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Sunday, December 6, 2015

The Original Irrigation System Subak Bali Indonesia is Recognized As A World Cultural Heritage By The UNESCO

Bali island The original irrigation system Subak Bali Indonesia is recognized as a world cultural heritage by the UNESCO. Irrigation system that is able to answer the challenge of future water needs due too organize the division water management based on the mindset of harmony and togetherness based on formal rules and values of religious values.

All About Bali Subak was a viable organization specifically set up rice irrigation systems used in rice farming in Bali. Come to Bali This water usually has a temple named Uluncarik Temple or Temple of Bedugul specifically built by land owners and farmers who are destined for prosperity and fertility goddess Dewi Sri. Subak irrigation system is governed by an indigenous leaders who also is a farmer in Bali. Background founded the Organization in a few thousand years ago due to the topography of the surroundings of Bali island with steep river conditions causing water sources at a complex of rice farmers are generally quite distant and limited.All About Bali island.

All About The Original Irrigation System Subak Bali
The Original Irrigation System Subak Bali 
In the philosophy of existence of Subak is the implementation of the concept of "trihita kirana" are if translated three causes of happiness (God, man and nature) the concept of a harmonious relationship between man and God, man with nature and fellow human beings. Bali woow  So in other words the activity in the water doesn't have to be about agriculture but also includes social interaction between citizens and religious rituals for success in farming.

Bali holiday If you are into bali take your time to enjoy the amazing natural beauty of Subak organisations that applied on rice farming in Bali outcome of Balinese culture and wisdom that have been around for thousands of years ago, the beauty of which has been recognized by the United nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as world heritage at the hearing which took place in saint petersburg Russia, in 2012.

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