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Monday, September 26, 2016

Romance And Naturalness In The Puri Wulandari Ubud

Romance and naturalness in the puri wuladari Ubud, this romantic resort is only about 10 km from central Ubud so that is a long travel about 15 minutes. A variety of room types this villa is offered by a number of benefits. Like villa with one bedroom and a pool private villa Drupadi with two bedrooms and a pool private pool, villa Maharani with 2 rooms sleep and private pools giving the value of privacy. In it, these villas are already equipped with standard features like mini bar, bathroom with running hot and cold breakfast today, dressing room, lounge and more.

Building your own villa with a touch traditional ethnic impressions so strongly felt. Not to mention the existence of the pool right face with the Valley so it will give the impression that no none. If you want to stage with spouse run Romantic dinner also can be done here. Anyway, this villa the number one at the Ubud. Its premium services and facilities will be able to give satisfaction to every visitors.

bali woow Puri Wulandari Ubud
Puri Wulandari Ubud
If you're honeymooning or enjoying early marriage with a spouse who is very loved then it should if it makes Puri Wulandari Ubud as the main choice. The mansion side by side with tropical forests so features naturalness and beauty of nature that there is no comparison. So many who call that an excess of pure not only lies in its completeness and luxury facilities and services but also the condition of its a very romantic and spellbinding.

Travel to Ubud area is many people's dream. Moreover, if it can be to stay. Lodging in this diverse region ranging from a class hotel with the price of what it is to hotels premium class can be found here. You can select it in accordance with your wishes and budget availability.


Sunday, September 25, 2016

Enjoy a day At Echo Beach bali

Enjoy a day at echo beach Bali, the beach is very awake and atmosphere clean. Reasonable indeed because surfers who are members of an organization called Club Surf Community (CSC) in collaboration with the school surf patrol routine hygiene with the brewers intended to contribute rubbish-trash is the location of the beach.

Echo Beach was originally named Batu Mejan. However, the post-war rebuilding of a restaurant called Restaurant Echo Beach, easy to remember by tourists later it was given the name Echo Beach inherent to this day. The current population is about 30%-eyed livelihood as farmers and fishermen, this can be seen from the existing rice fields when going to his fishing boat were found on the coast.

As the development of the times and the number of travelers coming to Echo Beach, land and rice fields located in the immediate vicinity of the beach a lot for sale and for rent for facilities supporters of tourism. Echo Beach is located in the village Canggu, North Kuta, Badung Regency. It is about 14 km from the city of Denpasar or if converted to approximately 48 minutes if it is from the Bali International Airport Ngurah Rai.

Bali woow echo beach bali
Echo Beach Bali
Echo Beach is very suitable for those who in drunken or amorous newlyweds since the atmosphere quiet, peaceful and quiet. Privacy is really awake because tourists matter apparently not yet too many who come to this location. They who come here usually spend the day with activities such as sunbathing, swimming or surfing while waiting and enjoying the beauty sunset in the evening.
Echo Beach was above the reef but side there are beaches of sand ramps. this beach right next to the beach of Canggu. While its coastline is equal to Kuta Beach and Legian.


Cool Hang Out In Bali? La Laguna Place

If you continue along the main street you will arrive at a wooden bridge. This bridge connects between la Laguna Beach Marshy. A great spot to enjoy the sunset is the proper outdoor area leads towards the the beach.

Food prices here are relatively standard to measure cafe in Bali. For a sense of myself also "standard", but all replaced by the atmosphere and the view is not forgotten. Enjoy the sunset, accompanied by cold beer, margarita, and fried calamari while chatting fun together with friends. Truly an enjoyable experience.

If you want to get a fitting place to create sunset, have come at 04.00 PM. If you come too late in the afternoon usually place overlooking the beach is already full.
Bring a camera and spend time with hunting photos while waiting for the time of sunset.
Carefully selecting food, lots of menus contain processed pork.
The place rather enters into, so read directions carefully, do not get a miss.
La Laguna is accessible both from the coast marshy or from the parking structure.

Bali Woow La Laguna Place
La Laguna Place Bali
la Laguna is a beachside cafe that fits create sit relaxed while enjoying the sunset. The unique design and pleasant atmosphere make the visitors happy to be here. All the entrance you are greeted by a row of the caravan with colorful designs that unique, right around the corner you will find the main building which is part of the indoor this cafe. While the location f the pool are in the around the main building.

La Laguna is a "family member" is the latest from the family of "La" others in Bali, such as La Favela and a La Plancha. Still the same family members another, La Laguna has a unique concept, bohemian atmosphere. IS located in Canggu, at the end of the road, making the White Wooden Beach La Laguna is becoming an attractive option for people who is bored with the area of Seminyak, Legian, Nusa Dua or Kuta. La Laguna provides food inspired by the food of Australia-Mexico


Saturday, September 24, 2016

Feel The comfort Of The Chapung Sebali Villa Ubud

The fee the comfort of the Chapung Sebali Villa Ubud is lodging offers beauty and naturalness of nature combined with the modern all-around facility. This inn is located in the countryside traditional Ubud located in the area of flow Wos River with panoramic views and beauty riveting. The villa provides a naturalness condensed combined with typical Balinese nuance reflected in the Balinese architectural. Some the type can be selected here ranging from one bedroom pool villa and two bedroom pool villa.

Both room types have been equipped a fairly complete with facilities such as bathroom, private swimming pool, TV screen flat, guest room and others. Views the tropical garden and the expense of rice field be a part of the impressive villa. Various General facilities which are available here to support the needs of guests such as restaurant, parking and accommodation places of entertainment for relaxing the mind and sense the tired struck. For those of you who like adventures in the wild then could try trekking and hiking to surrounding villages or a visit to the temple.

bali woow Chapung Sebali Villa Ubud
Chapung Sebali Villa Ubud
You can ask for help than to guide it has been prepared by the management of villa to help with all your needs. For his ministry alone, you will be in maximum service and satisfy the friendly and experienced staff. For visiting shuttle bus is available here. Villa this is the time of travel about 10 minutes from the center of Ubud and 90 minutes from Ngurah Rai International Airport. Its location a little away from the city center making the villa is suitable for couples who newly just make her marriage.

Surely there would be a difficulty for you to get lodging in the heart of Ubud Bali. Ubud tourism as one of its central and visited by tourists, of course, setting up a number of accommodations that can be selected. From the start, simple accommodation mid to luxury everything can be tested in the area of Ubud.


Shipwrecks In Nusa Lembongan A Professional Surfer's Paradise

Shipwrecks in Nusa Lembongan a professional surfers paradise, to conquer waves that exist in Shipwrecks and experience required flying hours is quite high. Often this surf spot is often a favorite surfing spot made by surfers from abroad as well as with international surfers tournaments have often done here.

Ideal surfing spot in the heart of Nusa Lembongan for professional surfers is indeed reputed to have Beach and the waves also weary that a regional classic so it's quite dangerous to the novice.
Not only the large and powerful waves, comfortable surroundings and deserted indeed strongly support activity to do surf. So also with the beauty of its beaches and the seeming turn blue as far as the eye can see. If the weather is sunny again and by chance, you play surfing in the afternoon, then it could be all for looking forward to the most valuable moments, that beautiful sunset. While diving drinking water, while surfing can enjoy the beautiful sunset.

Bali woow Nusa Lembongan Surfer's Paradise
Nusa Lembongan Surfer's Paradise
Because of the terrain and the challenge that was given on the spot Shipwrecks is quite heavy so it takes a mature and special preparation so that it doesn't happen to things outside of the allegations. The Agency also has to be in top shape for being able to constantly meanders dodging and dancing above window waves. Shipwrecks are indeed different from the spot where this place the other surfers can ride up high waves and strong currents that characterize this one surfing spot.

For those of you who do extreme sports hobby in water such as surfing then this place deserves to be one of the intended places to surf. Shipwrecks that exist in the area of Nusa Lembongan is different from the other spot that can be touched by anyone, including those who still lay. Here is a point break for surfers who have been good and proficient, certainly can not be used by people who are still learning.


Friday, September 23, 2016

Enjoy Raw Food At Betelnut Cafe

Enjoy raw food at betelnut cafe, is a relaxed and comfortable place for breakfast, lunch, or just get some coffee only. Many courses are available for those of you who like to eat there. Organic menus provided by the Betelnut Cafe comes from raw materials that are still fresh. There, you can order wheat grass, herbs, juices, smoothies, vegetarian and vegan. In addition to the presented raw, there are also cooked.

Menu mainstay Betelnut Cafe Coconut yogurt is one of them. Betelnut Cafe also provides a menu for kids like soups, salads, paninis, and sandwiches. If you want Toasted Wrap for your child, the menu can also be provided there.

If you are visiting Bali and confusion looking restaurant providers "Raw food" just point your vehicle towards Betelnut Cafe. The site provides healthy food menu as you want. Betelnut Cafe is located at street Batu Bolong No. 64, Canggu, Bali. From Kuta Beach is approximately 12 Km away. If You'd like to Betelnut Cafe from Kuta Beach, please take the road towards Kuta Beach to Highway Canggu, then onto Highway Batu Bolong in Kuta.

Bali woow Betelnut Cafe Bali
Betelnut Cafe Bali
Betelnut Cafe is open for breakfast, lunch, and a relaxing time, i.e. starting from 09.00-17.00 WITA. Open daily Monday through Saturday. Betelnut Cafe for casual evening opened again At 19.30-22.00 WITA. Betelnut Cafe also provides messaging services between if you call before 11.30 WITA. While enjoying healthy foods, there you can enjoy views of the surrounding beautiful cafe.

This was popular in adults is to eat "Raw Food", since it is known that raw food a lot of benefit for the body. The community, especially among vegetarians are becoming increasingly sensitive with healthy vegetables. You are implementing the healthy living program? Please Visit The Betelnut Cafe.


Stay At The Bali Rich Luxury Villas And Spa

Stay at the Bali Luxury Villas and Spa, offers a variety of villa type such as one bedroom villa and also two bedroom villa. Both have a modern design minimalist is a combination of classic style with the modern. One bedroom villa provides one double bed complete with the canopy. Type of villa is suitable for guests honeymooners. While type two bedroom the villa has 2 double beds that fit for guests on holiday and stay together complete family.

Bali Rich Luxury Villas and Spa Ubud which is an exclusive and luxurious residence with panoramic views it's the most beautiful. The hotel features stunning River views. Bali Rich Luxury is in the same area once far from the noise of the city so therefore is a great place to relax and close my eyes. Guests who visit here will be served by his staff smile friendly.

Bali Woow Bali Rich Luxury Villas And Spa
Bali Rich Luxury Villas And Spa
Every guest is already equipped with diverse facilities such as the kitchen, private swimming pool, TV flat-screen, IDD telephone, air conditioning, and bathroom also with bath and shower. For guests who want to try a romantic dinner at the villa, can order to prepare everything. Anyway whatever be the needs of every his guest, Bali Rich Luxury Villas and Spa this will provide it. So it will be the experience of interesting when you and your family stay at this villa.

Visiting Bali is much desirable by many people. The island of Bali thousands have indeed become tourist attractions world tourist destinations are much admired for its beauty and naturalness of his. Visiting Bali will the more complete if coupled with a stay at hotel or place of comfortable accommodation, strategic and complete amenities.


Thursday, September 22, 2016

Let's Have An Adventure Into 'The Blanco Renaissance Museum'

Let's have an adventure into the bail renaissance museum, the afternoon cool once it feels like sitting on a park bench overlooking the fountain contained right in the middle of a grassy green courtyard, approximately half an hour again right at 5:00 PM, the Museum will be closed.

With IDR 30.000 in hand, local tourist can in, with prizes right yields Cambodia, welcomed welcome drink ice coffee, pampered color colorful some beautiful birds perched in the tree (don't be afraid to pose together, they are friendly and all), a traveling museum that very worth it all. While foreign tourists have to spend more, which is IDR 50.000.

The museum has a replica of the signature gate the maestro. Dear not allowed to take pictures in in the museum. The room at the right is a painting studio Blanco, there are paints, brushes and painting equipment the other had once been used for painting. There are also several works not there are canvas, some family photos and interesting the heart is three catalog which is above the table. Interesting because on one of the catalog fiat got stolen by the visitors of the museum that seemed familiar with Blanco this, still tacked on the memo containing the outpouring of the heart 'thief'. The contents are more or less is the remorse 'thief' for having dared to steal the catalog, feel it's inappropriate to have a catalog despite the very desire it, finally, catalog ever returned a year later.

All About Bali The Blanco Renaissance Museum
The Blanco Renaissance Museum Bali
Still in Ubud, Bali-enjoy the adventure to the museum of Spain painter who falls in love on Bali and the Balinese dancer named Ni Ronji. The Blanco Renaissance Museum, exhibiting the works of maestro Don Antonio Blanco who died the world on 10 December 1999. In the building two Spain-Bali-style floor, dozens of works that most female figures hung on the wall of a sweet wrapped in a frame designed by the painter.


Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Sightseeing in Pura Tirta Empul Religious Celebration

Sightseeing in Pura Tirta Empul religious celebration, the water in this temple Pakerisan River flows into. Pura it is estimated to be built since the time of King Chandra Bhayasingha Warmadewa dynasty. The temple is divided into 3 parts namely Jaba Pura or home page, Jaba Tengah or central courtyard and the Offal or the inside of the temple. In the central part of the temple, there are two rectangular ponds where outdoor they have about 30 fruit shower run from east to west facing south. Each shower that has a name of its own including shower Pengelukatan, Pebersihan, Sudamala and shower Cetik.

Shower Cetik Tirta Empul and the name has something to do with the mythology of the battle King Mayadenawa Stone Later (Bedahulu) by lord Indra. In the mythology, it is told that King Mayadenawa acted arbitrarily and do not allow the people to carry out religious rites to beg salvation from God Almighty.

All About Bali Pura Tirta Empul Religious Celebration
Pura Tirta Empul Religious Celebration
After the deed was known by the gods, then the gods headed by Lord Indra attacking Mayadenawa. Finally, Mayadenawa can be defeated and fled. Came on the north of the village celebration. As a consequence divine power, Mayadenawa creates a fountain of Cetik (poison) that resulted in a large number of the Warriors Lord Indra who fell due to drinking the water. See this Batara Indra immediately plugging spear and emits water out of the ground (Tirta Empul) and holy water has used the splatter the gods so not much could live again as readily.

The place is a relic of history definitely always have the history behind the name. In its history, the name of the temple is taken from the name of the springs located at the inner part of the temple Tirta Empul is named. The name of Tirta Empul means the holy water that gushes out of the ground.
In addition to natural attractions, Bali is also famous for it's whom his son who was a result of the creation of sports thought, taste and inventiveness of the predecessor. One of the famous temples in Bali is the temple Tampaksiring Empul located about 36 km from the capital city of Denpasar.


Affordable Febri's Spa Kuta

Affordable febri's spa Kuta, in the context of the business spa, a differentiator that can be appearing with the innovation of products or packages granted, massage techniques, space and design and other. That's what realized by Febris Spa where they then created the criterion by using elements of the fruit brown as material treatment.

There are many benefits provided by fruit this chocolate can moisturize the skin. Hence the therapy done here is very suitable traveled by those who have problem skin is easy to dry. The content of fruit chocolate keeps vitamins A and Every helpful in lifting cells dead skin. So does the content anti-oxidant that is useful to prevent the occurrence of premature aging so you will appear fresher after performing maintenance Febris Spa in Kuta.

Bali Woow Febri's Spa Kuta
Febri's Spa Kuta
Elements of nature are very pronounced in Febris Spa. For those of you who prefer doing treatment fancy then will be performed in the villa is indeed has been set aside in an effort to provide exclusive services. Its privacy problem on its own, the spa very Febris awake because limited by a high wall independent of the view from the outside. Febris Spa equipped with the very grounds awake the site clean and groomed him awoke with very good. Complete because Febris Spa being able to combine a beautiful spa and place close to nature and have a level professional service.

One of the many spas recommended tourists is Febris Spa Kuta. Febris Spa short provides a spa service done in the spa rooms clean very well maintained and has the decor is very convenient. Existing service Febris Spa in Kuta is very suitable to be enjoyed by different walks of life, regardless of his age. The use of natural materials in support treatments in the spa become Febris value plus not owned by another spa place.  


Tropical And Exotic Shades D'Omah Bali

Tropical and exotic shades D'omah Ubud Bali, D'Omah Hotel is in the heart of Ubud so greatly facilitate anyone who intends to stay here. Various types are offered at D'Omah Hotel such as Veranda Suite, Jasmine The Villa, and Garden Villa. Each of the rooms of the existing it has been equipped with air conditioning, TV room bath, mini bar and others. Veranda Suite is the type of room that can be rented for those of you who take along family or friends because of the ample-sized. They also surrounded by green gardens exotic.

Garden Villa has two bedrooms and surrounded by a green garden that provides freshness and comfort to the eyes looked at. This type is perfect for you that brings the family because in addition to its place broadly, the price is also very affordable. For rooms with more private position then can order the Jasmine Suite with 2 rooms his sleep, there is also a swimming pool, a porch directly overlooking the garden so green shades cool and comfortable can be enjoyed.

All About D'Omah Bali
D'Omah Bali
Amenities here include treatment center, internet, Jacuzzi, cable TV so that can watch multiple channels International, library, restaurant and services the room for 24 hours. Here are also available the swimming pool for those who want to relax body (the swimming pool is divided into two i.e. outdoor large and small pool). For those of you who brought private vehicles but tired to drive yourself than can rent a driver that will directly be prepared by the management hotel.

D'Omah Hotel Bali is a lodging by the name unique. The hotel tropical, exotic, the price is affordable and maintain privacy. If you need a charming inn with a high level of privacy babysitting then D'Omah appears to be eligible for entry in the list your dream residence.


Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Tried A Variety Of Treatment At The Orchid Spa Ubud

Tried a variety of treatment at the orchid spa, Bali, as for some of the treatment options can be retrieved here such as Orchid Traditional Bali Massage that lasts approximately 1,5 hours treatments that put a touch of Bali's toe up to the neck and head. In this treatment, beginning with foot massage thalasso and then topped off with a drink warm ginger tea which is very useful for warm the bed. Immediately comes to Orchid Spa.

In addition to the Traditional Bali Orchid, you can feel the Orchid feature packages wraps 2 hours. This is a very useful treatment techniques to open the pores and removing various impurities from your skin. Package body scrub it begins with a foot wash then with scrub and treatment coupled with Bali others. Care packages are very loved by women who have always wanted to appears fresh and have a level of mobility heights.

In addition to having an excess of low-cost, another plus, owned by the Orchid Spa is a very strategic location with it only takes about 30 minutes from Ngurah Rai International Airport, Bali. Various treatment on Orchid Spa uses aroma oil and scrub that is made specifically by using natural ingredients provide maximum benefits for health skin. So is Orchid Spa has a number of superior and professional therapists who always ready to give service and massage his best.

all about bali The Orchid Spa Ubud
The Orchid Spa Ubud
Do body treatments and pamper the skin does not always have to be expensive, especially if do it in central areas such as tourism Bali. There is a place name which became a spa many domestic tourist subscription i.e. Orchid Spa in Ubud area. Orchid Spa is not just can pamper your body with various package his ministry but also very pamper you in the context of the price they offer a very affordable for level beauty center in Bali.


Soft and elegant Villa Diana Bali

Soft and elegant villa Diana Bali, the hotel is elegant, minimalist design with finish-finish that impressed. Hotel with two floors was so accentuated the impression tropical. His white paint colors so it looks soft and elegant. The inn is looking very elegant. The 25 rooms are there in this hotel can you select in accordance with the wishes and needs. There are two types of rooms i.e. standard deluxe and deluxe equipped with three pieces family villa so the place was pretty freely.

Any guests who make a reservation then will automatically get free breakfast for two people. Some of the facilities which could be enjoyed such as television, telephones, fax, bathroom, maid room, minibar and access to the internet. While supporting facilities the other is the swimming pool which you can use any time safety deposit boxes, sports facilities, restaurants, indoor parking ample, security 24 hours, place gym, tour those of you who needs and more.

Bali Woow Villa Diana Bali
Villa Diana Bali
If the agency feels achy then it could try massage and spa services that offer a number of variations of the service. As for you searching for peace and quiet then relax for a moment in a tropical garden green and beautiful. Its ideal location and strategic location makes it easy for anyone who wants to stay here. If you want to visit the beach only with time running just 10 minutes it's been up to. If from the international airport Ngurah Rai just takes about 10 minutes away.

You certainly know by one of the world's that his death very tumultuous universe: Princess Diana might even be just you idolize him! To her memory may you need to stay in a hotel named villa Diana Bali the island of gods. Perhaps with such longing, you can get it even though the only similarity with the name alone.


Monday, September 19, 2016

Arabica Coffee Kintamani Typical Of Bali

Arabica coffee Kintamani typical Bali, coffee Arabica type that grows in the tourist area of Kintamani, have recognized the primacy of consumers and foreign tourists, among them a distinctive flavor, pest-resistant disease, dense and fruitful high productivity. Red Gelondong are manually picked and chosen by way of a percentage of gelondong with over 95%. Red gelondong next coffee processed in wet, With fermentation for 12 hours or 36 hours and dried naturally by way of drying.

This coffee is the result unreliable. Even being one of three coffee Indonesia gets the Unique geographical indication certificate, better known by the name of geographical indications. Not only that, the Coffee Kintamani have the certificate of intellectual property with a geographical indication.

Bali new trade three types of plantations results to export markets, in addition to the coffee and cocoa as well this is a new type of merchandise from the island of the gods and has already entered the market. In addition to Kintamani Bali Arabica coffee, there are tea plants, cocoa, rubber, oil palm, coconut and other commodities.

All about bali Arabica Coffee Kintamani
Arabica Coffee Kintamani 
Kintamani Bali coffee Arabica usually can be said to be not too bitter (bitter) and not osphronemid ae (astringent). This is because the farmers had Kintamani Bali high concern about how to pick select during harvest. In General, there are no significant flavor defects from Kintamani is the taste of coffee.

Kintamani Bali coffee produced from the Arabica coffee plants are grown in the Highlands of Kintamani in the villages of Kintamani, Bangli Regency, Bali province, with elevations above 900 meter for sea. Kintamani area located on the slopes of the volcano Batur. With the kind of soil Entisol and Inceptisol. This area has a cold and dry air with a lot of rainfall over the last 6-7 months of the rainy season. This coffee can be found in many centers by Bali. But if you want to buy and see the process of processing coffee traditionally, please come to Kintamani, Bali.


Diving in Tulamben Beach Bali

Diving in Tulamben beach Bali, the height of the beach is around 30 meters and plant-filled sea and sea fish, good the small and large. These wrecks it has become a big enough rock and very challenging to explore. If you are lucky you will see some fish great looking for dining or just happened to pass by.

Because it has become a diving attraction this area offers quite sufficient good lodging or restaurant. Of course, there are many providers here diving services provides diving and instructors who will guide gives you. Because this dive spot is relatively easy then not only experienced divers beginner divers but also many a visit here. No wonder the tens divers from all over the world come every day here especially when the weather is very friendly as in the months between August until November.

its location in the camps, which are at the eastern foot of Mount Agung. From Denpasar Bali about 3 hours drive, you first heading the direction of the town of Karangasem and find directions towards a tourism Tirta Gangga Waterpalace, no it never hurts if you stopped briefly to the Palace this water. After in Tirta Gangga Waterpalace continues to travel and about 5 km before the beach you will see a sign of welcome. You can here from the direction of the city of Singaraja along the northeast coast of Bali. In along the way to this beach you can see the splendor of Mount Agung, the highest in Bali.

 All About Diving in Tulamben Beach Bali
 Diving in Tulamben Beach Bali
Tulamben is a tourist in Bali a very famous tourist his dive. Here divers like to see shipwrecks USAT Liberty property The United States was shot by soldiers Japan in 1942. The ship sank and the now home to a variety of fish and another marine biota. Divers from all over the world came to this place to see the underwater beauty of Tulamben Beach. The location of the USAT Liberty wreck is just 25 meters from the beach is within easy reach so that only with a swim. From the surface, you just need diving about 5 meters to reach out to wreck it.


Jasmine Aromatic House Tuban Bali

Jasmine aromatic house Tuban Bali, this Jasmine Aromatic House have around 52 bed with 10 single rooms and 21 double rooms. in addition, Jasmine Aromatic it has a spacious and comfortable lobby for waiting for your name to be called. Place other than the full air conditioning also features audio external the will make you feel calm during do care here. So there is no the reason for not trying a wide range of services therapy that is provided in the spa specials these.

Jasmine Aromatic House will provide maximum service, making you relax seeming to move away from a variety of problems there are. Jasmine Aromatic prioritizes satisfaction of visitors with presents professional service, convenient place and clean as well as having an international repeat. Here you can try out various treatment ranging from Exotic rattan Massage, Manicure & Pedicure, Warm Stone Massage, Balinese Aromatherapy Aromatic Ear candle, Message Dancing Finger Massage + Herbal Therapy and there are still much more.

All About Bali Jasmine Aromatic House
Jasmine Aromatic House 
When your body is left something went wrong could soon visit Jasmine Aromatic House this to obtain care and service for your body to its fullest in accordance with needs. Of the many customers who come, claims to be satisfied with the service as well as care packages they get. because that's what the customers-customers on Jasmine Aromatic House back again to do a treatment.

One more place spa in Bali which is believed pleased with the incorporation of elements traditional and modern. Jasmine Aromatic Spa the spa was a place that was already fairly familiar in Bali, Tuban area in particular. It will provide relaxation concept spa services which combine body treatments with aromatherapy. This place became one of the favorite places for travelers traveling to Bali because many have the advantages of starting from a strategic location, many service options, up to the price cheap but a quality of service is not cheesy.


Sunday, September 18, 2016

New Kuta Golf With A Challenging Hole

New Kuta Golf with a challenging hole, is one golf course in Bali are already entered on the list of the best golf courses in Asia. New Kuta Golf course designed by Chalk Hill above the NKG golf land which is adjacent to the tourist area of Uluwatu. The scenery around this New Kuta Golf is fabulous because it directly confronted with the vast Indian Ocean and as far as the eye can see. New Kuta Golf Highway are at Uluwatu, Pecatu Indah Resort, Jimbaran.

At the New Kuta Golf is also available at The Link Resto to pamper your stomach. Here serves a variety of food international and Indonesia. This restaurant is located on the ground floor with free air atmosphere and views of the holes 9 and 18. This area accommodates the Resto was banned from smoking and air conditioned dining room. Truly, the golf course is craving any golfers.

All About New Kuta Golf
New Kuta Golf 
New Kuta Golf has 18 holes designed by Ronald Freeman and has five sets of tees that are able to meet the needs of a golfer on any level. To support the service premium, New Kuta Golf has a club house that is located at the entrance of the golf course. It consists of a locker room, restaurant, Spa, caddies, shelters and the multi-purpose room that also has a view of the beach off. You and your colleagues will be totally hooked when playing here.

The game of golf is a sport that is synonymous with the circle of upper middle class, officials, entrepreneurs, artists, and other bourgeois. To pamper and satisfy these circles, Bali as an icon of tourism in Indonesia would certainly not want to miss the opportunity to also provide golfing facilities combined with natural beauty and atmosphere of coolness. It is, as that looks at New Kuta Golf that you can encounter in the area of Jimbaran.


Saturday, September 17, 2016

Uniqueness Aling-aling Waterfall

Uniqueness aling-aling waterfall, in the area of North Bali, or rather Buleleng Regency there is the famous waterfall has its own uniqueness and awesome natural view, namely the Aling-aling Waterfall. Aling-aling is one waterfall that becomes favorites because in addition to its natural beauty and potential of the regions, as well as its location adjacent to the crowded city, Singaraja. Aling-aling is actually an area that consisted of several waterfalls, including the waterfall Kroya, Twins, Cypress, Canging, Dedari and Shoots. From the parking, we have to walk a few hundred meters down the path to the location. The first site is a Aling-aling waterfall. Aling-aling Waterfalls has an elevation of approximately 40 meters, it is the main waterfall.

The location of this waterfall is surrounded by high cliffs and the green trees that reflect that the area was a Virgin from the encroachment of forest. Water cascades down the split into two parts with different water discharge. Right next to waterfalls and rapids are larger than the waterfall on the left. Nevertheless, both are equally evocative of sensations and gives a deep impression.

All About Bali Aling-aling Waterfall
 Aling-aling Waterfall
When heading to the Aling-aling waterfall these most entrants do not need to go through 2 small waterfalls in a small river. Usually, visitors will stop on both the small waterfall for a moment to rest and enjoy the natural beauty surrounding him. Then visitors even though down the hundreds of stairs before finally arriving at this amazing sights. A sense of weary and tired after going down the stairs as if not noticeably and pays off in full immediately by the sound of his heavy water that falls from a height of approximately 35 meters.

Aling-aling waterfall located in North Bali in the Sambangan village of Sukasada sub-district, District of Buleleng, Singaraja. It takes it takes about 3 hours from the city of Denpasar or approximately 85 Kilometers, and is only 15 Km from the city of Singaraja. Singaraja has many attractions of the beautiful waterfalls and awesome because the broad hills surrounded Singaraja.


Friday, September 16, 2016

Best Western Resort Kuta

Best western resort Kuta, the rooms provided seem very comfortable and clean. Various purposes and your needs will be provided. If celebration feels tired and wants to cool off for a while eating can only directly to the swimming pool located in the hotel and surroundings adjacent to the room. The freshness of the pond water swimming and wash the entire body will make the atmosphere really relaxed noticeably. You can feast on being in the pool the all-you-can-eat and pamper yourself.

The hotel has elegant, modern interiors so it looks very eye-catching. Ethnic Bali featured combined with elements of modern. A variety of room types is provided here you can select according to your needs, for those of you in need for my honey. Best Western Resort will provide pampering services. You will not feel a loss to stay here because of the price offered in accordance with the facilities and the services they provide.

All About Bali Best Western Resort Kuta
 Best Western Resort Kuta
Its strategic location makes it easy for anyone you are going to stay. The hotel is adjacent to entertainment venues and shopping centers so no need to waste time for many reaching out both. For you who want to go to various destinations that are difficult to reach the hotel management parties provide means of transportation to ease. Hospitality officers will provide a memorable experience and make not want to quickly get from here.

Those of you who were in the Kuta, there are many options reserved lodging that you want to frequent. Best Western Resort is one of the hotels in Kuta that promises comfort and security when the stay. Various facilities premium services and you can feel when staying here.


Thursday, September 15, 2016

Kayumanis Nusa Dua Private Villas And Spa

Kayumanis Nusa dua private villas and spa, kayumanis Nusa Dua is equipped with diverse the pampering facilities visitors. Not only as a place to stay for a vacation but also provides an area for meetings and also the party. Kayumanis Nusa Dua Villa and Spa is not reserved only for the individual but also for businesses or government agencies you are going to roll out the various events can rent in the meeting area, this hotel and spa.

You can pay a visit to the hungry mini cafe for enjoying a variety of dishes that are served by chef-chef mainstay and experienced. Food international and Balinese specialties you can the message here. You need information that can wifi facilities utilizing open internet isn't paid. In addition, you can also take advantage the spa facilities are here so that when the agency have already begun to feel achy could direct spa with a relaxed and comfortable.

All About Bali Kayumanis Nusa Dua
Kayumanis Nusa Dua 
The location is in an area with a level a complete history and culture makes every guest can enjoy all social phenomena it inhabits. The decoration of this Kayumanis Villa and Spa designed with a unique and different essence giving rise to the impression for each guest. Villa which has been built since 2003 this its location is also adjacent to the beach so can all feel beautiful coastal panoramas the charming, especially when in the afternoon.

You are looking for a lodging or accommodation Bali, particularly in the area of Nusa Dua? Is it already never stay at Kayumanis Nusa Dua Villa and Spa that could not only provide lodging but it also provides a spa treatment for each visitors? If not then try to try out the various facilities and given by Kayumanis Nusa Dua. This hotel and Spa guaranteed to give you comfort and the need stay and spa plenary.



Cascades restaurant, in addition to the food menu that can satisfy tasted consumer demand, it also offers the services of the shuttle for guests who stay outside Viceroy Bali as long as they are in the city area Ubud. A helipad on the front page f villa already ready to use guest who wants the shuttle by using a helicopter. Dinner dreams perfect doesn't it?

Yet another menu, the affair had been blown. With a menu featuring the best of the best abstracted in the Degustation Menu, Cascades Restaurant trying to provide the best in the handy. Though still be able to select the menu tailored to the tastes of each guest. With this breakthrough, the experience the most interesting may be enjoyed by the guests.

There is not enough up here only. Cascades Restaurant the program has also developed quite innovative at the time of the full moon arrives. Full Moon Dinner & Dance. In addition to the dinner special, in this program, Cascades Restaurant will other entertainment dance performances, especially the dances of Bali. For details on his show, visit

All About Bali Cascades Restaurant
Cascades Restaurant 
A variety of world-class food into the menu the mainstay of this restaurant, especially the cuisine menus France. Another advantage of this restaurant is the wine collection and proven a couple of times got recognition as a collection two versions of the complete wine magazine. In addition to the seen from the collection is complete, the restaurant also has a sommelier who made it quite recognized for his collection of wine.

When night falls, the dinner will also be accompanied by twang piano that was in the other corner. For more specials again, a romantic candle light dinner ready is set in the middle of the pond infinity sky studded with stars as its roof.


Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Window Resto Bali Panoramic In GWK Culture Park

Window resto bali panoramic in gwk culture park, many travelers who have acknowledged that spot on Window Resto Bali Panoramic very charming. You can see the peak of Garuda Wisnu Kencana, sunsets, as well as two sides of the ocean that surround the island of Bali. You could see the plane taking off from Ngurah Rai airport. In the evening, you can watch the Sun's movement toward its resting place at Jimbaran beach. During nighttime, you can see the twinkle of lights the whole city. The food is served in the restaurant is mostly local menus, but can be encountered also international menu. Enjoy the moment, you're at an altitude of 300 meters above sea level. The restaurant is indeed from the beginning designed as a place to view the spectacular views in Bali.

Window Resto Bali Panoramic located in the complex of the Garuda Wisnu Kencana cultural Park, located on the highway Uluwatu, Ungasan, South Kuta, Badung. The dining room is built with ethnic touch make a lazy lunch or dinner You more comfortable.

All About Bali Window resto gwk culture park
Window Resto GWK Culture Park
Try Satay dish-Languan, namely Sate lilit made from minced snapper coated spices, fried duck, with four flavors are spicy. With delicious dining specialties, panorama Bali looks increasingly perfect from behind the Windows of Bali Resto Panoramic. For those of you who are curious to know, just enter a list of the Garuda Wisnu Kencana tour and dinner at the Panoramic Restaurant Bali Window in Your vacation list.

This restaurant is a great place for lunch or dinner. From the window of Bali Panoramic Restaurant you can see the panoramic sights of the GWK. Window Resto Bali Panoramic also provides arts and cultural performances during nighttime eating to accompany your dinner.


Monday, September 12, 2016

Negara Bull Race In Bal

Negara bull race in bali, one of the events in Bali are often implemented is the State Bull Race which is a spectacle which is really fantastic and was able to entertain the audience. Negara Bull Race usually held in Perancak, a bit far from the country, where this event is one of the traditions of Bali. A unique event, where a lot of people call the feast of the ridiculous, but for many other people touted entertaining and worth a watch. Bali is often celebrate various festivals whether annual, semiannual, quarterly, monthly or not only organized by residents of Bali itself but also by all the tourists visiting Bali. Bali residents and tourists usually foreign elements can make a feast, and trying to deny the original residents and newcomers. It also makes many tourists at home was in Bali because they won't feel awkward with the attitude and acceptance of the original residents of Bali that is open and inclusive.

Negara Bull Race is normally held in June or July on a Sunday. The origins of this tradition has not been searched for and a lot of people who thought that this tradition is celebration of the end of the season the rice harvest.

All About Negara Bull Race In Bali
Negara Bull Race In Bali
Negara Bull Race is a competition among many cows are ridden by a Jockey in one track straight and only one line. A cow that has been played is the bull and selected carefully, based on the strengths and colors then the beef labelled typical ornaments and painted so that it looks elegant and is seen eyes. As for who becomes his judgement is the speed and style of a cow, where the cow that wins will spontaneously raised the prestige of the cow and the cow's owner.

The Balinese people are very proud of their culture and traditions are very rich and prestigious. Reasonable because Bali store a million cultural diversity, there are customs and religious events that are not necessarily belongs to the citizens. In addition to the beautiful regions of Bali also keeps its own uniqueness in the matter of his civic-social governance which are already underway since hundreds of years ago.


Sunday, September 11, 2016

A Variety Of The Best Treatment At Rama Spa Candidasa

A Variety Of The Best Treatment At Rama Spa Candidasa, new service treatment from the Rama Spa consists of 2 night 3 days Prana Shanti which consists from Relaxing Welcome Massage, Welcome Drink, Balinese Massage, Spa Menus Healthy, Balinese Facial or Foot Massage which applies for two. So if you happen to come along with a lover or wife can try spa services this place. Or those of you who are celebrating honey moon, Rama Spa is the ideal place to restore body condition of a sense of weary and tired of the whack.

For those of you who want to know more about Spa or want to become a spa can then taking courses at Rama Spa consisting of two a selection of Fun Trip to Wellbeing with Day Course and Wellness in Paradise with 5 days course. For the description of the course i.e. preface learned from in Paradise with Wellness package 5 days course among others, Training Foot Bath, Introduce Balinese Massage, Back Massage (theory and practical), legs, hand and head massage, Trip to the local Market for Needed Ingredients of Balinese Boreh, Making Balinese Boreh and Practice body scrub and Balinese Massage.

 All About bali Best Treatment At Rama Spa Candidasa
 Best Treatment At Rama Spa Candidasa
In addition to its quiet and peaceful, Candidasa is also many provide excellent facilities to every visitors. The presence of a spa such as Rama Spa is one of the evidence that this area is worth entry in the list when you visit to Bali. Spa it has the slogan: the only goals of health to the east of Bali" many considered by tourists foreigners to come and then feel the various the existing treatment services. There are many options treatment can be chosen to refresh and you can have your body back.

Candidasa area in Amlapura is one of the tourist destinations which are often visited by among the foreign tourists especially those coming from Europe. The tourist area it does not yet as other regions become Prima Donna the island of gods such as Nusa Dua, Kuta, Sanur.  


Saturday, September 10, 2016

Hard Rock Hotel Bali

Hard rock hotel bali, in the spirit of endless, Rock creativity and quality of service that there is no unsurpassed, this hotel is the place where you can feel the atmosphere of rock and roll all the time. For you music fans, you can try the sport you are vocal skills Boom Box recording studio here. Vacation exciting not only for adults! Rocker any child can enjoy facilities such as Lil' Rock Kids Club, Teen Club and Taboo activities Olympic mini games in the pool main.

The hotel features 418 designed rooms specifically for the Rock Star. Painting memorabilia and icons that decorate the walls reflect the revolution that changed history music, art and fashion, commemorating the artists from the era of the fifties until the era of years 90. From children up to people adult, this hotel will make your vacation be unforgettable!

All About Hard Rock Hotel Bali
Hard Rock Hotel Bali
For a fan of fitness and recreation, hotel this is the most appropriate place for you. Pamper your body in the pool largest in Bali or enjoy therapeutic treatments the body in the Rock Spa or also opt for a wall rock climbing as high as 5 meters contained in addition to the swimming pool. Enjoy the routines exercise by practicing at the facility fitness in complete with sauna and the room is steam.

With a wide variety of food options, you can enjoy various types of fine dining there are different at each restaurant. To hold a meeting in Bali, you can discuss ideas for business strategy, sessions team building or hosting a show with specific themes in the conference room and the room the conference in this hotel. Balroom available can even accommodate up to 400 guests.

Hard Rock Hotel Bali is the Hard Rock Hotel first established in Asia, is located in the Bali Kuta Beach front right in the heart of the entertainment and shopping venues.



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