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Friday, January 8, 2016

Enjoy true peace beauty tourist village bangli Penglipuran Bali

Bali Island Enjoy true peace beauty tourist village bangli penglipuran Bali, a village is very beautiful like a painting that does not exist in the real place, the village of drawing a easing beauty, clean, neat is also a comfortable atmosphere for anyone who approached him. The village is built upon the principle of the balance of nature is very strong there are many trees that adorn the spacious land home page that is on the side of the House. The place was named the village penglipuran, village in the Regency of bangli about 5 kilometers from downtown bangli or about 45 kilometers from the Center of Denpasar city, the traditional village of Penglipuran is a very decent on the visit while you are on the island of Bali. The village of neat clean and very beautiful.

All About Village bangli Penglipuran Bali
 Village bangli Penglipuran Bali
All about Bali In the modern era is a versatile place like this is very difficult to be found, it has been very rare place maintain culture with strong tradition as in the village of Penglipuran. Village with extensive reach 112 hectares it has approximately 37 hectares of bamboo forest, 49 acres of fields and 12 acres of housing residents, not just the beauty of the place of friendliness in this place is also very strong can you feel, they are a group of indigenous peoples that is so much fun. Come to Bali To visit this village tourists are prohibited from using vehicles such as motorcycles or cars. Provided a very spacious parking page before entering the gate leading to the village. Explore the beauty of the village and a friendly population is an experience that won't be forgotten. All about Bali island.

Village Penglipuran Bali

Bali holiday is not only the beauty of its beaches, discover the harmony of peoples lives with nature in harmony in the village bangli Penglipuran Bali. Come to Bali and enjoy the beauty of the village bangli penglipuran Bali. Bali woow, Bali Indonesia.

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