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Sunday, August 21, 2016

Privilege Benkay Japanese Restaurant in Bali

Privilege benkay japanese restaurant in bali, the restaurant combines elements of Bali and Japan as his trademark, so it looks the existence of matching and match both elements of the culture. The characteristic of Japan seen from the raw material of construction of the restaurant made from wood and stone. Before entering thea area in the restaurant, you have to pass the typical sliding wooden door Sakura. While a touch of Bali, looks at the unique carvings in some side and the presence of black and white fabrics Bali.

Interior design the Benkay Japanese restaurant atmosphere represents any Japan in General. Of course with a more modern look in order to attract the attention of tourists and also in accordance with the development of the taste of the times. If you come and eat at this restaurant, you could see the uniqueness of were.

All About Benkay Japanese Restaurant in Bali
Benkay Japanese Restaurant in Bali
If you want to try sushi bar and teppan-yaki counter, the restaurant also provides a special place for those of you who are curious how the chef composes both the food directly. You can sit in front of the original chef from Japan. The most popular dishes in the restaurant is refined unagi, sushi, udon, and bento. Unagi prepared in restaurant is imported directly from Japan. Similarly, with other ingredients, some imported directly from Japan.

Interestingly, from the restaurant you could be enjoying sea views. While enjoying the panoramic view of the ocean, the dishes that appeared from the window of the restaurant certainly can increase appetite. These restaurants in two options. There are three private dining room and common to people who come there. The room at this restaurant is able to accommodate 80-100 pax.
As the name suggests, Benkay Japanese Restaurant is a restaurant that serves typical dishes of Japan. If you are looking for the location of this restaurant, just come to the Grand Nikko Bali because it is part of the Grand Hotel Nikko Bali.


Saturday, August 20, 2016

Bali Shell Museum

Bali shell museum, for the price of admission is offered is very affordable. With Rp 50.000 for adults and Rp 30.000 for children. Comparable not with you gain experience and not necessarily be you encounter elsewhere. A trip to Bali Shell Museum. In addition to will gain insight about the different shells, you can also recounting the experience to friends or family at home. Hopefully your experience to Bali Shell Museum could be useful for others. In any are you certainly have to keep clean and comply with the code of conduct.

The idea of construction of the Shell of the Museum Bali the owner, i.e. The Stepen was fond of collecting shells from an early age. Stephen finally trying to collect from various countries and finally could have accumulated so much. Broad Bali Shell Museum approximately 1500 square meters. Bali Shell Museum is made with three floors. In each floor you'll be treated to things may rarely be found anywhere else. For example is the second floor, there are fossil shells size is very large. Fossil Crinions have diameter 1,4 meters weight 1,7 kilograms. While in the top floor there are fossils of sea urchins, clams, sharks, etc.

All About Bali Shell Museum
Bali Shell Museum
Access road to Bali Shell Museum is very easy, that is, can be reached from the central region parking Kuta, you stay towards the priest snag and then forwarded to the sunset road, then you will find Bali Shell Museum. For food you don't have to worry hunger. This is because around the region towards bali Shell Museum there are many places to eat, starting from stall to restaurant. Various places eating here is offering its flagship menu each. Like the House Packed Baruna, Solaria, Trattoria Pizzeria, Oenpao Resto, Zen Fushion, Padi Restaurant and many more.

Bali Shell Museum is the only museum of shells are there in Indonesia with a collection of fossils hundreds of years old. Bali building Shell Museum is the younger brother of a seashell museum is on japan, The United States, Thailand. The design also unique i.e. shaped giant shells.


Friday, August 19, 2016

Charms Nautical of Jemeluk Beach Bali

Charms nautical of jemeluk beach Bali, serenity Coast Jemeluk offered to the enjoy the fresh sea breeze feels so fresh to our body, see the activities of the fishermen, the farmers of salt and also for recreational diving and snorkeling, with underwater views of the bid, will be one of the attractions in Bali's favorite for divers. Jemeluk beach offers scenery sea is amazing, ranging from bluish green water quietly, so that it becomes an ideal place for swimming, the beauty of the sunrise time and also the atmosphere as the sun sank behind the grandeur of Mount Agung. Many coastal fishing boat leaned, characterizes the local population as a sailor or fisherman. Some places look the site 'penggaraman', where farmers salt, process seawater into salt traditionally.

If you could spend a few days and spend the night here, the atmosphere is also not less interesting morning with the presence of the rising sun. A number of activities that can be done during tourist attractions of Jemeluk, such as relax in the coast witnessed the beauty of the morning, looking at activities of fishing, swimming, relaxing or sunbathing on the beach, snorkeling, diving, visiting the salt and also fishing.

All About Jemeluk Beach Bali
Jemeluk Beach Bali
The word Jemeluk it self comes from the word 'menyeluk' with basic word 'seluk' (bay) coastal area which is transparent to the Mainland stood out. The geographical conditions of the area is hilly (sloping ground) and directly borders the sea, the land contours of hills tend to be barren. But the combination of the natural landscape of hills and the sea appeared so harmonious, beautiful stretch of sea with bluish green water really give a feel of the peace in back of the wrap of the mountain air and the beach, interspersed with shades of harmonious countryside.

Mileage from the tourist center of Kuta or Ngurah Rai airport towards the beach area attractions Jemeluk is a 3 hour drive, the mileage is pretty far this could you intersperse with winds a number of attractions that you pass along this journey, so that the long trip into a tour that was quite fun.


Thursday, August 18, 2016

Sports Tourist Bungy Jumping bali

Sports tourist bungy jumping bali, considered a challenging sports and tagged saving a lot of positive things, especially in terms of mental test and courage, then sports Bungy Jumping is then spread to other areas of the country even. Beginning to spread to Australia, and then spread to other parts of the world including Indonesia. Sports equipment are still also conventional, began to be developed into a modern and more assure the safety of who did it.

The attraction of this sport is a tradition that comes from a tribe named Maori from New Zealand. Initially this exercise was held with the intent to test the courage of the young men who started to step on the way of tying up with both legs to the twigs/stems of the trees and then plunged into the Valley.
Bungy Jumping attraction is usually much favored by those who have the true intrepid and adventurous spirit. Foreign tourists as well as local can try a vehicle capable of this adrenaline as he pleases.
All About Bali Bungy Jumping
Bungy Jumping bali
For those who are already often do sports or even Bungy Jumping from a height of certainly know how it falls. Unmitigated the Jumpers must dive from a height of 40 meters are wont to do from the top of a tower or towers below there is a pool with a depth of at least 4 meters. In fact, there are also more extreme where it performed above the River below the bridge.

For those of you interested in extreme sports, Bungy Jumping one can surely try Bungy Jumping attraction at Blangsinga located in Gianyar Regency, Bali. With its many visitors to Bali, especially considering the course of Gianyar full range of background and the wishes of each of the tourists making the tour manager on the island of the gods "unlawful" for improvising to continue to develop sports tourism or tourism spots that must be developed. For a visit to this tour, you can just come to your Village Blangsinga, district Blahbatuh, Gianyara Bali.


Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Kamandalu Resort & Spa Ubud, Bali

Kamandalu resort and spa ubud bali, the architecture of the villa is designed with a traditional Balinese concept combines combined with natural tropical landscape structure, interior room in the Kamandalu Resort Spa at & uniquely design and equipped with a luxurious and comfortable. The location of the art center, the Palace of Ubud, Museum painting, handicraft shops, art market as well as other tourist attractions in downtown Ubud can be reached by driving about 15 minutes from the hotel.
The combination of friendly and qualified service, a quite location and blend with the natural landscape of Bali can make this hotel as a convenient haven of choice for event honeymoon or your holiday in Bali. Kamandalu Resort & Spa has a total of 56 rooms with a choice of five categories comprising type Ubud Chalet, Garden Villa, Pool Villa, Deluxe Pool Villa and Two Bedroom Villa.

All About Bali Kamandalu Resort & Spa Ubud
Kamandalu Resort & Spa Ubud
Type pool villa has a separate access to each guest unit and equipped with a kitchen sets, living room, dining tables and private pool as a exclusive privacy that can be enjoyed by guests who stay. Rice field and the natural atmosphere surrounding natural look blends in harmoniously with the cool tropical garden and arranged neatly in the area of the hotel, thus providing the freshness of its own for those who like to relax while enjoying natural atmosphere surrounding the villa.

Kamandalu Resort & Spa is a hotel with type private villa located at Andong street Ubud, this Hotel can be reached by driving for about one hour from Ngurah Rai International Airport of Bali, and from the center of shops, eateries and nightlife in Kuta area or Seminyak, while downtown Denpasar is a drive for about 30 minutes.


Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Lemukih Waterfall, Waterfall Triplets

Lemukih waterfall waterfall triplets, for those of you who want to reach this waterfall in Bali, point your vehicle from Denpasar towards Bedugul. There are no special signs which will direct you towards Lemukih Waterfall unless you already know the direction towards Gitgit waterfall. You can use the signs towards Gitgit waterfall. Lemukih waterfall its location not far from the waterfall. You can also ask on the citizens.

If you've arrived at the village of Lemukih, parking your vehicle in one of the home page of the citizens. After that, walk to a waterfall down the trail. When you are up, you can see that it has a twin waterfalls, there are three waterfalls that Cascades over the river. From the right, that's the highest waterfall Lemukih, in sequence to the left, forming such as stairs. The second and third waterfalls is covered by shrubs, so that it appears only downstream. With a natural condition, Lemukih waterfalls provide a refreshing sensation of touch.

In contrast to the presence of Gitgit waterfall that has a towering waterfalls and visitors are more crowded, but Lemukih has 3 waterfalls in one place and still empty of visitors, so that quieter, more visitors can freely enjoy its charm, including spending time to shower or photographs capture the tourist tour you.

All About Bali Lemukih waterfall
Lemukih waterfall
Lemukih waterfall is approximately 72 km from Denpasar. From Denpasar city navigate the vehicle towards the Bedegul or Singaraja. After passing through the tourist area of Bedugul, Gitgit forward travel direction/Singaraja arrived at a t-junction. From a t-junction, turn left and follow the road as far as 12 km. The condition of the road to the waterfall is winding up and down with a view of the hills and ravines in the street.

Nature tourism is indeed not too much exposure as most travelers would rather be on the beach to sunbathe, play water sports, rides or other adventure tours. Sometimes there are rarely willing to enter the territory to enjoy a waterfall while being a holiday in Bali.


Monday, August 15, 2016

The Biggest Culinary Agenda in Bali, Ubud Food Festival

The biggest culinary agenda in bali Ubud food fstival, on the first day event of Ubud Food Festival will open with the activities of Yoga Friday which can be attended for free. If not bring an exercise mat, you can rent them. There is also a workshop event. One of them is Folk's Wakey Wakey Workshop. There is also a culinary markets that are open and free for visitors. As for the food tour event opened with different prices, ranging from 100 up to 250 thousand dollars. Event of Ubud Food Festival will be held over 3 days in a row, housed in the Garden's culinary on the highway Sangginga. Here you can enjoy a range of typical culinary of archipelago leading a wonderful Valley of Campuhan. The event which was opened since 07.30 until 23.00 it will feature a variety of interesting activities.

Aside from scattered national and international culinary experts, this event also features a variety of exciting events like around food such as market food, cooking demos, film screenings until the workshop about coffee by artist of coffee Rodney Glick from Ubud's favorite coffee shop until the photo journey.

All About Bali Ubud Food Festival
Ubud Food Festival
Together with chef, lover of food, and they are experts in the culinary field, this event will explore the various things associated the culinary tradition of Indonesia, ranging from historical background up to cultural significance contained in it. A row of big names in the culinary field of Indonesia such as Sisca Soewitomo, William Wongso to Farah Quinn, Bondan Winarno, Mandif Warokka, Bara Pattiradjawane to Rahung Nasution would share knowledge in Ubud Food Festival events.

As if not to be outdone by Singapore which showcases a prestigious culinary festival titled SAVOUR Gourmet Festival, Bali also has a similar agenda called Ubud Food Festival. It's like a culinary diversity Indonesia is no longer asked questions his credibility. Some of the typical culinary archipelago such as Rendang, Satay and Fried rice entered the ranks of the world's most delicious food in the 2011 version of CNN.


Sunday, August 14, 2016

Evening Entertainment in The Cavern Bar and Restaurant Sanur

Building the Cavern Bar and Restaurant itself looks so modern with a high roof and a soft light Setup. Live nightly entertainment and regular you can enjoy on Fridays and Saturdays from 21.00 - 02.00 local time. Even though Sanur not the no bodyguard of Kuta but that does not mean this entertainment venue on the grounds of absence. You can visit The Cavern Bar and Restaurant for dining as well as get a nightlife. In the cafe that has existed since 1998 the past you'll get entertainment with musics especially The Beatles.

You should make a reservation in advance before coming here so get the desired place. Here, you can roll out a variety of themed events from formal to romantic though. The Cavern Bar and Restaurant are furnished with tropical plants with table settings and the right chair.

 All About Bali The Cavern Bar and Restaurant Sanur
 The Cavern Bar and Restaurant Sanur
The bar and restaurant is claimed as the first food concept that blends Western with the Asian Mediterranean. In the restaurant you can enjoy the salads, soup and pasta, rice and noodles, sandwiches, snacks, as well as grilled meats. Various breads and cakes that international standard can be sampled at The Cavern Bar and Restaurant. The Cavern itself has the capacity to reach the 75 people, so this medium size cafe will be easily filled.

Sanur is often made into main spot visited by foreign and domestic tourists. Sanur promises serenity and peace because there is not as many as in Kuta and other locations in Bali. Area Sanur is perfect for those of you who want to shooting the mind, free yourself from clutter problems of life, and an ideal place to capture ideas/ imagine.


Saturday, August 13, 2016

Anyang, Galungan Day Specialities

Anyang galugan day specialities, anyang is processed pork, This cuisine is similar to the audience. The difference, Anyang didn't wear a mix of vegetables and use only the meat. Besides as an offering ceremony, Anyang is also a favorite food of the citizens. The materials need to be prepared not far different from the audience. The materials need to be prepared not far different from the audience. The material consists of minced meat even, spices, celery leaves, and fried shallots. When the feast arrive, surely not only worship and ornaments complement that is around you isn't it? The time of Idul Fitri there are ketupat, when Chinese new year is no cake bed, when Galungan day there is such thing as Anyang, special processed only during Galungan Day in Bali

Hindus believe in the day of slaughtering pigs, its ancestors will come to his relatives there are in the world. Therefore, the community of Balinese Hindu will present a special feature which consists of rice, side dishes, desserts, fruit, coffee, water, lekesan (betel leaf and areca nut) or cigarette shown to ancestors stopped at home. Among the foods that were "Anyang" special.
Therefore, every dish on the day of Galungan is an offering to the gods and ancestors. Dishes in the Galungan, including Anyang is also the symbol of the deity's weapon. Pig slaughtering process with regard to Yajna. Yajna means Holy sacrifice implemented sincerely.

All About Bali Galungan Day Specialities
Galungan Day Specialities
Galungan itself comes from the old Javanese which means victorious. Galungan is also the same meaning with dungulan which also means winning. Galungan became one of Hindu religious ceremonies to remind humans ritually and spiritually to always uphold dharma fight adharma. Slaughter of pigs and then offer it to become Anyang is a complement to the ceremony. This is the symbol of slaughter killed all the lust in man's bestiality.


Friday, August 12, 2016

Romantic Lodging Nuanced Fishing Village in Bambu Indah

Romantic lodging nuanced fishing village in Bambu Indah, shrimp house is the most unique stay facilities of a Beautiful Bamboo area in Bali. After you enter a room Shrimp House, you will be amazed by the concept of the floor that feels magical. The surrounding environment is surrounded by natural parks laid out very well. Without a doubt, this unique lodging experience will bring the local fishing village that is of interest to you.

Shrimp House is located at the source of fresh flow fountain water serves also to supply the pool and are equipped with a private terrace to soak in the vicinity. The bathroom is partly indoors and outdoors, so guests have the chance to communicate with nature. Glass tiles on the roof of the shower allowing the entry of light from the Sun and the Moon at night.

All About Bali Village in Bambu Indah
Village in Bambu Indah
Shrimp House is located in Banjar Baung, Sayan Village, Ubud-Bali. You will get there in 15 minutes from the village of Ubud. The facilities that you can enjoy when staying at the Shrimp House is free WiFi, Mini bar, breakfast, afternoon tea, and others.
The tranquility you dream you can get here because the atmosphere that exists in the Inn ' Shrimp House ' Beautiful Bamboo which is very unusual. Under the room or suite, your message in Shrimp House is a pound fresh large shrimp. Suites at the Shrimp House glass-bottomed, so you can watch the underwater panorama. Outside, the dark suit will be lit with lamps made from shrimp basket has been transformed into a container of lights.

Are you planning to invite couples vacation to Bali and give him a surprise? What if it was a surprise in the form of a stay in a fishing village of nuance? Daily life in the capital is certainly full of rules, pollution, and time always chasing. With a stay at the Inn the Beautiful Bamboo fishing village is certainly Your spouse together can get quiet.


Thursday, August 11, 2016

The Luxury Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort

The luxury Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort. Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort is a 5-star hotel overlooking the sea, luxurious rooms and elegant, performed by presenting spectacular views of the sea. A number of services and high tastes you can enjoy during you stay such as gym/fitness facilities, Spa, massages, swimming pool, meeting rooms, bar, restaurant, family rooms, 24-hour room service, valet parking, family room, concierge, business center, shops and WiFi in public areas.

Tour or in order of business in Bali, a suitable place for you to spend the night with a wonderful luxury is the Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort. Tourism activities are at the heart of Kuta, opposite the beach offering a myriad of beauty either because white sand or the beauty of the sunset as a number of other popular attractions are accessible by foot only, just like Beachwalk Shopping Mall right next to them, the Center of night entertainment along the way, Hard Rock Cafe Kuta, Kuta Square, the art market and amusement park Waterbom.

 All About Bali Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort
 Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort
As many as 203 rooms are offered to meet the needs of holidaymakers. With the presence of this luxurious residence then you can feel the upscale amenities in every room. All guest rooms of the Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort have Air Conditioning, nonsmoking, free WiFi access, a bath and a shower, a bathrobe, free bottled water bottle, a private balcony and storage boxes in the room.

Hotel in Bali is classified as a luxurious, 5-star hotel amenities you can enjoy, so that the impression of a pampered, rest can be more quiet, comfortable and conducive environment inherent in this Inn. An intelligent and wise choice choosing Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort as a place of temporary residence or length of time in Bali.

Hotels in Bali that is able to provide the luxury and treat each of its inhabitants and is located on the shores of Kuta, you can find at the Sheraton Bali Kuta Resort. Convenient location and is located adjacent to the beach can offer views of the sea which became a popular choice for tourists.


Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Try Scuba Diving Tanjung Benoa Bali

You will dive under the sea with facilitated a quality diving equipment. Your dive duration for 1 hour. Scuba Diving can be done with a minimum of two participants. Scuba Diving is open daily to the public from 9:00 am — 2:00 pm. Supplies you should bring when about to dive is dressing clothes, Swimsuits, sunscreen or sun block, shoes, pants, and money. Once you get the equipment you need for diving, you will be at the briefing beforehand. Usually, the briefing contains the correct diving procedures. The depth for the beginner range from 3 meters to 6 minutes. With a time of 45 minutes. While diving, you will be provided with a piece of bread for food fish. For 45 minutes, you can enjoy the underwater scenery of the beautiful Tanjung Benoa, met by coral reefs and colorful fish.

Batara Water Sports, Scuba Diving can be found in Tanjung Benoa Bali. Located in South Kuta, Badung, Bali, this location can be reached from Badung using private vehicles, through Subur Street toward Highway Abianbase. From Ngurah Rai airport take  Benoa Toll Road street to Pratama street in Kuta Southern get to Tanjung Benoa.

All About Bali Scuba Diving Tanjung Benoa
Scuba Diving Tanjung Benoa
To get the equipment and guides during diving you should pay a fee that includes insurance, certificates, showers, towels, etc. Price is differentiated into two, there are individual prices and package price.
Enchantment under the sea can be done in many ways. One of them was to dive with Batara Water Sport, Bali underwater exploring became more fun. Bali diving activities using the service of Lord Water Sport is known as Scuba Diving. You can try Scuba Diving in Bali Tanjung Benoa.


Tuesday, August 9, 2016

The Uniqueness Of Beach Water Blow Nusa Dua

The uniqueness of beach water blows Nusa Dua, if you vacation in Bali, you can take your time to visit tourist attractions in Nusa Dua, in addition, you can see the beauty and uniqueness of Water Blow Nusa Dua you can also feel the spray of the sea water will wet your entire body. Create a happy world photography Water Blow Nusa Dua is a great place for you to visit. Make sure if your camera already protected seat anti-water. Called the beach because it is set on the shores of the sea of the Indian Ocean to the South. Nusa Dua Beach is identical to the white-sand beach with crystal clear water, but Water Blow Beach in the form of rock cliffs. From behind the rock this is the beauty and uniqueness of Water Blow Nusa Dua will look.

Water Blow Nusa Dua is one of the tourist attractions in Nusa Dua of Bali form the dashes of the towering waves foam over about 4 meters. Crashing waves of froth from the buffeting waves crashing against the rocks resulting in stunning beauty from the sea water.

All About Bali Water Blow Nusa Dua
Water Blow Nusa Dua
Not hard to find this location, quite simply come to the area of Nusa Dua BTDC Island Peninsula. From Ngurah Rai airport to head for area attractions Water Blow takes approximately 30 minutes or travel approximately 15 kilometers. Before entering the water blow, you will be greeted by the statue of Krishna and Arjuna. The statue depicts Raden Arjuna who holds the arrows while the Coachman of Raden Arjuna i.e. Krishna holding his whip.

Nusa Dua Bali tourist attraction is one of the tourist spots in Bali that many visit both domestic and foreign. In addition to offering a quiet beach tourism as Geger Beach, here there are also a beach that has its own uniqueness, namely Beach Water Blow.


Monday, August 8, 2016

The Ideal Spot for Surfer at Mushroom Rock Nusa Dua

The ideal spot for a surfer at mushroom rock Nusa Dua, Mushroom Rock Garden located on the edge of Nusa Dua and have quality waves regional classic which is perfect for the stylish attractions experienced surfers. Mushroom Rock has a long and varied her normal waves can reach 50-150 meters. The character's own rapid, powerful waves and scroll forming tube beautiful slab. Mushroom Rock surf has type reef-coral that moves from right to left direction. State of the Beach will look beautiful when the tide came in. And when solid swell many circles that mention Mushroom Rock better than Uluwatu Beach area.

The best time to do surf in Mushroom Rock this is when time surfing in Bali will end. In those moments, you'll get a tube in intervals that often. Nevertheless, you are advised to remain cautious because the right spot under his surfer there are many corals will make you hurt at any time.

All About Bali Surfer at Mushroom Rock Nusa Dua
Surfer at Mushroom Rock Nusa Dua
The area of the Mushroom Rock more deserted than in Nusa Dua because the level of intensity of foreign and domestic tourist arrivals who accidentally come to this area is still minimal. Many are predicting in the future it will be more and more who came to.

For those of you who are fond of extreme water sports surf then can immediately get to a surf spot fair famous Nusa Dua area, Mushroom Rock. For to spot this surfing you can reach it from Nusa Dua which is actually also a spot for surfers internationally. Mushroom Surf Rock spot is in the path of Amphi, Nusa Dua, Bali - Indonesia.


Sunday, August 7, 2016

The Tourist Harbor of Buleleng, a Silent Witness of The History of Balinese Struggle

Buleleng harbor had been a witness of the history of the struggle of the people of Bali when it fought against the invaders. To commemorate that event, established a monument known as Yudha Mandala Tama. A monument in the form of the people's army of using "kancut", do not wear suits, as well as with the hand pointing towards the sea. Monument sculpture has the sense he wanted to tell his friends that there was a ship of the invaders (Netherlands) which will be docked.

Currently, the port is not functioning anymore Buleleng. Because since the seat Government of Bali was moved to Bali area South in the 1950s, the heyday of the port of Buleleng long time starts to disappear. Port of Buleleng was once used to be the place of unloading of the goods charge as well as a foreign cruise ship stopover place, now it's just become history.

All About Bali The Tourist Harbor of Buleleng
The Tourist Harbor of Buleleng
Travelers who vacation to tour port of Buleleng spot it can freely enjoy the beautiful panorama of the beach while enjoying the sea waves combined with breezy winds that blow. With the warm sun rays as well as the extent of the page, very precisely when it is used as a place to work out or joking with beloved family.

For now, this is a port of Buleleng utilized as one of the tourist objects in Singaraja, Bali. Several places in the tourist district of ex Buleleng Harbor already started with the addition of some children's painting in some older buildings. The old wood dock has also been converted into floating restaurant.

Singaraja is a town located in the northernmost tip of the island of Bali. The city of Singaraja was once a capital of Nusa Tenggara as well as being the center of the cruise because it has the largest pier on the island of Bali. The pier is what we know as the port of Buleleng.


Saturday, August 6, 2016

Tanah Wuk, Young Idol Attractions Of Bali

Tanah wuk young idol attractions of Bali, as far as the eye can see, you will be treated to an increasingly pleasant scenery. It goes without a doubt to roam, but do have to be careful because of sometimes slippery roads after rain. Not only that, there are a few steps you have to go through when wanting to explore the entire site. This place is famous among young people of Bali because of its easily accessible and suitable for relaxing. The Wuk ground had vast about 3 hectares and is one of the tourist attraction with beautiful natural scenery. Green Valley dotted with the charming winding river. The water is crystal clear, complete with cool air invigorating the body. With such an atmosphere, make this popular tourist attraction by travelers, especially young children. Many people take a break at this location through the denseness of the activities. There is also who love hiking there with down the Valley and the river flow "Yeh Penet".

All About Bali Tanah Wuk
Tanah Wuk
This place is located in Banjar Gerana, the village of Sangeh, Subdistrict Abiansemal, Badung Regency. Mileage to this location approximately 30 km from Denpasar and is approximately 90 minutes away from Bali's Ngurah Rai Airport. The path to the location of the already great, so you don't need to concern in November 2007. Not far from the site, you can find an Inn if you were intending to stay not far from the land of Wuk. There are also restaurants, taverns, and Bale Listlessness to unwind after the long trip.

You can select this location to relax. According to locals, it is also often used as a meditation site. The spiritual teacher indeed very knows exactly when the Wuk of land was indeed right for meditation because the atmosphere is calm, cool, and beautiful.
A wave of the Palm Grove and the tree panoramic expanse of beautiful green valleys, as far as the eye can see only that is what you will see in the land of Wuk. The territory is located on the lip of the Penet River Valley, just 1 km north of Sangeh.


Friday, August 5, 2016

Bali Flying Fish

Bali flying fish, tutors who are already trained and experienced will be happy to give guidance to travelers who want to try the game Bali flying fish. For example the introduction of all the equipment used, a position just above the boat, and the rules of the game from beginning to end. It is supported by all of the equipment that meets international standards, because safety and comfort along with very highlight. The position of the passengers while trying to game the flying fish Bali there are several options. For example sit like riding a motorcycle and sleep on his back. Passengers will be holding on to a rope length in the middle of the middle of the boat. Then this will be drawn with the boat speed boat driven 1 person. With high speed and downwind would be brought from the coast toward the beach. This boat flying fish will fly with a height of approximately 2 meters from sea level. Flying height usually depends on the wind speed.

Maximum capacity of 3 people. The guide consists of 1 person in the middle and 2 passengers on the left side and right. This capacity is set to keep the balance of the boat the flying fish while flying.
To twice fly games Bali flying fish, lasted about 10 minutes. Very suitable for a family or with friends if a holiday to Bali.

All About Bali Flying Fish
Bali Flying Fish
Bali Tanjung Benoa flying fish is a game of water by using a rubber boat shaped like a flying fish. The game flying fish Bali is a game that belongs to the new water sport Bali in addition to parasailing, banana boat, jet ski, snorkeling and a rolling donut. A boat resembling a fish this is the amalgamation of 3 banana-shaped boat. At the front of the transverse connecting third rubber banana boat.


Thursday, August 4, 2016

Crab Toll Sway Culinary Ecotourism Bali

Crab to sway culinary ecotourism Bali, this dinner emerges from the persistence of the fishermen who formed the group called Tuban Wanasari in 2009. Catches continue to decline into the fisherman's disquiet Tuban. However, they do not want to keep silent because life goes on. The Chairman of the Group of Fishermen said, he continued to motivate his peers to jointly find a solution in order to stay afloat. The crab being their choice to cultivated. They scattered through the crab from seedling to fattening.

You can select your own crabs that will be cooked. The culinary officer will take you to keramba-keramba who are ready to harvest. You will be guided how to fishing crab, binding by the officer. It seems it is indeed easy to put into practice. You could just try tying your own bring crab, but need careful exposed its powerful claws sharp. Servings of each saucer could one-tail or two-tail crab. Of course, a dish can be eaten for two. The kitchen ever open and anyone can see the chef cooking.

All About Bali Culinary Ecotourism
Culinary Ecotourism Bali
The fisherman's mother else not limited to busy processing crab menus, but also a light snack such as tampering with sweets, biscuits, and syrup. Of course, the whole fruit raw material derived from mangrove sonneratia, especially. Individual visitors can enjoy the beauty of the waters around down the highway by renting a canoe or boat guided fishing.

While you eat, you can enjoy the shadowy trees of mangrove. Can see Bali toll road that leads to the sea. The toll in Bali was touted as the world's most beautiful highways. The menus are served crab dishes. Crab Rocking Toll became favorites of our customers. Recipes and taste might be similar to artificial crab restaurant.

Catch crabs from the keramba. The belt, and then take it to the chef, or you can cook it yourself in the kitchen. While waiting, you can take a fishing boat touring the mangrove forests. That experience can be had in Ecotourism Kampoeng crab, the way I Gusti Ngurah Rai, Tuban, Badung Regency, Bali. Kampoeng Crab is the area of ecotourism established by a group of Fishermen Wanasari, Denpasar.


Wednesday, August 3, 2016

La Plancha Beach Bar

La Plancha beach bar, la plancha means surfboards. La Plancha is at Dyana Pura Street, Seminyak, Bali. The owner of a La Plancha is a Spanish citizen named Gonzales. It's been officially opened since 2010 right on the lip of the Double Six beach. La Plancha is a restaurant which provides food Spain, like tapas. However, they also provide a pizza or grilled seafood dishes are quite tasty. While relaxing enjoying the sunset, you can enjoy delicious dishes from the restaurant La Plancha, or you can choose to sit at the restaurant's bar while enjoying a warm drink.

Make You curious as to what the place, just come to the Double Six Beach, Seminyak, Bali. By Road Transport should you go into the alley. Mango then turn right go into the alley of Melon. You will find a La Plancha Beach Bar and Restaurant in less than 15 minutes.

All About Bali La Plancha Beach Bar
La Plancha Beach Bar
The restaurant is romantic enough to be said, other than because of his twilight views, the restaurant also accompany you with a cool music. Place any unique, woke up from a used wood painted colorful so the joy that comes from the heart not only You but the place had appeared cheerful in your eyes. Starting at 4.30 pm — 7.30 pm, La Plancha will bring the DJ to play music in particular, sometimes present soul, Chile, even reggae to accompany your evening enjoying the Sun.

If you enjoy the sunset from the restaurant on this one, Your memories are thus more and more colorful. Twilight in the Double Six Beach, Seminyak, facilitated by the restaurant La Plancha into twilight that cheerful. How much does, its beaches filled with chairs and tables. Sun umbrellas stood upright your overarching goals. The striking colors plus a cool music perfected landscape sunset.


Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The Cave of Holy Water and Holy Snake Cave Tour Tanah Lot

The cave of holy water and holy snake cave tour Tanah lot, many visitors come to this cave only to ask for holy water to cure a disease or simply have offspring. Every visitor that comes in the holy water will not charge, it's just there is a donation box when there are visitors who wished to donate voluntarily for the maintenance of this place. In the cave, each visitor can drink the holy water or simply wash their hands and face that supposedly many benefits. One f them believed that this holy water could cure some diseases being suffered. Or even for those who want to have children, by drinking the holy water in the cave is believed to be granted. So it is therefore also referred to as water of fertility.

While the Cave Sacred Snake is right in front of the cave of holy water, in which there are some snakes are considered sacred because its existence was already there by itself. Holy snakes that are inside the cave are colored snake (black and white), which have an average length of 1.5 meters and its existence by local people believed to belong to God that dwells in this place.

 All About Bali Holy Snake Cave Tour Tanah Lot
 Holy Snake Cave Tour Tanah Lot
Called the cave of holy water because it is said that the cave was able to drain the water that comes from the middle of the sea. Inside the cave, there is a statue with a height of approximately half a meter in the form of Ida Pedanda Danghyang Dwijendra. This is the figure of a priest who did worship at this location.

The cave of holy water and Holy Snake Cave also entered in the tourist area of Tanah Lot. The layout of both adjacent Cave where the holy water was below while the serpent Cave situated right in front of the cave of holy water. Located in the village of Beraban IE, 13 Kilometers West of Tabanan. About 20-30 minutes if the trip is from Denpasar or Kuta.


Monday, August 1, 2016

Cheap and Awesome Tours at Tamblingan Lake

Cheap and awesome tours at the tamblingan lake, for the size of the vast area of Tamblingan Lake, is not very spacious compared to other lakes in Bali. However, for those of you who have arrived at this Tamblingan Lake tourist sites need not be discouraged because of the stunning views of the tourist spot in Bedugul is really cool it, especially if you are coming at a time when the dawn you can see the sunrise is very beautiful here. If you want to go to the middle of the Tamblingan Lake you can rent a boat with the local population, whose size is small and should also use the paddle to run it.

In addition to the morning, it's a great time to travel to Tamblingan Lake this is when the wet season. Because in the rainy season, the water of Tamblingan Lake is going up so make the temples on the banks of the lake become submerged and as if making it float in the middle of the lake. With the cold and foggy, plus also the silhouette sunrise reflected on the surface of the lake makes it so awesome to be enjoyed.

 All About bali Tamblingan Lake
 Tamblingan Lake
Tamblingan Lake attractions charge admission. Because Tamblingan Lake area it was not developed as a tourism area. With the purpose of preservation of the originals. So this tourism object into one place to enjoy the view of Lake activity that must be visited for a cheap vacation in Bali.

To the location of Tamblingan Lake, you just simply down the street from Singaraja, Bedugul heading after it rises to the hill there is an awful lot of monkeys. Just follow the instructions of the Board of the road that says "Tamblingan Lake". After that, you enter the village of Pancasari. Then headed westward past the village of Munduk and Wanagiri.

Tamblingan Lake is located in the village of Munduk, Banjar, Buleleng Regency. This tourist spot entry into the tourist area of Bedugul, still with the same line of Lovina Beach and also of Buleleng.



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