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Thursday, June 30, 2016

Kokokan birds of Petulu Village Tour in Ubud Bali

Kokokan birds of petulu village tour in Ubud bali, kokokan birds development early in this village in 1965, according to the word that the local population they were nesting there is only about a 5 tail only. After several months, their population is growing. Some residents are interested in maintaining even intend to cut and take the flesh for consumption. But everyone who catches it will surely come back to the village to restore the Kokokan birds and inform local people that they may encounter creepy creatures after the bird hunting, this happened almost on 50 people who never tried to do so. After the cause of the bird turns wanted Kokokan is Ida Bhatara guards at a local Temple. Typically these birds come to sights Petulu village in November through March to make a nest, lay eggs and incubate until hatching. In April, children birds have started to fly and Kokokan forage during the day. They will return to the nest at 6 p.m.

Kokokan birds and natural beauty in the Petulu village tour you can enjoy since the entry to the Village Petulu. Currently in the village also already there are relaxing places in the form of food stalls in the area of rice fields. So you can eat while watching the Kokokan birds fly hundreds and stood over the trees. To reach the village, you can travel about 30 kilometers from Denpasar.

All About Petulu Village Tour in Ubud
Petulu Village Tour in Ubud Bali
Kokokan birds in these villages are not hunted by the local community. Kokokan bird's high number of coming to this village became a sign for the community in Petulu village prosperity would be. Because of this the Kokokan bird's droppings, because it can be used as fertilizer to fertilize rice fields.

Petulu village tour is one of the attractive tourist destinations which you should not miss while on vacation to Ubud, Bali. Petulu village is known as a nesting place or some sort of Kokokan bird white Storks, and the village is also known as the village of Kokokan. Kokokan birds a lot of dust in the air and stays above the trees along the road in the village.


Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Kelan Beach Tuban Bali

Kelan Beach Tuban Bali, the beauty that is presented on the Kelan beach will be more complete when afternoon. Sunset looks so perfect especially if by chance the activity will flight landing at the Ngurah Rai airport will be the catch of the camera with great sufficient specials. As well as mainstream places will provide a selection of different and unique. Kelan beach existence completes the list of attractions in Bali with white sand, coastal waves high enough so that frequently used by tourists to enjoy surfing. Motorboats fishermen who lined up neatly on the edge, as well as the activities of fishermen who are traveling into quite an interesting activity. Feels peaceful enough not as in Kuta Beach which is always hemp. If you want to enjoy the natural beauty of the white sandy shore and still empty of visitors, this place could be the choice.

Hanging out with his mates or you're beloved or enjoy the event more romantic dining, cafe seafood available here such as Avatar Bali Restaurant, Melasti Manik Segara cafe, Bawang Merah Beach Restaurant and Konde Ratu Beach Club. If you are familiar with the nuances of Jimbaran which accompany you late tour in Bali, then you can try to select this as a Kelan beach sight the next alternative to enjoy grilled fish dishes with natural shades of sunset.

All About Bali Kelan Beach Tuban
Kelan Beach Tuban Bali
On certain months of the waves on the beach is quite small, so the Kelan suitable for swimming or just simply relax and indulge the eye with a special interface, The occasional roar of aircraft that will take of or landing will be noisy in the coastal area in the village of Kelan. Maybe it was that caused the tourist who wants to enjoy the tranquility to prefer other places.

Kelan Beach in the village of Tuban South Kuta Subdistrict Badung Regency, Bali. Located in Jimbaran Bay and is one of the coastal lines with Jimbaran beach with fame fuel fish dishes. Almost all the coastal nature located in the Jimbaran Bay present charm sunset, white sandy beaches and offers a wide range of seafood dishes.


Tuesday, June 28, 2016


The beauty of Bali Baliaga, the village is famous for the craft of wearing fabric Gringsing uniquely. This fabric is one of the world's most famous fabric. Because the fabric is made with a manual that is woven by the Tenganan Pegringsingan village community. In addition using the technique of double ikat or double belt that exists only in 3 countries India, Indonesia, and Japan, especially in this village. This fabric is believed by people in the village who have magical powers in accordance with the naming of the fabric. "Gering" means that the disease and "Sing" means no. Thus it is believed can avoid various negative things or spare from the disease. Aside from making a very complicated and require a very long time. All of the material fabric makers come from natural materials as well as tree colorization to taum Tri Datu Gringsing.

The beauty of bali Baliaga
The beauty of Baliaga Bali
Order of the buildings in the village, follow the applicable customs rules. Every building in the village has the same concept or pattern between the people. No less attractive in this village there is a tradition that is different than the other traditions. Mekare-kare - pandanus war tradition or one of the icons of the tradition in the village. His goal was to commemorate God Indra as the God of war. A tradition held every once a year using thorny pandan rubbed each other then to your opponent while fighting. This applies to anyone who dares.

Not far from this place, you can enjoy the charm of the beach behind the hills of the beautiful Beach of Candidasa i.e. right behind the Hill of Sang Hyang Ambu Samuh or Hill that where there are many a bevy of monkeys. The village is located in the village of the Tenganan Pegringsingan, Manggis, Karangasem, Bali province. With mileage Kolva Amlpaura 15 km and 65 km from Denpasar international airport to be exact I Gusti Ngurah Rai.

This village is one of the Bali Aga villages in Bali. Bali Aga village which still maintains the pattern of life and public order as well as the traditional rules.


Monday, June 27, 2016

Panyembrama Dance in Bali

Panyembrama dance in Bali, Panyembrama dance is commonly used as a reception. The word Panyembrama itself means 'welcome'. Panyembrama dance is performed by female dancers in a group. Designed so good lyrics eyes, smile, joy from every girl that performed this dance so that the hand with the music or the beat of gamelan, feet, hands, supple softness of fingertips, movement and body sway hip makes the added value of friendliness compared with another Balinese dance in terms of reception. In addition to being used as a welcoming dance, dance is often performed in Hindu religious ceremonies at temples as a complementary offering of dance before the rejang dance or trance dance. Gamelan that is used in this dance is going kebyar and in stages using custom clothing.

So many tours in Bali to visit. The vast sea with its beaches, the uniqueness of the temple building, the indigenous culture of strong, talented artists to create art that's an incredible value. It's what makes this Dewata island never deserted will tourists be it domestic and foreign tourists.

All about Bali Panyembrama Dance
Panyembrama Dance
The word Panyembrama means welcome, where it is encapsulated in this dance that depicts the friendliness and respect. Flakes-flakes of cotton sown before the guests are an expression of welcome. This dance was created in the early seventies by the artist I Nyoman Kaler (RIP).

Who does not know the rich Balinese culture and art? The island has a population of this already famous friendly to foreign countries because of the indigenous culture, art and the most prominent is the island's natural beauty coupled with complete tourist facilities make the tourists enjoy tours of Bali. Speaking of art in Bali, it is definitely there are many kinds of art, there is a sculpture, carving, and the most interesting and beautiful is the art of dance. The art of the Balinese dance very much and one is Panyembrama dance.


Sunday, June 26, 2016

Bali Strawberry Farm & Restaurant Bedugul

Bali strawberry farm and restaurant Bedugul, in this restaurant, you can pick fruit strawberries are still fresh, fun isn't it? Fresh strawberry fruit obviously different tastes of strawberries that you normally buy at the supermarket. Bedugul is one of the favorite tourist spots in Bali and very often get visits domestic and abroad. In the Bedugul tourist attraction, there is a lake that is still beautiful, protected forest, the cool air, and daylight has a temperature of 18 degrees centigrade. Due to many requests to travel to Bedugul Bali, many of the providers of business travel package tour Bedugul in Bali tours package them.

The Strawberry Farm & Bali Restaurant serves all sorts of foods that use a strawberry. You would not believe it, it is available in the restaurant fried rice strawberry and how it feels, you should try it yourself directly at the moment tourism in Bali. Most of the food that is available in Bali Strawberry milkshake, strawberry cake, and strawberry ice cream.

All About Bali Strawberry Farm & Restaurant Bedugul
Strawberry Farm & Restaurant Bedugul
Location of Bali Strawberry Farm & Restaurant is on Raya Baturiti Bedugul street Br. Garden Sign Baturiti, Bedugul, Bali. Most tourists ever visiting Bedugul will feel cool air even in daylight. Of course with the cool air will make appetite becomes increased. So the next time you run out to visit Bedugul botanical gardens or see the sights of Lake Beratan doesn't hurt you try a new culinary experience and different from other places.

You would like to tour in Bali while gardening and enjoying the results of the Bali garden culinary? The only place on the island of the Gods which provide this kind of service is the Strawberry Farm & Restaurant Bali Bedugul.


Saturday, June 25, 2016

Chocolate Factory Balinese Karangasem

Chocolate Factory Balinese belongs to Charlie who is rising because of a production area right by the beach and in the middle of the forest of coconut. The way the entry is indeed not a good paved road, we should also seek the path to palpate finally saw the view of the ocean. Many directions in accordance with the brand name 5 to be able to find the chocolate factories owned by foreign nationals but workers are local people. We can taste their chocolate production, see the tools and ways of making it, as well as a, peek at the kitchen where they are experimenting with producing chocolates that are unique in the wide variety of flavors.

Chocolate Factory Balinese Karangasem is located about 5 minutes north of the village Temple, located in a small village named Jasri. If confused, don't hesitate to ask the local people there. Will the anticipated time of at least 2-2.5 hours if you depart from Denpasar and 1.5 hours from Ubud by car. For admission, quite cheap only because of the Chocolate Factory Balinese Karangasem only with Rp 5,000 to admission for non-customers.

All About Bali Chocolate Factory
Chocolate Factory Bali
The shape of the House where the chocolate is produced is very unique, like wooden houses in the film The Hobbit. There is also a duplicate of the great wooden boat equipped with a platform that could be piloted with a ladder up to the top. Look around the very beautiful, we will also find a large wooden board of swing hung to two tall palm trees, which is now the attraction for visitors to childhood nostalgia a when climbing.

Try it, because it turns out that there is a distinct sensation of swinging at an altitude of leads to the ocean.
Chocolate plantation on the edge of the beach is the most attractive thing of cruising East Bali. Imagine there are trees and chocolate factory manufacture of chocolate in the middle of a forest of towering Palm trees would have been very interesting.


Friday, June 24, 2016

SENIMAN Coffee Studio in ubud Bali

Seniman coffee studio in Ubud Bali, this coffee shop turned out not playing in taking the word 'Seniman' became the name of the tavern. Evident from the recycle-themed interiors-up that really creative and artsy. Not only excels in the interior, but the Seniman Coffee Studio is also preparing coffee with not playing. The barista as the artist with the experts to make delicious coffee that makes coffee lovers come many times. Seniman Coffee Studio also roasting its own coffee. So for those who want to buy coffee to take home and brewed at home, provided a great selection of coffee to take home and brewed at home, provided a great selection of coffee beans are his delight is not in doubt.

As visitors come here, they will definitely be dazzled with plastic chairs that are modified in such away. Regular plastic chairs last ' transformed ' into a comfortable rocking chair with a footstool that is replaced with a piece of wood. Not only creativity reserved seats only, but visitors will also be surprised again with a cup of cafe latte, a percentage that is served with a glass of white water glass made from recycled bottles plus a cake "Nagasari" hawker market typical of Indonesia. If you want to experience a different kind of coffee experience here, sit in coffee bars. You shall freely see the baristas making coffee with his expertise.

All About Bali SENIMAN Coffee Studio in ubud
Seniman Coffee Studio in Ubud
For visitors who want to enjoy a delicious breakfast, come in the morning to enjoy a breakfast menu that makes the stomach happy. The perfection of the morning indeed originated in the great breakfast and a cup of delicious coffee is not unchallenged. That you will get when it comes to Seniman Coffee Studio.

Coffee lovers confess if coffee is art in all sips. Seniman Coffee Studio proves that Art in coffee is more than just gulps. And that's what ultimately makes the coffee shop in Ubud it feels special. The coffee shop this one is an 'art gallery' which was created by David Sullivan and Rodney Glick.


Thursday, June 23, 2016

Kubu Beach Bali of an exotic, exclusive and hidden

Kubu beach Bali of an exotic, exclusive and hidden, Kubu Beach indeed designed as the private beach which gives the opportunity to the guests to enjoy the beauty of the island of the gods exclusively. It could also be a romantic place for a honeymoon. In the world-famous traveler can do any activity by relaxing because far from the center of the crowd. This is one of the private beaches owned by Ayana Resort. Just three words to describe the beach below the cliff that is exotic, exclusive and hidden. From the main lobby Ayana Resort, guests must still be down 197 steps that took him right at the edge of the beach fortifications. The beach located just below a steep hill which makes it hidden from radar traveler.

To reach this beach guests at Ayana Resort can take advantage of a free shuttle operates from 07:30 - 19:00:00. So, if a holiday in Bali do not miss a visit to Jimbaran resort and a private beach where it is located. In addition to that in the area of Jimbaran is also filled with a variety of luxury resorts and Rock Bar which has a very enchanting.

All About Bali Kubu Beach an exotic, exclusive and hidden
Kubu Beach an exotic, exclusive and hidden
Located on a cliff, there are stalls stronghold provides a wide menu of hungry mountings. Menus such as satay, roasted corn, burgers, hotdogs, cocktail, and young coconut all available there. Do not miss also those packed in the hold it can enjoy the cuisine while viewing the beautiful Fortress beach panorama from the top of the Hill.

A glimpse of a five-star resort in Bali which has two private beaches Ayana Resort and Spa Bali is built on a hill overlooking Jimbaran directly into the Indian Ocean. The resort features 368 bedrooms with 290 of them classy five-star and the rest in the form of a private villa. With a position like that, it's certainly guests staying will be spoiled with views of the blue sea and a private beach of an exotic.


Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Waterfall tegenungan prima donna attractions in Bali

Waterfall Tegenungan prima donna attractions in Bali, a waterfall in Bali is usually identical to the mountainous region, but tourist spots in Bali look different. Tegenungan waterfall is located in the lowlands. The height of the waterfall is approximately 4 meters with a water discharge so profusely. If you want to bathe in this tourist area, there is no harm. Near the Tegenungan waterfall is also a natural shower there are several that you can use as a place to bathe. Attractions waterfalls of Tegenungan, situated close to the tourist Sukawati market which is the art market that sells a wide range of souvenirs of Bali. Here you can get a variety of gifts for the family on your closest relatives after a vacation in Bali.

To visit the sights of waterfalls Tegenungan is advised to wear your own vehicle. Because these sights are not available public transportation. You can use the services of a rental car with a driver that many offered by travel agents. In addition to saving on costs because the price is calculated per one day tour is not a price per hour, can also relax in the vehicle without having to think exposed jammed.

All About Bali Waterfall tegenungan
Waterfall Tegenungan
the address of the Tegenungan Waterfall tourist attraction located in the village of Kemenuh, Sukawati, Gianyar Regency, Bali. It is about 30 kilometers from the Centre of Denpasar. And if travel by vehicle from the Ngurah Rai International Airport will take approximately one hour's drive.

Attractions Waterfalls Tegenungan is one of the attractions of Bali that is interesting to visit. Tourist falls in Bali is one of the closest waterfalls from Ngurah Rai airport. These sights are increasingly popular among domestic and foreign tourists. Most of the travel agents who sell the Bali tour program enter attractions waterfalls Tegenungan these into packages that lead to the tourist's area of Ubud Kintamani and sights.


Tuesday, June 21, 2016

3D Museum DMZ Bali

3D Museum DMZ (Dream Museum Zone) it is certain to become a new tourist attraction. There are nearly 80 3D images with various tricks like painting showing various pictures of animals, places or famous figures, fantasy, fell from the aircraft and a variety of other types of works. For photographers or photo-lovers a visit to the gallery while a picture with a horrendous and poses great illusions is a place that cannot be missed. Fun place, much less, assisted by the friendly staff you will enjoy staying at this place.

Access to the location of the 3D Museum DMZ Bali is easy to reach and close to the popular tourist attractions of Bali. That's why became one of the destinations on the agenda of the trip. A museum painting three-dimensional first and most popular in Bali, showing the illusion-illusion images incredible, so it becomes a camera shooting produces a spectacular picture. You who like a selfie or this place will become narcissistic Idol.

Complete the agenda of the trip your tour to enjoy the trick of painting displayed in the DMZ, a place that became an idol to young people, adults or the elderly. Its location close to the heart of tourism in Bali, so no matter where your travel destination this place will be within easy reach.

All About Bali 3D Museum DMZ
3D Museum DMZ Bali
Three-dimensional painting tricks (the Trick Art 3D) in the museum is the work of Maestro country Korea, the exhibition is open and you can enjoy every day from 09.00 a.m. and closed 10 nights, on display at the two-story building, parking facilities are available to support the comfort of visitors.

A wide variety of recreation areas is provided in Bali, not just beautiful scenery in a place of a tourist attraction but also because they provide supporting infrastructure for its tourism activities. Like the recently opened Gallery painting tricks known as DMZ 3D Museum Bali. Officially opened on April 12, 2014, in the street of Legian 33x Nakula. This place must visit while on holiday in the island of gods.


Monday, June 20, 2016

Bali Camel Safari

Bali Camel Safari, the camel is the rare animals that once could only be found in Arabic, now you can encounter and also sat immediately, as entertainment and recreation tourism is unique, interesting and rare, it becomes an extraordinary experience with rental price are relatively affordable. Now, this does not need to be far more enjoy the sensations, especially if you stay at the Hotel Nusa Dua because of their very existence on the coast of Bali Hotel Niko. During the tours in Bali safari ride camels into quite sensational adventure options, you are invited to enjoy the beauty of rocks, hills also edge waves Sawangan beach of Nusa Dua. This is truly a moment of experience and the best worth enshrined during a vacation in Bali. Recreation is very liked by the children.

In addition to the tour ride a camel along the coast, many tourists choose this location for Pre-Wedding photos. They usually rent a pair of camels and handlers will also help drive his style. So almost everyday attractions in Bali are never lonely visitors.

All About Bali Camel Safari
Bali Camel Safari
Ride a camel safari location is strategically located and is very easy to find and has been known to many people, if with a vehicle or rented car, from the airport is approximately 45 minutes. If you want this event packed with a tour, visiting other sights the area path South of Bali, you can join the program Uluwatu and water sports Tour. Imagine how wonderful vacation with your family and kids, sitting on top of the rare animals are truly a wonderful moment.

For those who love walks and tour to be camel riding tour while searching the beauty of white sand on the beaches of Sawangan Nusa Dua Bali gets along Camel Safari. Tour for 30-60 minutes of Safari ( both tails 1 ) guided by an experienced handler.


Sunday, June 19, 2016

Hone the Creativity of Children in Pondok Pekak Ubud Bali

Hone the creativity of the children in Pondok pekak Ubud Bali, the goal established Pondok Pekak Ubud originally was a library that provides knowledge about the environment. The visitors who come are ex-pats along with her children. They chose this place because of the gloomy Pondok Pekak Ubud is a quiet and comfortable place to learn. Located in a mountainous area with cool, Pondok Pekak Ubud or Pondok Pekak Library Learning Center of Ubud is a great place for tourists to learn about the art and culture of Bali. Even tourists can also learn a foreign language, as the language of the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, Italy, France, and Indonesia. Generally, tourists often visit this place is foreign tourists with his son.

Book collection owned by more than 10.000 pieces, consisting of English, literature, anthropology, philosophy, history, politics, and much more. Even the Pondok Pekak Ubud is also often used as dance performances, gamelan (Balinese musical instruments), and poetry readings. They were certainly very good for children because it could stimulate their creativity in accordance with the interests and talents of each.

All About Bali Hone the Creativity of Children
Hone the Creativity of Children
Unlike at other public libraries, at this place the visitor can learn some traditional music, dance, sculpture, mask making, singing with some of the languages, learning the language of Indonesia, and solve puzzles.

The island is famous for the beauty of the beach, the tourist will not only present the natural beauty of the beach of course. But also art and culture are unique and interesting. the creativity of the artists of Bali continues to evolve following the developments of the age but still maintain cultural traditions. Almost all areas in Bali have sights that can captivate the hearts of tourists to visit it soon.


Saturday, June 18, 2016

Pre-Wedding at The Taman Ujung of Karangasem Bali

Pre-wedding at the Taman Ujung of Karangasem Bali. Taman Ujung was built by the order of King of Karangasem in 1909. Architect at that time was the Netherlands named Van Den Hentz and a Chinese named Ang Lotto. Besides this development also involves Undagi (Architect Bali custom) so that the ends of garden architecture are an architectural blend of smelling of the European and indigenous architecture of Bali. A prominent characteristic of the architecture of Europe is there a colorful glass ornament and restrooms are found in the King stuck to the walls of the building. The decoration is more like colorful glass ornaments with which exists in the Church. Architecture in Taman Ujung is not like this is the first made. Severe damage occurred in 1963 when Mount Agung in Bali erupted.

From the tip of the East, you can see the beautiful landscape around it. To the West, you can see his magnificent Mount Agung towering high. To the East, you can see the sea which was used as a pier where ships from outside Bali would lean on here. And to the North, you can see the expanse of verdant rice terraces and spacious.

All About Bali Pre-Wedding at The Taman Ujung of Karangasem
Pre-Wedding at The Taman Ujung of Karangasem Bali
At this end of the garden area, you will see a building with no roof and without walls. Only stood towering pillars and at every tip of the pillar of the veiled one another. The building is located rather high, so to reach it you have to climb a few stairs. But when you have been on top, the beauty of the Taman Ujung will be clearly visible from there.

In building the pillars of this is often used as the setting of the place do Pre-Wedding activities. You can theme such as Royal or the other who fit in with the building. The building is unique and beautiful, the charming architecture makes you will not feel useless has done a pre-wedding at the place.
Come to Bali you can create beautiful wedding photos at the Taman Ujung Karangasem Bali will be a lasting memory of a very beautiful to be remembered forever.


Blue Point Beach A Surfer's Paradise

Bluepoint Beach, a surfer's paradise, in Suluban beach travelers can meet with clean white sand, crystal clear seawater, and the magnitude of the surf beaches that are a haven for professional surfers. Surfers look so enjoy the waves at Suluban beach, higher waves will not make them afraid, they are precisely the happier and trying to cope with the high waves. The uniqueness of the Suluban beach not owned another beach is large and its stone splitting like a hallway with a cool Eve beneath a high cliff and allows you to witness the incredible skyline as well as while relaxing you can see directly the waves subdue the surfer Suluban beach.

All About Bali Blue Point Beach A Surfer's Paradise
Blue Point Beach A Surfer's Paradise
The narrow beach and is located between two large rocks are also suitable to serve as a place to relax. Relax while you take a dip in the pool will give you the sensation of relaxation for tourists. This activity may be referred to as natural therapies. The sand of Suluban beach is always wet the exposed seawater wash, therefore no visible foreign tourists who usually bask on the beach.

During the journey to the waterfront, tourists will find the homes of residents who provide on-site lodging. In addition, there is a cafe-cafe with is beautiful natural scenery, and some shops selling surf gear, swimming gear, and souvenir.

Suluban beach or commonly called by foreign tourists Blue Point Beach. This is a characteristic of the beach which is located below steep cliffs. Suluban Beach or Blue Point Beach is located in Pecatu Village Badung Regency, Bali. About 3 kilometers from Padang Padang Beach.


Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Enjoy the excitement of flying over water with flyboard at tanjung benoa bali

Enjoy the excitement of flying over water with flyboarding at Tanjung Benoa Bali, if you want to enjoy the sensations like an iron man could fly above the water while enjoying the holidays please come to Bali's Tanjung Benoa, Tanjung Benoa tour water rides provide Flipboard that will challenge your adrenaline. Water sports Flipboard now widely played by people from all over the world, the first sport in popular by jet ski world winner Frank Zapata is indeed a very new kind of fun to do. With a special shoe that is placed on board can make you fly as high as five meters above the water surface will make you like a superhero. Don't worry about security when performing the attraction on the water, you will be in use and are taught by experienced instructors, including equipment that must be used when doing a range of motion had already been provided with safety standards.

flyboard at tanjung benoa bali
Flyboard at Tanjung Benoa Bali
In addition to enjoying Flipboard in Tanjung Benoa, you could also try many water games are very challenging other such as parasailing, banana boat, jet ski, flying fish, wakeboard and others that very challenging and it would be nice if done together in the same family or friends because of Tanjung Benoa is indeed very complete is famous for its water sport facilities in Bali.

Come to Bali and enjoy water sport the very newest and adrenaline are highly preferred by a tourist was flying board.


Down the Natural Countryside with ATV Ride Bali

Down the natural countryside with ATV ride Bali, terrain ATV ride Bali or the tracks made with some obstacles that certainly did not remove the natural elements natural beauty of Bali charm with across the paddies, ditches the River with views of the mountains on the backdrop of your adventures along the ATV Ride Bali without leaving the comfort you in tours to Bali by riding an ATV ride and ended with lunch in the area of Jatiluwih. So you get the impression profound natural beauty of Bali. Bali Adventure Tours ATV Ride that is in the tourist area of Bali, at Jatiluwih are famous for their scenic beauty of the rice fields. Tabanan is one of adventure tourism in Bali who uses motor imports and tracks specially designed for you even though you have not had previous experience.

ATV games in Bali will take you to adventure off-road tracks at Jatiluwih crossing bogs, picturesque rice paddies dikes tracks and fun, through the woods, the road rises and derivative. The Beautiful view is no less interestingly is the towering Mount Batukaru as well as beautiful views that are enjoyed in the journey.

All About ATV Ride Bali
ATV Ride Bali
The length of the route is about approximately 2 hours the course will test your adrenaline. Riding an ATV can be for 1 person (single) and for 2 persons (tandem). Before traveling there will be a briefing for the ATV ride so that later in the journey safe and comfortable will be guided by the instructor. After a few minutes, the briefing and the test drive was conducted, travel adventure is about to begin.

Are you interested in the challenge and love the great outdoors or outdoor activities? ATV ride Bali you can make alternative tourism activities in Bali that are designed specifically for ATV ride that is one Bali adventure tours or adventures with 4 wheel motors specifically for those of you who like a challenge.
Come to Bali and enjoy Bali holidays with down the natural countryside with ATV ride Bali package.


Monday, June 13, 2016

The Tradition of Mesuryak in The Bongan Village Tabanan Bali

The tradition of mesuryak in the bongan Village Tabanan Bali, before the procession begins Mesuryak the residents doing the worshipping at the temple family and in harmony with the existing three temples in the village of local customs. After doing the worshipping, for initiating the tradition of Mesuryak citizens bring offerings to the front entrance of the House, then headed by a Regent (master of ceremonies) or elderly women for chanting prayers and after it is closed with Mesuryak. Each family member gave the stock to his ancestors in accordance with their capabilities, from start-up to coins banknotes par 100 thousand. Money-the money was thrown into the air and was welcomed by other residents who gathered there.

Mesuryak tradition is a unique tradition that still held hereditary in Bongan Gede Village, Bongan Subdistrict, Tabanan Regency of Tabanan-Bali. The ceremony was held to coincide at the feast of brass (10 days after Galungan) every 6 months, with the aim to give an offering or provision on his ancestor who went down on the day of Galungan and back to Nirvana on the brass. The ceremony was started around 09.00 a.m. and ending time at 12 noon. Because after 12.00 noon are believed to be ancestors had returned to heaven.

All About Bali The tradition of mesuryak
The tradition of mesuryak
The tradition of Mesuryak (cheer) is the unique traditions and culture, has done since their ancestors there, unnoticed when the start. So it has become a regular procession and ingrained until now. Old young, adult, children, men and women mingled, jostle for money, they shout (Mesuryak), rejoice, chirpy mood, even though they are snatched away so that radiates intimacy between citizens.

If talking about the tradition in Bali is endless. Many traditions carried out related to religious rituals, and every tradition has the uniqueness of each of which adds to the attraction, come to Bali and see the tradition never endless on this paradise island, enjoy the beauty of the island with witnessed cultural diversity will make your vacation feels perfect.


Preserving the tradition of megibung in karangasem Bali

Preserving the tradition of megibung in Karangasem Bali, megibung started from the typical traditional Balinese cooking together. Once completed, the citizens then prepare food to eat. white rice is placed in a container called gibungan, while vegetable and side dish called bouquet. This occurs when the megibung tradition of ceremonial and religious in a place especially in the areas of Karangasem. this activity is usually the owner of the event give invitations to relatives and relatives to witness the procession of events religious ceremony. So the procession can take place as expected.

This tradition of megibung was introduced by King of Karangasem i.e. I Gusti Agung Anglurah Ketut Karangasem circa 1614 caka or 1692 ad. At the time Karangasem on his expedition conquered the kings are there on the ground. When the rest of the war, the King urged all soldiers to eat together in a circular position, known as the megibung. Even the king himself is said to join the meal together with his soldiers.

All about Bali the tradition of megibung in karangasem
The tradition of megibung in karangasem Bali
In Karangasem Bali, megibung in a marathon ever done at the beginning of the reign of Regent wayan geredeg. Megibung conducted on 26 December 2006 was held in the garden of sukadasa with a number of participants more or less 20,520 people.

There are some ethics to note when the event Megibung, before the meal we got to wash your hands first, do not drop food scraps from the mouth, do not take food right next to us. if one already feels satisfied and satiated forbidden to leave his friend.

In addition to having a beautiful tourist attraction, Bali's rich culture and traditions. One of them megibung. Megibung is the ancestral heritage of tradition, where the tradition of eating together in one container. In addition to eating until satisfied, full Megibung the value of togetherness. this Megibung, in color differences. All sat mingle and eat together. But on its development between men and women are separated. If still in one family or neighbors, they chose to join it.
Come to Bali and enjoy preserving the tradition of Megibung in Karangasem Bali.


Saturday, June 11, 2016

Fishing on The Serangan Island Bali

Fishing on the serangan island Bali, to be fishing in a pretty good spot on Serangan Island, you should hire a jukung. Jukung is a fishing boat that has a roof. Fairly accommodate 3-4 people only. Only need to pay about Rp20.000,- just to reach the location of the fishing location. Its location is approximately located at 200-500 meters from the beach. Fishing spot on the Serangan Island allows the angler can get a wide variety of fish, there are even getting a medium-sized squid. Fish that became the prime target in the Serangan beach it is Grouper, Barracuda, Mackerel, and more snap. There are still many other kinds of fish in the waters of Serangan Island, but that is often the target of these kinds of fish is the fourth.

To reach the Serangan Island itself is fairly easy. From Denpasar pass By Pass Ngurah Rai, towards the direction of the way Pulau Serangan and then drive to the Pantai Serangan street. The time required from Denpasar towards Serangan for approximately 22 minutes. For those of you who just walks along the island, you only have to pay the entrance fee of Rp3.000,-. Tickets that can already make you can enjoy views of the Serangan Island at once lively Turtle Beach that many will be lovers of water sports.

All About Fishing on The Serangan Island Bali
Fishing on The Serangan Island Bali
The waves in the sea Serangan is pretty quiet because, in fact, it is a sea Gulf which resembles a lake. Small waves occasionally may be ambushed your jukung, but that's not the problem. Enjoy the course and wait until your hook a fish struck. While waiting, you can enjoy the still small voice and see a panorama of green land that soothing to the eyes.

Serangan Island is adjacent to Turtle Island that is a water sports lovers paradise. Not just surfing or diving course that interests or travelers to be on Serangan Island, but rather the location of the fishing opportunities are also challenging for the fishing mania.
Come to Bali and enjoy the experience enjoyable fishing on the island of Bali serangan.


Thursday, June 9, 2016

The beauty of the beach of the enchanting Bali pandava

The beauty of the beach of the enchanting Bali Pandava, Pandava beach one of the best beaches in the Bali island of gods, have you will find statues puppet 5 Pandava Bhima, Yudhistira sculpture, i.e, Arjuna, Nakula, and Sahadeva. The statue of the fifth you will see when entering the coastal area of the Pandavas. The sculptures were installed in the fifth in the cliffs.

So that visitors who come will see the fifth house the statues in order. When you visit the beach, there are high cliffs that are overgrown with scrub, previous access road leading to the beach of the Pandavas is hard enough. But because it has a very charming beauty of the eyes of the visitors than local governments create or open access from the street along the approximately 1,5 km. access road made it look quite unique and magnificent because the path is flanked by high cliffs.

Activities that you can do that is you can swim or sit back into the beach while enjoying fresh coconut water drinks accompanied with roasted corn. Or you can also take a stroll while looking at how farmers seaweed was working in cultivating seaweed. That cultivation of seaweed has long been conducted by local people since the 1980s to the present. And now the cultivation result has done in cooperation with other countries such as the USA and Denmark.

All About the enchanting Bali pandava
The enchanting Bali Pandava
The interesting thing is by coastal charm itself. Because of the beauty of the beach of the Pandavas do not need to doubt. Since the access path has now made this beach often crowded by visitors, both domestic and international tourists. the sound of the roar of the water waves accompanied by dazzling white sand beaches makes it worthy of being made into a getaway you and your family also.

The beach of Pandavas Bali is one of the region's attractions is in Bali at the village, district of southern tick kutuh, Badung regency. The beach of the Pandavas is also often known by the name the beach kutuh. Sometimes also referred to as a secret because it is behind the cliffs.
Come to Bali and enjoy a relaxing vacation on the beaches of the Pandavas.


Enjoy the thrill of playing with a smart and adorable elephants in bali

Enjoy the thrill of playing with smart and adorable elephants in Bali, Bali is not only about the beauty of nature and the beauty of Bali the island of Gods, but culture also has a unique and hard to find in other places handy. On the island of Bali elephant park which is claimed as an exotic ecosystem botanical garden and is also the world's elephant park. Elephant safari park attraction starting at up since 1997 and playing in the open in 2000 in the village of Taro, Gianyar Regency is a very decent place to visit if you're on holiday in Bali, the elephants in this place not died so that all visitor can directly interact with the large animals.

The elephant is the best elephant brought in from the island of Sumatra, which is one of the protected animals were kept and developed scattered through this park to preserve the existence of the ancient animals.

All About Bali Playing with a smart and adorable elephant
Playing with a smart and adorable elephant
In the garden, this elephant you can chat with members ranging from elephants eat elephants, bathe an elephant, touches directly the giant animals even mounted the elephant to get around the park and don't forget to take a picture along with various clever elephant behavior, funnily enough, will provide an unforgettable experience for life.

Elephant park attraction with an area of 3,3 hectares is a very cozy place to spend vacation time, not just the children to interact with the elephants in this place also available restaurant, elephant museum, hotel spa, swimming pool, boutique, bungalows also souvenirs that selling all thing handmade with elephant themes. Come to Bali and embrace the thrill of playing with a smart and adorable elephant.


Tuesday, June 7, 2016

A unique cultural tourism trunyan cemetery in kintamani bali

A unique cultural tourism trunyan in Kintamani Bali, to the location of the grave of trunyan you must rent a boat with rental prices, from the pier make time fare is approximately 10 minutes from the pier toward the area of the cemetery. The cemetery is located on trunyan the eastern side of Lake Batur in the bangli Regency, the province of Bali. There is access to land toward the grave. Mileage Denpasar towards the village makes approximately 65 km, with leads to bangli or lake Batur, During the trip the boat transport by using the tool, you will be greeted by a gate is surrounded by old trees the are increasingly adding to the mystical aromas in this place.

To reach the main graveyard, you have to walk up the stairs and you'll see an awful of a human skull that may never see you directly before. When you visit this place, do not forget to fill in the guest book and give a little contribution to the preservation of the culture here.

All About Bali A unique cultural tourism trunyan cemetery
A unique cultural tourism trunyan cemetery

The skull here may already number in the hundreds, because of this grave was already hereditary since ancient times. According to the custom here, corpses may be buried here must be clean with no sores or ulcers/external infections. Corpses placed casually on cloth-covered ancak food and objects that were once owned by the corpse will be included there.

Trunyan is a village located in the Kintamani bangli, Bali, Indonesia. Trunyan is located near the lake batur, according to the citizens there make taru menyan means which means fragrant. This is what makes the corpse here don't smell carrion altogether. A miracle that is worth visiting as a tourist destination unique cultural and simply makes you goosebumps, doesn't it?

Trunyan cemetery in Kintamani Bali


Monday, June 6, 2016

Educational tours are fun with children in Bali Butterfly Park

Educational tours are fun with children in Bali Butterfly Park, in addition to this plurality of biodiversity, in the Butterfly Garden (Bali Butterfly Park) children be taught about the conservation of the protected animals. Of course, things are very interesting and very educational learning in the wild as in the butterfly garden.

Maybe Butterfly Garden Bali this can be one of the alternatives when you holiday in Bali with your family, let alone the dearest, in addition to looking at a collection of butterflies from all over Indonesia. The children can also learn about the species of butterflies and insects are being in the park collection. In addition to a variety of butterflies that live in the park, there is also a collection of butterflies that have been dried for sale as souvenirs.

Balinese Butterfly Garden also produces a variety of crafts of various insects such as Framing Butterfly ( butterfly contents frame), Framing Beetle (Framing content of beetles), key chains made from insect, bookmarks, paperweight are made of fiber nodes contains butterflies, painting from the wings of butterflies and a variety of other crafts that you can buy at retail or wholesale.

All About Bali Butterfly Park
Bali Butterfly Park
Occupying an area of about 1 Ha and there is also part of netting area ( a closed net) acres of 3700 sqm which function to release a butterfly tail about 3500 per month and consists of various types of butterflies from all over Indonesia. Tourism in Bali Butterfly Park not only see a butterfly fluttering from flower to flower one another for smoked honey but also directly witnessed the protected rare species including the most popular butterfly wings of Heaven ( Omithoptera Paradisea)

Bali Butterfly Park is one of the attractions in Tabanan should you visit a location on street Batukaru, sandan bees, Br. Village Wanasari, Tabanan, Bali, penebel, 6km North from the city center. The park is open daily from 8 am to 4 pm.
Come to Bali for a holiday and take your kids to a fun place in Bali Butterfly Park.


Sunday, June 5, 2016

Culinary Tourism Stall Nyoman Bedugul Bali

Culinary tourism stall Nyoman Bedugul Bali, Bali Bedugul tour spot area is always crowded by tourists both domestic or foreign tourists. Bedugul also has a cool temperature, even when the daytime temperatures in these sights only reached an average of 16 degrees Celsius, pretty cool anyway, but it certainly won't make you have to wear a thick jacket. Certainly, with the cool temperatures, it will further improve your appetite. Stall Nyoman Bedugul is one of the places to eat in Bedugul which offers a menu of Balinese specialties namely betutu chicken special stall Nyoman. Food stall Nyoman this located in the Bedugul tourist attractions, which is one of the favorite tourist spots in Bali, many once found places to eat or stall called Warung Nyoman, because its owner named Nyoman, meaning the name of the people of Bali for the third child.

The area of Bedugul Bali always gets a visit from domestic and foreign tourists. Most of the service providers of travel packages in Bali will surely provide Bedugul tour. If you buy a package tour, dining in Bali certainly has been determined by the service provider. In addition to buying a package tour, there are other options that you can do for visiting Bedugul i,e. Using the services of Bali car rental with driver. By using a car and drive on your own, then your route will determine.

All About Bali Culinary Tourism Stall Nyoman Bedugul
Culinary Tourism Stall Nyoman Bedugul
The restaurant stall Nyoman Bedugul is located on the highway of Bedugul, Bali, Indonesia. By offering a variety of menu specialties of Bali with the main menu of chicken betutu soft mixed with various herbs, will be increasingly making appetite you ride. Betutu chicken stall Nyoman Bedugul is served with the audience (vegetable dishes typical of Bali) and sambal matah (condiment). Nyoman stall this is quite clean and well-priced food offered pretty cheap and it won't drain your vacation budget.

Culinary tourism in Bedugul is not only chicken stalls in Nyoman betutu, but also there are home eating sun, Bali bedugul, strawberry and grilled chicken taliwang.
Come to Bali for holidays and don't forget to try culinary tourism stall Nyoman Bedugul Bali.


Saturday, June 4, 2016

Enjoy the civet coffee in bali pulina agro tourism

Enjoy the civet coffee in Bali pulina agro-tourism, in Bali, there are many gardens and can see the making of civet coffee directly. In the regional Tegalalang Gianyar Bali pulina agro-tourism, there is a unique, other than others, here you can see the process of making civet coffee. Usually from scratch starting with the feeding of civet with coffee. Will be taking the rest of the litter, will then be dried until dry. Once dry, washed using hot water. After that, dried again and his skin peeled. Coffee is usually really nice and ripe to guarantee taste and quality.

You can sample 8 types of drinks at the Bali pulina agro-tourism brochures distributed. Start the coffee chocolate, ginger tea, vanilla coffee, coffee, and chocolate. All drinks are free. but for the price of Rp 50 thousand or 4$ civet coffee a cup. There is a seating list to see the beautiful view while ordering civet coffee and take pictures for keepsakes. There is also bale-bale (Gazebo) used for tourist to relax while enjoying the civet coffee.

All About Bali Enjoy the civet coffee in Bali pulina agro-tourism
Enjoy the civet coffee in Bali pulina agro-tourism
The uniqueness of other staff you will be welcomed and will sound a slit drum that there are tourists who will visit. Bali pulina agro-tourism site at the way Br. pujung kelod, Tegalalang, Gianyar, Bali. Open every day from Monday to Sunday from 10 AM until 10 PM.
It is now a very famous type of coffee from Indonesia is civet coffee ( kopi luwak ). Do not admit to coffee lovers if ignorant of the very famous Kopi luwak get to corners of the world.

Indonesia has long been known as one of the best coffee producers in the world. That because of its geographical location suitable for gardening. In addition to geographical, climate also supports gardening coffee. The islands of Java and Sumatra there are many plantations of coffee planting since the time of colonial rule forced the Netherlands. Come to Indonesia including Bali not trying to drink coffee will be very dear to the right.
Come to Bali and drinking civet coffee, best coffee from Indonesia while enjoying the ambiance of the beautiful island of Bali in Bali pulina tours agro.


Thursday, June 2, 2016

Hunt souvenirs in sukawati art market, where buying by Bali cheap price

Hunt souvenirs in the Sukawati art market, where buying by Bali cheap price, welcome to Sukawati art market which is very famous for selling clothing and traditional Balinese craft at a very cheap price. Clothing such as batik ornaments characteristic of Bali. Because it is very well known, most of the tourists who vacation in Bali will take yourself to visit the Sukawati art market. Therefore many of the service providers of vacation packages to Bali, schedule a tour route to the Sukawati art market.

In this painting, there is a traditional market that you can purchase the flow of paintings being sold as naturalist and abstract. The price offered is also diverse and usually, in the Sukawati art market, the market price is determined by the size of the painting. You can also purchase a painting with the frame or without a frame because the frame of the painting will add weight to your luggage, especially if you are using an airplane.

All About Bali Hunt souvenirs in sukawati art market
Hunt souvenirs in Sukawati art market
In addition to painting, you also see a lot of good clothing pants or shirt and batik, which you can use on the coast and the price was very cheap compared to other places. So you can buy souvenirs of Bali, you can give it to your friends and family, without much cost. All prices offered here, you can bargain. So dare to bid. As a shadow for you, the price fits in the Sukawati art market is a market of one - third of the price offered by the seller.

If you want a successful bid price, then you should come early in the morning by the time the new open. Because of the trust the people of Bali, if at the time of opening new direct merchandise can be sold, then today it would be easier to sell their wares. So if you were able to come to the art market Sukawati at 10:00 (local time) it would be nice of you trying to bargain for cheaper.

Sukawati art market is a very famous art market that gets to the corners of the world. Sukawati art market is on highway Sukawati, Batu Bulan, Gianyar, Bali. Distance from the airport of Denpasar, about thirty kilometers, you can travel by car for 45 minutes.
Come to Bali and enjoy hunting experience Bali fun souvenirs in the Sukawati art market, Bali.



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