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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Kubu Beach Bali of an exotic, exclusive and hidden

Kubu beach bali of an exotic, exclusive and hidden, kubu Beach indeed designed as private beach which gives the opportunity to the guests to enjoy the beauty of the island of the gods exclusively. It could also be a romantic place for a honeymoon. In the world-famous traveler can do any activity by relaxing because far from the center of the crowd. This is one of the private beaches owned by Ayana Resort. Just three words to describe the beach below the cliff that is exotic, exclusive and hidden. From the main lobby Ayana Resort, guests must still be down 197 steps that took him right at the edge of the beach fortifications. The beach of located just below a steep hill which makes it hidden from radar traveler.

To reach this beach guests at Ayana Resort can take advantage of a free shuttle operates from 07:30 - 19:00:00. So, if a holiday in Bali do not miss a visit to Jimbaran resort and a private beach where it is located. In addition to that in the area of Jimbaran is also filled with a variety of luxury resorts and Rock Bar which has a very enchanting.

All About Bali Kubu Beach an exotic, exclusive and hidden
Kubu Beach an exotic, exclusive and hidden
Located on a cliff, there are stalls stronghold provides a wide menu of hungry mountings. Menus such as satay, roasted corn, burgers, hotdogs, cocktail, and young coconut all available there. Do not miss also those packed in the hold it can enjoy the cuisine while viewing the beautiful Fortress beach panorama from the top of the Hill.

A glimpse of a five star resort in Bali which has two private beaches Ayana Resort and Spa Bali is built on a hill overlooking Jimbaran directly into the Indian Ocean. The resort features 368 bedrooms with 290 of them classy five-star and the rest in the from of a private villa. With a position like that, it's certainly guests staying will be spoiled with views of the blue sea and a private beach of an exotic.

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