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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Mertasari Beach as an Alternative Tourism in Sanur

Bali island Mertasari Beach as an Alternative Tourism in Sanur. Mertasari beach is a beach located in Banjar Belanjong region, village of Sanur Kauh, district of South Denpasar, Denpasar. Upon entering the beach, eyes will be spoiled with views of the sea as far as the eye can see. A wrap of white sand and rocks lining the beach are increasingly adding to the beautiful beaches of Mertasari. The heat of the Sun is not so noticeable when we visited in the afternoon because of dozens of Palm trees Terminalia catappa and overarching goals white sand beach.

All about Bali White sandy beaches are frequented by foreign tourists and are often used as a place of the inaugural festival of kites. This beach is also often used as a place of spiritual activity and a place for the Hindus etc. Come to Bali Mertasari beach, as well as the entire beach in Sanur, is actually not natural anymore because it never experienced abrasion. As a result, some parts of the resulting improvement with the aim to protect the shore from hard buffeting waves.All about Bali island.

Mertasari Beach as an Alternative Tourism in Sanur
Mertasari Beach as an Alternative Tourism in Sanur
Bali holiday Mertasari Beach offers almost the same as the other beaches, such as canoe rentals as well as various food merchants ranging from food and soft drinks, roasted corn, spring rolls to merchants Bali food, such as Satay pork and tips for who want to fill the stomach after performing a variety of activities at the beach. So, do not be afraid of difficulties finding food while visiting Mertasari Beach. Around the beach area, there are also many stalls selling various souvenirs.

A row of fishing boats which consists of a wide range of colors also add to the scenic beauty of the coast. If the wind is nice, then we will see some fishing boats in the sea. Mertasari Beach and surrounding sea are indeed still used a community around that profession as a fisherman. One thing that is interesting because the position of the Mertasari beach overlooks the North, different from Sanur Beach that facing East. So to see the sunrise Sun position is not located in the middle of the beach, but rather 'Sideways'as if being in the corner of the coast. But not to worry because the beach sun rising really looks clear and his view is also beautiful. Bali woow, Bali Indonesia.



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