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Monday, July 31, 2017

El Kabron-Spanish Restaurant & Cliff Club

El Kabron-Spanish Restaurant & Cliff Club, to enjoy the sunset fits most take the place on the left due to the sunset of the sun in Pecatu area there is usually on the right. In addition to a sitting position at the bean bag, the most delicious indeed select seating (bean bag) the white color that cost totaling 300.000 IDR/person. Medium for the blue bean bag bean bag is behind the white color, less more 250.000 IDR/person. When you have time that is quite a bit and just spend time not many in Bali, took the stool white color is already enough.

El Kabron-Spanish Restaurant & Cliff Club had the two main locations, the restaurants and the sunset view (open decks equipped with outdoor and also sand and bean bag). The most fun for hours come to this location is around 3.30 am-4 late in the afternoon. To be able to get you a nice sit down location while enjoying the pool and views without should feel a sunburn too sharp. In addition, you could spend a minimum charge/person with a couple of drinks or food and finally closed with a dinner.

El Kabron-Spanish Restaurant & Cliff Club Bali
El Kabron-Spanish Restaurant & Cliff Club 
This place has a policy of minimum charge/person. For a bean bag that is on the outdoor areas near cliffs the prices range from 250.000-300.000 IDR/person. More than 5 people need to make a reservation in advance. Food and beverage prices this place is very reasonable to spend minimum charge 300.000 IDR/person. Quite hard because this means you need to order enough food many.

Foods that are provided. But it's all hanging with the food you ordered and your taste buds.

For who likes the feel relaxed with a view OK, might be able to come to one place on the edge of a cliff located in Pecatu area Bali El Kabron-Spanish Restaurant & Cliff Club. The location is easier to access if you take the road via dreamland. From the roundabout the last take the turn to the left to find a way to cut to get into Beach road Cemongkak Pecatu. The course was rather small, but the place is pretty OK!        

Lokasi: Amerika Serikat

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