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Monday, June 12, 2017

Bali Adventure Rafting

Not all of the river could be used for tourism rafting and every river has a level different difficulties. Of course, when you did rafting in Bali, you'll be accompanied by white water rafting guide, wearing a vest and helmet a safety. Besides, all participants of the rafting set off in groups, working in one the team that makes rafting in Bali is absolutely secure, good for kids as well as parents.

There is a river in Ubud is particularly suitable for activities rafting. The name of the river is the river Ayung. Ayung River has a difficulty level rivers for rafting in the class II-III, meaning it is suitable for beginners and first time try rafting.

Bali Adventure Tours, for more rafting activities famous as the Bali Adventure Rafting. The company received the participants of rafting the range of 5 to 65 years. River rafting very famous Ayung is Bali will water clarity the river currents are not hard and views nature is still awake. Duration of rafting river the Ayung, revolves around 1,5 hours-2 hours, depending on your pedaling speed and the speed of water flow river. Ayung River has the long range the river 12 kilometers, along with the river you must 27 passes hurdle classes II and III. In addition, you can also view the waterfalls as well as views of the rice fields.

all about bali adventure rafting
Bali Adventure Rafting

Ayung River in Ubud, many available companies providers of activities such as rafting, Bali Rip Rafting the Ayung, umbrellas, and Bali Rafting Adventure Tours. The third company this is recommended for your rafting tour and has variations the price of the rafting with different safety record 100%.

Ubud Bali, one of the attractions in Bali domestic tourists visit frequently and foreign tourists. In this place, you can see a wide variety of art performances of dance, crafts hand and painting. Ubud also offers tours one of these is adventure Bali tour rafting.



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