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Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Gunakarya Homestay: The Best Choice Of Accommodation On The Island Of The Gods

Bali island Gunakarya Homestay: The Best Choice Of Accommodation On The Island Of The Gods. Gunakarya Homestay is one of lodging located just 300 meters from Bali Hyatt Beach. From the International Airport, Ngurah Rai airport is within time only 20 minutes. The highlights of Gunakarya Homestay is its existence in the village coastal fisherman and thus providing an impression. A lot of people who feel welcome though has to be for a long time living in a homestay. You can make Gunakarya Homestay as "basecamp" for vacationing in the region.

All about Bali It has a dozen rooms that could you select the liking. Live here the middle seemed to be at home. Gunakarya Homestay has an indoor pool and graceful garden. Come to Bali You can pause and break enjoy the scenery around by sitting at all lawn chairs. For those of you who want while the internet can be directly connected into the virtual world with wifi though you are in the middle of the park. All about Bali island.

Gunakarya Homestay: The Best Choice Of Accommodation On The Island Of The Gods
Gunakarya Homestay
Bali Holiday The hotel's facilities are complete enough. Air conditioning and TV cable is a standard that will be you get when staying here. Place queen size bed, bathroom with shower and bathtub, equipped kitchen with his refrigerator, terrace to overlook gardens green. For culinary needs, Gunakarya Homestay provides catering. For those of you who want to enjoy the nightlife or beach a variety of culinary then wander around Gunakarya Homestay freely.

Gunakarya Homestay located on Karangsari Street No.11A Sanur Bali 80361-Indonesia.
Phone: 0361-728771
Opening hours: 00.00-23.00 hours

Certainly, you will not have trouble any when searching for homestay or residence in Sanur. Sanur is indeed one of the tourist areas are easy to reach and favorites some tourists. Some accommodation is very many and varied to provide convenience for travelers. Bali Woow, Bali tour, Bali Indonesia.



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