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Bali Vacation enjoys an amazing holiday in the beauty of the gardens of paradise in the real world. All about Bali Island for Bali Lover around the world.

Village bangli panglipuran Bali

Enjoy true peace beauty tourist village bangli panglipuran bali.

Ubud Bali

Ubud bali arts and Culture Center

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Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Swimming in the crystal clear natural pool of Angel's billabong Bali Nusa Penida

Bali island Swimming in the crystal clear natural pool of Angel's billabong Bali Nusa Penida, among the dozens of hidden Paradise in Bali the island of gods who can visit the estuary with the calm surface of the water crystal clear and natural form overdrafts also outdoor nature which is very pretty. 

All about Bali Will be very difficult to hold back do not swim if you are up to this place because of its smooth mirror, I was so clear make anyone who saw it being able to see clearly until the bottom of the river rocks that are on the details of the base of the pond with the naked eye.

All About Angel's billabong Bali Nusa Penida
Angel's billabong Bali Nusa Penida
Bali holiday An estuary of the River River end of Nusa Penida which drain water before finally getting to the sea not far from the beach uug in klungkung Regency, Bali, there are not many people who know the layout of the place outdoor Angel's billabong. But if it is located on the coast of uug means you are already close to this place of residence local locals ask you will easily be able to find it. All about Bali island. Bali Indonesia.


Sunday, December 20, 2015

Villa In Bali For Family Holidays With Children

Bali Island Villa in Bali for family holidays with children, planning a vacation with your family different from planning a vacation by yourself or with friends, especially if the family already has a child who will bring in the holiday, the most important and fundamental thing as consideration is choosing the appropriate lodging needs where children also need a place that makes them comfortable. 

All about Bali Good pick lodging Villa family-friendly facilities to support their play because lest the most undesirable occurs when cool vacation children whining for asking to go home. Come to Bali  The island of Bali as a tourist destination of the world many freat families Villa provides that intentionally made to meet the needs of those of you who have children and want to enjoy the beautiful island of Bali. Very much a family lodging options offered with various kinds of wonderful views option Bali, of overlooking the beach until overlooking the natural beauty of the island's agriculture. All about Bali island.

All About Villa In Bali For Family Holidays With Children
Villa In Bali For Family Holidays With Children
Bali holiday So don't be afraid anymore to visit Bali to include your family, live search in google enter a keyword family Villa will offer you a great selection of live sets the appropriate needs of your family, and the good news for family Villa rate is not as expensive as hotel rates, another advantage of many family Villa has average have 3 to 5 rooms so the atmosphere is more comfortable.

Another reason why we recommend that you choose a villa while on vacation with the family is access to private facilities are nice, older children can roam freely without disturbing other guests without interfering with, nor do they need to pursue an active child too tired up until not able to enjoy the holidays. Let older children also enjoy the special atmosphere and liked his holiday. Bali Indonesia.


Tuesday, December 15, 2015

5 effective tips when first Bali vacation

Bali island, 5 effective tips when first Bali vacation, who wouldn't want a holiday to Bali, every year millions of tourists from Indonesia and around the world visit Bali to enjoy a memorable holiday, charm the beauty of Bali which is famous all over the world have already made many people want to be on holiday to Bali. Enjoy the natural beauty of the island of Bali, sunbathing on the beach or sightseeing adventure. For the first time on holiday to Bali following some of the tips which can be useful if you plan to visit many exotic places on the island of Bali.

Please choose the appropriate lodging
All about Bali Choose lodging that suits your budget and plan how long will stay in Bali to spend the holiday, Bali island has many types of lodging ranging from cheap to most expensive. Usually for those who are the first time to Bali to enjoy the atmosphere of Bali made them decide to stay longer because of the many tourist attractions and a pleasant atmosphere. So with a budget that is already in the set, you get longer in Bali to explore all tourist destinations.

Rent a motorcycle or car for transportation
Bali holiday Transportation becomes very important when you are in Bali Island, rent a car or motorcycle can be a very effective option as it very saves cost and time because of the many beautiful sights to see and it's a shame to miss because you already are in Bali.

All About Bali 5 effective tips when first Bali vacation
5 effective tips when first Bali vacation
Select your own tourist destinations
Come to Bali Select tourist destinations of Bali itself, endowed with abundant beauty, there are many tourist destinations that can be chosen from the start surfing and sunbathing beaches, enjoy the beauty of underwater such as diving and sea Walker, the beauty of the natural charm of the mountains and waterfalls, rafting as well as other adventure tours from challenging the adrenaline to enjoy the beauty of art and culture that makes everyone falls in love with will.

Buy souvenirs in the art market
All about Bali island Buy souvenirs in the art market, it would be memorable if you bought by Bali for those people you love from the island of Bali in Bali art market provides many types of items typical of the island of Bali. Various kinds of goods sold many Balinese ethnic at each corner. Don't forget to bid because they give the price which can be tasteless, although all are subject to the quality of the goods bargained to do in Bali.

What about if stepped on
Bali has a strong cultural root performed by the predominantly Hindu community, so there are rarely even often find offerings that exist in every corner of the place even on the road and in front of a store or hotel. Offerings were called by the name Banten which are usually in the form of flowers or other offerings. What if stepped on, actually it does not matter if you accidentally stepped on. If you step on in front of the owner or keeper of a store or place of offerings is placed simply said sorry, you should avoid while walking with them. Lest you accidentally to step on. Similarly, if you are into temples or other places considered sacred by local people, appreciate and follow the local culture. Don't walk in front of the person being prayed for or if photographing with flash during the ceremony takes place. all about a holiday in Bali, Bali Indonesia.


Sunday, December 13, 2015

Romantic honeymoon packages to Bali the island of gods

Bali island Romantic honeymoon packages to Bali the island of Gods, the world already recognizes that Bali is a very beautiful and fascinating, many people come from different countries in the world not only to Bali on holiday but also perpetuate happiness like weddings or enjoy your honeymoon. For couples that make a new wedding choose where to spend wonderful days together, both spouses will be perfect if you choose Bali as a destination. As a world tourist destination, Bali has many package tourist destination honeymoon. Everything is packaged well and satisfy both from the hotel which will be selected until the romantic sights and romantic dinner anywhere who want to choose from.

All about Bali The package on offer is very diverse and myriad options are given, you can select the desired package in accordance with the budget you have and how long will make your honeymoon in Bali. Come to Bali Series of events you can choose your honeymoon with a partner of some of the packages available in the show range from Airport pick-up and deliver a new place to stay to the hotel after that series of romantic activities both together couples will be ready to serve you from dinner in the middle of the sea with the luxury vessel until dinner specials and enjoy the natural beauty of Bali that everything with a romantic theme to accompany your special time together both spouses. All about Bali island.

All About Bali Romantic honeymoon packages
Romantic honeymoon packages 
To get the best deals on your honeymoon can easily contact the tourist agency honeymoon on Bali island with a search on Google. Specify the preferred choice package by the couple to get an exciting honeymoon trip on the island of Bali. Bali Holiday Come and enjoy the beauty of Bali is already recognized by the world. Come to Bali and enjoy a romantic honeymoon Packages to Bali the island of Gods. Bali Indonesia.


Saturday, December 12, 2015

Ngaben is the burning of bodies of Balinese Hindu tradition

Bali island Ngaben is the burning of bodies of Balinese Hindu tradition, as one of more than 30 provinces in Indonesia Bali has a cultural diversity from the first handed down by the ancestors of the inhabitants of the island of Bali. As the majority of the population of Bali province adherents of Hinduism, and Hinduism as the inhabitants of the island of Bali famous for strong cultural preserve the parent until recently one of the Cremation ceremonies

All about Bali Cremation is one such ceremony performed by Hindus of Bali belongs to the ceremony or ceremonial Yajna Pitra shown to ancestors, cremation ceremonies always involve fire. Ceremonial cremation casket or burning Hindus Bali ritual is carried out in order to send the bodies to the next life. Come to Bali Cremation itself is widely known not only by the people of Indonesia but also throughout the world, despite the burning of bodies or cremation is also implemented in other religions but only in Bali ceremony was performed in a way unique. So do not be surprised if many tourists who come to Bali to witness the cremation ceremony. All about Bali island.

All About Bali Ngaben is the burning of bodies
Ngaben is the burning of bodies 
Bali holiday Ngaben ceremony cost an expensive so not everyone is able to execute it in Bali, usually done by the Royal family and their descendants or from the highest caste in accordance with the teachings of the Hindu religion. Bali Indonesia.


Friday, December 11, 2015

Seawalker Experience Awesome Cool Walk On The Seabed While Feeding The Fish

Bali island Seawalker experience awesome cool walk on the seabed while feeding the fish, Bali offers the natural beauty of the mountains also have dozens of already famous beach beauty and already in millions of tourists admit from all over the world. Another thing that also has the attraction that needs to be tested i.e., sea walker. Seawalker is walking on the ocean floor by using a helmet. When we walk on the seabed, the water will not go into the helmet. By using a specially designed helmet that is connected to the oxygen tube pure oxygen to stay could breathe without the slightest water coming to the helmet. 

All about Bali Enjoy the beauty of underwater witnessed firsthand the beautiful coral reefs with a variety of fish that are rich in color and its kind is an amazing experience. Come to Bali Everyone can do these activities as long as the apparent age 10 years until 65 years old and have never had a history of pulmonary disease, asthma or pregnant women with treatment. If a lot of people who'd love to feel directly the beauty under the sea but constrained by fear of swimming at sea or even could not swim at all can choose sea Walker as an alternative. All about Bali island.

All About Bali Seawalker Experience Awesome
Seawalker Experience Awesome
Bali Holiday Security problems don't need to worry about because all the activities you will be in use by experienced instructors and professionals. In Bali, there are two places that you can select to perform the sea walker in Sanur or Tanjung Benoa Beach.

These activities will be more enjoyable if done in groups let alone with my friends who've known each other, enjoy the beauty of the sea bottom while feeding the fish of the hiking is an unforgettable experience and fun. Bali Indonesia.


Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Legian Street Kuta Bali Clubbing Tourists Favorite Place During Night Time

Bali island Legian Street Kuta Bali clubbing tourists favorite place during night time, for anyone who ever vacation to Bali certainly knows the main road Jalan Legian relates the sights of Seminyak with Kuta tourist attractions.

All about Bali Along Legian Street inordinate store tags in series are dealt face down before selling the handicrafts Bali which normally purchased by foreign tourists for use while in Bali or taken home to his country as a gift by the people to their loved ones, in addition to selling a variety of goods typical Bali Legian Street is also famous for its nightlife because along this road there are many bar cafe, restaurant and discotheque is very lively at night.

 Come to Bali With the layout of the path that is very strategic because it connects Seminyak tourist spots and attractions of Kuta Beach, the road is never quite a good morning or during the day, the crowd will be more noticeable if the night before along Jalan Legian will be populated mostly by tourists both from domestic and foreign tourists. All about Bali island.

All About Bali Legian Street Kuta Bali Clubbing Tourists Favorite
Legian Street Kuta Bali Clubbing Tourists Favorite
If you are fond of clubbing then along Legian Street is you must visit because of Legian Street there are many night club including Mbargo Club, Sky Garden, Vi AiPi, Bounty Discotheque, Alley Cats, Eikon Bar & Lounge and others. Bali holiday  To find the location Legian Street can very easily if you've been in Bali for the first time live click location Legian Street from where you using google maps it will be very easy to find Legian Street. If it finds a location very easy not Legian Street is the case if you get a parking spot if, towards Legian Street, parking is only able to motor also was very difficult, don't get to Legian Street using private cars as it would be difficult to get a parking spot, you'd better take a taxi or use the service car rental with private one more important place to visit on Legian Street is the Ground Zero monument, if you've ever heard the tragedy of the Bali bombing in October 2012, in a place, this is where it happens, therefore in this way established monuments ground zero Bali bomb monument, every day many get tourists to visit from all over the world. Bali Island Bali Indonesia.


Monday, December 7, 2015

Bali Bird Park The Beauty And Diversity Of The Hundreds Of Species Of Birds From All Over The World

Bali island Bali Bird Park, the beauty and diversity of the hundreds of species of birds from all over the world, one of the many reasons the tourists from all over the world on vacation to the island of Bali is very suitable as a place of vacation for anyone, with a partner, the youth group with a lot of friends, friends of one job, also with the family. For some people who came with a friend or partner to beautiful and exotic places in Bali is very fitting to spend vacation time, both the beauty of its beaches, natural beauty, cultural diversity and also a selection of the art that is on the island of Bali.

All about Bali For those that come with any family Bali gives many options not less interestingly during a holiday spent on the island of gods Bali, Bali Bird Park is one of their favorite tourist's destinations that enjoy the holidays with family especially when they bring children, son. Come to Bali it would be very nice if children are invited to enjoy a vacation while learning about the diversity of the animals particularly birds of very diverse types of start size, the beauty of its color, also know as to what the pattern of the birds in the birdlife and customs, live in nature. All about Bali island.

All About Bali Bird Park The Beauty And Diversity
Bali Bird Park The Beauty And Diversity
Bali Bird Park, located at Jalan Serma Cok Ngurah Gambier village, Gianyar Singapadu about 45 minutes from the center of Kuta. Bali holiday The extensive grounds of approximately two acres of the tourists can enjoy a very artificial tropical forest shade while enjoying sound around 250 species of birds from various countries including some kind of in-between is a rare bird that is protected will be so much fun, feeling one with the wild where an awful lot of birds with its beauty can be easy we encounter.

Bali Bird Park also places bird conservation to preserve the survival of several species of birds that are already rare. squeeze in to visit the Bali Bird Park, in addition to recreational areas as well as a place to learn about the environment and nature as well as media education to the younger generation in particular and society in general.


Sunday, December 6, 2015

The Original Irrigation System Subak Bali Indonesia is Recognized As A World Cultural Heritage By The UNESCO

Bali island The original irrigation system Subak Bali Indonesia is recognized as a world cultural heritage by the UNESCO. An irrigation system that is able to answer the challenge of future water needs due too organize the division water management based on the mindset of harmony and togetherness based on formal rules and values of religious values.

All About Bali Subak was a viable organization specifically set up rice irrigation systems used in rice farming in Bali. Come to Bali This water usually has a temple named Uluncarik Temple or Temple of Bedugul specifically built by landowners and farmers who are destined for prosperity and fertility goddess Dewi Sri. Subak irrigation system is governed by an indigenous leader who also is a farmer in Bali. Background founded the Organization in a few thousand years ago due to the topography of the surroundings of Bali island with steep river conditions causing water sources at a complex of rice farmers are generally quite distant and limited. All About Bali island.

All About The Original Irrigation System Subak Bali
The Original Irrigation System Subak Bali 
In the philosophy of the existence of Subak is the implementation of the concept of "trihita kirana" is if translated into three causes of happiness (God, man, and nature) the concept of a harmonious relationship between man and God, a man with nature and fellow human beings. So, in other words, the activity in the water doesn't have to be about agriculture but also includes social interaction between citizens and religious rituals for success in farming.

Bali holiday If you are into Bali take your time to enjoy the amazing natural beauty of Subak organizations that applied on rice farming in Bali outcome of Balinese culture and wisdom that have been around for thousands of years ago, the beauty of which has been recognized by the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) as world heritage at the hearing which took place in Saint Petersburg Russia, in 2012.


Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Natural Waterfalls Charm Witnessing Water Down From The Top Of The Cliffs

Bali island Natural waterfalls charm witnessing water down from the top of the cliffs, talk about the natural beauty of the island of Bali is endless as if in addition to the beauty of the beaches, the natural beauty of the green mountains, natural beauty, natural beauty of the countryside, works of art, beauty and culture, and the beauty of its community life of friendliness there will be one more reason why Bali is indeed called the island was awarded the natural beauty rich in favored by God.

All about Bali The beauty of the natural waterfall, Bali does not have only one two or three tours of the falls, there are also five or ten but there are 16 natural waterfalls which are all very beautiful and gorgeous to enjoy. Come to Bali Waterfall tourism is a peaceful and calming nature, enjoy the beauty of the water by listening to the sound of waterfalls that fell from the top of the cliff that is natural as we enter another world which offers peace with refreshing cool air as we enjoy the therapeutic nature can refresh brain especially for those who daily witness the noise because of living in the city of the big city. All about Bali island.

All About Bali Natural Waterfalls
Natural Waterfalls
Bali holiday Not many tourists know if Bali has many waterfalls tour, there may know if in Bali there are tours of the falls but they don't know if there are any up that much and it's all very pretty to visit, following the name of the waterfall tourists spots in Bali:
1. Tegunungan Waterfall 2. Waterfall Dusunkuning 3. Waterfall Blemantung 4. Waterfall Nungnung 5. Waterfall Lemukih 6. Waterfall Sekumpul 7. Waterfalls of Munduk 8. Waterfall Melanting 9. Kembar Gitgit Waterfall (Waterfall Campuhan) 10. Waterfall Mekalongan 11. Waterfall Beringkat 12. Waterfalls of Carat 13. The Waterfalls of Jembong 14. Waterfalls Aling Aling 15. Waterfall Yeh Mempeh 16. Juwuk Manis Waterfall



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