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Sunday, January 17, 2016

Paragliding adventure Bali Timbis Beach, wind penetrating flying like an Eagle

Bali island Paragliding adventure Bali timbis Beach, windpenetrating flying like an eagle. Flying above the clouds to penetrate the wind off the sea enjoying the view from a height is an incredible experience, for those of you who like adrenaline, fond with the challenging activities can try paragliding activities on this one. Bali is indeed a complete place to spend the holiday season, come to one of the island with many options to spend time with cool activities and unforgettable. For the love of the adventure Bali not only offers surfing, hiking and rafting.

paragliding adventures bali timbis beach
Paragliding adventure Bali timbis Beach

All about Bali Try paragliding or flying kites on the beach timbis place Indonesia Bali, located to the South of the island of Bali Beach timbis is about a 7 kilometers from Nusa Dua or 15 kilometers from Kuta beach. Come to Bali You don't have to have a special experience to be able to fly down a beach beauty with stunning views of then  sea, on the coast of timbis you can fly by means of a tandem or flying instructor course already very experienced so that your safety will take precedence. Watch the timbis coast from the air will look different, can be seen from the above patch of seaweed, gardeners are also easily watched villa luxury villa on the cliffs around Nusa Dua and Uluwatu. All About Bali island.

Bali holiday Timbis beach with paragliding was first introduced by Bernard Fode French State citizen is a businessman and paragliding instructor about twenty years ago the beach timbis popular place to be for lovers of sport flying in the air as it used to be a place that was in use for the event at the Asian Beach Games which follow by 42 countries of asia with one of the sport among the 18 sports is paragliding. Come to Bali and enjoy the beauty of the vast blue ocean views stretching from the top of the heights while feeling the wind at the top of the beach, timbis Beach Bali adventure, Bali woow Paragliding, flying like an Eagle wind penetrates.

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