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Monday, July 31, 2017

El Kabron-Spanish Restaurant & Cliff Club

El Kabron-Spanish Restaurant & Cliff Club, to enjoy the sunset fits most take the place on the left due to the sunset of the sun in Pecatu area there is usually on the right. In addition to a sitting position at the bean bag, the most delicious indeed select seating (bean bag) the white color that cost totaling 300.000 IDR/person. Medium for the blue bean bag bean bag is behind the white color, less more 250.000 IDR/person. When you have time that is quite a bit and just spend time not many in Bali, took the stool white color is already enough.

El Kabron-Spanish Restaurant & Cliff Club had the two main locations, the restaurants and the sunset view (open decks equipped with outdoor and also sand and bean bag). The most fun for hours come to this location is around 3.30 am-4 late in the afternoon. To be able to get you a nice sit down location while enjoying the pool and views without should feel a sunburn too sharp. In addition, you could spend a minimum charge/person with a couple of drinks or food and finally closed with a dinner.

El Kabron-Spanish Restaurant & Cliff Club Bali
El Kabron-Spanish Restaurant & Cliff Club 
This place has a policy of minimum charge/person. For a bean bag that is on the outdoor areas near cliffs the prices range from 250.000-300.000 IDR/person. More than 5 people need to make a reservation in advance. Food and beverage prices this place is very reasonable to spend minimum charge 300.000 IDR/person. Quite hard because this means you need to order enough food many.

Foods that are provided. But it's all hanging with the food you ordered and your taste buds.

For who likes the feel relaxed with a view OK, might be able to come to one place on the edge of a cliff located in Pecatu area Bali El Kabron-Spanish Restaurant & Cliff Club. The location is easier to access if you take the road via dreamland. From the roundabout the last take the turn to the left to find a way to cut to get into Beach road Cemongkak Pecatu. The course was rather small, but the place is pretty OK!        


Sunday, July 30, 2017

Galeria Mall Bali

Galeria Mall Bali is one of the mall located on the Bypass Ngurah Rai of Bali. Right in the next to the interchange that is often called simpang Bali flooded near statues of gods Ruci. Unlike mall international brings the vibrant modernity, in Galeria Mall Bali brings the concept of the family. In addition the motto of Galeria Mall Bali is enjoy, play, eat, shop. Necessarily the views of his motto alone is the stuff sure whatever you want already available in Galeria Mall Bali.

Galeria Mall Bali provides a wide range of needs you, such as food outlets, bookstores, hypermart with all the amenities of home and needs, fashion with a variety of outlets, and also the timezone for exciting games.

Galeria Mall Bali
The unique thing again from Galeria Mall Bali is the existence of a fountain that can dance and also very beautiful. You can sit around it while bored keep the friends or family of shopping. Bali Mall Galeria is a large recreation ad shopping in Kuta and of course the same as any other mall, there is definitely a very exciting hangout. Sometimes you get bored with the atmosphere of the cafe, you can come to the Mall Galleries and relax Bali by ordering the food and brought to the pool for enjoy the view. To that end, don't miss relax in the weekend Bali Mall Galeria. In addition to the fun, there you can also throw fatigue due to the routine work and enjoy a relaxing time there.

The Mall is identical to modern society. In addition to looking for daily necessities, mall it has become part of the lifestyle of modern society. Arguably one of the great mall in Bali is Galeria Mall Bali.

If during the image Bali is the island of gods very keep local wisdom, it does not apply with the dynamics of modern life that is in the Kuta. The Balinese people are there in the city, still very easy to find modern life like in Jakarta. Moreover, if not the mall.


Saturday, July 29, 2017

Museum Puri Lukisan In Gianyar

Museum Puri Lukisan In Gianyar, according to the tourism agency of the province of Bali, Museum Puri Lukisan receive visitors as much as 46,627 people for 2015, including 45,141 people foreign tourists and travelers in rest the country, following the Museum Antonio Blanco 42,468 people in the same period. Museum Puri Lukisan crowded tourists because there is a fresco masterpiece I Gusti Nyoman Lempad, giant-sized. Some part of it is damaged. The colour is lost against time. in addition there is the work of Anak Agung Gede Meregeg entitled "Bima Looking The Ghosts of His Father And Mother (1939)". There are also paintings Balinese mythology, Bhima, Garuda and Leak. in addition, pictures young girls topless bathing in pond. On Bali, at least eleven museum goods private and Government-run ancient. Museum Castle The painting received the most visits in late 2015.

Museum Puri Lukisan initially handled the characters art namely Walter Spies and Bonnet, Tjokorda Supreme Sukawati, the triumvirate that plays a major role in updates to the fine art of Bali, have at least 200 sheet of about 80 paintings and sculptures.

Museum Puri Lukisan In Gianyar
Museum Puri Lukisan 
Museum of art painting in the artist's village location Ubud is also much sought after travelers foreign countries, such as the Museum of Pande Wayan Sutedja Neka, Arma and museum Rudana with visitors still under 40 thousand people. Museum Bali the heart of Denpasar that store merchandise ethnography of the largest island of the gods most widely the foundation of the research location by the student in the and abroad, receiving the most visits a third i.e. 37,535 people by 2015.

Museum Puri Lukisan, the shade foundation Ratna Wartha Ubud, Gianyar Regency, Bali, a favorite foreigners and the archipelago. The condition of the so can shift the Antonio Blanco Museum in riverbank Campuan Ubud, 25 km norteast of the city of Denpasar or approximately 500 meters with Museum Puri Lukisan.


Friday, July 28, 2017

Hammerhead Fitness Centre Kuta

Hammerhead Fitness Centre Kuta, hammerhead Fitness has a total area of the room about 600 square meters with the setup window that leads to the west with meant so those who are practicing can while looking a beautiful sunset. Hammerhead provides the experienced trainer to accompany or give specific direction to those who are still lay the new world or fitness. And that is what be one of the many fitness mania more choose a place for fitness in the heart of Kuta. Here there are several classes available i.e. muscle combat with Denny is usually his schedule today Monday and Wednesday, hiphop dance with Ra on Mondays, aerobic with Rini on Tuesday and many again. By practicing here, most likely your fitness targets will be achieved quickly because the equipment and his trainer experienced and professional.

Reserved facilities do not asked because all fitness equipment can be found here. The state of the it will make you and other visitors not mutually scramble or wait for a turn. With so, you can practice the most to achieve the goal of fitness that is desirable, especially quickly gaining athletic body shape and sturdy. Indeed many benefits with practice at Hammerhead Fitness Centre.

Hammerhead Fitness is located on Nakula Street 3rd floor Kawan Mini Market, Kuta, Bali 80361 - Indonesian.
Phone: 0361-7807751
Opening hours: 07.00-21.00

The name of the Hammerhead Fitness Centre among the fitness mania or the tourists are already no stranger again. Place this fitness often serve as the location of the practice to form the body and get health which becomes coveted all person. Fitness has been around since the year 2000 ago and still survive until today serve the needs and lifestyle of modern society. Everyone who wants to be healthy and at the same time like to build a sturdy body and unsightly can it comes to Hammerhead Fitness.  


Thursday, July 27, 2017

Stay and Indulge in The Westin Resort of Nusa Dua

Stay and Indulge in The Westin Resort of Nusa Dua. The Westin Resort Nusa Dua is a resort located on the shores of elegant comfort. The Westin is a resort with world class service and facilities in it a superior and quality. Not only that, as a world class resort, The Westin also provides spa services to all visitors. That being the excess of The Westin where visitors could not only stay but could also indulge all of her body. For the room, The Westin's Spa has a choice of massage rooms and care, either indoors or outdoors. You can perform a massage on the beach or the spa place.

Many of the guests who are interested in doing a body treatment at the edge of the beach, where they could do body treatments all enjoying the beauty of the beach. What if the treatment is done when the afternoon sun sink into the moment where the seabed occurs. And experience the thrill of Java that can only be felt at The Westin Resort Nusa Dua.

Stay and Indulge in The Westin Resort of Nusa Dua
The Westin Resort of Nusa Dua
Services themselves include facial treatments, hair, feet or the whole body. You choose will do the maintenance on the part of the body. However it is recommended to take care of to the overall body so that the results are satisfactory and comprehensive.

Nusa Dua is one of the destinations that become the pre-eminent Bali the island of gods. Not only are many local tourists visiting this beautiful area, but many foreign tourists who visited and even lived in Nusa Dua is good for temporary period or forever. And as tourist destinations, the Nusa Dua course has the facilities and infrastructure to support their complete super kepariwisataannya. The existence of the resort/hotel spa at the same time certainly has become a necessity.


Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Lavender Luxury Villas And Spa Resort Kuta

Lavender Spa has a spa suite room 18 belongs to the luxurious. You could do a spa treatment in it because it is readily available all the facilities to do a spa that will make you comfortable and also privacy will not be disturbed. The design of the Spa this tropical and lush landspace will give you peace and comfort. What's because the use of spices as ingredients the basic treatment is then natural shades can be really felt.

Lavender Luxury Villas And Spa Resort Kuta, several types of treatment that can be done here among others a be the point where reflexology the foot massage is the focus was more with spices and flowers, Indian head shirodara treatment i.e. focusing on the back and head with using traditional oil and wash your feet with flowers, oil and salt. In addition, there are also Lavender signature and ginseng spa treatment with the use of oil sensual as well as body scrub with green tea and ends with Mansi flowers plus ginseng in the Jacuzzi.

Lavender Luxury Villas And Spa Resort Kuta
Lavender Luxury Villas And Spa Resort 
lavender Luxury Villas and Spa Resort is located in the the Road By Pass Ngurah Rai No. 7 Kuta area, island Bali-Indonesia.
Phone: 0361-752961
Open hours: 09.00-23.00

If you feel the body was in a state of less fit and feel achy, don't delay anymore to come to the Lavender Spa that blends with the Lavender Luxury Villas and Spa Resort. The distance is not how far from the Bali International Airport Rai, which is about 15 minutes away. Inside Lavender Luxury Spa provides a wide range of spa treatment with a relatively affordable price. Here you can taste its flagship treatment i.e. spa using ginseng.

Even if all you do is leisure however not that there is not going to make a tired and exhausted what if the fitting body condition was in the circumstances of the less fit. Sightseeing during the day, though making the mind becomes quiet, but will make the muscles become stiff and tired so the bad impact it will feel stiff and hard driven. Weariness will also come easy.


Body Treatments at The Breezes Bali Resort Seminyak

Body Treatments at The Breezes Bali Resort Seminyak, for Spa treatments, The Breezes offer some services starting from the hair spa, body spa, massage or relaxation. These packages can be selected in accordance with the preferences and intentions You do care. As for the methods used here is a combination of traditional and modern techniques so that created a balanced condition (balance). A sense of relaxed, quiet the mind, the body feels good and conditions that fit is available in post treatment. Spa treatments you do will provide very significant implications for the body part within and outside.

The Breezes Bali Resort is on the road Camplung Tanduk No. 66, Seminyak, Bali. Locati on is very central so it makes it easy for anyone to visit him, close to the beach and backed by a quality service make The Breezes Bali Resort is a top priority among many travelers.

Body Treatments at The Breezes Bali Resort Seminyak
The Breezes Bali Resort Seminyak
While waiting for the turn to care usually many visitors The Breezes that chill out beforehand on the balcony or garden with a view and a beautiful and interesting Setup. Wind gusts typical tropical beach provide a relaxed atmosphere and nuance difficult you find in everyday life are solid with a variety of activities.

Despite treatment, you can also work out in the gym or fitness center are provided by the resort. In addition to the gym, you can also do Yoga in the garden that has been accompanied by an experienced instructor. The bottom line, with The Breezes, came to Spa and Resort allows you to get pleasure, peace and harmony and spiritual.

You can stay at a hotel or resort which is also equipped with a variety of facilities and infrastructure super complete as owned by The Breezes Bali Resort. This famous resort in addition to providing a place to stay also provide spa services, swimming pool, and also a cinema. Many travelers who chose this place because all want to take good care of her body when the body is not fit or feel Achy after searching various tourist areas in Bali.


Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Remove the Tired on Lumintang Park Denpasar

Remove the Tired on Lumintang Park Denpasar, at the time of the evening, visitors who arrive in the City Park of Lumintang was dominated by adolescents even though we will also find many small families who come unwind. If heeded, the City Park of Lumintang has not enough lights lighting on the side, perhaps this is what makes the City park became attractive to teenagers. During the day, both morning and afternoon, City park of Lumintang is used as a sports area. Most visitors use this place to run and walk. Its position somewhat into making it quite convenient city park as a place to work out. Surrounding the City Park of Lumintang has also been Jogging Track is available as a media run and walk. Garden City has a central pond and fountain provide enough fresh nuance. The trees there are also lush and pretty much as well as the availability of ample parking area.

For places to eat in the Park of Lumintang, in the afternoon and night you will find merchants roasted corn. Interesting enough to enjoy roasted corn while enjoying the ambiance of the garden city. On the eastern side you can find a trader of soft drinks and other snacks.

Remove the Tired on Lumintang Park Denpasar
Lumintang Park Denpasar Bali
In many corners we will find many teens with a variety of activities. The main activity we can see of course a lot of teens who use this place to meet your beloved. But on the other hand, many other activities which we will find. In the other corner, we can also find the musical activity of the youth. Ranging from acoustic music and vocal processing while spending the night. In addition we will also discover some of the families who invite their children to play in this place, because in the City Park of Lumintang has been available to swing and doves.

Living in Bali certainly has its own uniqueness and there are certainly fond of grief. As the island as Paradise Island, Bali has many places to place hangouts or hangout. Lumintang garden is located in the north side of the city of Denpasar.


Monday, July 24, 2017

Sativa Sanur Cottage: Premium Service And The Best Facilities

Sativa Sanur Cottage: Premium Service And The Best Facilities, when you stay at Sativa Sanur Cottage then all the facilities and services will awarded with the maximum. The service generally such as daily newspaper, grounds, terrace, safety deposit box, luggage storage, bar, restaurant, air conditioning and a private room for their who was fond of smoking. Other facilities there are here such as spa and center health, library, outdoor swimming pool and facilities to stage a barbeque party as well as the types of services as between airport transfer, copy, ticketing, staff, menu diet specials and more.

For those of you who can then access the internet use the wifi service hotel and costs USD 1,30/hour. Worth noting that this hotel apply a policy that no time-time for special check-in starting from 2.00 pm and check out is until 12.00 WITA. The management of the hotel give free to children under age 11 of the year. Maximum capacity of extra beds for babies as much as 1 unit by way of asking to the hotel.

Sativa Sanur Cottage: Premium Service And The Best Facilities
Sativa Sanur Cottage
However unfortunate for you that brings pets are not allowed because entry. That's why you don't bring an animal pet to the hotel or if carrying we recommend that you first deposited to care of animals. How can payment made with credit cards such as American Express, Visa, Euro or Mastercard. Party hotel management has the right to do credit card pre-authorization prior to arrival you.

Sativa Sanur Cottage is on the road to the lake Tamblingan No. 45 Sanur, 80031, Island Bali-Indonesia.
Phone: 0361-287881

Sanur Beach is one of the tourist destination on the island of the gods who became a favorite of a number of among the tourists. This beach can be reached with only 30 minutes away. This beach has a number of accommodation facilities which are able to your massage for your vacation and supporting family. One of them named Sativa Sanur Cottage.


Sunday, July 23, 2017

Holistic Spa At Maya Ubud Resort And Spa

Holistic Spa At Maya Ubud Resort And Spa, some of the packages offered at this spa place quite a lot. You can choose a Pevonia very useful in skin rejuvenation facial because it uses a very micro emulsion gel useful in the fight against premature aging. in addition to the Pevonia, you could do a relaxing massage with traditional techniques that require less than about an hour. On the implementation of this point of focus was more Bali massage using the power of the radius of the therapy and users of medium oil. Types of massage this is very useful in the traditional relieve tension in the entire body.

By performing a massage would be much effect felt ranging from body feels light, open mind of inner light and feel calm. In addition, the Maya Ubud Spa offers therapies herbs that really help you in eliminate toxins from the body and of course refreshing the skin. The existence of some kind of you can get treatments here make Maya Ubud Spa visit when it suits you moment of your holiday to Bali.

Holistic Spa At Maya Ubud Resort And Spa
Holistic Spa At Maya Ubud Resort And Spa
The most impressive is the room of the spa located in the Valley of the tropical forests that are very fertile so that implies the tranquillity. Pavilion Maya Ubud Spa right overlooking the Valley with beautiful views and the cool air is of course increasingly made you're welcome and comfortable. Here, you can utilizing the outdoor shower and toilet facilities that can be utilized by any guests visit.

Maya Ubud Resort and Spa is located in a mountain path Sari Peliatan, Ubud, The island areas Bali-Indonesia.
Phone: 0361-977888

Another place you should try spa i.e. Maya Ubud Resort and Spa. Resort and Spa quite famous and widely recommended by a variety of walks of life. Advantages of Maya Ubud Spa is its ability to provide balance sensorial through harmony and holistic spa. Not only the outward aspect, but the aspect of batiniah that is indeed the basis on each man.


Saturday, July 22, 2017

Reservation At The Losari Hotel & Villas Bali

Reservation At The Losari Hotel & Villas Bali, when staying here you will get the service from the friendly staff and calming the liver. They serve every guests with full professional. A number of advantages offered by the hotel and villa this one is such a strategic location, reasonable price, good atmosphere and others. All these advantages are increasingly complete with thick architecture design tropical shades so it feels cool and comfortable. This hotel and villa overall have approximately 86 rooms spread over 5 floors the building.

Each room is designed with neat. The building itself is dominated by wood so the natural nuance is very pronounced. While the facilities available here like refrigerator, guest room, cooling television, a dressing table, a daily newspaper, safety deposits box, a telephone, a mini bar, engine tea and coffee making facilities, a bathroom that is already use the bathtub and shower as well as a service free internet-based wifi so you can connect to the online world at any time.

Reservation At The Losari Hotel & Villas Bali
The Losari Hotel & Villas Bali
While other facilities be supporters such as meeting room that you can use when wanted to stage a activity meeting or business consulting, mail services, car rental, laundry and dry cleaning, servicing of the room, elevator, parking the car pretty spacious and more. For those of you who feel sultry and like to dabble into the pool the hotel's swimming pool to cool off and fill your swim heart. For those of you who want more relax the it can hang out at coffee shop there are in the neighborhood.

The Losari Hotel & Villas are on the road Sahadewa No. 19, Legian Kuta 80361, Island Bali-Indonesia.
Phone: 0361-759999

You feel confusion when about to choose lodging place in Bali, particularly in the area of Legian Kuta? You do not need to feel confused or fear of wrong because the Losari Hotel & Villas is one of the answers that will provide comfort and feel of the inn the best. This is a great hotel and villa options the best anyone staying in it.


Friday, July 21, 2017

Angseri Hot Spring Tourism Bali

Angseri Hot Spring Tourism Bali, hot spring tourist attraction Angseri, in addition to having an indoor place to soak, also offer views of the paddy field terracing. Located in the middle of a bamboo forest, so the place looks beautiful and green with a wide variety of tropical trees, quite interesting to visit, because in addition to be able to enjoy the natural hot water therapy is believed to cure various ailments of the skin also becomes eye therapy with natural beauty that is presented, including the existence of a small waterfall next to the bathing pool.

As tourist attractions, hot spring Angseri in Tabanan has adequate means, such as a spacious parking area, restrooms, changing rooms, restaurants and vending of food and beverage stalls, including choice of dip. Bali tourist attraction is worth a visit while putting together a tour to the region with the purpose as Tabanan tour to Jatiluwih and Lake Beratan Bedugul.

Angseri Hot Spring Tourism Bali
Angseri Hot Spring Tourism
Before you to the location of the Angseri thermal baths, also note the opening hours of tourist attractions, open daily from 08.30 – 18.00, weekends Saturday and Sunday open longer from 8 am – 8 pm. In Bali there are many transportation service that can take you up to the place of destination, be it by way of taking a taxi or rent a car in Bali.

In the area of the thermal baths Angseri Tabanan, there is a large pool containing hot water, two shower pipe above ground shelters available as a place of investment of water, water that flows into the pipe is a natural hot water coming out of the belly of the Earth, it feels hotter than the water in the outdoor shelter. This place can be a pretty natural body therapy which is quite interesting. Moreover, most residents believe that hot water in Angseri this could cure various kinds of diseases of the skin.

Tour in Bali with tourist destination hot springs lot we encounter in Tabanan area, one of the Angseri thermal baths. This place can be an alternative tourist destination after you are satisfied to enjoy the beauty of the coastal areas, especially the beautiful beaches surrounding the island of Bali as the coastal areas in the South.


Thursday, July 20, 2017

Educational Tours At The Museum Pasifika

Educational Tours At The Museum Pasifika, there are about eight pavilions and about eleven the room for the exhibition of works of art, in which save about six hundred works of art from two hundreds of artists originating from the Asia region The Pacific like Indonesia, Melanesia, Polynesia, Indo-China and several other Asia countries. Each room paintings according to the origin State of the painter. The museum is apparently has attracted many local tourists and foreign tourists even high officials of the country he came to enjoy the art collections are here, in addition to foreign guests of state. of course. Currently Museum Pasifika has been equipped with various facilities such as restaurant, rest room, function room, toilet and a spacious parking area.

Museum Pasifika BTDC is in the Block P Nusa Two Bali-Indonesia, about twenty four km away from the city of Denpasar that could a long journey of about thirty minutes.

Educational Tours At The Museum Pasifika
Museum Pasifika Bali
Various works from famous artists such as Theo Meier as the first artist who became an icon opening of the exhibition the first time opened to common. The Museum is loaded it will inspire will bringing you into the adventure of art history cross the Asia Pacific region. Its a shame if if you skipped to Bali without visiting the museum on this one.

Museum Pasifika created to serve to serve as the educational attractions, especially in the context of knowledge of history. The Museum exhibits various kinds of works of art from the Asia Pacific region where Indonesia especially its central Bali. Anyone artists whose work here? Among them could be is called Le Mayeur, Antonio Blanco, and Renato there is here, other than Christiano artwork from other artists such as Emilio Ambron, Miguel Covarrubias and Theo Meier.


Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Tipat Bantal War Tradition in the Boat Village, Bali

Tipat Bantal War Tradition in the Boat Village Bali, the ritual takes place at the village temple was preceded by a prayer ceremony shared by the entire village. At the ceremony, and also the customs of going to sprinkle holy water to plead for the safety of the citizens of Tipat Bantal-War participants (ketupat war). Not long after ward, some men took off shirts and shirtless. They are divided into two groups and stand facing each other. In the future they have available tipat and pillows (confectionary from the flour and coconut sticky rice .

Ketupat war is intended to ship villagers to do "Tajen Pengangon" beg salvation and well-being of mankind. This tradition is often also called the Aci Rah Pengangon by local people.

Tipat Bantal War Tradition in the Boat Village, Bali
Tipat Bantal War Tradition 
Custom Bendesa, Anak Agung Gede Dharmayasa Ship, said the meaning of this ritual is the tipat bantal and it has to be thrown to the top of the group and the two sides are expected to meet. Tipat is a symbol of feminine and bantal is symbol of masculine. The meeting between the tipat and bantal is masculine and feminine meetings. Men and women when meeting will bring forth life.

This war is becoming more exciting when the audience is standing on the sidewalk took and throw tipat it. Sometimes there are oftentimes ketupat stray towards the audience. Some of the residents who watch these cushions and tipat, the body feels pain like slapped hard objects. However, no one is angry and when the war ended, every one shook hands with full of joy.

War Tipat cushions is an annual tradition held since the year 1337 by locals in the village of custom boats, Mengawi, Badung Regency, Bali. The war is unique every year once required the villagers Aboard, according to the commandment of the Ki Kebo Iwa since the year 1341 a.d. which is an expression of gratitude to the Lord, citizens over sustenance and favors that have been given. The trust carried out hereditary from one generation to the next until now still remain preserved.


Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Snake fruit Agro Tourism, The Village Of Sibetan

Snake fruit Agro Tourism, The Village Of Sibetan. Agro Tourism area of the village of Sibetan is located approximately 83 km from Denpasar city. If it is using a motor vehicle will take approximately 60 minutes. The address is in the village of Sibetan, in Karangasem, East Bali, entrance sub-district of Bebandem. When you come to the village you will find Eve's cool countryside. You can watch instantly snakefruit, and also snake fruit  farmers who were picking fruit. In the village of Sibetan there are 14 types of superior varieties of snake fruit plants scattered throughout the village. The varieties such as snakefruit pineapple, sugar, and others. Snake fruit from the village is also packaged in various types of food and drinks. The new processed into a lunkhead, sweets, wine, syrup, chips, and others.

Enough you come to snake fruit agro tourism in the villages of Sibetan and you could bring home a basket of snake fruit, of course in between December to February, for a period that is the Sibetan village community harvesting snake fruit massively. It could be that you'll also get cheap prices. Agro tourism area occupies an area of approximately 1 acre 1.125.000 hectares.

Snake fruit Agro Tourism, The Village Of Sibetan
Snake fruit Agro Tourism Bali
The local Government to develop the region as a snake fruit agro tourism, because potential possessed by this nice snake fruit farmers economically. In addition, as educational tours, this area promises good things for the regeneration of the production of varieties of snakefruit. When the free time, the community will fill the void with traditional artistic activity as genjek and angklung.

Bali is truly remarkable. In addition there are the beaches, natural beauty, culture, the arts, now coupled with the salak fruit tour. Not to mention with the traditional art of the area, make sure you can stop by to try the Agro Tourism Snake fruit Sibetan while visiting Bali.


Monday, July 17, 2017

Gustav Homestay: Comfortable Lodging In Bali

Gustav Homestay: Comfortable Lodging In Bali. Gustav Homestay you can make as a suitable lodging place for enjoying holidays in Bali. The distance is close to Sanur Beach. So also if you intend to reach out to the coral coast just a 10 minutes only. While the International Airport, Soekarno-Hatta is enough time about 30 minutes. Its strategic location is certainly very indulgent and facilitate among tourists to visit and stay in Gustav Homestay.

The concept of "transfer of the ball" really applied in Gustav Homestay. The staff or the management the hotel will contact you to ask you directly deposit the documents and which are not returned as much as fifty percent for reservations at the beginning. The hotel is also usually will ask the rest of the payments for 30 days before the date of arrival during low season and 45 days prior to arrival at the mid and high season. That's why you will never be forgotten or shortcoming in preparing everything with regard to the accommodation.

Gustav Homestay: Comfortable Lodging In Bali
Gustav Homestay Bali
The question of appropriate amenities, hotels class top, Gustav Homestay has also been providing a number of devices such as the breakfast facilities morning directly delivered to the room every guest laundry service, internet connection free parking is also a place large enough for guests who bring vehicles. The atmosphere of Hinduism is very pronounced in Gustav Homestay because you will find many trays containing flowers or food with incense and holy water. The ethnic religious impression that feels.

Gustav Homestay is on the road to the Lake Tamblingan Gang Penjor Devatas Island No. 9 Bali-Indonesia.
Phone: 0361-281886

The Inn is one of the most when you vacation in an area. Looking for lodging in tourist places are equally important by finding the spot-spot craving for refresh the brain and momentarily avoided from the complexity of the problems of life. Bali The Island Of Gods as an island is very beautiful and be the central tour in Indonesia of course already provide all facilities including accommodation in it.  


Sunday, July 16, 2017

Enjoy Cheerful Evenings at Bounty Discotheque Bali

Enjoy Cheerful Evenings at Bounty Discotheque Bali. Bounty Discotheque is known for very give respect towards Hindu spirituality moments so favored by the local community. In time, here often held events themed spirituality which usually in collaboration with the local community. Pretty unique and interesting, considering this is the only possible discotheque has a big enough concern to note the cultural aspects and religiosity. It thus certainly has special value and provides significant added value because the average travelers, too many who want to know more about elements that exist in the Hindu religion.

Bounty Discotheque has been there long enough and quite a lot is known not only by the local community but also of course travelers. In each day, disco never deserted a shortage of visitors, especially if on special moments such as new year, Christmas, and more. This discotheque becomes a gathering place, and his socializing a lot of people who come from different parts of the world including You therein.

Enjoy Cheerful Evenings at Bounty Discotheque Bali
Bounty Discotheque Bali
The events there are also supposedly that makes this discotheque was received openly by the public around the world not only because of the glitter of the night which highlighted but also awareness of the Hindu community's confidence. To its attractions yourself, you will be entertained by the DJ or disc jockey ones already poor transverse the world sparkling in the night. In some occasions, the team management also does not hesitate to bring the disc jockeys from overseas to give the attraction and entertainment fun.

Disco or nightclub is identical with the rah-rah, drunk or sexy women dance beautiful tease the faith. The presence of a discotheque in Bali certainly classmates attractions has become the inevitability as tourist destinations in the world. And Bounty Discotheque confirmed it that Bali is very pampering its visitors.


Saturday, July 15, 2017

Pamper Yourself At The Payagon Villa Resort And Spa

Pamper Yourself At The Payagon Villa Resort And Spa. In the hotel offers a number of type rooms from garden view villas, one bedroom duplex pool villa, pool villa. To all villa designed by using architecture Balinese ambience. Standard facilities provided ranging from TV, mini bar, bathroom bath and shower. telephone and more. For type duplex pool villa and one bedroom villa already equipped with private pools. The villa is surrounded by a typical so stress its beauty is very pronounced.

For those of you who come here by bringing and the family then suggested to he lived in duplex pool villa because the villa is floored two pretty big size. I went for public facilities that can be obtained at the villa this is the dry cleaning, yoga classes and meditation, car rentals if you need, restaurants, meeting rooms and others. The Payagon Villa Resort and Spa has dimples restaurant inside provides a range of Balinese meals and International.

Pamper Yourself At The Payagon Villa Resort And Spa
The Payagon Villa Resort And Spa
Many who recalled that "price is never lie (Associated quality). So also associated with the price certainly lodging only linear with the facilities they provide. The Payagon Villa and Resort including lodging in Ubud which has facilities luxury with nature with a very stand out. If it is from the center of Ubud are just it takes approximately 15 minutes and 1 hour from Ngurah Rai International Airport of Bali. Anyway will not feel the loss should stay here.

However stay at a hotel or resort with complete facilities and luxury it is the dream of many people. The people who come from middle to upper economic class certainly not the problem they will have to pay a fee how to get best lodging and luxury. Including to rent The Payagon Villa Resort and Spa is the cost of the rent "crazy".


Friday, July 14, 2017

Quietness And Comfort Kajane Mua Gianyar

Quietness And Comfort Kajane Mua Gianyar. Kajane Mua is a five-star resort that offers natural beauty and features with complete facilities. This resort is able to provide nuance and quiet atmosphere, beautiful and peaceful. This resort is very fitting to you make it as a place to stay ideal. Type of villa that is in between the Kajane Mua other Lojina Villa, Villa Toya, Beiji Villa and Danu Mansion. All guest offers one room, two rooms, three rooms even four the room. Furniture and design here the distinctive style of Bali and Java.

Glass, window, door, the roof is bamboo the elements that most shows from the blend. Each guest is already equipped with adequate facilities such as a bathroom with shower and bathtub, home to cool off, swimming pool, TV, free internet and more. Terrace are there in each guest directly dealing with a very awe-inspiring expanse of Balinese rice fields.

Quietness And Comfort Kajane Mua Gianyar
Kajane Mua Gianyar
Kajane Mua also provides facilities and hotel services the plenary as outdoor swimming, fitness, yoga, place library with a collection of books, magazines, DVD/VIC free bicycle hire, breakfast, borrowing the car, free transport to and from the airport and others. For you who likes activities amazing nature utilizing cycling, trekking, hiking to Mount Batur, activities planting rice that is still done on a traditional. Kajane Mua also provides classes dance and gamelan, painting classes, cooking classes and cooking classes semprong cakes.

Type of lodging is now the idol is the luxurious facilities and being able to combine with the exoticism of perfect natural beauty. Kajane Mua Gianyar is it looks like it could represent the precondition for it. So it's no wonder if many tourists make this hotel as priorities.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

Mekori Temple Surrounded By Forest, Village of Belimbing Tabanan Bali

Mekori Temple Surrounded By Forest, Village of Belimbing Tabanan Bali. The temple is built with the Tri Mandala exists of Nista, Madyaand Utamaning Mandala. There are many places of worship in every part of the Mandala. Before moving on To the main temple there are also shrines there into the road, which is almost always crowded especially who happened to be passing across the area. Similarly, when we want to pray to the Pura luhur, we are obliged to pray in this temple first, in place of the cult, there are 2 statues Tiger believed to be bodyguards of Ida Batara. Mekori Temple was built on an altitude of 600 meters above sea level so the air is pretty cool. That adds to the uniqueness of this temple i.e. its existence surrounded by forests that still very pristine so this place to be so positive to do meditation.

Mekori Temple located in the village of Belimbing, Subdistrict of Pupuan approximately 32 km from the city of Tabanan. Mileage to this location approximately 55 km from Denpasar city and approximately 135 minutes away from Bali's Ngurah Rai Airport when using a motor vehicle.

Mekori Temple Surrounded By Forest, Village of Belimbing Tabanan Bali
Mekori Temple Village of Belimbing  Bali
Other uniqueness about exactly when the temple stood/was founded there has been no one knows one. Many tourists both foreign and domestic who is also visiting here to see the different sides of the uniqueness of this temple and you enjoy the freshness of the air.

The communities surrounding the Mekori Temple sights most of the cutting edge of search as a farmer, where it can still be seen from the large number of rice fields before entering the shrine area Mekori. Since the temple was conceived as one of the tourist objects in Tabanan Regency is expected to positively impact on the economy.

No wonder if Bali is known as the island of the gods which means many gods residing in this beautiful island. As a throne and worshipped the gods and then consequently established many temples.


Wednesday, July 12, 2017

The Case Of Balinese Dance Group Gunung Sari

The Case Of Balinese Dance Group Gunung Sari. Bali is not only famous for its natural beauty but also the beauty of the dance created by his predecessor. The Balinese is known as a community that has high values and a sense of artistic activity, where their lives could not be separated from elements of the arts and magical. So in religious rites are often coupled with the activities of the archives because of his confidence in dance can be a bridge to communicate with the gods. There are many benefits of doing and learn this dance, one of them is as a form of love that is real to all ancestral heritage.

And one of the dance group that existed until now is the Gunung Sari dance group which can be found at Puri Dalem Ubud. One of the famous dance is a Legong dance often performed at palaces in Bali. It is this kind of gathering of dance culture of the ancestors and the creativity of the community can be sharpened. The advantage for the audience is a pleasure when looking at the movements of the dance are beautiful and defenseless creation.

The Case Of Balinese Dance Group Gunung Sari
Balinese Dance Group Gunung Sari
The dance was created based on instinct or gut feelings about the creators. There are many dance moves, such as imitating the movement of wind, water, trees or imitating everyday life of man all of which have indigenous philosophical message. Sometimes, a dance that had been there was growing support for the mythology of the sacred dances.

The dance is a form of art from a community that already has a high level of civilization. The dance is the stress of taste, copyright and karsa which are the real-life manifestation of a society that is poured in the form of artistic activity.


Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Enjoy Your Visit At Eve Spa Ubud Bali

Enjoy Your Visit At Eve Spa Ubud Bali. Eve Spa Bali is a favorite spa place among travelers who vacation in Bali. One of which being the service of Eve Spa is a free transport service for around Ubud. That's one of the many pushed the number of people who do care at Eve Spa Ubud. However it is advised, before coming to this place we recommend you make a reservation in advance to find out if there are empty or full. The experience of your visit to the Spa Ubud Eve it will be wonderful when you get a massage from the spa employee who is trained and has a thorough knowledge of the art of massage. Your body will be pampered with a variety of treatment that can restore the freshness on your self. Your skin will look cleaner than before. Very likely a couple or people around into not recognizing the changes yourself.

Eve Spa Ubud is located on the road of Penestanan Kelod, Ubud, Bali. As for some other spa in Ubud area: Merano Spa, Jelatic Esthetic and Spa, and Anhera Suite and Spa Ubud.

Enjoy Your Visit At Eve Spa Ubud Bali
 Eve Spa Ubud Bali
You can look at Eve Spa Ubud styled in such a way so that the impression of the beauty and cleanliness of the fused into one and become a great attraction for visitors. Comfortable impression may soon appear in the minds of visitors who will have an impact on the convenience when doing the treatment. Treatment of its staff are very friendly and warm character of the typical person Indonesia will make you feel honored and appreciated. It also will make you respect this spa institution.

Business spa in Bali the island of gods truly flourish like mushrooms in the rainy season. You will easily find a body care that became a symbol of modernity and lifestyle. Especially the women who seem to beautify herself vying who always come to where spa treatments on a regular basis.


Monday, July 10, 2017

Legong Keraton Beach Hotel In Brawa Beach

Legong Keraton Beach Hotel In Brawa Beach. One of the hotels that are eligible to be used as Your preferences when visiting Bali is Legong Keraton Beach Hotel located on the shores of Brawa. A cozy atmosphere will instantly be felt when visitors first enter into the parking area and the lobby of the hotel. Guests who come can also enjoy the beautiful garden between the buildings is so well-ordered. Moreover, from the lobby was clearly visible horizons stretch that separates the sea and sky, two expanse of blue that is so captivating.

The hotel is located about 10 kilometers north of Kuta Beach. Drive from Kuta, you can reach in about 20-30 minutes. When you want to shop or visit the entertainment center, you simply drive for 25 minutes to where the crowds along the way. The white sand and the blue of the ocean surrounded by tropical trees to make your holiday in this hotel a place in heaven.

Legong Keraton Beach Hotel In Brawa Beach Bali
Legong Keraton Beach Hotel 
This hotel consists of 40 rooms of various types. Each room type offers the convenience of an unforgettable stay. Superior Room type, for example. These rooms are located on the third floor of the building which is in the midst of lush tropical gardens. All these rooms have a balcony facing the beautiful green garden. There are 17 rooms of this type are available at Legong Keraton Beach Hotel. Deluxe type room further. In addition to convenience, room type offers more privacy. There are 12 rooms type deluxe room at this hotel. All located on the second floor.

There are many hotels that can be used as a choice when visiting Bali. But of the many hotels that You ought to be certain whether the hotel is booked really suit the tastes, adequate facilities, and good management. That's why choosing a hotel stay is as important as choosing the location a priority of your excursions.


Sunday, July 9, 2017

Enjoy Lunch In Labhagga Pacung Restaurant, Baturiti Tabanan

Enjoy Lunch In Labhagga Pacung Restaurant, Baturiti Tabanan. The restaurant is located on Baturiti line and Bedugul is 500 seating capacity, it is quite right for choice for group or individual. Culinary tour you will taste so impressive with a variety of delicious dishes typical of Indonesia combined spectacular views of beautiful and professional and friendly employees who are ready to serve and welcome the arrival of tourists. The atmosphere around the cozy, makes you will taste linger here. If you are planning a tour to Bali, and scheduled tour with the goal of Bedugul - Tanah Lot Tour, then route towards Bedugul and strung together with lunch at Labhagga Pacung Restaurant. Enjoy dining while watching the beauty of the Valley and the hills, its a cool tourist events will make you be more special.

Enjoy Lunch In Labhagga Pacung Restaurant, Baturiti Tabanan
Labhagga Pacung Restaurant, Baturiti Tabanan
Parking Labhagga Pacung Restaurant is quite widespread, can accommodate tour buses, so many Balinese travel agents or outside of Bali scheduled tour over at Bedugul. Making it as an ideal lunch spot.

The restaurant is open every day with a serving buffet menu, in order not to run out of places you need reservations early, if you want to enjoy the sensations in this restaurant. Pamper your tour and enjoy food provided by Labhagga Pacung Restaurant.

Labhagga Pacung Restaurant located in Pacung, Baturiti Tabanan highway. Strategic location while our tour heading to Bedugul. Labhagga restaurant provides 100% halal meals without pork products. Serving food from a lazy morning, noon and night, also available specialties Indonesia and also the West. Located above the height of 700 meters above sea level, with a temperature of 18 degrees centigrade, causing cool temperatures, tourists tend to enjoy lunch here while enjoying the panoramic view of the mountains and the beautiful stretch of Hill, combined with a broad view of the rice terraces and soothing to the eyes.


Saturday, July 8, 2017

The Charm Of The Tibumana Waterfall In The Village Of Apuan

The Charm Of The Tibumana Waterfall In The Village Of Apuan. Tibumana waterfall is located at the bottom of the Pura Dalem Bangun Lemah and surrounded by cliffs which is shaped to resemble a cave. This is what makes the Tibumana waterfall impressed. Height of the waterfall is approximately 20 meters. It was not too high, but the atmosphere is presented makes it not inferior to another waterfall in Bali such as Sekumpul Waterfall and Gitgit waterfall. People call it the twin, because there are two adjoining water flow. Tibumana waterfall is located in Bangli, precisely in Banjar bangun Lemah, Apuan Village, sub-district of Susut, Bangli. The County is the only County in Bali which has no beach, but you need to know that the Bangli has an amazing nature. One is the Tibumana Waterfall. This waterfall is still very natural because it is still not a lot of visitors coming to this place considering the access course which is quite difficult.

The Charm Of The Tibumana Waterfall In The Village Of Apuan
Tibumana Waterfall In The Village Of Apuan
Due to its location in the middle of the forest, which has not been much Bangli citizens know the existence of the waterfall Tibumana. To visit this place, you should prepare your energy and mental because you will pass through the roads are steep and rocky. You should also go down the steep cliffs with only a bamboo ladder belonging to local people. And over the River to reach the location.

However at this time because the Tibumana waterfall is increasingly popular with tourists, local people take the initiative to repair the access road to this hidden paradise. A visit to this place will be an experience that will not be forgotten because of the natural landscape that is owned by the Tibumana waterfall so amazing.

Bali is famous for its natural beauty, ranging from the coast, up to the waterfall that is able to enchant tourists. Bali now has a new tourist destinations in the form of a waterfall that has not been a lot of exposure that can be used as an alternative while on vacation. Tibumana Waterfall or also called Twin waterfalls, that's his name. A tourist attraction located in Banjar Bangun Lemah, Apuan Village, sub-district of Susut, Bangli, Bali. To the atmosphere is still very beautiful, its still cool and green.


Friday, July 7, 2017

Coolness Pinge Tourist Village, Tabanan Bali

Coolness Pinge Tourist Village, Tabanan Bali. Pinge village rich in culture's potential, especially since many of the archeological obtained a temple called Pura Natar Jemeng. Anniversary it is Buda Wage Merakih. The village is frequently visited by foreign and local tourists who want to enjoy the beautiful countryside, coolness crisp air, or a vast rice field. Tourism support facilities in this Pinge Village, among other resting place be saung-saung, information center, and a tour guide. As for tourists who want to feel the atmosphere of the countryside can stay in traditional houses for rent.

There are a number of leisure activities that can be done in the village of Pinge include: Hiking, where visitors can enjoy the natural state of the village extensively and explore a wide range of potential of this village. Cycling, cycling fascinating scenery and the fresh air Pinge. And it could also be Tracking, visitors can enjoy the Orchard Pinge village while enjoying a comfortable rural and traditional.

Coolness Pinge Tourist Village, Tabanan Bali
Coolness Pinge Tourist Village
The village is located 34 km from Pinge Denpasar city. Its location 17 Km in the North of the town of Tabanan. Tour to the village of mileage this Pinge of Denpasar city is roughly 34 km away and approximately 85 minutes from Ngurah Rai Airport when using a motor vehicle.

Pinge village is one of the most beautiful villages in Bali. Views specifically as a rice field, gorges, mountains of stranded, as well as forest green is a very natural landscape menu lure-breathtaking. It could be said in the same Village tourism Pinge Interestingly with the attractions of Jatiluwih. The air is also so cool because it is geographically its position was at an altitude of 500 meters above sea level (a.s.l.)


Thursday, July 6, 2017

Charming Lodging And Natural In Sri Ratih Cottages Ubud

Charming Lodging And Natural In Sri Ratih Cottages Ubud, Its location is indeed a little avoidance of crowds city, but don't worry about access transportation or if you want to go to restaurants, souvenir shop or art gallery. This place adjacent to a number of places. While for the building itself is intentionally designed with using a traditional style with 29 rooms in it. You can choose one of the types like AC standard room, superior room, deluxe room, duplex and family room or a standard fan cooled room. Standard facilities you can get in every the room such as a telephone, TV, minibar, wifi access, a private balcony, a fan/air conditioning and more. For several types of rooms are already equipped with private bathroom with running hot and cold. Comfortable impression very impressive and tasted good with regard to the pattern of the architecture or the given maximum service his staff. So is the provision of a number of other supporting facilities such as safety deposits box room, meditation, car rentals, restaurants, services massage and more.

Charming Lodging And Natural In Sri Ratih Cottages Ubud
 Sri Ratih Cottages Ubud

Sri Ratih Cottages is located on the Campuran street 1, Penestanan Ubud 80571, Bali-Indonesia.
Phone: 0361-975638. Visit

If you want to stay at the hotel with the atmosphere and feel calm and comfortable then Sri Ratih Cottages can be the alternative. Lodging this three-star label, slightly shy away from the bustle of the city so it's not limited to the residence but also as a place of meditation. The atmosphere of with a society that is full of the family be of high value for prospective guests.

The inn is inseparable from tourism activities in an area. The area of Ubud in Bali as one of its central island tourism the gods, of course, has a number of facilities accommodation to choose from in accordance with your wishes. You can choose the residence based on the needs, financial condition, the location, facilities and others.


Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Get to Know Closer to the Traditional House of Bali

Get to Know Closer to the Traditional House of Bali, In a traditional house Bali there are several holy places used for worship as well as a variety of other purposes. Balinese Traditional House has values that are known by the term Asta Kosala Kosali. This philosophy governs the relationship between man and God, a man with man, and of a man with nature. North-East corner of the part at the traditional House of Bali are usually more purified so that spaces are placed more votes. While the West-South corner is a corner of a lower degree of purity in a spatial House, which is usually a direction sign into the residence or to other buildings such as a bathroom and others.

all abouta Traditional House of Bali
Traditional House of Bali
Custom House Bali has parts that each have a meaning and function:
  • Sanggah Or Pamerajan. This section is a sacred place for families who live
  • Panginjeng Karang. This section is a place for worshiping the guarding the grounds.
  • Bale Manten. This place is the head of the family bed, girls, and place of storing valuables. This section is also used for newly married couples.
  • Bale Gede or Bale custom. Is the site a circle of life.
  • Bale Dauh. This place serves as a place of work, meetings and bed boys.
  • Paon. That is the form of the kitchen used for cooking
  • Lumbung. Is the storage of staple foods such as rice and other produce.
In accordance with the belief shared by the majority of the people of Bali, Bali traditional house building has the feel of a Hindu is very thick. At the front of it, we'll find a gate is not a covered the entrance to the grounds of the House. This gate is the basis for naming custom house Bali.

Bali not only has a beautiful nature. Island of the Gods also has a culture so rich and sacred. Compliance with the Balinese cultures ancestors has got recognition from many quarters. The building also includes a traditional house Bali, known as Arch Candi Bentar.


Tuesday, July 4, 2017

The Banana War Ceremony For Mental Test

As for the purpose of the ceremony is the Banana War in order to choose a Chairman and also Vice Chairman of a youth group in the village. By way of doing tests and mental test in advance to the candidates who will be the leader of the local village. It is reasonable to just happen because of the nature of philosophy and the history of war itself is only known in depth by traditional Balinese society, especially those living in the Tenganan Village Culture. The famous Balinese people have a sense against a high artistry coupled with obedience in running various commands and cultural norms as well as the surge adds to a growing religiosity of the developments of art and tradition in the island of the gods. The impact of it all is the Balinese people are known to have many ceremonies or religious nuances of the show is thick and has run in generations.

The unique thing that turned out to do battle not to cause resentment among fellow youth who have been attacked, the two young men without mercy because it realized that it was done just run Rite only. To temper the anger or resentment mainly from two young men to a former adversary, the ceremony usually ends with Megibung or eating together, followed by all the villagers.

All about bali The Banana War Ceremony
The Banana War Ceremony
Process there are at least 16 young men chosen by Kelian custom as opposed to in the war against the candidate of the Chairman and the Deputy Chairman by the youth group of the village. The overall youth of 16 people later gathered in the corners of the village, the village that is home to change out of their clothes. Their shirts were replaced with custom suits, sarongs, and cloth headdress known as udeng.

Attraction among tourists visiting Bali is not only on its natural beauty are indeed capable of anesthetized eye every that looked at it, but also devoted to various Festival of art and its traditions. One of them, namely the banana War Ceremony.


Monday, July 3, 2017

Ungasan Bali Melasti Beach

Ungasan Bali Melasti Beach, Melasti Beach is a beach located on the South Bali is located in Ungasan Village and adjacent to the coast of Bali Cliff. its location it can be reached from Jimbaran approximately 15 minutes. Because it is located in Ungasan, then called only Melasti Beach Ungasan. Called the Melasti Beach because the beach is often used for Melasti ceremony by surrounding residents on any given day for example before the feast Nyepi. Currently access to this beach is already well-appointed. This proved the existence of asphalt road to the coastline which crosses high abyss that often became background location the taking of photographs, this height can be 100-150 meters. Just as the coast of Pandavas, this pen access opportunities for the tourists who visit Central holiday in Bali to enjoy the panoramic view of the beach from a different point of view. Here have not appeared tourist destination.

Access to there is not difficult. Is about 3 kilometers from the village of Ungasan once used as a location for filming the movie Eat Pray Love starring Julia Robert. Or look for melasti street and then straight on until meet Bayan Tree Hotel and Resort and straight again slightly then you will see a place for the coastline of over the cliff. You simply follow the path the derivative to get to the bottom. The course of the winding road to get to the bottom of the beach, almost similar to the Pandavas.

All about bali Melasti Beach
Melasti Beach
On the beach it will also created a platform overhanging to the sea. The goal is to make it easier for local people to do religious rituals for example when melasti will make it easy for the "nganyud" into the middle of the sea. Because previously had to use boats to do the activities of :nganyud".

Melasti Beach locations in the future will be developed as the water sports center similar to that is in the Tanjung Benoa activities such as jetski, banana boat, etc. So later this could be the place an alternative to Bali watersport lovers.



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