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Thursday, July 20, 2017

Educational Tours At The Museum Pasifika

Educational Tours At The Museum Pasifika, there are about eight pavilions and about eleven the room for the exhibition of works of art, in which save about six hundred works of art from two hundreds of artists originating from the Asia region The Pacific like Indonesia, Melanesia, Polynesia, Indo-China and several other Asia countries. Each room paintings according to the origin State of the painter. The museum is apparently has attracted many local tourists and foreign tourists even high officials of the country he came to enjoy the art collections are here, in addition to foreign guests of state. of course. Currently Museum Pasifika has been equipped with various facilities such as restaurant, rest room, function room, toilet and a spacious parking area.

Museum Pasifika BTDC is in the Block P Nusa Two Bali-Indonesia, about twenty four km away from the city of Denpasar that could a long journey of about thirty minutes.

Educational Tours At The Museum Pasifika
Museum Pasifika Bali
Various works from famous artists such as Theo Meier as the first artist who became an icon opening of the exhibition the first time opened to common. The Museum is loaded it will inspire will bringing you into the adventure of art history cross the Asia Pacific region. Its a shame if if you skipped to Bali without visiting the museum on this one.

Museum Pasifika created to serve to serve as the educational attractions, especially in the context of knowledge of history. The Museum exhibits various kinds of works of art from the Asia Pacific region where Indonesia especially its central Bali. Anyone artists whose work here? Among them could be is called Le Mayeur, Antonio Blanco, and Renato there is here, other than Christiano artwork from other artists such as Emilio Ambron, Miguel Covarrubias and Theo Meier.

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