the island of Bali.

There the King of Buleleng was preparing for death to Jaya Prana. Without the slightest suspicion, Jaya Prana still run commands from his father. When Jaya Prana has been up on the coast of the northern tip of the island of Bali, namely in the Gulf have received. The Prime Minister has already ruled imaging in Buleleng to kill King Jaya Prana else head off the course. Long story short, Jaya Prana loses and then buried around the Bay. Bali woow.

Location of temple sights Jaya Prana and Layon Sari is still entered in the area of West Bali National Park. If you are coming from the port of Gilimanuk, more or less will take as long as 20 minutes to get to West Bali National Park, after that in continuing with the boat for 15 minutes. Bali island, Bali Indonesia.

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