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Sunday, July 31, 2016

Playing with the Monkey in the Alas Kedaton

Playing with the monkey in the alas kedaton, full of magical aura as well as important historical value, combined harmoniously in the wrap of the dense tropical forest atmosphere, making this area has always been sought after by tourists. To be able to chat with the monkey armies here, it seems like more are recommended to use the services of a guide or local tour guides who have been memorized and know about the habits of the monkeys here, so our existence in the midst of them feels comfortable.

In the area of natural forests as protected areas, there are believed to be the sacred Temple residents have magical powers to protect this forest area as well as surrounding residents, the anniversary ceremony of the temple fell on Tuesday (Miroslav love) twenty days after Galungan Day. The religious procession is called Ngerebeg. The temple is also called Alas Kedaton or Temple Pura Dalem Heaven.

Bali woow the Monkey in the Alas Kedaton
The Monkey in the Alas Kedaton
In addition to enjoying the fresh air that cools, travelers can also try feeding the macaques. They are very fond of banana and nuts. But, don't ever try to play or deceiving them, it can make the monkey became angry.
The monkeys here tend to be benign because it's already familiar with the tourists. After enjoying the cheerful absurdity, the cheerful monkeys in his protected forest area, afterward you can also photograph along with several large flying foxes is great, they deliberately kept by local citizens, so that your vacation experience is a true adventurer in the middle of the wilderness. Tour with the family especially children will become more cheerful, as well as gain experience interesting.

Alas Kedaton tourism one of the points of interest in Bali with jungle monkeys life located in village of Kukuh, Subdistrict Marga, Tabanan city, four kilometers from the town of Tabanan, then this place is now famous natural tourist Park named Alas Kedaton (Monkey forest), lush forest has its charm as well as many populated by monkeys, amount to hundreds, estimated around 400 populations of monkeys, there are also a bunch of large Flying Fox life hanging above the trees to sleep while waiting for nightfall.


Saturday, July 30, 2016

War Tradition in Bali Without Leaving the Grudge

War tradition in Bali without leaving the grudge, at the time of the war's participants are required to wear Leather Bali custom and will be accompanied by the Gamelan loading music traditional music instrument, Tenganan village. It was said this instrument should only be played by people who are sanctified and is played only at certain events and during play this instrument should not be touching the ground. It is dedicated to the war god namely Balinese Dewa Indra. In the wars of Pandan is also there are rules of the game, namely free them thorny pandan as long as it is not on the obverse. But there are unique when the war is done and participants of efforts, they cuddle and help give the medication on a wound on the body. Plus more the participants ate together with relationships.

As we know, Bali is indeed a strong running tradition of her ancestors. Pandan War became one of the charms that steal the attention in addition to the dance and its specialties.
It is usually made of war took place in the fifth month on the calendar or usually in mid-June. For those who are interested in seeing them can come to Bali in these months. Before it started, the citizens of Tenganan doing a ritual "Melelawang" or wandering around the village for safety. After it held a ritual of drinking alcohol for the participants, the alcohol then collected into one and thrown to the side of the stage.

bali woow War Tradition in Bali
War Tradition in Bali 
Not only the people of Bali who conduct this war, it turns out there are also foreigners who want to try it out. If you have the guts, it's okay to try it out.
Just try visiting Bali, there is no war in the village of Pandan Tenganan, Karangasem, Bali. This war was also known by term makere-kere and becoming an attraction for tourists. Pandan War is a ritual shootout between two young men dexterity Tenganan each participant carry a weapon in the form of a bunch of pandanus leaf spines and a shield.


Friday, July 29, 2016

The beauty of The Water Palace Tourism Tirta Gangga

The beauty of the water palace tourism tirta gangga, before it was used as a water Castle, Springs called by reformists in this place was first used by local communities for the purposes of everyday. In fact, this spring water flow the amount of water that is very much that now have been exploited by the Government to provide clean water to the residents of the town of Amlapura. In addition, water from these springs there are also streamed into swimming pools located in the lower area through underground pipes, as well as some of the water (traditional Balinese rice paddy irrigation organization).

Tirta Gangga was first built by Anak Agung Anglurah Ketut Karangasem, the king of Karangasem in 1948. Tirta Gangga just blends two architecture namely Balinese architecture and China.

This water Palace standing on land covering an area of 1.2 hectares with three different levels stretching from East to West. This symbolizes the depth of the concept of "Tri Loka" meaning "Three Worlds" in the teachings of Hinduism. The first part is called also with "Swah" i.e. the place of the gods. The next area is called the "Bwah" personifies the world the Bhutas or spirits and demons is located to the left of the entrance.

All About bali The Water Palace Tourism Tirta Gangga
The Water Palace Tourism Tirta Gangga
In fact, the word "Tirta Gangga" comes from two words namely "Tirta" means water, and "Gangga" which means sacred rivers in India which is the place where Hinduism was born. Of the meaning of the word it can be inferred that the Tirta Gangga is regarded as the place for the holy water or water of Hindus in Bali.

Tirta Gangga is a water Palace or Royal water garden Karangasem which still exists today. This tourist attraction is located at Ababi Village, Abang Sub district, about 83 km from Denpasar or 6 km from the town of Amlapura (Karangasem capital). Tirta Gangga is surrounded by green fields and rolling hills of the area. In addition, splash water and the beauty of the garden is the perfect combination to enjoy a relaxing holiday.


Thursday, July 28, 2016

Beauty Geger Beach Nusa Dua Bali

Beauty geger beach nusa dua bali, geger beach is different to the other beaches in Bali such as Kuta. If in Kuta you will find noise tire of a young child, then in Geger beach you can find tranquility . Geger beach is still clean, beautiful and comfortable. Upon arrival at this beach, you will be greeted by a turquoise sea water. Sand beaches are light brown, smooth and solid.

Geger beach is located in the South of Bali, Nusa Dua area, at Hotel Nikko. The ride from Ngurah Rai headed to Geger Beach spent about 45 minutes. If a visit to the beach, you will meet a lot of foreign tourist, as the Geger beach is indeed known by foreign tourist. Mostly, the newlyweds spent their honeymoon on the beach, because the quite and away from the crowds.

Geger beach is known for its beach sunrise, so prepare yourself to wake up early in the morning. You can stay overnight at the Nikko Hotel is located not far from the beach. The price is quite expensive indeed, but its facilities guaranteed to satisfy you. Not only have activity on the beach, you can also ride a camel on the beach. Sure, the surrounding beaches while ridding on a camel, it will be an experience that is unique and unforgettable.

All About bali Geger Beach Nusa Dua Bali
Geger Beach Nusa Dua Bali
The waves around the coast are pretty quiet, so many traveler who swim with her children. But, more to the middle of the sea, the waves are big enough and many surfers who spent time there. Not only its sand and water, around the coast of the garden there is also sea weed. Communities around the coast indeed empower the seaweed. Maybe you can try a variety of typical food or drink of seaweed in this place.

Geger beach at Nusa Dua, not less pretty with other beaches in Bali. The beaches is very quiet and clean. Bali has become a vacation destination for local travelers or holidaymakers abroad. The beauty of the beaches and cultural ambience you can find in the island of gods. One of Bali's charm that captivated the hearts of every traveler is its beaches. Geger beach, is one of the beaches that will leave you stunned.


Wednesday, July 27, 2016

The Beauty of the Hidden Attractions of Beji Guwang Sukawati

The beauty of the hidden attraction of beji guwang sukawati, need the stamina which fit to visit the sights of the Canyon Beji Guwang Sukawati, because have to climb a few stairs there quite a lot. Not to mention having to pass through the area of rocks around 700 meters away, down a small stream, and some small cliffs. Necessary prudence, because the terrain is rather slippery.

The location of the hidden Canyons Beji Guwang Sukawati is next to Guwang Pura Dalem Sukawati Gianyar Regency, about 14 kilometers from Sanur Bali. Or if you happened to be visiting Bali, Sukawati art market the distance is already very closer to the Gorges of Beji Guwang Sukawati, because it only takes about 10 minutes. You can also use the Google Map to better facilitate guide to aim precisely.

The location of the hidden Canyon sights Beji Guwang Sukawati itself has not been much noticed by people. A quite peaceful place make this place is perfect for your  meditation or yoga because it feels very supportive let alone this place away from the crowds. Or it could be just a place for quiet contemplation or his tiredness was the place crowded urban areas.

All About Bali Beji Guwang Sukawati
Beji Guwang Sukawati
To note, after going through the stairs you will meet with the jewel of water usually used for locals to holy water (Tirta) a Hindu religious ceremony in Bali. Because this is a holy place of locals, visitors are expected to be polite.

If you would like to visit something new in Bali, in addition to the beach and some of the famous tourist attraction which is already known to many people, can come to this place. Its a very natural shades, underneath there is a flow of the river is flanked by cliffs. High cliffs are about 20-30 meters with a flow of the river is blue sky. A very beautiful place, perfect for capturing those moments with the loved ones. Regular foreign tourists describe this place as the Hidden Canyon Beji Guwang Sukawati.


Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Tours of The Hill of Campuhan Love Ubud

Tours of the hill of Campuhan love Ubud, what is interesting from the Hill of Campuhan? The first impression of this Hill is not like the other hills with typical climate and lush vegetation would then decorate a hill. But not for the Hill of Campuhan Love, because the surface is a hill of Campuhan is filled with a one-meter tall grass that grows naturally. Holy hill Mountain Bee is another name of Cempuhan Hill. It is located in the village of Campuhan, Ubud Subdistrict of Gianyar Regency, Bali. In addition to enjoying the beauty of nature from the top of the Hill, visitors from both the domestic as well as a foreign tourist can do trekking activities, photoshoot or just travel on tiredness, when you visit the Hill of Campuhan.

The place is very easy to reach, approximately 1-1,5 hours drive uses a motor vehicle from Denpasar. From Denpasar, you can point your vehicle towards the mansion Ubud. From the mansion Ubud, 1.5 km longer distance you have to travel towards the Temple Mount Bees Campuhan. You can park your vehicle in an empty land near the school. Then walk to the small road the beside road leading to the temple. From here your adventure begins. The street that stars uphill to somewhat above the flat Hill Campuhan. Although tired everything will pay off with a view of the rolling hills and fresh air.

All About Bali The Hill of Campuhan Love Ubud
The Hill of Campuhan Love Ubud
Campuhan Hill, adjacent to the city center of Ubud and became one of the alternatives in addition to the visit to Puri Agung, museum, monkey forest, art market that is in Ubud Bali. ' Sunset Hill ' is the term foreign tourist to this place.

Want to enjoy the different atmosphere in Ubud village, you can visit the Hill of Campuhan. The Hill of Campuhan present blue sky clouds and the green expanse of reeds on the left and right side of the trail. With the sweet hills line grooves, creating a refreshing sight. Really beautiful!


Monday, July 25, 2016

The village of batubulan unique tours

The village of Batu Bulan unique tours, the village with an area of approximately 6,422 square kilometers it is the unique village because most of its residents have the skills to make sculptures and carvings. Because of the growing expertise of the villagers, then along the road which divides Batubulan village, there are various galleries and art shops that sell works of art. Batubulan supposedly originated from the story of the Dewa Agung Kalesan, who adopted the son of the King of Badung after mercy was given by the King of Badung to erect the Palace in the middle of the forest. Along with his followers, Dewa Agung Kalesan then went to the forest in the eastern part of the Kingdom of Badung. Arriving at the border of the forest, Dewa Agung Kalesan saw a luminous stone like the moon. This place was later named Batubulan.

Tourists who visited Bali often associate the Batubulan village as a producer of art sculpture with a stone base material. This assumption is certainly not wrong, because, in the village, tourists can easily find the art shop and Gallery displaying various sculptures, such as Ganesha, Buddha, gods and goddesses, heroes, and other forms of modern sculpture. Not only that but also in the village many of the craftsmen carved from wood and bamboo handicrafts.

 All About Bali Batubulan Unique Tours
 Bali Batubulan Unique Tours 
As an administrative region, Batubulan village is divided into three indigenous villages, among other Indigenous Village Tegaltamu, village Customs Jero Kuta, and Indigenous Village Dlod Tukat. Each indigenous village is still divided into a few sub-villages )custom unit which serves to manage the farm). Some of the banjar, in addition to managing the farm, also has the advantage of being able to present the performing arts that are sought after by tourists, such as Banjar Denjalan and Banjar Tegehe that demonstrate the Kecak dance, Barong, and Legong.

Gianyar Regency is one of the tourist destination Bali island which has the attraction of unique art. One of the centers of the arts in the County is located in the village of Batubulan Tours which has centers of artistic sculptures and carvings that are quite renowned amongst the domestic and foreign tourists.


Sunday, July 24, 2016

The custom is not a rule that is written in Bali

The custom is not a written rule but is the application of the teachings of the religion espoused. Before the term customs entry to Bali, the public already knows the Customs and habits of this with the term destra, lokacara or sima. It signifies the community understands all the habits in the community either in the order of religious ceremonies, awig-awig or customs somewhere so that a different interpretation does not arise. In each village, there is a custom in this area has some differences with the customs of the indigenous village between one another. Each village has indigenous awig-awig or conduct of the local community. Awig-awig each is certainly there are rights, obligations and sanctions law that must be obeyed by all its citizens, of course, not be separated from the teachings of Hinduism and various aspects of life.

Many of the customs that existed in the land of the gods, such as the ceremony of a full day of Nyepi, all societies must not be out of the House, doing the activity and turned on the lights, and for the diverse Hindu do brata of tapa. Cremation ceremony, everyone who died would be made ceremonial cremation, some places in ordinances implementing this ritual vary according to dresta.

All About Balinese Culture
Balinese Culture
The various procedures the implementation of religious ceremonies, for example, doesn't have to be the same village pekraman between one another. Different customs in Bali, allows the implementation of Yajna ceremony well it deals with religious ceremonies to God, man, the blind, the sages and pitara in different forms are also known by the term village, kala, patra.

Customs in Bali is inherited from an ancestor that has a great value and adi luhung. If observed, the Customs and the diverse cultures that belong to each region a set of important. The term indigenous is no longer new and unfamiliar thing, we understand very well with it, because we are rich with unique things.


Thursday, July 21, 2016

Cosy Spa At Baleka Hotel And Spa Legian

Baleka Hotel and Spa is the Inn three stars with complete facilities and quality. In it is available about 60 rooms that you can select and is divided into category classic, deluxe and superior as well. The majority of the furniture made from wood, as well as the wide range of accessories on display in many parts of the hotel, are increasingly adding to the impressive natural and warm. Guaranteed you will not eye never stop looking around the hotel enjoy the atmosphere of the interior of the spa and Hotel Baleka these.

Facilities available here include mini bar, satellite television, IDD telephone, air conditioning, bathroom with shower, safety deposit box, internet connection free indefinitely. In the room there is a smoke-free room smoking (free smoking area) so that you are not like even allergic to cigarette smoke can inhale clean air. You can relax with a myriad of facilities and quality served to entertain any guests to the maximum.

All About Bali Cosy Spa At Baleka Hotel
Cozy Spa At Baleka Hotel Bali
Hotel and spa are also, according to its name provide a place for spa treatment the body. So for those of you body feels sore or less fit can directly contact section the hotel reception to undergo spa treatments. And feel of traditional Balinese massage techniques that will make you come back relaxed and calm. So do you feel hungry can directly ordering food in a restaurant and bar that is in the about the hotel that provides a variety of food from Indonesia, China and also Western cuisine?


Sunday, July 17, 2016

Uug Heaven Pasih Beach Hidden in Nusa Penida bali

Uug heaven pasih beach hidden in Nusa Penida Bali, this beach is located in Banjar Sumpang, village Flowers Bloom Subdistrict Nusa Penida, Klungkung Regency Bali. This beach consists of high cliffs that jut out into the sea. The waves that are owned by this beach is far a little quieter. Uug Pasih does not have the sights the temple and there are no flock of living apes roam. However, there is beauty in this beach is no less other beaches on the island of Nusa Penida. If this place is not worth mentioning a hidden paradise.

Due to its location far from the settlement of many people make this place as a destination favorite. For those of you who love to meditate and looking for tranquility by the beach. Here you truly pampered with panoramic views still very natural. Coupled with the fresh wind that blows and accompanied by the sound of the sea waves that sounds. If you are lucky, you will look over the cliff of a group of fish rays eyes even turtles that swim freely in the middle of the sea. Above the cliffs, Pasih Uug in the middle of the sea lies a natural bridge that you can skip.

All About Bali Uug Heaven Pasih Beach
Uug Heaven Pasih Beach
To reach this beach location, there are several transportation alternatives that you can choose. Among them you can reach the beaches via the beach Sanur speedboat with vessel it takes about 30-45 minutes or you can take a boat ferry from Padang Bay and rent a speedboat from Tanjung Benoa. But with two alternatives the above transport you can reach the island Nusa Penida. While heading to Nusa Penida Pasih Uug, you can use private cars or using the charter indeed many motor for rent in the port of Nusa Penida. Time this place needed to achieve more or less 1,5-hour drive.

Called Beach Broken because it has cliff hollow at the core with height 50-200 meters. So the form like a giant tunnel in the middle of the sea. Don't forget to visit the beach or Uug Broken Beach you can't miss if on vacation to the island of Nusa Penida, Bali.


Saturday, July 16, 2016

Surf and Turf Nusa Dua Beach

Surf and turf Nusa dua beach, in the development of rapid up to this day, do not lose the beauty of Bali, characteristics, and nature of which continues to attract visitors from all over the world and many of them want to return to Bali to enjoy their holiday. Bali as one of the most favorite holiday destinations in the world offers stunning beaches with marine life, and great mountain views not to be missed during the holidays. Welcomed by the local people who are warm and welcoming with a unique and dynamic culture.

Surf & Turf in Nusa Dua Beach is served by the Tjendana Corporation to put forward an alternative fun vacation you and your family in Bali.

All About Bali Surf and Turf Nusa Dua Beach
Surf and Turf Nusa Dua Beach
This beach is designed for visitors who are looking for a fun Beach nuanced concept lies in the region of the Bay Area, BTDC, Nusa Dua. Beach activities include canoeing and cycling, sunbathing, Cabanas and an outdoor pool. All activities are fully insured and have been in compliance with international safety standards. A souvenir shop and a locker room are also provided.

The fusion of two-story restaurant and bar of Western and Asian cuisine are also available.
Surf & Turf Nusa Dua Beach is located in the tourist area of BTDC, The Bay, Lot C-0, Nusa Dua, Bali.

Nusa Dua is one of Bali's southern regions which represents one of the world's premier tourist destinations.
Bali is an island and province of Indonesia located in the tropics. With a population of 4,225,000 in January 2014. It is the largest tourist destination in the country of Indonesia.


Friday, July 15, 2016

Museum Of Bajra Sandi Bali

Museum Of Bajra Sandi Bali, the form of the museum was taken based on the story of Hinduism at the time of screening the mountain Mandara Giri by the gods and the Giants to Tirta Amertha or holy water of life. Named for the parts that are important in the museum are as follows:
The Museum symbolizes the looming Mount Mandara Giri.
Urn Amertha symbolized in the form of Kumba (stoneware) exactly the top of the museum.
A dragon wrapped around the museum symbolizes the Naga Vasuki as the rope in the screening of Mandara Giri.
Turtles that are found in the lower part of the museum are the symbol of Bedawang Akupa which is used as the base playback Mandara Giri.
There are swimming around the museum is a symbol of a milk sea that surrounds the Mandara Giri place houses the holy water of life or Tirtha Amirtha.

All About Bali Museum Of Bajra Sandi Bali
Museum Of Bajra Sandi Bali
The museum became a symbol of the people of Bali to honor the heroes as well as a symbol of the preservation of the soul the seedbed of Balinese struggle from generation to generation and from era to era and the emblem of the spirit to maintain the integrity of the unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia. It can be seen from the 17 steps that are in the main door, 8 fruit mainmast in the building of the monument and monument 45 meters tall.

The museum is a monument to the password Bajra of Balinese struggle which is located in the area of field Niti Mandala Denpasar. Jl. Raya Puputan. The museum was built by mimicking the shape of Bajra and is often used by Regent/Sulinggih. The museum was built on a spacious building with 13.8 70 x 70 meters. The museum was inaugurated by President Megawati Soekarno Putri on 14 June 2003. 


Thursday, July 14, 2016

Sightseeing While Praying at Ground Zero Monument

Sightseeing while praying at ground zero monument, the Bali bombing monument was built in the aftermath of the bombing that occurred. The monument was built and completed in 2003 named "monument to the Five continents". A year later, a new monument was inaugurated on October 12, 2004, by the head Regent of Badung Regency with named "monument to the human tragedy of bomb Explosion October 12, 2002. Bali bombing monument was built to honor humanitarian values especially the victims. Bali bomb monument, also known as Ground Zero Monument and is located on  Legian street, Kuta. Legian street Kuta is one of Bali's nightlife because along the side of the road there are many bars, discos, restaurants, and hotels. Bali bombing monument is every day crowded by tourists or people who passed ply to the memory of the victims. In the monuments inscribed names and some photos of the victims that totaled 202 people.

While visiting the Bali bombing monument it doesn't forget to pray for the victims of the heinous event. All solely as a form of caring for fellow human beings. Indonesia has some of the people sentenced to death because of their role in the bombing. The criminals who have been sentenced to death admitted no regrets over their deeds.

 All About Bali Ground Zero Monument
 Ground Zero Monument Bali
The monument of "Ground Zero" is a monument that was built with the aim to commemorate the victims of the bomb blast at the Sari Club and Paddy's Cafe in Legian street. This monument was built upon the idea of Nyoman Rudana (Chairman of the Union of Tourist Attraction of Bali Indonesia), which recommends that established a monument at the site of the bombing. But a few days before its grand opening i.e. on 8 October has held the ceremony of Hindu ritual which aimed to cleanse and purify. The ceremony took place at the site of the detonation of the bomb and led by two Hindu priests, attended also the head Regent of Badung Regency, Anak Agung Ngurah Oka Ratmadi, along with public figures of Kuta.

In the event it is revealed 202 inhabitants died, 88 people citizens of Australia, 38 citizens of Indonesia, 27 Britons, 7 American, 6 Sweden and 3 citizens of Danes


Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Soak in the Hot Springs of Banjar Tours

Soak in the hot springs of Banjar tours, the source of the hot springs of Banjar is estimated to have been around for hundreds of years ago. When the time of the occupation of Japan, hot springs are more addressed and maximized their roles and functions. The Government of Japan when it builds at least three ponds for bathing water where they used to cure skin diseases.

And the presence of hot water that is maintained until today. Banjar hot springs tourist attraction is indeed still managed in a simple, but doing so does not make the attractions of this nature cannot rely on fewer demand patrons at once. Many of them are addicted to coming to visit this hot water again because in addition to its natural state also cure diseases that are still beautiful. Even many of the visitors soak in hot water is because of the shade and water clarity.

Location of hot springs of Banjar range 25 kilometers from the center of the city of Singaraja and about 80 kilometers from the city of Denpasar. In the village of Banjar, Buleleng Regency. Bath is also located not far from the famous Lovina Beach tour with the dolphins.

All About Bali Hot Springs of Banjar Tours
Hot Springs of Banjar Tours
Outdoor hot water is divided into three sections with different heights levels. Hot water first flowed through the pools at the mouths of eight dragons shower. In the second pool of hot water was piped into the pool through the five Dragon shower. For the third pond often seen visitors queue up to enjoy three showers flowed from a height of 3.5 m, High fountain made the body as though it massaged by the water so that visitors love to be underneath. The depth of the pool an average of 1 meter.

Banjar hot spring is one of the hot springs from the many attractions in Bali that could be visited by you and also to other travelers. The hot water comes from natural springs that are considered many circles that can cure various diseases of the skin due to the sulfur content.


Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Soothe yourself with Sightseeing in Medewi Beach

Soothe yourself with sightseeing in Madewi beach, for fans of extreme sports, surfing, don't worry when they visit Medewi Beach can't do it. Thus a great many foreign tourists, as well as locals, make Medewi surf beach as an area because it has a long wave and not too large. Now it has become a favorite choice especially for foreign tourists because it is not so crowded and the atmosphere nice beaches. In addition to the natural beauty of sea panorama Medewi beach that is so fantastic, this beach is also very quite and escape from the frenetic hustle like other beaches in Bali. So make this beach as a location release exhausted every day, familiarizing back knitted hospitality in a family, or even for a honeymoon so recommended.

Here there have been hotels places to stay, restaurants, parking places, public baths, as well as a swimming pool. Medewi beach, as well as other beaches in Bali, also promise an attraction for visitors. Not difficult to reach because of its location is so strategic Medewi. The beach is only 100 m from more or less the main streets of Denpasar-Gilimanuk. Also included in the territory of the village of Pekutatan Sub-district Medewi, district Jembarana. Along the journey to Medewi will be indicated on the row of fields that are not less conquered it, especially when the harvest season arrives.

All About  Bali Medewi Beach
Medewi Beach
So it is with the natural landscape surrounding the beach are not less conquered it. Above the beach, have some sort of special gazebos available is provided for visitors to enjoy the sea waves or when sunset ahead. When sunset came, guaranteed visitors will be swept away in the shades of beautifully paced with all the form of beauty and exoticism Medewi beach.

Everyone who is on a trip to the beach is certainly very looking forward to the moment the sun rises to its resting place. The case occurred at the Medewi beach that impressed very quiet, graceful and emits a Crimson hard into oblivion. Visitors coming to Medewi Beach usually since the afternoon has been preparing to await the arrival of the wonders of nature that only lasts a few dozen minutes.


Monday, July 11, 2016

Amed Bali A Paradise For Divers

Amed Bali a paradise for divers, in this area there have been many built important tourism facilities. Price rent varies, ranging from USD 350.000 per the night up to Rp 2.000.000. There are several hotels provides on-site learning to dive, starting from beginner to professional. Tourists will be accompanied by guides who have been trained and experienced and supported with equipment already an international standard. Access to the village is very easy with two or four-wheeled vehicles. Rural atmosphere still very lumpy due to the influence of the unspoiled foreign. The majority of the population's livelihood working as a fisherman. But as the development of this tourism object, many built hotels around this beach, the job most the population switched to the tourism sector. With the development of tourism of diving in the village of Amed, very help the development of the economy of the community of the village of Amed.

For those of you who are eager to see the beauty of nature under the sea and didn't want to do the activities diving to the children you can also enjoy the underwater scenery, you can try the tourist submarine Odyssey Submarine Bali.

All About Amed Bali A Paradise For Divers
Amed Bali A Paradise For Divers
When walking along the beach, you will get the village of Jemeluk that has small pieces of very beautiful coral gardens. Divers can use a boat to reach the village of Jemeluk. There, divers can see biodiversity and coral a very beautiful coral hanging from the depths dives. About 10 meters from the beach this there is a framework of Japan patrol boats at War WWII wreck. This location made the area dive tours.

This beach offers beach beauty with the rising sun. It also has a beautiful under the sea that you can enjoy when you diving. On the edge of the beach, there is a lake that is used as a place to workout diving. Domestic and international divers really like diving here. The beach is sand black, the water is very clear, has biota of the sea, coral reefs and the lives of the others. This is the main attraction the tourist for diving on this beach.


Songket Cloth Sidemen, Typical Bali

Songket cloth sidemen typical Bali, sidemen are one sub Regency of Karangasem, Bali. In the Sidemen is one of the industrial centers of traditional songket cloth handicraft in Bali. Outside the scope of Community tradition tourist destination, and not limited to Sidemen songket souvenirs or just by mere Bali, but continues to evolve as a commodity to the world of fashion is based on culture.

Songket cloth Sidemen Bali is described as luxurious fabrics that have a motive and made with the form of the variation of webbing, using colorful cotton yarn or thread of gold and silver yarn set in such as way, so that the shape of the desired motif. This Bali songket cloth Sidemen commonly used for certain sacred ceremonies in Bali. Along with the development of the times then the fabric is now used songket Sidemen for events such as the greatness of graduations, weddings, and more.

For those of you who are on vacation to Bali and would like to see directly in Cepik area of Sidemen. Cepik is one of the tourist attractions that exist in the district of Sidemen who serves the natural beauty of the mountains and rice paddies of the passage (terracing). In addition to being able to enjoy the beauty of nature, you can also buy the fabric songket Sidemen directly from the craftsmen.

All About Bali Songket Cloth
Songket Cloth Bali
Songket cloth most favored are usually songket cloth made from combination yarn mixed cotton yarn, for example - gold, or cotton thread, silver-or gold-silver. The combination not only produces good quality Sidemen songket, but the price is also more affordable. In addition, the fabric of songket Sidemen mix preferred by the younger generation and continues to thrive as commodities to the world of fashion is based on culture.

Traditional cloth works each region has its own style and range, for example in the songket cloth Sidemen. Craft fabric songket Sidemen Bali has a unique characteristic of the display and the color motif especially, so the fabric of songket became the typical products of the area.


Sunday, July 10, 2016

Rice Terrace in Tegalalang

Rice terrace in TegalAlang, when visiting Ubud, Tegalang this not only the natural beauty of the course you will be able to. You also get a feel for the atmosphere of tranquility Tegalalang still beautiful with the air so fresh. In addition to it, you will get the hospitality of the inhabitants around which most of the profession as farmers. Not many people know that in Ubud the northern part there are 1 very home industry area many. Tegalalang has a beautiful colored rice field green made many tourists who are traveling the Ubud rice field would like to see terracing. And throughout the 10 km, if you shop here, of course, you can choose many options in stores and hand-crafted items.

Domestic and foreign tourists who want to enter the Tegalalang area not subject to admission to domestic and foreign pay only parking tickets motorcycle or car USD 1.000/vehiche. Tourists coming to the place it also could see the beauty of a Rice Terrace terraced rice fields or.

All About Bali Rice Terrace in Tegalalang
Rice Terrace in Tegalalang
Tegalalang Ubud is located to the North of the Country Gianyar approximately 20 minutes is a vehicle. The area is famous for its tourist attractions paddy terracing. Many tourist tours to Kintamani to stop at this place and see the beauty of rice field view verdant terraced or lunch in the restaurant while enjoying views of the rice fields the beautiful terraces.

Tegalalang was the home industry area very much art shop and manufacturing, craft cat kind, dolphin, giraffe, etc. Are made of wood or iron. Assorted models bag of diverse materials, carving stones padas small, cheap, wood carving wooden masks. A wide range of hand-crafted from glass that is formed by unique bottles, vases, platters. It's all here. Happy shopping and enjoy views of green rice paddies in Tegalalang


Saturday, July 9, 2016

Odyssey Submarine Bali

Odyssey Submarine Bali, underwater in the tourist offer around the city of Labuhan Amuck Bay, village Antiga for 45 minutes. This tourist attraction is adjacent to Labuhan Running Amok. Odyssey Submarine will carry tourists to see the beauty of the landscape under the sea, a variety of ornamental fish, coral reefs and other marine biota. Provide a vacation experience that is impressive. The sophistication of artificial ship Victoria Machinery Depot co. Ltd. Canada weighted 72,6 it gives tons of opportunities for travelers to see the beauty under the sea. Journey beneath the sea was felt increasingly comfortable with the Pilot and Co-Pilot experience that will guide your journey at a depth of 35 meters below sea level during the last 45 minutes.

For safety, all travelers must weight weighed, including with all the stuff that will carry. Submarines-dimensional length 17 m, the width of 4 meters and a height of 5,5 meters has transport capabilities of 3,500 kg. The maximum capacity is possible as many as 36 passengers. Just try it Odyssey holiday is the sensation a unique experience during the tour in Bali. The adventure this underwater recreation becomes compulsory for you.

All about bali Odyssey Submarine
Odyssey Submarine Bali
Very important information submitted prior to joining this tour that is not allowed to eat and drink while in the submarine including prohibited smoking. That is not less the importance, tourists are encouraged to the toilet before entering into the submarine because the submarine Submarine Odyssey is not the available toilet. The atmosphere in a room of the vessel itself the light, especially for children who are afraid of the atmosphere is dark, not to worry.

Odyssey Submarine is the only ship submarine tours in Indonesia. This water can tour enjoyed of all ages safely and comfortable. Located in Labuhan Amuck, Bali, where Odyssey submarine rests in the village Antiga Karangasem. Approximately is 1 hour 15 minutes via Denpasar. In addition to the rental car or tour in Bali, you can enjoy the beauty of nature the mountains or beaches. During a vacation in Bali, tourists can enjoy the beauty of underwater along with the Odyssey Submarine.


Friday, July 8, 2016

Natural Swimming Pool in The Waterfall Banyumala

Natural swimming pool in the waterfall Banyumala, the waterfall is located in the village of Sukasada sub-district Wanagiri Pakraman, Buleleng Regency. The village Wanagiri is located west of Lake Buyan and Tamblingan. The village is very easily reached via Bedugul Tourist Area (Highway Denpasar-Singaraja).

To reach the waterfall, visitors must pass through a small footpath named the Tirta Kuning street along the 3.5 kilometers. To facilitate travel are strongly encouraged to use the motorcycle. Can not be denied, the growing interest in photography among the younger generation which was accompanied by an increasingly sophisticated camera technology, make the wishes of the younger generation of Bali at the moment to do any tourist activity is on the rise. Most of the tour into the current discussion is nature-based tourism.

Fresh air, the expanse of green forests and a waterfall that is so elegant is a dish that you can enjoy after a journey. The condition of this waterfall is still maintained very well. The water is crystal clear and fresh. No visible pollution of garbage or waste. With the water is clear and calm makes you can feel to swim in it. You can see the base of this pool if viewed from above through the deepest places can reach a depth of 2 meters.

All About Bali Waterfall Banyumala
Waterfall Banyumala
To be able to enjoy the Banyumala waterfall, visitors pay around Rp 10,000 admission only. The road to the waterfall is indeed quite difficult. Parties in Forestry in collaboration with local communities have been striving to improve the trail made of ground ladders and ladder-shaped bamboo for the past. So that makes it easy for visitors to reach the waterfall Banyumala.

Bali tourism has indeed been internationally famous for more than 3 decades. But Bali tourism existence up to now still can be maintained properly. Apart from a few tourist attraction which has for many years a mainstay on the island of gods, it turns out so many resources of tourism on Bali island that has not been an expose by.


Thursday, July 7, 2016

Free Yoga Exercises in Bali

Free yoga exercises in Bali, many Yoga training centers located in Ubud are mostly training center owned by foreign circles so that the training center they founded really good quality training center with a license that is recognized internationally. Reserved price, you do not need to worry because the price offered is not expensive, starting from 100 thousand to 1 million rupiahs. This is the cheapest tariff rates especially for foreign tourists who had a huge finance very excess. But for those of you who don't have money-saving too much, you can get a free yoga practice that is always held in Bali.

You do not need to spend any money to be able to enjoy the practice of yoga. Some of the training centers of yoga in Bali hosted a free yoga exercise that can be followed by all foreign and local tourists. Two places that offer free yoga was not organized by the organizer of regular but organized by the training center of yoga Pasemetonan Yoga Asana Seger Oger. Any training not indiscriminate because this free yoga trainer is the founder yoga practice of Studio Asana Yoga Pasemetonan Seger Oger.

All About Free Yoga Exercises in Bali
Free Yoga Exercises in Bali
Niti Mandala Renon field, you can do yoga exercises while you see the sunrise, which is 7 a.m. - 8 a.m. local time. You can also feel the yoga practice in Sanur Beach every morning at 7 a.m. - 8 a.m. local time. Lately, people started likes yoga as one of the physical exercises that is very beneficial for maintaining the body's health. A variety of workshops or center yoga exercises you can encounter tour to Ubud.

Yoga is one of physical movement combined with mental or emotional management and later are very popular in Indonesia. But in Bali, yoga has become the habit of the plural long day long ago. According to the understanding of the language of yoga posture or body, movements are devoted to the health and stability of the body. Not only that, for Hindus in Bali yoga practice centers serve as a means for closer to the Lord.


Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Toya Bungkah Hot Water Tour

Lots of tourists come to Toya Bungkah with a wide range of purposes: a hot bath, climb Mount Batur, camping or other recreational types by viewing the natural beauty firsthand. There are at least two swimming at this location, i.e. the natural hot water pools that are usually used for surrounding communities, and pool built with limited by the parapet for the tourists who come to Toya Bungkah. Look also to the northeast of Lake Batur, a village surrounded by verdant hills area i.e. Trunyan village. It's not just the views of the anesthetized eye presented Toya Bungkah, the air is also known to be very cool, calm, and appease. It's no wonder when the famous poet Sutan Takdir Alisyahbana Indonesia to set up an Arts Hall Toya Bungkah is used to perform a wide range of performing arts.

Heading to Toya Bungkah can be reached by driving from Denpasar and Kintamani Bangli, heading. Arriving at Penelokan (Kintamani), look for the road down to the Lake Batur. Follow the road down until there is at-junction, from there turn left. And after passing the road surrounded by lava stones are dry due to the eruption of Mount Batur long enough, then the visitor will get to Toya Bungkah.

All About Bali Toya Bungkah Hot Water Tour
Toya Bungkah Hot Water Tour
When the heading to Toya Bungkah, visitors will first be presented with a wide panorama of the beauty of nature such as mountains or Lake Batur, the trees grow such as cempedak, jackfruit, and mounds of lava for years so that it becomes the reef and look very riveting.

Toya Bungkah is a hot spring tourism area which is normally utilized for bathing because many believe that is water can cure diseases, especially diseases of the skin. Hot water at Toya Bungkah is accommodated in a small outdoor shelter that is located not far from the Lake Batur. Its location is adjacent to the Lake Batur that makes visitors when soaking can while enjoying the panoramic view of the natural beauty of Lake Batur and surroundings are famous for the variety of its natural beauty.


Tuesday, July 5, 2016

New Kuta Green Park

New Kuta green park, this is a new way you enjoy a fun water vehicle experience. Located in Jimbaran, Pecatu. This place gives a sensation of new for you to enjoy the actual water rides. With an area of 2 hectares, this place treats you with a complete package of recreational water. This place is very convenient and close to the best tourist area called Uluwatu. The temple is famous for its elegance. The distance is adjacent to Dream Land Pecatu. Here also provides a food court on several sides of the pond. Please select your favorite menu and you will be ready to continue your water adventures. You can also buy some souvenirs here at the store kiosk to the left of the main pond.

The first floor is equipped with kiosk, second-floor space rental and the third floor is deck (an open area with aroma nuances of Bali). The perfect place to enjoy and breathe in the air of summer in Bali.

All About Bali New Kuta Green Park
New Kuta Green Park
As the kingdom of water, you will feel when you reach slide tower. An empire is actually what you want. Outdoor ramps that will welcome you as below. There's also provides security and comfort for your child/baby with a multi-level structure. Very convenient place for babies and children with much excitement on offer that will spoil your baby and child with a maximum.

This place is accessible and open to anyone even for travelers who have visited Bali. It is very easy for you to find a vehicle filled with water adventure is just at the New Kuta Green Park. From the airport, you can go straight to the Nusa Dua where many star hotels or the best of Ubud and Seminyak with a traditional touch. You will have no trouble to reach this place.


Monday, July 4, 2016

Devdan Show in Nusa Dua Theatre

Devdan Show in Nusa dua theater, this contemporary dance performance held at Nusa Dua Theatre, its location in the elite area of BTDC complex of hospitality and Resort Nusa Dua Bali. Devdan's own words derived from India Sanskrit, i.e. "Deva" means that the God of gods and "Dhana means of grace, a gift of God who shaped treasures, art, and culture dedicated to the entire population of the country. The story of the journey of any person who broke away from the troupe, then rock climb, and eventually they found a crate full of unique objects and treasures that eventually led them to a trip to enjoy the riches and treasures of Indonesia and packaged in Devdan performing arts Show.

Devdan show stages 4 times a week, very 7 pm for 90 minutes. During the day you can follow other tourist attractions such as rafting tour or ride a camel water sport located in Nusa Dua Beach, after the event you can follow the activities of the next watch Devdan staging shows in Nusa Dua. The performances suitable for all walks of like, especially for children will increase their knowledge in the art and culture of the archipelago.

All About Bali Devdan Show in Nusa Dua Theatre
Devdan Show in Nusa Dua Theatre
A very entertaining performance primarily for children gives the introduction of closer to the culture and art that exists on the Earth. In addition to entertaining performances can also introduce various cultural areas to foreign tourists, especially tourists so rich and many hidden treasures to be enjoyed. A variety of specials effects and sophisticated also graced the stage entertainment show, it could accommodate 700 spectators. Divided into 4 blocks of seating which are different at different prices as well.

To complement your event to the island of the gods, in addition with a join tour enjoy a variety of attractions in Bali, well that's the beauty of the natural landscape of the sea or mountains, a number of performances were also brought to the attention of tourists. One of the performances of contemporary dance is staged as Nusa Dua is Devdan Theatre Show. If it happens to be tourist in Bali, you must visit this place.


Sunday, July 3, 2016

Snorkeling in Bali Secret Beach (Blue Lagoon, Cape Jepun)

Snorkeling in Bali secret beach, you can dive on the surface (snorkel) on the beach is in a way rather swim to the middle and see the beautiful underwater scenery, colorful, coral reefs are awake and a group of fish. Around this beach also there is a cactus plant, so be careful of taxable the spines are. The beaches are clean, no matter its clean water turns blue, crystal clear and uncontaminated even its basic clear, white and sand too many people who visit this beach. Line width the beaches are only about 2 km away.

If you are lucky (seawater receding), you can stand on top of the reef and its very quiet waters. Cape Jepun is surrounded by green hills, the beaches are fringed by coconut trees with fruits dense. If tired, thirsty and hungry. Further to the Restaurant Cap Inn, just off the coast of Padang Bai. To dive on the surface in the Blue Lagoon and Cape Jepun, simply rent a jukung (fishing boat) and diving equipment complete with enough Rp 100.000/people until satisfied.

All About Bali Snorkeling in Bali Blue Lagoon
Snorkeling in Bali Blue Lagoon
If not satisfied to dive on the surface on the beach Blue Lagoon, next only to the other point. I.e. Cape Jepun. At this point, you can enjoy diving on the surface, fishing, sailing, etc. Its pristine reefs, colorful, grass it's lush and green. No doubt types of fish of various types and groups. Views of the ferries and cargo ships ever often passing in the Lombok Strait.

This is called the Blue Lagoon Beach, it is located in the area Padang Bai, Karangasem, East Bali. If driving a car, can through the Bypass Sanur heading to Denpasar, Denpasar from then to the beach this is about 1,5 hours by road Prof. Dr. Ida Bagus Mantra (skip the beach, Ketewel Bali Safari, Goa Lawah, Klungkung). This highway across the east coast of Bali., starting from Sanur to Karangasem.


Saturday, July 2, 2016

Camping in Bali with View of Mountains and Lake Batur

Camping in Bali with a view of mountains and lake Batur, camping package you will receive. This fee includes tents and tent equipment etc. In addition, this package also comes with breakfast and dinner in the form of a BBQ Dinner. Not only that, but these costs also include entrance tickets to the thermal baths and packs lunch at Toya Devasya. So entering this area, visitors will be presented with a view of the Green still so feel natural. Each element of the interior of this place is dominated by natural materials such as wood and stone. In the 1000 square meters of land, you can camp on the shores of the Lake. Not only inside the tent, but you can also enjoy a variety of on-site private areas for cycling, hiking, and canoeing. Coupled with the presence of hot springs that could you guys enjoy under the cool air typical of Kintamani.

Guests will be invited to cross over Lake Batur for 45 minutes to 1 hour for achieving Toya Devasya. Crossing with paddling this gives different sensation because it is surrounded by beautiful natural scenery and the fresh air. After arriving in Toya Devasya, guests will enjoy lunch in the form of fish and vegetables as well as Oreochromis mossambicus juice Dutch eggplant.

All About Bali Camping with View of Mountains and Lake Batur
Camping with View of Mountains and Lake Batur
Terminal Lake Batur as the meeting point, where the party met Toya and guests. From the trip around Lake Batur with cycling began. While biking, guests can enjoy the beautiful views of the village around which the line is skipped.

Visit Toya Devasya located at Puri Bening street (STA), Toya Bungkah, Kintamani. Here the visitors can feel the togetherness in a camping in the mountains with a variety of exceptional amenities. This place has quite an interesting slogan, namely "Camping in a different way". Here visitors will be treated to panoramic Lake and mount Batur. Even though sleeping in the tent, but modern means like in the resort would you guys get here. Guaranteed you will get a holiday mood which is different from the previous one.


Friday, July 1, 2016

Relax with views of the outdoor in Cafe Pomegranate ubud Bali

Relax with views of the outdoor in cafe pomegranate Ubud Bali, quite an interesting view of rice fields will accompany all the way, until finally going up on buildings with white roofs shaped tent. The cafe is not so great, maybe 30-40 peoples already quite full. The concept of the cafe is to relax while enjoying the natural scenery of open in the form of a rice field. If the day is already dark, sparkling lights of villas in the hills Campuhan will adorn the coolness of the night in the Pomegranate. A view of the most widely enjoyed and eagerly awaited is the sunset. This is one reason why the cafe overlooks the West. Relaxed and Natural are words that fit this Pomegranate. A cafe that is located away from the crowds, blend in with the natural atmosphere with views of the surrounding nature.

With its unique cafe concept in an interesting place accompanied by a varied menu, from 09.00-21.00 local time we'll get a beautiful, cool atmosphere, and romantic. Together with family, friends, or couples who are far away from the crowds.

All About Bali Cafe Pomegranate ubud
Cafe Pomegranate Ubud Bali

The menu at the cafe is extremely variable, ranging from salads, pizza, noodles, juice, coffee, beer, and a variety of desserts. The issue price is very affordable and not too expensive, are equipped with free WiFi.

Pomegranate Cafe is located at Subak Sok Wayah Street Ubud, Bali. The location is quite far from the highway. When entering an intersection in Ubud Market, exactly in front of the Puri Saren Ubud, take the direction to the West down the road of Campuhan. After passing the Museum Puri Lukisan Ubud just before the path downhill, to he North the road uphill. For those who brought the car to be prepared to walk away, because the road to Pomegranate Cafe can only be traversed by one motor only. If you should walk away don't be discouraged, as it will be greeted by beautiful views along the way.



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