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Saturday, October 28, 2017

Meeped Is one Kind Of Balinese Tradition with Gebogan or Pajegan

Bali island Mepeed is one kind of Balinese  tradition with Gebogan or Pajegan. Meaning or philosophy of Banten Gebogan also visible from its towering like mount, over the more conical (pointed), and it also put cymbals and sampiyan as a form of bhakti and offerings to God,  the create or the universe.

All about Bali Gebogan or Pajengan is  a form of on offering in the form of  the order and the set of foods (including fruit and flowers) compiled by overriding generally beautiful mothers or Bali girls to be brought and places in the Temple in a series of ceremonies of panca yajna (the anniversary and so on). Come to Bali When an order of food (good snack, fruits) and flowers made to resemble Gebogan or pajegan then it should not wear sampian or porosan. As for the arrangement of food and flowers like Gebogan or Pajegan are named Gebogan or Pajegan. All about Bali island.

Meeped Is one Kind Of Balinese Tradition with Gebogan or Pajegan
Meeped Is one Kind Of Balinese Tradition with Gebogan or Pajegan
Bali Holiday Gebogan usually carried by their mother and girls in Bali to extend this to the Temple when the anniversary ceremonies or rites of the deity both as a form of gratitude for the blessing that have been given by Sang Hwang Widhi God. For Balinese Hindus, Gebogan is symbolic offerings and gratitude to God, therefore can't be made arbitrarily, but its possible for example to race art (don't wear sampian and porosan) without any meaning of any of the religious side.

Gebogan also called Pajegan is a form of an offering in the form of the order and the set of fruits, flowers and snacks in the traditional process by Hindus in Bali. the type of fruit and snacks usually follow the development of innovating, so what we eat that is what we offer. Bali woow High-low of Gebogna or Pajegan depending on the willing heart and the ability of each individual to make Gebogan, because  the value of a Gebogan or Pajegan isn't measured from the high or low but from willing heart in showing gratitude. And the rest is a form of art appreciation.

So it has to  be understood, especially for Hindus, that when there are ceremonies yajna isn't permitted if attempt to try to make Gebogan only to exhibited to others especially to buy fruit imposed  by looking for debt and family religion. because such a thing would reduce the main meaning of the rendered Gebogan in a ceremony that is both as a symbolic offering of and gratitude to God. Bali tour, Bali Indonesia.

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