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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Hone the Creativity of Children in Pondok Pekak Ubud Bali

Hone the creativity of the children in Pondok pekak Ubud Bali, the goal established Pondok Pekak Ubud originally was a library that provides knowledge about the environment. The visitors who come are expats along with her children. They chose this place because of the gloomy Pondok Pekak Ubud is a quite and comfortable place to learn. Located in a mountainous area with cool, Pondok Pekak Ubud or Pondok Pekak Library Learning Center of Ubud is a great place for tourists to learn about the art and culture of Bali. Even tourists can also learn a foreign language, as the language of the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, France, and Indonesia. Generally, tourists often visit this place is the foreign tourists with his son.

Book collection owned by more than 10.000 pieces, consisting of English, literature, anthropology, philosophy, history, politics, and much more. Even the Pondok Pekak Ubud is also often used as dance performances, gamelan (Balinese musical instruments), and poetry readings. They were certainly very good for children because it could stimulate their creativity in accordance with the interests and talents of each.

All About Bali Hone the Creativity of Children
Hone the Creativity of Children
Unlike at other public libraries, at this place the visitor can learn some traditional music, dance, sculpture, mask making, singing with some of the languages, learning the language of Indonesia, and solve puzzles.

The island is famous for the beauty of the beach, the tourist will not only present the natural beauty of the beach of course. But also art and culture are unique and interesting. the creativity of the artists of Bali continues to evolve following the developments of the age but still maintain cultural traditions. Almost all areas in Bali have sights that can captivate the hearts of tourists to visit it soon.

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