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Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Get to Know Closer to the Traditional House of Bali

Get to Know Closer to the Traditional House of Bali, In a traditional house Bali there are several holy places used for worship as well as a variety of other purposes. Balinese Traditional House has values that are known by the term Asta Kosala Kosali. This philosophy governs the relationship between man and God, a man with man, and of a man with nature. North-East corner of the part at the traditional House of Bali are usually more purified so that spaces are placed more votes. While the West-South corner is a corner of a lower degree of purity in a spatial House, which is usually a direction sign into the residence or to other buildings such as a bathroom and others.

all abouta Traditional House of Bali
Traditional House of Bali
Custom House Bali has parts that each have a meaning and function:
  • Sanggah Or Pamerajan. This section is a sacred place for families who live
  • Panginjeng Karang. This section is a place for worshiping the guarding the grounds.
  • Bale Manten. This place is the head of the family bed, girls, and place of storing valuables. This section is also used for newly married couples.
  • Bale Gede or Bale custom. Is the site a circle of life.
  • Bale Dauh. This place serves as a place of work, meetings and bed boys.
  • Paon. That is the form of the kitchen used for cooking
  • Lumbung. Is the storage of staple foods such as rice and other produce.
In accordance with the belief shared by the majority of the people of Bali, Bali traditional house building has the feel of a Hindu is very thick. At the front of it, we'll find a gate is not a covered the entrance to the grounds of the House. This gate is the basis for naming custom house Bali.

Bali not only has a beautiful nature. Island of the Gods also has a culture so rich and sacred. Compliance with the Balinese cultures ancestors has got recognition from many quarters. The building also includes a traditional house Bali, known as Arch Candi Bentar.

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