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Monday, June 13, 2016

The Tradition of Mesuryak in The Bongan Village Tabanan Bali

The tradition of mesuryak in the bongan Village Tabanan Bali, before the procession begins Mesuryak the residents doing the worshipping at the temple family and in harmony with the existing three temples in the village of local customs. After doing the worshipping, for initiating the tradition of Mesuryak citizens bring offerings to the front entrance of the House, then headed by a Regent (master of ceremonies) or elderly women for chanting prayers and after it is closed with Mesuryak. Each family member gave the stock to his ancestors in accordance with their capabilities, from start-up to coins banknotes par 100 thousand. Money-the money was thrown into the air and was welcomed by other residents who gathered there.

Mesuryak tradition is a unique tradition that still held hereditary in Bongan Gede Village, Bongan Subdistrict, Tabanan Regency of Tabanan-Bali. The ceremony was held to coincide at the feast of brass (10 days after Galungan) every 6 months, with the aim to give an offering or provision on his ancestor who went down on the day of Galungan and back to Nirvana on the brass. The ceremony was started around 09.00 a.m. and ending time at 12 noon. Because after 12.00 noon are believed to be ancestors had returned to heaven.

All About Bali The tradition of mesuryak
The tradition of mesuryak
The tradition of Mesuryak (cheer) is the unique traditions and culture, has done since their ancestors there, unnoticed when the start. So it has become a regular procession and ingrained until now. Old young, adult, children, men and women mingled, jostle for money, they shout (Mesuryak), rejoice, chirpy mood, even though they are snatched away so that radiates intimacy between citizens.

If talking about the tradition in Bali is endless. Many traditions carried out related to religious rituals, and every tradition has the uniqueness of each of which adds to the attraction, come to Bali and see the tradition never endless on this paradise island, enjoy the beauty of the island with witnessed cultural diversity will make your vacation feels perfect.

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